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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [FZ] Frozen Giveaway - CLOSED, no more funds to give. on: January 12, 2014, 12:57:31 PM
This giveaway is closed, don't bother posting any more addresses as this topic won't be reopened.

Hi, due to the relaunch of the main frozen thread without the previous shady main developer block_erupter, and as the previous giveaway threads didn't all pay out, I wanted to start a little giveaway as I am just a small holder myself. I am giving out 1.5 (updated) FZ per account, the only condition is that the account must be older than 2014 and have a minimum of 15 replies in the forum to prevent the worst.

If you want to stock up this giveaway, I have created an address for donations. These donations will flow back by 100% into this giveaway, I am not keeping any donated coins. If you should be so eager to gift me anyway, you can use the address in my signature.

Donation address to fuel the giveaway: F9CjA64u2b7MsrSwYvCxWN47Gm7SSRjm1V
I will edit this post with the given donors and the amounts given.

Edit 1: Received 50 FZ by KoningKaas, so this will keep up a little longer Wink
Edit 2: Another 100 and 50 FZ came in, thanks to trenton81 for his support!
Edit 3: Another donation of 100 FZ by TheFourthSaint just rolled in, I am thinking about raising the amount of FZ per person, what do you think? Wink
Edit 4: Okay, I raised the amount to 1.5 FZ per user. With 282 FZ left this is enough for another 188 users.
Edit 5: For users that posted their FZ already while the reward was only 1 FZ: Starting from this post you will have the opportunity to get your additional 0.5 FZ. This is only valid for the 30 people that post after linked post! (188 - (30*0.5)) = 173 * 1.5 to give!
Edit 6: Another donation over 77 FZ came in from led_lcd !
Edit 7: as of 15:43 GMT +1 (14.01) there are over 300 coins given away!

So go ahead, post your FZ addresses!

Edit 8: This giveaway thread will be closed soon! I am smelling a lot of multiaccounting that is happening on the last pages with throwaway accounts that have been created around the same timespan with post histories that are looking pretty much identical. This giveaway thread doesn't have the purpose to make individuals rich. I have contacted led_lcd to give him his coins back and will close this thread as soon as the remaining funds are running out (which is not much more than 20 more posts).

Edit 9: I am closing this giveaway prematurely. REASON

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