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1  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Bitcoin Transaction Charges on: June 19, 2011, 09:12:15 PM
What are they, I thought bitcoin transactions were free, if this is because individuals are contributing processing power to the network, I'd prefer to offer that free than have charges.
If there must be charges, maybe there must I don't know, but if there must, why not 0.0000001BTC on every transaction, over time this might amount to significant amounts and could fund full time developers and maintenence.
Who gets these charges anyway, not that it bothers me that much at the moment with no BTCs to trade with.
2  Other / Obsolete (selling) / Real Business Startups on: June 19, 2011, 02:13:26 PM
It seems to me there are lots of people trying to aquire Bitcoins, either by mining or simply buying them, there is another alternative, setting up multiple businesses selling things for Bitcoins that people actually want.
How do you identify what people want, well, everyone needs food, water, so let's start with that.
How about setting up local businesses that will deliver ( so now we need to hire Drivers ) food locally for Bitcoins, that also means that we now need local BTC traders, see how this thing can Grow, and if you provide a good service, you will generate Bitcoins, in fact your website could have one of the webpage miners on it.
If we want people to buy into this economy, we have to provide them with the things they want.

Bitcoin has the ability to trade at very low cost, it seems to me there should be an explosion of companies setting up using BTC because they can undercut regular Business in terms of transaction fees.

3  Other / Obsolete (selling) / Free Bitcoin, economics DVD on: June 19, 2011, 01:45:33 PM
I've made a 3hr DVD, with videos on Bitcoin, Linux, the Economy, the Buy silver campaign, cryptography etc, I made to give to friends family etc, I have a few left to give away, they are in PAL format, and will post anywhere at the cheapest price, this is a free offer, you don't even need to pay postage.
There is a bitcoin donate address if you wish on the DVD, please feel free to copy the DVDs even use them to promote your own business by putting your own labels on the DVD.
Leave me a message with a postal address if interested.

4  Economy / Marketplace / Free Ebay on: June 07, 2011, 11:26:37 AM
I have an EBAY account, but never sell there anymore because I think mostly it's a rip off, there are so many charges etc by them and by the Taxation authorities I decided it wasn't worth it.
A company the size of Ebay ought to be run purely on advertising. It ought to be a service for humanity or could be run on that basis rather than purely on the basis of profit first and foremost.
Obviously you can't give away things like cars or jumbo jets but there ought to be things for Free in this world too, TV, Internet, Mobile Phones could be run on Advertising along the lines of, every call you make you receive 1 money off voucher from Asda / Walmart so that ultimately Asda / Walmart are funding the project but benefitting from it in extra sales.
Smilarly with TV Access and Internet could be Free, IE run on Advertising, or not, people could have the option, Free mobile phone calls or Internet, TV etc.
Taking CD's and DVD's as another example, I'm all for talented actors and artistes getting rewarded, but the revenue from CD and DVD sales goes mostly to the Executives, Studio bosses etc.
DVD films are in my opinion vastly over priced and only encourage pirating because of it.
What if a DVD film, or Music CD only cost say $1 but contained advertising as well, money of vouchers etc, in effect they could actually say, yes, please feel free to Copy this DVD or CD, you're putting our Ads in front of more people so the Artiste still gets paid.
The crime being if someone copies a DVD but takes out the Ads, but the Advertising culd be done so that it would be difficult, in the case of a Film, by using product placement.
There is nothing intrinsically wrong with advertising.
So, my suggestion would be, how can Bit coin and other entrepreneurs get involved and bring down the money money money attitude that seems all pervasive in society that I think in many ways is counterproductive, whilst still ensuring real talent is rewarded, perhaps by having a minimal price from CD's, DVDs etc but backed up by advertising.
EG we have to charge higher prices to cover our losses from Pirating, well why not think outside the Box.
How about setting up a company that produced Music DVDs for up and coming bands that were minimal cost, maybe even free to the public but carried advertising from other companies, maybe a Bitcoin Trading Company, or Loan co, or Shop or.......
Like I said, you can't give away Jumbo Jets, or Cars but things like a mobile tel call, or even a A Song, maybe you can.

5  Other / Obsolete (selling) / UK Alternative News DVDs (Pal Format ) on: June 07, 2011, 03:50:29 AM
I have produced a number of DVDs on a Variety of topics, ranging from 9-11, False Flag Terrorism, The dangers of Vaccines, Food additives, Zionism, , the Global Warming scam, The Ponzi scheme known as the western monetary system, Secret Societies, Genetically modified crops.
mainly from Youtube and a few other sources that I have produced over the past 5 yrs.
About 60 Different DVDs in all, PAL Format that I give away to anyone interested in looking behind the mainstrean News Media.
Many of these DVDs also have an extras folder with Software and documents etc on similar issues, too varied to mention.
Some of these DVDs might be regarded as controversial, such as the ones arguing against Vaccinations, the use of depleted uranium munitions or questioning whether 9-11 really was carried out by some Bloke living in a cave in Afghanistan.
Normally I give these away and ask people to copy them and give them to friends, collegues and relatives, I consider them research information giving the public access to information denied to them by the powers that be.
To give some idea of the topic on some of the DVDs I have a website at   or
Have a Look, if you are interested in any of the above mentioned topics, and you live in the UK, I'd be happy to post you a copy out, could post out to other destinations but might need help with postal costs, and they are Pal Format.
Free to UK but Small BTC donations would be greatfully received ( ~0.2 BTC just to help with postage, cost of DVD)after viewing to help cover my costs, but it's entirely voluntary, if you really don't think it's worth a small donation, then that's the free market.

Will send out the DVD for viewing first, it's yours, free I don't need it back, watch it then please pass it on to others, most people who watch them are rather shocked at what really goes on in the world, like our political leaders worshipping an Owl called Molech and carrying out ritual child sacrifices in Bohemian Grove.
I have an old Mobile phone you can text your address to 0797 0017273, no credit on it so can only receive, alternatively there are contact forms on the website to send your address to.
Free market principles apply, I'll send out the DVD anywhere in the UK, if you don't like it, don't donate anything. most of the info is puplic domain, or the content owner wants the information to get out anyway, people like alex Jones of etc. ( these are not his films but will contain, shorter 20, 20min interviews for example.)
Let me know your subject of interest, from the above and will try to find a DVD that matches your interest, most are about 3hrs long and will play on most ordinary DVD players, so no need to worry about virus infection on a PC.
Could  post out to other destinations but not sure of postage, 0.2 BTC might still cover it but as I said, these are in Pal Format.
If anyone is making a Video for Youtube and wants a short 3D title animation doing I have a youtube channel at,    here's one I did earlier  not quite Pixar standards yet but reasonable, would like to try a BitCoin example.

Anyway, over to you, I will produce the DVD, or 3D Title, I don't want anything up front, and only donate ~ 0.2BTC if you like the product.



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