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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Scarce Like Bitcoin, Useful like ETH, Most faster than Ripple = on: December 01, 2020, 04:57:27 AM
I believed what the elrond's vision because this project has a good ideas that can help every problem on the internet space.

Mostly today I cannot see a new good and useful project like Elrond, Because the platform so impressive, Why? Because the secure proof of stake (sPos) I don't think what is the different on POS I don't care, For me that is the best. Also the distribution of rewards its directly to your wallet and nothing to do after the process.

If you experience the smooth something about our investment and its effortless because nothing to do to your eGLD only few clicks to delegate your eGLD, to withdraw from delegation smart contract and also the high APR rewards at 29% that was the best for early investors.

For me its not too late to participate to their delegation cause the eGLD today its not very expensive, Try it! Do you ever imagine your eGLD can be produce everyday it depends on your investment capital? Me, I did! I invest small amount only like 100$ not too much that time the eGLD was only 10$ so I have 10eGLD in my wallet and I participated on the delegation now I have 10.725eGLD for 3 months I know its small only but for me I'm happy because I saw what my money can produced without effort.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Elrond for the Future of Money? on: November 26, 2020, 01:27:25 AM
Its seems the new upgrade of the Elrond blockchain, There is a new features like how many accounts has have on their blockchain explorer, You can see your cash in and cash out on your wallet. But that is not the thing that I would like to make a conversation. Elrond staking queue will launch on dec 1 it means they will open the staking but in a queue portion because its still not need a validator, one thing once the current validator withdraw their assets the waiting list on the queue will have a chance become a new validator so it means they are waiting for the slot. And the other good things here is while you are on the waiting list (queue) you will also rewarded. Many thing also will come to Elrond hybrid blockchain like their maiar launching in the 4th quarter of the year so it becomes more excitement! Good day. What news I didn't say here? Any other options?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ethereum and Elrond Gold Comparison gas fee. on: September 01, 2020, 10:43:52 PM
In the middle of bullish on crypto space. We are looking on the good blockchain that can help our investments.

Ethereum has almost 6$ gas fee and elrond gold have fix fees at 0.001$ and its very super fast at 263K TPS peak.

The ability of Elrond gold has like scarcity of Bitcoin, fast more than like xrp and very useful blockchain more than like eth.

Eth transaction is very expensive compare to elrond gold. If we have hybrid blockchain like this, what can you choose? Eth for transaction or elrond gold? Explain yours.

Vitalik said its hard to release the eth 2.0 this year and they need more years to develop this technology. Some of rumors said, Vitalik need to copy the source code of elrond gold because its open source that can easily to do. What do you think? Lets start discussion with this blockchain and hybrid blockchain.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Inside Elrond Gold ( on: August 19, 2020, 01:06:11 PM
Do you ever know that elrond gold transaction fees are fix and first come first serve transaction? What do you expect if the transaction more than 1M.

But they have solution their 1 shard can be solve 5.4K Tps and its maximum shard is 1.4B shards.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Elrond ERD - Became eGLD/ elrond GOLD what you think? on: August 08, 2020, 02:50:08 AM
Hello nowadays we have a new and for me most potential project called elrond and I been joined on their community years ago. Last year its underrated project and anyone has no idea about this, But this year its a very massive adoption of this currency also they will divided their supply in to the 20M from 20B after mainnet.

Elrond Gold is the most secured and very fast in terms of transaction. Lots of potential and fundamentals, This is not financial advice but what do you think of their sPoS or Secured proof of stake? Unlimited staking will become after 30 to 60days after the mainnet. Would you like to add info about this project to the other can be found an information here. Lets talk about the future!
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is it good to talk about the next alt coin? on: March 02, 2020, 03:53:49 PM
Hello, I wrote some articles for all new and will be launching platform near soon. Do you think this kind of platform will encourage people to invest in blockchain? What if some of them are good, What you think? Read my article and tell me if this is potential this 2020.

Hex, You can stake btc on Hex platform to earn more hex. The guide procedure is on their website.
Gaimin, Gaimin is a super computer that can earn cryptocurrency, can store coins/token and also can mine.
Optimus Exchange, Was aimining to give traders the optimal trading environment.
Block Burn, Is a mobile game powered by blockchain. You can earn burn token by playing their platform., Its also an exchange platform. Different on the other exchange.
Olportal, Is made by Telegram source code, Telegram is a open source some the other can be use their codes, And Olportal was have a neuro bot that can help investors and users of the platform.

What is the best platform for you? Let's talk about it.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / War affects the Entire Cryptocurrency? on: January 10, 2020, 10:00:46 AM
As I saw last days bitcoin pumps after Iran declared the war against the United States, On my observation its because some people on the middle east sold they commodities, some stocks and bought cryptocurrency to keep carefully their assets. Do you think guys war was favor on the entire crypto investors? You can share your thought now.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What you will opinion? on: January 04, 2020, 11:02:00 AM
Hello, Lets talk about staking portion for a new generation of investment that you don't need trade cryptos but you can profit by locking tokens or coins?

I saw an staking today and the project called Elrond, Their staking has have 10 wave or phase of staking and now was on wave 2, the total supply was 17,000,000,000 ERD and only circulating was 6.612B each wave will be end if they reach the maximum 500M capacity. And the price still down fall, What is your opinion if they reached until the wave 10 and its almost all of circulating supply will be locked for a minimum 30 days up to 1 year.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypto is one of the instrument of New World order? on: November 24, 2019, 07:23:12 AM
In the prophesy crypto is one of the instruments to implement the new world order because dollar will lost in the near future. I think we need to start talking about this, Lot of countries are preparing about the new world order and 2/two of all countries are not agree with this implementations and why crypto are involve on this issue?`first because of being losing a dollar currency. and 2 crypto are the best to manipulate the rate of money. What more?
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / IEO is much effective than ICO nowadays. on: July 26, 2019, 04:27:45 AM
Good day everyone, I've been back here and now there is a lot of new things here. Also about the funds raising strategy. Nowadays IEO is the most very effective fund raising today. Also because the exchange holds the token and they distributed after the token sale. And also this kind of token sale is favor to an exchange. But I saw some errors or false about IEO. There is token sale for example on LATOKEN exchange, That exchange (LATOKEN) sell the token (IEO) but in the end they will not list on their exchange so for me that is not good. What if the token is sold out? And its not listed on that exchange mentioned. So how the traders/investors will get the profit? Also very risky right? What do you think guys?
11  Local / Altcoins (Pilipinas) / Naniniwala kaba sa Advertising Solution? on: January 25, 2019, 03:39:18 AM
Hello, Ang Bidooh ay isang Digital Billboard platform na nagtatangkang solusyunan ang mga problema sa Advertising at nagtatayo sila sa mga ekslusibong mga lugar katulad ng mga shopping mall ng kanilang produktong mga Digital Screen sa iba't ibang bansa katulad ng United Kingdom, Europa at S.korea ETC.

Ngayon ang aking tugon sa kanila e sana makapagtayo din sila dito sa pilipinas ng kanilang mga digital screen, At kanila daw itong paguusapan pa. Nagagandahan ako sa kanilang platform dahil kaya ng Digital Screen nila na ma-track kung ang viewer ng mga advertisement ay kung ito ba ay lalaki o babae at kung ito ba ay ilang taon na mahusay diba?

Ngayon ang kanilang token ay kasalukuyang naipapalit na sa BTC-DOOH so napakaganda nga diba? At ito ngayon ay nagkakahalaga lamang ng 3Satoshi kada DOOH token.

Sa tingin nyo ba itong platform na ito ay kayang magtagumpay sa mga susunod na taon?
Magbigay ng mga opinyon tungkol dito.

Mga kababayan kayo na ang humusga kung ito ba ay magandang opurtunidad sa investment para sa atin. Halina't pagusapan.
12  Local / Pamilihan / Parating na Event ng OkEx Exchange tour in manila. on: January 15, 2019, 07:19:35 AM
Hello Guys, Skl ko lang na may parating na Manila Tour ang isa sa pinakamalaking Exchange sa buong mundo na ang OkEx ay may mangyayaring Event January 24, 2019. Inaanyayahan ang lahat na makilahok at may mga gibeaways sila. Mangyari ay bisitahin ang channel na ito para sa gusto pa ng maraming inpormasyo. Maraming salamat.
13  Local / Altcoin Announcements (Pilipinas) / [PH][ANN]MOBU-The Security Token Protocol and Licensed Security Token Exchange on: January 05, 2019, 08:52:03 AM

BIG UPDATE (25.11.2018): Ang MOBU Crowdsale ay magsisimula sa ika-1 ng Pebrero 2019 at napagpasyahan na ito ay isang Security Token Offering (STO).

Mangyaring tingnan ang aming pinakabagong artikulo tungkol sa pagpapatibay ng isang lisensyadong Operational Stock Exchange

Ang MOBU ay isang desentralisadong organisadong platform ng ICO para sa paglulunsad ng mga token ng seguridad.  

Ang MOBU ay isang ecosystem na nagpapatupad ng isang natatanging pamantayan ng MOB20 upang masiguro ang proteksyon ng parehong namumuhunan at ICO issuer upang lumikha ng isang mas mapagkumpitensyang serbisyo ng pagpepresyo ng ICO na kapaligiran na sumusunod sa SEC at lahat ng mga regulasyon kabilang ang KYC / AML, isang natatanging bagong uri ng eskrow, atbp .

Ang isang "lockup" na utility sa mga token ng MOBU para sa mga service provider ay ipakikilala upang maging isang sumusunod na provider sa platform. Ang bawat service provider ay magsumite ng isang tiyak na bilang ng mga token ng MOBU na hindi maaaring ma-access para sa hangga't ang kumpanya ay nananatiling isang service provider sa MOBU.

Ang papel ng MOBU ay isang mahalagang papel sa Securities Market ngayon.

Ang MOBU ay isang mapagkumpitensyang ecosystem / pamilihan na nagpapatupad ng isang natatanging pamantayan ng MOB20

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Next holder are very fast to panic. on: November 22, 2018, 03:19:30 PM
Hello, I saw a lot of holders today a new generations of holders. Like, Bought 6k$ to 7k$ amount or price of bitcoin. And they panic because they afraid to lose them more money on the crpyto so of course they will sell it immediately at the lower so that's why many of them always lose their money. What do you think?
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Scammer Can affect the ETH price. on: November 12, 2018, 01:54:13 PM
Hello, You know guys most of reason why ETH falls down because of a lot of scammers used the smart contract and make a bright idea about for the future but its only fake. They always convince the investor using their good marketing strategy and once the investors are convinced so they invest their money. And once the scammers has a lot of ETH accumulated from the investors the will sell immediately so they can affect the whole market cap of ETH. What do you think?
16  Local / Pamilihan / [PH] Announcement para sainyo, At makatulong sa Pilipino investors [PH] on: October 31, 2018, 04:16:06 PM
Announcement para sainyo kababayan

Hello guys, Gumawa ako ng isang channel sa telegram. Gusto ko lang iAnungsyo doon lahat ng mga ICO na makakatulong sa atin in the future o may pakinabang ang platform. Ako po ay kumakatok sa inyong suporta na maging audiences ko sa aking channel. Lahat ng mga ICO na aking ipopost ay pawang lehitimo lamang at walang balak magscam sa kahit anong halaga ng inyong pera, Magiging isang advertisement channel sya na puro ICO lamang ang nilalaman. Dahil umay na umay na ako sa mga SCAM project halos 90% na puro scam lang, Gusto ko din makatulong sa mga pilipino investors sa ICO, Minsan ay ganun din ako nagiinvest ako sa ICO na kapanipaniwala talaga dahil may magandang idudulot din ito sa atin.

Ang nais nito ay para makatulong talaga sa mga pilipino investors kaya sali din talaga kayo para abangan ang mga ICO na ilalabas ko sa aking channel, Hindi ako nangangako sainyo na ito ay siguradong kikita ka talaga. Ang kaya ko lang siguraduhin dito ay hindi kayo tatakbuhan ng mga team members ng isang proyekto. Dahil madami silang pinagdaan para suriin at alamin ang kanilang tunay na hangarin at ang kanilang plataporma ay makakatulong.

Sa ngayon ay wala pakong nilalagay sa aking channel pero hintay hintay lang po kayo. Lahat ng sinalihan kong campaign ay legit din talaga, Dahil ang ICO nila ang gusto kong ishare sa inyo, At lalong pabor din ito sa mga bounty hunter dahil pag may ICO syempre may campaign din silang pagdadaanan para humakot ng mga investors from bounty hunters diba? Sana ay magkaisa tayo, Ayokong mapahiya sainyo. May reputation board tayo dito sa forum at puwede nyo akong ireklamo para malagyan ng negative trust kung sakali man na mascam kayo, Sobrang may halaga ng account ko na ito at makakasiguro kayo na masisira hanap buhay ko kung malagyan ako ng negative trust. Parang pinabayaan ko nadin ang aking pamilya, Dahil sa totoo lang ang pagiging bounty hunter ay isang kabuhayan. Kaya pagsira na ang tiwala sa account ko dahil naiscam kayo sa mga nireto kong ICO. Sira nadin ang lahat ng kabuhayan ko, Ito ang nakataya sa mga gagawin kong bagay para sa inyong lahat. Salamat Please support may channel:

Update: Sa lahat po ng gustong malaman kung pano naging legit ang isang ICO basahin ito.
As the leader in community management for ICO’s, AmaZix staff are often asked about the assessment process and why we partner with certain projects and not others. One of the core reasons (beyond great service) that AmaZix is the leader is BECAUSE we are selective in our partnerships. All potential partners go through a rigorous, multi-stage assessment and due diligence process to determine if a partnership is viable. Investors can trust that any project on the AmaZix partner list is truly a top tier project that has passed evaluation from an entire team of trained assessment specialists.

Upcoming projects can benefit greatly by undergoing the “AmaZix Assessment”. AmaZix has deep experience of the crypto space through working with over 80 projects and understanding the concerns of their communities.The assessment team has completed deep dives across hundreds of unique crypto projects to develop an understanding as to what an exceptional whitepaper or website should look like. Through this experience we are able to provide insightful, proactive feedback to address issues that can affect a project’s chances of success, giving the project advance warning of any issues the crypto investment community may object to. This process is mandatory before becoming an AmaZix partner. Here we will provide a broad overview over such process.

The Process
The assessment process is split into four stages.

First, the business development team handles the sales process, addressing any concerns. Once paid for, the assessment process begins with two professional analysts giving their own brief summaries of the project. These summaries act as second opinions which the primary analyst can refer to when writing the full assessment. Next, the primary analyst assigned to the project embarks on a deep dive, writing up a comprehensive assessment report based on their findings. Finally, the report is passed on to the editing team for a final coat of polish before being delivered to the client.

Below we will reveal what exactly makes up the “deep dive” part of the AmaZix Assessment process.

This is a broader topic that covers many aspects of the project. The overall concept is evaluated based on a number of factors, including: the business & vision, the product, whitepaper, token economics, and token growth potential. The concept is the central point of a project and is what will bring about demand for the token. A project’s concept serves as the foundation around which the team will grow a successful business; here we ensure that foundation is as strong as possible. Assessments provide valuable insight into how prospective investors could view the project, revealing any gaps or red flags that need to be addressed. From business strategy, to potential roadblocks, to quality of concept communication; no stone is left unturned in our exhaustive analysis.

Business and Vision

The overall business and vision make up the primary objective of the project and what it is seeking to accomplish. A vision is commonly a result of identifying a specific problem or pain point in an industry and directly addressing such with an innovative solution. It is essential for a project to have a strong business case and future vision, and equally important to ensure such a vision is effectively communicated to potential investors. The business and vision are core components in the decision-making process of potential investors. AmaZix will evaluate to ensure the project delivers a compelling proposition that can be leveraged towards an industry leadership position.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: We review the goals of the project and the overall vision to ensure they are being communicated successfully and align across stakeholders. Does the business address a distinct industry problem, and how prevalent is the issue?
BUSINESS MODEL: Does the project have a clear and defined business model? We also consider whether that model makes sense for the industry and target.
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Is there a clear competitive advantage? Is it defensible in the market?
INDUSTRY: The industry the project is operating in is an essential piece of the puzzle and is used to give further context to the operational review.
TARGET: The main target audience is evaluated, including whether they are B2B or B2C.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Particularly for technology companies, any patents or unique IP will be analyzed to find strengths that can be leveraged.
SUCCESS FACTORS: We deeply analyze the key metrics for success and then evaluate whether a project has a strong likelihood of success based on those factors.

The product is the deliverable or service being produced by a project. This also includes the future roadmap, which is integral to ongoing development. The roadmap is an extension of the business proposition deeply evaluated by potential investors. For every AmaZix Assessment, experienced senior members of the assessment team provide a full 360 degree analysis of the communicated product and development plan to ensure that it can be realistically accomplished, and capable of building user traction, along the given timeline. This is done by applying our history of work on some of the most successful ICOs ever to determine its potential. We assess based on a myriad of factors that take into account internal and external factors, all measured against the roadmap to ensure the vision is achievable.

PROJECT FEATURES: Are the features applicable and do they properly address the main business concept?
DEVELOPMENT STAGE: What stage is the product in? For example, concept, MVP, beta, live, etc. Many projects have strong concepts, but they are essentially just ideas on paper.
FEASIBILITY: Is the project development and roadmap feasible given the competitive environment, the team, and the budget?
PRODUCT PLAN: We ensure there is a clear and defined product plan with milestones that are reasonable and achievable. We then analyze compared to existing projects in the space to ensure long-term competitiveness.
LAUNCH WINDOW: Does the project have early mover advantage, or will they need to enter a saturated marketplace?
TRACTION: Existing traction is taken into consideration, and is particularly important in terms of consumer-oriented projects. Are there users or partners already on board?

The whitepaper is the primary means of communication between project and audience. It is sometimes used as the only means of evaluating a project before the decision to invest is made. Even if a project has a strong concept, if that concept is not properly communicated, a project could still see limited growth. Thus, a strong whitepaper is a core component of any communication plan. A whitepaper review is essential towards understanding how the project will be perceived by the community. Our analysis, backed by knowledge gained from analyzing hundreds of whitepapers, provides insight into the strength of the message being communicated to potential investors by the whitepaper. This analysis is then distilled and delivered along with actionable feedback on how a project can significantly improve their documentation and profile.

CONTENT: We review the whitepaper in detail to ensure all required information is available, making note of any weak or missing sections. Is the problem, solution, product, and all other key information included?
NARRATIVE: Is there a strong overarching narrative as to why the project should be invested in?
INTERNAL LOGIC: Is there strong internal logic, or are there contradictions in the information presented?
ROADMAP: We ensure there is a clear and defined roadmap that properly communicates the growth of the project.
COMPETITION: Has the project considered the competitive environment and clearly stated their advantages compared to others in the space?
TOKEN: Is the token shown to be sustainable in the long term, and does the utility make sense within the context of the project?
PRESENTATION: We analyze the overall presentation of the whitepaper to ensure it lives up to industry standards in terms of length, layout, tone, and professionalism.
Token Economics

Token economics encompass various key metrics surrounding the token; token utility, overall economy, distribution, sale information and caps, and long term liquidity. Potential investors will review these metrics to ensure a good fit with their risk profile, to ensure the team is properly applying best practices, and to predict the token’s future value. This is an area where many projects stumble, whether through inexperience or a misalignment in priorities. Yet, mistakes here can have lasting effects on public perception. Thus, all AmaZix Assessments include a thorough analysis of the token to ensure proper alignment across all stakeholders, including potential investors. Such analyses leverage the direct experience of many high profile token sales, as well as collectively tens of thousands of hours of engaging directly with a large investor base.

UTILITY: We analyze the overall utility of the token and how well it interacts with the project ecosystem in both the short and long term.
TYPE: What is the type of token (utility, security) and to what extent will it have an impact on future liquidity?
DISTRIBUTION: What is the token distribution and are there issues that could affect investor trust or project credibility?
CONTROL: Are there any issues with token control, both in terms of pre and post-ICO?
SALE: What are the sale details, and are there any potential issues arising from them?
CAPS: Are the target caps reasonable for the project, and how attainable are they?
Token Growth Expectations

Expectation of token growth is the primary driver behind ICO participation by potential investors. Without the expectation of growth in value, a token sale will not be successful. As a culmination of all factors reviewed, the AmaZix assessment team estimates the future growth of the token’s value, which is intrinsically tied to the growth and prosperity of the project. Such estimates take into account all information about the project, including team, competitive environment, and presence, to evaluate a project’s “ceiling”. Leveraging the knowledge base of the team, recommendations are also given around how projects can optimize their growth expectations to increase long term value for token holders.

FUTURE VALUE: Does the current token information indicate an increase in future value?
DEMAND: What are the key factors that could affect demand of this particular token?
LIQUIDITY: We provide a detailed evaluation around the estimated liquidity of the token post-ICO.
ROADBLOCKS: Are there any factors that could prevent future growth in value? If so, we provide methods to mitigate these risks.
The team is made up of the individuals working on the project (both core members and advisors), and is one of the most essential aspects to assess due to its importance in the final project. “Invest in the people, not the product” is often preached, and with good reason. A strong team has a higher probability of producing long term value, and will also be able to better adapt to changing market conditions to ensure continued success. As a brief aside, readers will often see on review sites that so-called “ICO experts” rate teams as 5/5 or 10/10, simply because “they seem like good people”, or other surface-level reasons. At AmaZix, such a shallow analysis is deemed unacceptable. The reality of the situation is that teams (even great ones) are rarely perfect, and nearly all have at least some gaps. The AmaZix Assessment will critically analyze team makeup to predict to what extent those gaps will have on the project’s future success, and how easily those gaps can be addressed. We will conduct a deep due diligence report on the project team to ultimately determine if they will inspire confidence among investors, and provide suggestions on how to improve a team’s profile.

Core Team

The core team is made up of those who will be working directly on the project; most often the founders and initial hires. The individuals who make up the core team are the single most important group in determining the outcome (success or failure) of an ICO and project. During the assessment, core team members are thoroughly inspected, with a particular emphasis on the C-level and founders. This analysis is not limited to whitepaper writeups, which often cherry pick facts. Instead, we first compare whitepaper bios to other available information (such as LinkedIn profiles and Google searches) to confirm information, and look for any inconsistencies or contradictory information. There is an exhaustive checklist that AmaZix has developed through assessing thousands of individuals, and each “no” is noted. Recommendations are also provided on how teams can further build confidence and credibility by leveraging the experience of their team members.

MEMBERS: We provide a detailed analysis of the core team members, with particular detail on the C-level and founders.
EXPERIENCE/MAKEUP: Do team members have the necessary experience, or are there gaps? How might these gaps affect the project? Is their experience properly communicated?
INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: To what extent can the senior team be considered industry experts?
PROFILE: How well does the team profile match the needs of the project? Do all come across as committed to the project?
SIZE: Is the team size reasonable for the project? Will budget and burn rate be an issue?
INVESTOR CONFIDENCE: Does the team come across likely to succeed, and will they build investor confidence in the project?
CONSISTENCY: Is all information consistent across channels, or are there inconsistencies? Are there any issues that could cause PR difficulties?

Advisors are those who will be providing their expertise to the project, but not in a core member capacity. These individuals play an important role in delivering key industry or professional expertise, along with leveraging their professional network to help projects gain traction. In an ideal case, the group of advisors will also address any gaps in the makeup of the core team. The AmaZix team will perform due diligence on advisors to ensure they are relevant, applicable, and are being properly utilized by the team in investor relations.

ADVISORS: We undertake a deep analysis of advisors to determine if they align with the needs of the core team and address any existing gaps.
EXPERTISE: What areas of expertise do they represent, and are they relevant to the project?
QUANTITY: Is the number of advisors needed and reasonable for the project?
REACH: Do the advisors provide additional assistance beyond expertise, such as industry connections or reach?
BACKGROUND: Do any of the advisors have histories that could cause PR issues?
Competitive Environment
The competitive environment details the market landscape external to the company, including the industry as a whole, and the key competitors within it. Having a detailed understanding of the competitive environment is key to any project as it can be used to further leverage opportunities, while mitigating threats, and is an important factor towards the long term success of a company. Projects do not exist in a vacuum, and neither should they be evaluated in one. The strong competitive environment assessment by AmaZix can shed light on the high level view of a project, and is used as a benchmark against which all aspects will be compared. We provide an evaluation of the external environment, focusing on key competitors, including their concept, competitive advantages, and existing traction. Recommendations are then given as to how projects can further utilize their competitive advantages towards differentiating their product or service.

INDUSTRY: What industry does the project operate in? A detailed analysis is performed to give context to business and investment decisions.
GROWTH: What is the projected growth of the industry, and how will it affect the project?
COMPETITION: What is the competitive environment within the industry, both in terms of centralized and decentralized projects/companies.
BARRIERS TO ENTRY: We assess the barriers to entry for new competitors to determine product/service defensibility.
COMPETITORS: A detailed profile of key competitors is given, with particular emphasis on key metrics as a basis of comparison.
POST-ICO: Are post-ICO plans realistic, and do they align with the needs of the external environment?
KEY FACTORS: What are key external factors? Is the project taking full advantage of upcoming opportunities? Are they taking steps to mitigate upcoming external threats?
A project’s public presence is the overall public perception by the community, and includes internally produced materials such as whitepapers, websites, and blog posts, in addition to external channels such as Telegram, social media, and reviews. A strong, professional presence is essential for the long term success of a company, as well as the health of its token. Having multiple, trustworthy communication channels gives a method to reach customers and investors to increase adoption and token value. Due to the importance of presence, the AmaZix Assessment includes a detailed analysis on the project’s overall presence in order to gauge traction, as well as channel accessibility. Starting with our experience as the leading ICO community management provider, and adding the expertise of our key marketing and PR partners, the team is able to provide a full overview of a company’s current presence, across all channels, and provide expert insight into how these channels can be optimized to produce measurable results.

COMPONENTS: What are the components that make up the presence, including whitepaper(s), website, and social channels?
CHANNELS: Do all the essential channels exist? Telegram, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Reddit, etc.
MODERATION: Are all official channels consistently and professionally moderated by the project?
PRESENTATION: Is the presentation professional and does it reflect the brand across all channels?
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Do elements such as the whitepaper, website and blog combine to demonstrate thought leadership in the industry?
MARKETING: We analyze the existing marketing presence to ensure it is properly aligned to future growth.
TRACTION: Does the project have existing traction and demand among the community? This is seen through social comments, reviews, and listings.
SYNERGY: Do the website, whitepaper and social channels combine to form a synergistic message?
Assessing upcoming projects is an incredibly important process, and one that is essential to the growth of the crypto industry as a whole. While this overview merely covers the surface, we hope this blog post has provided insight into our process and the value it can deliver. The AmaZix Assessment can provide a detailed, full evaluation of your project, including critical analysis of all areas mentioned above. The experienced AmaZix team has helped many projects significantly improve their path towards a successful ICO and long-term token demand.
Full Article content:
17  Other / Meta / Suggestion: delete old threads on bounty board on: October 09, 2018, 05:49:40 AM
I saw a lot of threads on the bounty section. And all the past campaigns are on the last page, What if the all past campaign and finished will be deleted 1 month or 2 months or if all paid the participants after their program. Because some of scammer was getting ideas from the previous campaign and do like the past campaign, What do you think? Correct me, Or give me much reliable reason or add some more ideas for the community. Or this is not good.

Update Edit:
What if all unsuccessful bounty will be deleted what do you think ? I will help to find them, To stay clean bounty board right? And all shit thread will be delete.

So if all thread was clean investors or bounty hunter will not confuse because its all safe.
And for the next bounty hunter or participants will be diligent.

This list is for example only.

If this is still not good for the community. Fine  Wink Wink
18  Local / Pamilihan / Para sa lahat ng pinoy. on: September 15, 2018, 02:14:10 AM
Hello guys, Ginawa ang isang telegram group para sa lahat ng mga pinoy at gustong makilala pa ang mga ibang pinoy dito sa forum. Nais ko sana kayong imbitahin sa aming group para mas lalong tumibay ang samahan at komunidad ng ating local section. Maaari din tayong magtanungan, magtulungan at magbigayan ng idea para sa mga parating pang mga ICO, TGE etc at tungkol sa iba't ibang cryptocurrency topic. Mangyari ay i-Visit lamang ang Telegram group link na ito. , Hindi ito ginawa para makapangDaya sa ibang tao or magbuo ng mga illegal activities sa forum na ito. Ang nais ng grupong ito ay mapagkaisa tayong mga magkakabayan maraming salamat.

Update: Hello guys naayos ko na ang link ng aming group maaari na kayong makasali ng malaya. Pasensya na may mali ako sa mga nailagay ko sa Op. Sana ay makatulong itong grupo na ito para sa lahat ng mga pinoy.
19  Local / Altcoins (Pilipinas) / Para sa lahat ng pinoy. on: September 15, 2018, 02:11:46 AM
Hello guys, Gumawa ako ng isang telegram group para sa lahat ng mga pinoy at gustong makilala pa ang mga ibang pinoy dito forum. Nais ko sana kayong imbitahin sa aking group para mas lalong tumibay ang samahan at komunidad ng ating local section. Maaari din tayong magtanungan, magtulungan at magbigayan ng idea para sa mga parating pang mga ICO, TGE etc at tungkol sa iba't ibang cryptocurrency topic. Mangyari ay i-Visit lamang ang Telegram group link na ito. https:// , Hindi ko ito ginawa para makapangDaya sa ibang tao or magbuo ng mga illegal activities sa forum na ito. Ang nais ng grupong ito ay mapagkaisa tayong mga magkakabayan maraming salamat.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Opinion on the ETH real believers. on: August 19, 2018, 08:53:21 AM
Hello, I am one of the real ETH believers. What do you think guys will happen on the ETH after this long dip down. It will be recover or stay on the latest price and stabled?
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