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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Gamebet: who lost money in this 268BTC ICO scam? on: July 29, 2016, 08:59:56 AM
It has been almost a month since @dailymodo closed the Gamebet topic here on Bitcointalk.
This was his last message - 5th of July 2016

A few days before the main topic was closed by Dailymodo, a forum member claimed to have access to his private data (private address, name,...)
I would love to get in contact with this member, so please, if you read this, send me a pm.


2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Vanillacoin's Chainblender: Technical analyse on: January 11, 2016, 08:34:37 AM
Hi everyone...

Now that the Vanillacoin developer is about to launch "chainblender", I would like to start a technical discussion about this project.
I'm a die hard Vanillacoin supporter, and I think chainblender is an awesome project, but I would like to hear some technical analyses from a more "neutral" point of view... So please, no "moon, moon" or craptalking reactions in this topic... just some honest, straightforward technical analyses...

You can find the whitepaper here:
You can find the chainblender video here:

With kind regards

3  Local / Off-topic (Nederlands) / Nieuwe persoonlijke blog on: December 23, 2015, 01:05:03 PM
Ik ben net mijn eigen blog gestart.
Wekelijks ga ik een kort tekstje schrijven over mijn leven in Cryptoland!

Check it out!


4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Wanted: developers/coders with hero/legendary status on: July 28, 2015, 08:42:52 AM
We all have seen this happening way too many times:
A newbie dev creates a new coin (mostly a clone of some other coin) photoshops some fancy logo and makes up a roadmap that is too good to be true...

And still time after time people get lured into mining/buying that coin, mostly out of greed, but often also in the hope that this one will be different from the others, the rare bird...

It happenend several times to me as well...sometimes I was right, but even more times I was wrong and left as a bagholder.
No problem so far, because the times I was right compensate for the times I was wrong (in relation to my BTC balance).

What really bothers me though is that newcomers can't compensate the loss they made that easy and will often be left discouraged to continue their exploration in the wonderfull world of altcoins. It gives cryptocurrency a bad reputation.

My latest disappointment was NeutronCoin...
Same story, dev left, then there was a take over and even the take over dev left...
Abandoning a community with several new comers...

Now, that sparked the idea to take over this coin...
What if we could get a team of well trusted bitcointalk members together to bring this coin back to life?

I'm here for almost two years now, and many of you even longer and with much more cryptocurrency experience  (I'm just a cryptocurrency supporter/investor, not a coder/developer). Please have a look at the take over thread I created for NTRN and read about my intentions with NTRN... I really hope we can get some of the veterans together to get this project going places....

To continue my transparancy: I do own some NTRN, about 200K to be exactly... ATM these 200K are worth about 1BTC...
--> My main investments are not in NTRN, they are in START, VNL, ECC, MWC and SUPER. Believe me, I'm not doing this to empty my bag...just to prove we can achieve something when working together as a team, even if you are active in other projects...
(I'm even willing to make my wallet address public)

So, if you would like to contribute to this side-project, please send me a PM...

I thank you in advance...



5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][NTRN v2] Neutron take over on: July 20, 2015, 10:04:41 AM

Neutron's history

Neutron was originally created as a SHA-256 POW/POS coin in april 2015.
After being abandoned by their developer, a new team started a take over a few weeks after the coin was released.

The new team released a roadmap, which consisted of 7 phases. Phase 1 would be the implementation of masternodes.
They succesfully implemented the masternodes (Nuclei as they are called) into the new wallets.
But, once the masternodes were active, the new team fell apart, and the community members were abondoned to their fate once again...

Neutron's Future

A small, but combative, group of NTRN holders decided not to give up on NTRN yet...3th times the charm?
That's why a new take over is in the make, ETA 15/08/2015.

The new fundamentals:

1. Transparency --> No more hiding behind newly created accounts, no more empty promises. We will be as open and honest in our communication as possible!

2. PR --> or as Bill Gates would say:
"If I only had two dollars left, I would spend one on PR."

3. Adoption --> We will focus on massive adoption instead of "hocus pocus features".
Neutron needs to become a widespread,worldwide accepted,decentralized digital currency with low transaction costs.

I will be posting future updates under the "Neutron Updates" section.

Neutron Updates

Our first priority is getting the whole team together and making sure we have everything covered (Strategy, PR, wallet development, website development, graphic designs,...).
Since we believe transparency is an important factor in a potential succes story, all team members will be mentioned under the tab " Team Members". The first names will be posted there soon!
If you would like to be part of the team, please send me a pm with you skill set and the country you live in.

Team Members

Goldmaxx - Belgium - strategy & PR
EBK1000 - Uk - development & website
More to be added

Social Media

Block Explorer


Coin Specifications

- Block Time: 79 seconds
- Coinbase maturity: 90 blocks
- Hi-PoS
- RPC port: 32000
- P2P port: 32001
- No premine or ICO
- No istamine
- PoW generated about 1.000.000 coins
- PoS kicked in @ block 500
- PoS reward: 30 NTRN (halving every 1m blocks)
- 1 Masternode (Nucleus) = 25.000 NTRN

Bounty Section

OP translation

Portuguese - 1000 NTRN --> Peterson33 -
Spanish - 1000 NTRN --> Zarton -
Russian - 1000 NTRN --> Congtyn -
Chinese - 1000 NTRN --> Engwell -

Community Wallet

Community wallet addresses:
NTRN: 9fXxiryqfpnU5nsfaWjs2ro43XXidruQLf
BTC: 1H5eudZBV5xcsv3qLUTjuHBmEeaQPxuV2n

I made, as promised, a 25K donation to this wallet to start with.
If you make a donation, please send me a PM with the exact amount, so I can keep track of donations made.

Incoming transactions

1. 25.000 NTRN - Goldmaxx
3. 1.400 NTRN danbhfd
4. 2000 NTRN Digitalgrow
5. 5000 NTRN Lovethecoins

Outgoing transactions

1. 1000 NTRN - Portuguese translation
2. 1000 NTRN - Russian translation
3. 1000 NTRN - Chinese translation
4. 1000 NTRN - Spanish translation
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / In wallet trading almost finished by this! on: February 15, 2015, 03:32:46 PM
Griffith is close to finish the in wallet trading development for the Trusted Cryptos Team coins (ECC, MWC, SUPER)
This will be a game changer :-)


7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ECCoin community take over - Very important message - please read!!! on: June 30, 2014, 01:04:05 PM
Very important update!!! Please read carefully!!!
Very important update!!! Please read carefully!!!
Very important update!!! Please read carefully!!!

Hi guys

Here I am, with some really good but also some really bad news!
Let me start with the good news...
I, found someone who is willing to help us solving the sync issues some users have reported.
The one I'm talking about is Mindfox, an experienced freelance dev.

The bad news is...our problems are a lot bigger then we could have expected... Sad Sad Sad
The blockchain forked, multiple times... Undecided Undecided Undecided
Here is a part of the conversation I had on IRC...

[12:35] <mindfox_afw> looks like there are a lot of orphaned blocks in the chain
[12:35] <Goldmaxx> Dunno what's wrong, but several ppl are reporting issues with the syncing
[12:36] <Goldmaxx> You think you can help us out?
[12:36] <mindfox_afw> I know what the problem is regarding syncing
[12:36] <Goldmaxx> and can you fix it?
[12:36] <mindfox_afw> from what it seems, you have multiple forks in the chain
[12:36] <mindfox_afw> maybe more than 2
[12:36] <Goldmaxx> owwww
[12:37] <Goldmaxx> no good...
[12:37] <mindfox_afw> that's why you have people reporting transactions going back to 0/unconfirmed
[12:37] <Goldmaxx> when did the first fork take place?
[12:37] <mindfox_afw> I have no way of really knowing
[12:38] <mindfox_afw> you see, the ones I'm syncing from now, knows only one fork as the correct one
[12:38] <Goldmaxx> ok
[12:38] <mindfox_afw> but there are other wallets that think there's another fork that is the correct one
[12:38] <Goldmaxx> damn
[12:38] <mindfox_afw> possibly a group of others, think there's another best fork
[12:38] <mindfox_afw> and so on a and so forth
[12:38] <Goldmaxx> can this be fixed?
[12:38] <mindfox_afw> yes, but it's not going to be easy
[12:39] <Goldmaxx> and what will the concequenses be?
[12:39] <mindfox_afw> we need to issue an update
[12:39] <mindfox_afw> well...
[12:39] <mindfox_afw> first of all, you have to check the exchanges
[12:39] <mindfox_afw> in what exchanges is the wallet currently?
[12:40] <Goldmaxx> Many, Mintpal, Poloniex, ...
[12:40] <Goldmaxx> like up to 8 exchanges
[12:40] <mindfox_afw> ouch
[12:40] <Goldmaxx> indeed
[12:40] <mindfox_afw> and you have no working explorer, huh?
[12:40] <Goldmaxx> ouch
[12:40] <Goldmaxx> nope
[12:41] <mindfox_afw> and no block signing....
[12:41] <Goldmaxx> doesn't look good I guess?
[12:41] <mindfox_afw> well, here's the think
[12:41] <mindfox_afw> *thing
[12:41] <mindfox_afw> when we decide to go with one fork (which of course is what we must do)
[12:41] <mindfox_afw> we will make all the other forks invalid
[12:41] <Goldmaxx> yes
[12:41] <mindfox_afw> that means that whatever transactions were made, will be invalidated also
[12:42] <mindfox_afw> do you understand what that means for the exchanges?
[12:42] <Goldmaxx> oh dear...and god knows how long ago the first fork took place
[12:42] <mindfox_afw> yes, exactly
[12:42] <Goldmaxx> so, what do we do first?
[12:45] <mindfox_afw> first, we negotiate my price Smiley

Mindfox is willing to help us out for a very reasonable price...

[12:45] <mindfox_afw> let me ask: do you have servers that can act as full time nodes for the coin?
[12:46] <mindfox_afw> and do you have any secure (really really secure) server?
[12:46] <mindfox_afw> or should I include those also in my price?
[12:46] <Goldmaxx> I think you should include that as well... :-s
[12:46] <mindfox_afw> ok
[12:47] <mindfox_afw> to be on the safe side, we will need 4 nodes + 1 for signing
[12:47] <Goldmaxx> ok...
[12:47] <mindfox_afw> unless you have a computer that can be online 24/7 ?
[12:47] <mindfox_afw> but has to be connectable node
[12:48] <Goldmaxx> I dont, maybe other community members
[12:48] <Goldmaxx> but lets asume we dont
[12:48] <mindfox_afw> ok, for 1st month it's $10 / node (including the setup and configuration for it to act as node)
[12:49] <Goldmaxx> ok
[12:49] <mindfox_afw> all prices that I am charged in $ and we'll convert them in btc, ok
[12:49] <mindfox_afw> ?
[12:49] <Goldmaxx> so far so good
[12:50] <mindfox_afw> for the signing node, I charge $100 ($10 node + setup + hardened security because it can't be compromised in any way)
[12:50] <Goldmaxx> ok
[12:50] <mindfox_afw> + 0.5 btc for the fix
[12:50] <mindfox_afw> now, if you want to include advanced control in it and a better unlock button, I can merge the price for 1 btc + extra from nodes
[12:50] <Goldmaxx> Sounds reasonably
[12:51] <mindfox_afw> advanced coin control gives the ability to select which transactions to take coins from
[12:51] <Goldmaxx> Sounds great
[12:51] <Goldmaxx> honestly
[12:51] <mindfox_afw> that allows the user to use the most recent transactions (thus getting more profit from PoS minting)
[12:51] <mindfox_afw> I hope you'll find my prices reasonable enough Smiley
[12:51] <Goldmaxx> I do mate
[12:52] <mindfox_afw> I try not to overcharge coins that are community driven Smiley

Ok, so here is the deal...
This is the time for the community to act!!!

If we don't fix this bug, ECC is doomed to die within days...
We need to collect 1,25BTC asap, so Mindfox can help us out!

I hope everyone understands the importance of this action?
1,25BTC is all we need in order to get going again, no longer under the dictatorship of Hostmaster, but as a free community!!!

Mindfox will accept a 50/50 arrangement...50% in advance and 50% after the fix!!!

Please make your donations in BTC here: 1LxTKMQKEcokUeZS8wDcdWBCbxXZ321kGN

And please dont forget...if we don't act now...all our efforts were in vain...
Today is the day of a new beginning!!!
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [ECC] ECCoin | POS | Community take over | Development bounties!!! on: June 29, 2014, 12:06:04 PM


- ~18 Billion ECC generated during POW (POW ended)
- POS since 22/04/2014 - min. coin age = days 42 - max coin age = 85 days
  Year 1: 25%
  Year 2: 15%
  Year 3-9: 10%
  Starting Year 10, it will have an annual PoS interest of 1%
- 45 sec block target
- difficulty retarget each block
- 4 confirmations for a transacaction
- 50 confirmations for PoS blocks to mature
- Low transaction fees

Community take over: Why?

The original dev of ECCoin lost his clear vision and is ignoring every question asked by community members.
He is also rejecting any form of cooperation in order to implement new features.

In a public voting, here on the bitcoin forum, the community voted for a take over.

Community take over: What's next?

Ok, we voted for a take over and are left without a dev, so what's next?
First of all, let me be very clear about this: The community will decide what we do and what not.
This time we do it more individual decision making, but group-decision making!

1. Community wallets for development-bounties and give-aways

I Have set up 3 different wallets, one ECC-wallet, one BTC-wallet and one LTC-wallet.

ECC-wallet:      EZxj2oLwnXF12fhcNpZV5hRRVBXjtxpa2f            --> Balance:10.000.000 ECC
BTC-wallet:      1LxTKMQKEcokUeZS8wDcdWBCbxXZ321kGN       --> Balance:0.12025802 BTC
LTC-wallet:      LZ4frp8EVVWNMTxBMZSp5B2qo1Qx4NQMHe       --> Balance:0 LTC

The wallet addresses are public, so everyone can check the transactions and the balances!

2. Bounties for development and give-aways

Everyone that makes a donation to one of the 3 community wallets can decide where he wants his donation to be used for.
For example, I started by making a 50.000.000 ECC donation (the first transaction of many I hope!).
Now it's up to me to decide where I want this money to be used for.
I donate 40.000.000 to the dev bounty, 5.000.000 to the payment processor bounty and 5.000.000 to the new website bounty.

This way the community decides what's important for them and what not.
The higher the amount for bounty, the more likely that someone will accept the task.
Also, if you want a new bounty to be added, that's possible as well.
Just mention what bounty you want to be added and the amount that you are donating to this bounty.

3. Current bounties

A. Development bounty

This bounty will be used to pay the new dev. It's up to the community to decide how the dev will payed.
--> The whole amount in advance? A part per task? A fixed amount per month? ...

Current balance

 Balance:0 ECC
 Balance:0.12025802 BTC
 Balance:0 LTC

B. Payment processor bounty

This bounty will be used to develop a payment processor, to pay someone who can build us a payment processor.
No need to tell you the importande of a payment processor in order to get ECC to online stores.

Current balance

 Balance:5.000.000 ECC
 Balance:0 BTC
 Balance:0 LTC

C. New website

We also need a new website, and someone that can take care of this website (regular updates, maintenance,...)

Current balance

 Balance:5.000.000 ECC
 Balance:0 BTC
 Balance:0 LTC

D. Chinese translation

This bounty will be used for a Chinese translation of this post.

Current balance

 Balance:0 ECC
 Balance:0 BTC
 Balance:0 LTC

E. Block explorer + rich list

This bounty will be used for a working block explorer + rich list.

Current balance

 Balance:0 ECC
 Balance:0 BTC
 Balance:0 LTC

4. Let's get started!!!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one. ~ Mark Twain
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ECCoin community take over: Yes or No? on: June 25, 2014, 09:14:13 AM
I think the question is clear.
ECCoin started of real well, but is sinking lower and lower each day.
The current dev is a great guy, but has a lack of strategic vision and is not really willing to accept any help.
If we wait any longer, this precious flower will be crushed by 100's of new altcoins looking for their way to the top.
Are you willing to fight for the future of this amazing coin?
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Environmentally Conscious Coin (ECC) - Core team members wanted on: June 04, 2014, 07:33:24 AM
Hi guys

Eccoin went through some rough times, that's for sure.
POW stage is finished, and now we are in the POS stage.

Here are the coin's specifications


- ~18 Billion is the total of coins in the POW stage.. 50 Billion coins after 10 years
- Scrypt,  PoW then PoS
- 45 sec block target
- difficulty retarget each block
- 4 confirmations for a transacaction
- 50 confirmations for PoS blocks to mature
- Low transaction fees

ECCoin also adopts a variable PoS rate with the following annual interest rate:
- Year 1: 25%
- Year 2: 15%
- Year 3-9: 10%
- Starting Year 10, it will have an annual PoS interest of 1%

After a slow take off, we are now getting ready to take this coin to a higher level.
We are setting up a transparant company structure and are looking for people to join our team!

Who's on board?

Management: head of management = Hostmaster
Marketing:head of marketing Europe = Goldmaxx - head of marketing USA = daywalkerneo
Development: head of development = Hostmaster + teammember waytogo
Finance: head of finance = DrCharles
Design: Head of design = Daavenger

Open positions

1 Design:multiple designers
2 Marketing: 4 heads of marketing (--> South America - Asia - Australia - Africa) + multiple marketing team members
3 Development: multiple developers --> software + web developers
4 Support: 1 head of support + multiple team members
5 Finance:multiple team members

What do we expect?

1 Designers: you design visual presentations. This includes advertising, brochures, flyers, packaging design, logos, liveries, signs and many, many others
2 Marketing: you are responsible for the promotional part! You launch campaigns on social media, newsletters and real life!
3 Development: You are responsible for the website(s), multipool and client development.
4 Support: You take care of all possible troubles that our clients might encounter
5 Finance: You take care of the financial part. You manage our funds (for promotions and development) and you look also for sponsors.

Please pm me if you would like to join this wonderfull team, so I can send you a personal invitation to our community group on facebook.
Thanks in advance...


11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ECCoin promotion on Twitter - 10.000.000 ECC competition ending today 16H CET!!! on: May 09, 2014, 08:11:13 AM
Hi guys

Please check out our new promotion account on Twitter.
Right now, we have two amazing give aways running!
So go, and check it out @ECCoinpromotion !

Good luck!
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ECCoin - why you should buy now! on: April 25, 2014, 11:47:02 AM
Hi guys

Last warning...don't forget to buy your ECCoins!
After a huge sell off by the original miners, momentum is shifting today...Coins are in stronger hands now!
From this moment, the only way is up (with it's inevitable ups and downs of course).

I still hold on to my previous prediction where I stated ECCoin will reach +40SAT in the next two weeks.


13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ECCoin is now Pos only! on: April 21, 2014, 08:37:05 AM
Hi guys

Just a quick reminder that ECCoin will enter the POS-only stage in less than 24H!
Do not forget to buy your stash of cheap ECCoin, before POW stage comes to an end...
This coin will rise once the POW stage ends!

Right now ECCoin is being traded @6/7 SAT...
My forecast for this coin is that it will be traded in the 40/60SAT area within the next two weeks.


14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / My thoughts on what's happening to Blackcoin on: April 16, 2014, 11:56:09 AM
Hi all

I can't take this any longer...With all this madness going on right now, I have to step in and say what I gotta say.
First of all, Blackcoin is not still is +50% comparing to one week ago.

This is what's happening, and I hate to see this happening:
After BC started to gain some decent volume, a lot of greedy ppl jumped on the blackcoin train without knowing anything about it's background. Ppl bought BC based on the green numbers and the huge trading volume they were seeing.

@ a certain point we almost reached the magical 100K barier, and that's when some big bad shark decided to collect his profits...because he knew he could do it all over again...
This big guy knows, just like I do, that there are many scared fish in the Blackcoin sea, and when he sells of in one time, he will scare them, and force them to panic sell.
Now, you have to know that these little fish swim together in a when one little fish starts to panic, the rest will follow...
So, in no time we took a dive to 50k, 40K, 30K, 20K, 15K.

Because the shark is greedy, and because he wants all the shiny blackcoins from these little fish, he asks his friends to help him to scare the fish even more... He pays them to spread fud in the Blackcoin main topic...Or does the shark didn't know I would notice that 99% of the fud talking nobrainers are newcomers with profiles no older than a few weeks?

They keep on doing this, untill he decides that he collected enough shiny blackcoins for his next round...
When will this happen? No one knows, only the big bad shark himself...

The same thing happened on our way to 10K...many ppl lost their coins to this guy(s).
History will repeat itself on this coin...again we will steadily continue our path to 100K and then, suddenly...boom...110K, 120K, 130K,...

Now, what am I trying to tell you?

1. Never ever buy a coin that you don't your homework, and only buy the coins you really believe in.

2. Never ever sell a coin lower than the price you paid for them...your loss makes someone else richer (the sharks).

3. Everyone is here to make some money, sell your coins when you decide that you made enough out of it, or just keep holding on to them if you really believe in the coin (like I do in BC)...but for gods sake...never ever sell when it's in freefall modus...

4. Read all 984 pages in the Blackcoin main topic, after that you are left with two options

--> option one: you are still not convinced that Blackcoin makes a good shot to become N2, and who knows even N1 in the world of cryptocurrencies: Please stay away from Blackcoin, and look for a coin that suits you better.

--> option two: You are convinced that Blackcoin makes a good shot to become N2, and who knows even N1 in te world of cryptocurrencies: Please, buy as many Blackcoins as you can @ these ridiculous rates, but only with money that you don't need to live, so you won't be forced to panic sell when we take another dive...

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / My next investment? ECCoin! on: April 16, 2014, 07:09:55 AM
Hi guys

I see huge opportunities in ECCoin!
This POW/POS coin is almost entering the POS only phase.

Here are some stats

- ~18 Billion is the total of coins in the POW stage.. 50 Billion coins after 10 years
- Tapering interest rates (PoS) over 9 years
--->Year 1: 25%
--->Year 2: 15%
--->Year 3-9: 10%
--->Starting Year 10, it will have an annual PoS interest of 1%
- PoS starts after minimum 42 days holding coins

Now, why did I buy myself into ECCoin?

1. Great and very active dev. He's working very hard to make this coin a succes!
2. Wonderfull community and growing!
3. Dirt cheap, and great potential to go 5X - 20X

4 days left before POS only...get on the train before it leaves the station...
Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / A few statements on FairCoin and why it's a great coin! on: April 12, 2014, 10:56:22 AM
Hi everyone

I'm here, because I wanted to make some things clear.
Some of you guys keep on saying that Faircoin is a scam, because it was premined...

I'm here to tell you that's not true :-)
Ok, Faircoin had no POW period, and all 50.000.000 coins were generated in one time.
The DEV team kept only 250,000 coins for bounties (only 0,5%!!!)
All the other coins were distributed between 49,750 addresses.
Everyone  who wanted a share in those 49,750,000 coins could just subscribe for a certain period, and when the 49,750 adresses were reached, the distribution began.

So 49,750,000 coins, distributed over 49,750 wallets, that makes 1000 faircoins for each wallet.

To beat the bots, each user had prove himself humam by solving 2 different captchas.
This method was not revealed ahead of time to make it harder to bypass the checks.
Now, if we take a closer look at the current situation, we see that the top 10 wallets own 16% of all the coins, the richest has 3,04%
If you compare these numbers to Blackcoin (a coin I also invested in) you see that the top 10 wallets own 18% and the richest 3,09%.

Now, if you look here and take a look at the "get more stats" section, you will notice that there are 14,726  wallets containing at least one coin. That means that at least 35,024 people sold their Faircoins after they received them, only to hand them over to stronger hands!

Also notice that only 3 wallets acumulated more than 1,000,000 coins, and only 75 wallets containing more than 100,000 coins!
Most wallets contain between 1000 and 10,000 coins (13,140 out of 14,726).

I'm giving you guys this information, because many of you are using the word scam without knowing the facts.
Transparancy is very important, so thats what I would like to give you here.

I want to end this article with this:

I was one of the early BC investors, and I'm very happy I'm still holding most of my coins, even when all these ppl were saying Blackcoin was a scam.
The only coins that I sold, were used to buy my self (early) in to Faircoin...

Don't make the same mistake that many other ppl did by selling their Blackcoins cheap to Trolls...
Faircoin offers you a second chance, don't miss out on this one...


17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Blackcoin market cap on sunday 16/03 on: March 12, 2014, 07:22:25 AM
Bullish or bearish?
 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Blackcoin is starting it's journey to the stars! on: March 11, 2014, 12:09:45 PM
After being too long here on earth, Blackcoin finally started it's journey to the stars!
Shine on you crazy diamond!

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Blackcoin --> The tide is turning on: March 06, 2014, 02:16:22 PM
Blackcoin has finally found it's bottom price and the tide is turning.
No one knows why this dark horse sank so deep...My best guess is it was a combination of several causes: the rise (and fall) of Auracoin, the rise (and fall) of Mazacoin, the GOX crisis,...
All these things caused this diamond in the rough being unnoticed by the large crowd.

Now it's time to let this diamond shine!

Mark my words...Blackcoin will soon be one of the brightest stars on the altcoin firmament!


20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Friendshipcoin needs your help! on: February 28, 2014, 12:08:50 PM
Hi guys

I think this coin is way undervalued atm...
These guys need some to help to get this coin taking off.
IMO the logo needs restyling, so If anyone could help with that part, I would be very thankful.
We also need more ppl mining, dif. is very low atm, so good time to get in early.
Lets build a community for this coin, which I believe has more potential than the 1 sat. it is atm.

Thank you for considering to join the friendshipcoin community!

PoW algorithm: Scrypt
2.5 minute block targets
subsidy halves in 200k blocks
37,436,374,470 total coins
0-376,370 coins per block
retarget once per hour
RPC Port 37637
P2P Port 37636
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