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21  Economy / Lending / Need 1 BTC Loan - Repay 1 month on: January 16, 2014, 10:15:43 PM
Me and a group of friends and colleagues have gotten together to create 2 types of physical Bitcoin cards. One being a MasterCard and one being just a SmartCard wallet for up to 10 crypto currencies. Can read some about it here:

We've been approved for the Netspend partner program to issue our MasterCards under them. The problem with that is, it took our entire $5,000 budget to secure this partnership with Netspend. We need close to approx $1500 to secure our deal with ASC for a large bulk order of their ACR38U PocketMate that will be provided with our card.

We are serious and expect serious replies only. We are based in the USA (Missouri) and can talk over the phone if needed.
We mine BTC and are estimating our next 5 BTC payout around the end of Feb or very early March. Our deal with ASC is good for 2 weeks starting this past Monday, the 13th.

If we can't find the funding to secure the card readers so cheap we'll have to raise prices of the cards. We're trying to keep cost down to a minimum.

We can offer the loaner full repayment + your interest rate along with 50 cards.

I know some ask for collateral, I just can't think of what I have that you'd want. The title to my mini van? Don't laugh, we have 4 kids. :-)
I also have an MSDN account with access to all the new M$ software. Can hook someone up with Windows 8, 8.1 Server, anything M$ has really. All legit. Can do TeamViewer session to log into my MSDN account and get the keys/iso.

I also have a Windows Azure account with virtually unlimited usage. I could scale up servers, sql, windows, linux, cloud storage containers, VPNs, etc.

I have lowered the asking BTC to 1. I understand there is a lot of risk in this.

I will also be willing to accept smaller amounts in trade for Azure or MSDN services.
22  Bitcoin / Project Development / CoinCollab - Physical Coin Card on: January 16, 2014, 05:26:21 PM

Physical Card Features - MasterCard
  • Complies with ISO/IEC 7810 (ID-1) - 85.60mm x 53.98mm x 0.76mm
  • Complies with ISO/IEC 7816 - Contact Smart Cards - 2mA
  • Complies with ISO/IEC 7810, 7811, 7812, 7813 - Magnetic Stripe**
  • Licensed with MasterCard International**
  • Public Bitcoin Address by QR Code
  • More than 10 designs to chose from, including a clear card
  • 10 additional designs for Non MasterCard version

Actual Card Features
  • Accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted**
  • Load funds at Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens and more.**
  • Acts as a secure offline Bitcoin wallet
  • SmartChip used to store private key data
  • Bitcoin to Credit**

**Not included for Non MasterCard version

Short Explanation

The idea of the card is to allow people to exchange their Bitcoin for USD funds that will instantly appear on their CoinCollab Card. Though we’re pushing Bitcoin, you can still load funds at almost any major retail store or gas station using USD. CoinCollab is a fresh start-up and doesn’t have the funds of a major card provider. There will be Bitcoin limit restrictions. Below shows an estimated reload value with todays current BTC value. ($856.00) The max per day value that can be loaded in either cash or BTC is $3,000 USD with total max card value of $5,000.

1-100 card users - Max BTC Load 0.1 BTC/Day
101-500 card users - Max BTC Load 0.5 BTC/Day
500-1000 card users - Max BTC Load 1.0 BTC/Day
1001 + Card users - Max BTC Load 3.5 BTC/Day

Each card comes with a USB SmartCard Reader. This reader will be used to interact with your secure private keys to create transactions online or offline. For advanced users software will be provided to allow you to add up to 8 other public/private key pairs to the SmartChip for safe offline storage. These key pairs are not limited to Bitcoin. The software will also allow you to create secure encrypted offline backups of your SmartChip data in the event of a damaged or lost/stolen card. Using your security code the card can easily be replaced and your SmartCard data restored. CoinCollab will be shipping with the ACR38U PocketMate.

If you purchased a Non MasterCard version you can store up to 10 Crypto Currency key pairs on the SmartChip for safe offline storage. During checkout you can specify up to 10 Crypto Currencies to be included.

A QR Code of the public address is on the back of the card that enables you to collect funds off of friends or customers.

CoinCollab stores ONLY the PUBLIC Bitcoin address with customers name and address in the case of a lost card being returned. The Bitcoin key pairs are generated using an offline computer and are only stored in memory until the card printer reports a successful job.

Cost - MasterCard (Includes Reader)

Qty      Price/each      Shipping

1      $25         $2.50
5-10      $18         Free
11-50      $15         Free
51 +      $12         Free

Cost - Non MasterCard (Includes Reader)

Qty      Price/each      Shipping
1          $15         $2.50
5-10      $10         Free
11-50      $8         Free
51 +      $6         Free

Will be accepting pre-orders soon. We're looking for serious feedback.

We're also offering a bounty for any new card designs.
23  Bitcoin / Project Development / Wallet Boss - Supports All Coins on: January 10, 2014, 11:34:53 PM
I've seen a ton of post come up about a wallet that can handle all coins, but nobody is producing any results. Here is a short demo video of my upcoming project. In this video you can see the creation of both Bitcoin and Litecoin addresses.

Request payments by SMS(free), Email and QR Code.
Send Payments
Handle Private Keys
Encrypt Wallet or just certain keys
Destroy addresses (Will confirm and then ask if you want any balance swept to a new or existing address)

Some features that aren't demoed but will be there are

Cloud backup (to your own Google Drive, DropBox, FTP, etc)
QR Code Scanner through webcam.
Exchange rate monitor and alerts.

You can view the short demo here.:

I'll eventually throw this on github.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Donations also accepted and appreciated :-)
24  Bitcoin / Project Development / [New Project] New Offline Sending Method on: January 02, 2014, 12:44:41 AM
I've read countless threads on several forums of people complaining how difficult it is to send offline transactions. So I was thinking about it, and this is what I've come up with.

For the offline computer:
A script with a simple interface that will create a partial raw transaction hex and display a QR code representing it's value.
Yes, a QR code CAN hold that much data. The script would be opensource.

For the online device (cellphone?)
A mobile app that will scan the QR code get unspent trxid's and send the raw transaction to the network. We all have cellphones these days, right?
Could also write a script that can use a webcam to read the QR code I guess. The mobile apps would be opensource as well.

Now what?
I've written the first version of the script and iPhone application. I want to do an application for Android as well. The problem I'm having is covering cost of the developer accounts for Apple and Google. I've got another large Bitcoin project going on as well that has drained my account.

$99 /year for Apple
$25 one time fee

0.4BTC would cover 3 years of Apple and the Android developer cost.

I'm not really asking for donations, I'm just saying. If you'd like to donate it'd be appreciated and I'd get the apps on the markets as soon as the developer accounts were paid. Both apps would remain free in the market.

I'm also looking for feedback.

This is an example of a signed raw transaction encoded into a QR code.

25  Bitcoin / Project Development / [Project] Coin Collab - Needs Your Help on: December 20, 2013, 01:35:20 AM
Coin Collab allows a group of users to create a collaborated project that will auto split Bitcoin shares according to predefined and approved percentages. Once a collaboration is created and approved by all collaborators the project can not be stopped, edited or deleted without approval from all collaborators.

Three friends, Jimmy, Bob and Jane do a group buy for a new Bitcoin miner. Jimmy and Jane decides to allow Bob to host the miner. Now Jimmy and Jane must trust Bob to split the Bitcoin mined. Jimmy, Jane and Bob don't know each other and live in 3 different states.

With Coin Collab Bob creates a collaboration project and invites Jimmy and Jane to be collaborators. Bob set's the intended share percentage for each collaborator. Jimmy and Jane get an email notifying them of a new collaboration. They click the link and are shown the percentage of shares they are to receive. If Jimmy and Jane approve they simply enter their Bitcoin address and hit 'approve'. Now Bob sets up the miner and points the payouts to the projects Bitcoin address. Each payment is auto split and dispersed without human interaction. Jimmy and Jane can monitor revenue input by logging into their Coin Collab account.

You can help back the project on BitcoinStarter by clicking
26  Bitcoin / Project Development / [Contest] Logo Design - BTC Reward on: December 16, 2013, 04:45:38 AM
Site/Business Name: Coin Collab

We're getting ready to release a new web service that securely enables a group of people to split BTC profits.


John, Jo and Jimmy buy a BFL Miner together and want to split the profits without any trust issues. Coin Collab will allow the members to agree on who gets what percent and locks it in. Then the project is assigned a BTC address for deposit. Then each member will auto receive their percentage. Once a project is created and all members agree on the percentage terms the project can never be deleted or edited to ensure trust.

The site is currently being privately tested by roughly 20 people and will become live towards the end of Jan.

Post your designs and in 7 days we'll pick 2 logos.

If you'd rather your reward be 50ghz - 500ghz mining contract we can work that out to.

Bounty: .1 BTC

Extra Bounty of .1 BTC if you include a site banner.
27  Bitcoin / Project Development / Need Site Designer on: December 14, 2013, 08:47:47 PM
I'm looking for someone that can design a simple html/css site. I've wrote a nice bitcoin related web app in PHP that I'd like to make look better. I'm on Skype to talk about it further. skype: artw1982. Willing to compensate completed work with BTC or PayPal.
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