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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Lost everything in 2012, Lost everything in 2018, now building since 2020 on: July 04, 2022, 02:09:12 PM
I'm an old bitcoiner and thought my story could help others.

I've downloaded Bitcoin in March 2009, as my bank account was frozen for a debt of 200 euros, and when your account is frozen you don't have the ability to have another bank account in France.
I've tried to find an alternative way of storing digital value in a P2P manner and found out about Bitcoin to pay for my server.

I've mined with my CPU but I cannot found a single block (mining was built-in bitcoin core at this time) so I uninstalled it as the ecosystem was too tiny.

In 2011, I came back and saw that an exchange popped, mtgox, and GPU miners, bitcointalk.

I was working as a life assistant for an handicaped person and we decided to mine Bitcoin with her computer.
We mined 6 bitcoins in 4 months.

In 2012, It was worth a few dollars and didn't remember that I haven't saved my wallet, I formatted my computer. Bye bye the 6 bitcoins. I was working as a store merchant employee.

Disgusted in 2013 as I saw the price climbing. I bought some bitcoins onto localbitcoins and starts DCAing with my 450 euros monthly paycheck, 20 euros each month.

I dived into Ethereum in 2014 and put money at the ICO. In 2016, as the value soared, I've sold most of my 200 hard gained bitcoins and my 2000 ether but decided to work full time on bitcoin. I've bought a 4500 euro boat (450 ether at this time) to have a spot where I can live without paying a rent. And it cost me every single ether and bitcoin earned.

Bull market in 2017 was hard, as I spent more coins than I earned. So In 2018, I was back at 0 with a huge mental depression.

Since 2020, I work on mining pools as a Lead Engineer, working helped me a lot to focus and forgot depression.

And in 2022, I'm more bullish than ever but am still at 0.1 Bitcoins.

So I decided to make a solo mining pool with provably output jobs and started developing it in 2020 in Golang and from scratch.

Now all my bitcoin life is onto these two projects :

- [ANN] ⛏️ - 0.4% SOLO Mining Pool with Provable payouts.
- [ANN] Lottery mining blocks (BTC and lightning accepted)

If you have jobs where I can bring my passion and devotion, my pm are opened.
If you want to help and get a reward, you can try mining on my mining pool.
If you want to help and get a reward, you can try my lottery.

I'm selling the mining pool for 12 bitcoins if you want.

I think my level of understanding of bitcoin is atypical.

For my twitter handle: send a pm.
2  Local / Mining et Hardware / Loterie de minage : une chance sur 62 de miner 6.25 bitcoin (ou plus) on: July 04, 2022, 11:55:19 AM

J'aimerai animer une loterie où tu peux directement envoyer un ordre nicehash sur une pool qui ne prends que 0.4% de frais, et ainsi espérer récolter un block.
Je lance vos ordres dès que j'ai reçu votre paiement et addresse de récompense.

La confiance est toujours un soucis, donc n'hésitez pas à tester avec des petits montants pour commencer.
Je posterai toutes les semaines pour vous dire que je suis op. Pour plus de confiance à propos des payouts, je vous invite à lire les deux URL en bas de topic.

Process :

 - Envoyer de 0.001 btc à 0.1 ₿ à 3Bw9TUPKRA5tHEqEiVvEvWuYV6kPewFNJ4, envoyez le depuis votre adresse de payout surtout. (Message privé pour lightning network)
 - Répondez à ce post ou par Message Privé avec votre adresse de payout.
 - Allez sur avec votre adresse de payout et attendez que le hashrate pump.
 - Vous pouvez setup vous même un ordre Nicehash sans mon intervention si vous ne me faites pas assez confiance. (adresse du port est le 3334 pour les ordres nicehash)

Nicehash process:

 - Je prends le prix pour obtenir un hashrate instantané. En ce moment c'est 0.0044 ₿/Phs/jour
 - Je setup un ordre de 220 ths tous les 0.001 ₿ envoyés (24 heures de mining: Si vous envoyez 0.01 ₿ ce sera un ordre de 2.2 phs pour 24 heures)

 - Chances sont de 1/6,250 chances de taper un block en 24h avec 0.001 ₿ et 220 Ths.
 - Chances sont de 1/3,125 chances de taper un block en 24h avec 0.002 ₿ et 440 Ths.
 - Chances sont de 1/625 chances de taper un block en  24h with 0.01 ₿ et 2.2 Petahas.
 - Chances sont de 1/312 chances de taper un block en  24h with 0.02 ₿ et 4.4 Petahas.
 - Chances sont de 1/62.5 chances de taper un block en 24h avec 0.1 ₿ et 22 Pehatash.

Si t'as suffisamment de chance, tu peux taper 2 blocks dans ton ordre Smiley
Les frais de la pool sont de 0.4%, donc tu obtiens 99.6% de la block reward (6.25 + frais de transactions).

Mining pool a des payouts prouvable : check
Mining pool ANN :

De 0.001 à 0.1 ₿
3  Economy / Games and rounds / Lottery mining blocks (BTC and lightning accepted) on: July 04, 2022, 11:25:59 AM

I'm the creator of

I want to animate a lottery where you can directly send nicehash orders on my Nicehash address, i'll launch the order as soon as I got your address.
I know that trust is an issue as always, don't trust me, trust provable payouts.
Every week I will post on this topic to let you know i'm here and ready to handle your transactions.

Process :

 - Send from 0.001 btc to 0.1 ₿ to 3Bw9TUPKRA5tHEqEiVvEvWuYV6kPewFNJ4 sent from your payout address (pm me for lightning network)
 - Reply in this post or via Direct Message with your payout address
 - Go on with your payout address and wait for hashrate to rocket pump.
 - Of course you can setup your own nicehash order without me if you don't trust my nicehash account (port is 3334)

Nicehash process:

 - I take the price where I got hashrate instantly. Now at 0.0044 ₿/th/day
 - I setup a 220 ths order each 0.001 ₿ sent (24 hours of mining : if you send 0.01 ₿ it would be a 2.2 phs order for 24 hours)

 - Odds are 1/6,250 chances to get a block in the next 24h with 0.001 ₿ and 220 Ths.
 - Odds are 1/3,125 chances to get a block in the next 24h with 0.002 ₿ and 440 Ths.
 - Odds are 1/625 chances to get a block in the next 24h with 0.01 ₿ and 2.2Phs.
 - Odds are 1/312 chances to get a block in the next 24h with 0.02 ₿ and 4.4Phs.
 - Odds are 1/62.5 to get a block in the next 24h with 0.1 ₿.

If you are lucky enough, you can mine 2 or more blocks for the same order Smiley
Pool fee is as low as 0.4%, so you get 99.6% of the whole block reward. has provable payouts : check ANN :

You can start from 0.001 to 0.1 ₿
4  Bitcoin / Pools / [] Tutorial : Verify the jobs on a solo mining pool on: July 04, 2022, 09:31:26 AM
Recently, I received complaints about trust on my mining pool

Some users don't know how to verify if you are mining on a legit work or if I a scamming you, so I decided to spend a few times about this issue. You can apply this method of retro engineering on whatever mining pool you want.

So here is a method to verify the jobs, to get the current payouts amounts and the current payouts address of the differents outputs of the current Block, from the jobs I send you via the pool (via netcat so)

Here is the tutorial :

I need help to implement a standalone application that does the extraction for me (don't have time, I have a side job Smiley )

As always : don't hesitate to mine on

My goal is to stay online for the next 50 years
5  Other / Archival / [Project] SOLD on: May 03, 2022, 08:04:05 PM
Not available
6  Bitcoin / Pools / [ANN] ⛏️ - 0.4% SOLO Mining Pool with Provable payouts. on: May 03, 2022, 07:38:32 PM

0.4 % fee Anonymous solo bitcoin mining just opened.

Anonymous mining, SOLO mining, Payment in the coinbase, no registration (just enter your bitcoin address) is a non-custodial bitcoin solo mining pool coded by a true bitcoin lover with ❤️. We provide a low fee, high availability and high performance mining pool. We broadcast to you the best jobs possible without harming your bandwidth with an intelligent job broadcasting protocol.


For trust issues about my solo mining pool, please check this post before every "I can't trust you":

How do we pay our users ?

No registration is required. You connect your workers with a bitcoin address as a login. Each time you find a block, a payment is automagically made in the bitcoin coinbase.
There is no payment scheme, no hidden fees, no pool ability to manipulate your share reward : your hashrate is your power.
Solo mining is the best payout scheme you will find online.

What is solo mining ?
Solo mining is the way of finding a bitcoin block alone. It is a way of mining Bitcoin without paying a high pool fee to a mining pool. It is used mainly by large mining farms to get more bitcoins for each round or little solo miners that wants to gamble on the luck of finding a block.

As bitcoin mining is not possible on a bitcoin core node, we have made you an easy way to find blocks and get paid mining bitcoin.

Our servers
Mid-sized or Industrial mining farm needs high availability and high performance servers. has baremetal XEON® hosted in a solid datacenter. No cheap VPS. No cheap connectivity. At this time, we only have Europe.

We use a gigabit network for low orphan rates. Always do a ping to our servers to see ping time. We have a protection against DDOS.


Antminer, asics and mining proxies
Stratum :
Login : 3LzaP3iNz5n9mM7edi6eHGyLGY5Yk31SE8.Workername

Our fees

Pool fee is set at 0.4%. Fees are paid through the block's coinbase transaction.
If you own more than 10 Phs, please contact us.


We have 2 difficulty ports :
65535, suitable for solo mining with 1 ASIC
655350, suitable for nicehash or large farm operations.

Mining Proxies
Are we compatible with mining proxies ?
We are fully compatible with mining proxies. Your farm can be connected on a proxy that communicates solely with our servers.

Share the luck
Answer in this topic if you are using the pool.

Testnet blocks


For trust issues about my solo mining pool, please check this post before every "I can't trust you":

7  Local / Le Bitcoin et la loi / Bitcoin est désormais monnaie légale au Salvador ... on: June 09, 2021, 04:44:31 AM
Le Salvador vient désormais de voter sa Loi Bitcoin.

Le Salvador est désormais le premier pays à définir Bitcoin comme une monnaie ayant cours légal.

- Un trust bancaire est formé pour permettre aux citoyens de convertir leurs bitcoins en USD ou inversement.
- 70 % des habitants n'ont pas de compte en banque
- Ils sont désormais 100% à y avoir gratuitement accès, le gouvernement fournira l'éducation nécessaire à utiliser Bitcoin tant par le protocole que par Lightning Network pour améliorer l'inclusion financière.
- Pas de taxes sur les capitaux
- Tous les acteurs économiques du pays ont 90 jours pour accepter Bitcoin. Ceux qui ne peuvent pas techniquement peuvent demander une aide ou continuer à payer en USD.
- Toutes les obligations émises par le pays seront désormais payées en bitcoin
8  Local / Économie et spéculation / [résolu] Paymium et "optimisation des taux de conversion" on: August 28, 2014, 07:51:32 PM
C'est moi ou il indique clairement qu'ils manipulent les taux de conversion chez paymium ?

Si quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ce qu'il a voulu dire par là, et pour me rassurer, je suis preneur Smiley
9  Local / Discussions générales et utilisation du Bitcoin / Pseudonymat et intérêt de civilisation on: December 02, 2013, 01:25:44 PM
L'arrivée des cryptocoin bouleverse le principe même de solidarité collective au travers de l'impôt et des cotisations sociales. La manne financière représentée par ces monnaies indépendantes du système financier traditionnel représente désormais 12 milliards seulement pour le bitcoin. L'anonymat, ou disons le pseudonymat de ces méthodes est t-il un avantage ou un putain de problème pour la société dans son ensemble ?

Vous avez 3 heures.
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