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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 25.0 [Torrent]
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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN]NADO 0.20 - PoW fairness, PoS efficiency, neither of both on: December 01, 2022, 07:56:20 PM


NADO mainnet is released.



Direct installation

screen -S nado
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3.10
python3.10 -m pip install pip --upgrade
git clone
cd nado
python3.10 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Alternate direct installation one-liner
sudo apt-get update && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa -y && sudo apt-get install python3.10 python3.10-distutils git screen curl -y && curl -sS | sudo python3.10 && sudo ufw allow 9173 && git clone && cd nado && python3.10 -m pip install -r requirements.txt && screen -dmS nado python3.10

Virtual environment installation
screen -S nado
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa
apt-get install python3.10-dev python3.10-venv
python3.10 -m venv nado_venv
source nado_venv/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip
git clone
cd nado
pip install -r requirements.txt
To go back to your screen, use
screen -r nado
To update your NADO installation, use
git pull origin main
from the directory where you have it installed.

There is a release page in GitHub, which is periodically updated when major changes occur. The easiest way to run NADO for Windows users is to use the nado.exe binary from there.

It is also possible to install Python on Windows and run NADO directly. Command line instructions:
Direct installation

First download the master branch from GitHub and extract the archive. Run the command line as Administrator and enter the following commands:
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

To run NADO, execute the following command: python3.10

After installation, go to your browser and announce your peer to one of the nodes like this: For this, you should have port 9173 open so the node is accessible from the internet if you want to receive rewards. After this step, synchronization should start shortly.

You can download the official NADO wallet here or on the release page of NADO.
Remote access

After running the node, you can access it at from where all API calls used by the node itself are accessible. Here are some examples:

Private key storage
In previous versions, private key was stored in the folder where NADO is installed, under private directory, specifically in the keys.dat file. With the latest version, this file is stored in user's home directory,
in Linux and
in Windows.

Is there anything unique?
Yes. No mining, minting, block production happens in every node at once, based on the deterministic principles of the blockchain. This is possible because block production is separated from the consensual layer. This removes all the selfish miner incentives, which cause issues like transaction exclusion in traditional PoW systems.

What is NADO?

NADO is short for Tornado. It is just another blockchain written from scratch with a highly experimental consensus algorithm, which was created to provide effortless mining for all participants with a public IP address. NADO is not a classic proof-of-work blockchain like Bitcoin. Unlike most other crypto, its focus is on accessibility to rewards for everyone. It has a fully elastic reward mechanism, rewarding users only when transactions are happening on the chain. Users can burn their share of tokens in order to increase their chances of winning more rewards in the future.

What's the reason for NADO?
NADO is a take on one of the newer trends, where users do not use graphics cards or specialized hardware for mining, nor do they have to own a large portion of tokens in order to be rewarded. It is inspired by IDENA and NYZO, while attempting to bring the barrier of entry even lower than those two by not requiring solving of puzzles or highly efficient machines for users to remain in a reward distribution cycle.

What does NADO do differently?
In NADO, every user generates new blocks at the same time. This is possible because users are not rewarded for mining blocks but for keeping the network running. After generating a block and receiving a reward, chances of receiving more block rewards are temporarily lowered based on the public IP address. Every IP address can only have one block generating node. While this excludes users without public addresses, it prevents node spamming to a degree.

Sounds interesting, can you elaborate?
There are multiple cycles for every block. It starts with accepting peers and transactions directly. In the second stage, transactions and peers are stored in a buffer for the following block so that transactions can stabilize across the network. NADO prefers decentralization to efficiency, which means it exposes consensus more than the individual node, which makes it more resilient regarding SPOF but less efficient.

But is there a premise?
The premise of NADO is that users stop being interested in decentralized value distributing projects because it becomes progressively more difficult for them to join them or remain as time goes on. The main reason for users to leave is not the lack of adoption, but the mismatch between adoption, distribution and inflation. Distribution is the single one most important aspect of a cryptocurrency project as proven in the success of NANO, where no single entity was capable of obtaining a high amount of tokens through monopolizing token distribution.

● Constant rewards are counterproductive: Users will keep running their nodes even though they are not receiving rewards in a particular moment because there is no block reward for a particular block because network activity is low. Fighting inflation is more important than hoping for users to not stop running nodes.

● Elastic distribution was one of the key promises of Vertcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2014. NADO puts these promises into practice.
● Litecoin was created as a Bitcoin with fair distribution. None of the projects mentioned above put large effort into marketing and were extremely popular nonetheless.
● Barrier of entry is directly correlated to fairness of distribution. This is an idea on which Steve Jobs built his entire business. Removal of hassles in Apple operating systems and simplicity of their mobile devices led to widespread adoption simply because there were no hurdles to adoption.
● Interestingly enough, some of the most successful "cryptocurrency projects" where pyramid schemes that had zero technology in them: Bitcoinnect and Onecoin. All users had to do there was to go on a website and click a button to invest money into something that did not exist. Why did they do it? Because it was easy.
● Combining great and accessible technology with perfect distribution and effective marketing is the key to successful adoption.

Why not only use the existing projects?
● With PoW, the problem is in the arms race.
● With PoS, the problem is in the rising price.
● With PoD, the problem is in the increasing difficulty to re-join mesh with more participants.

Proof of what?
Every node in the NADO ecosystem keeps track of what opinions other nodes have by sharing state checksums for current block producer pools, transaction pools, peer pools and block hash pools. Participants add credibility over time to those who share their opinions on what the state of the network is. The security principle is that any attacker needs to be connected to the network for a longer time than the legitimate nodes and postpone the attack until their network participation duration is longer than that of other nodes - to perform a 51% attack. If the legitimate nodes stay in the network longer than the attackers, it is impossible to attack.

Burn-to-Bribe system and governance
In the beginning, all users have the same chance at receiving a reward every block. If they succeed, they are issued both tokens and a penalty. This penalty lowers chance of further finding rewards in relation to users who have not been rewarded yet, but it can be negated by burning a portion of the coins they generated or obtained otherwise. Currently, the model is set up in 1:100 ratio, which means that 1 portion of burn negates 100 portions of penalty. Both penalty and burn are counted from the smallest unit of NADO, so the lowest penalty resolution is 0.0000000001 and the lowest burn/bribe resolution is 0.0000000010. This system was created as an additional measure against inflation after implementation of elastic distribution and burned tokens are used for governance purposes.

To burn your NADO, send it to the following address:

What about security?
There are no guarantees for security of NADO, mainly because of its highly experimental character. Compared to more excluding networks like Bitcoin, security will always be lower as the main focus is on lowering the entry level for new users to make mining as inclusive as possible.
How many decimals are there and what are the units called?

1 NADO can be split into 1,000,000,000 units.

Got some sci-fi tech mumbo jumbo?
● Cryptography: Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm (Ed25519)
● Link hashing: BLAKE2b
● Block capacity: Capped at 250KB per minute
● Block reward: Between 0 and 5 depending on network usage
● Transaction throughput: 7 raw transactions per second
● Proof of Fidelity with aspects of majority and diversity
● noSQL MessagePack file-based atomized database system
● Optional MessagePack formatting in API
● Shared mining protocol
● Periodic intervals to enforce consensus stabilization
● Burn-to-Bribe deflationary incentive and governance
● The logo is a vortexed version of the Impossible Toroidal Polyhedron

Where can I learn more?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [FREE] qTrader automatic trading bot on: December 02, 2019, 11:51:38 AM

Welcome to the qTrade trading bot.

What does this bot offer?
This bot places buy and sell orders for you at the best possible price, and at the best possible exposure.

What is the premise?
Market spread is an inefficiency, which can be exploited by covering both sides of it while the difference is higher than market fees. Nothing new.

How do I run this bot?
On start, you will be asked for your API credentials. You need to obtain these from There is a configuration file config.json where you set your trading parameters.

Config File
Bot configuration is set at config.json file. Buy orders are placed on top of the buy order book, with an increase of price_adjustment.

Sell orders are placed on top of the sell order book, with a decrease of price_adjustment.

The minimum spread between orders is defined by spread_pct_min.

Order book recalculation is set by ttl in seconds. However, pauses between runs are set at 90 seconds static.

What returns can I expect?
The bot profits the most from a stable price range with a high spread. It works actively towards lowering the spread in order to beat other trading bots and humans.

What should I be aware of?
This bot does not track individual order performance, because that would require static orders. Static orders are not favorable due to their inert nature, which results in them getting stuck forever outside the price range.

A very strong trend where there is only one type of trading going on (buys / sells only), this bot cannot operate properly. However, such situation should only be temporary.

In an uptrend scenario, it might be a good idea to have a higher sell_amount than buy_amount in magnitude strong enough to knock down the price back to your buy orders. The opposite is true for a downtrend.


pip3 install --upgrade --user git+

Configuration example
    "name": "BIS",
    "sell_amount": "150",
    "min_sell_price": "0.00001400",
    "buy_amount": "150",
    "max_buy_price": "0.00002000",
    "ttl": "120",
    "spread_pct_min": "1",
    "price_adjustment": "0.00000001",
    "max_stash": "5000",
    "min_stash": "500",
    "random_size": "5"
    "name": "NYZO",
    "sell_amount": "150",
    "min_sell_price": "0.00002000",
    "buy_amount": "150",
    "max_buy_price": "0.00002000",
    "ttl": "120",
    "spread_pct_min": "1",
    "price_adjustment": "0.00000001",
    "max_stash": "10000",
    "min_stash": "1000",
    "random_size": "5"
    "name": "VEO",
    "sell_amount": "0.15",
    "min_sell_price": "0.005",
    "buy_amount": "0.1",
    "max_buy_price": "0.15",
    "ttl": "120",
    "spread_pct_min": "1",
    "price_adjustment": "0.00000001",
    "max_stash": "10",
    "min_stash": "0.1",
    "random_size": "0.005"
    "name": "ARO",
    "sell_amount": "1500",
    "min_sell_price": "0.0000001",
    "buy_amount": "1500",
    "max_buy_price": "0.00000015",
    "ttl": "120",
    "spread_pct_min": "1",
    "price_adjustment": "0.00000000",
    "max_stash": "20000",
    "min_stash": "10000",
    "random_size": "20"
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Original Blockchain Projects Built from Scratch on: September 20, 2019, 09:10:34 AM
This is a table created and maintained by my friend Cryptic Monk
There are 66 projects listed right now.

Built with

NameSymbolInitial CommitCommit ByMaster Commits by May 2018VelocityLanguageGenesis MainnetLast VisitedProofNotes
BitcoinBTC2009-01-08non-github-bitcoin172005,02C++2009-01-09 data based on GitHub release, here's Satoshi's original drop:
ByteCoinBCN???C++2012-07-04 is well known, but Bytecoin is the first CryptoNote implementation, so CryptoNote needs to be attributed here, if at all. (Monero is a Bytecoin fork)
NextNXT2013-12-30Jean-Luc Picard?Java2013-11-24 was launched in November 2013 (anonymously), it's generally accepted to be built from scratch in Java. Data given here based on Jean-Luc's BitBucket repo.
SiaSIA2014-10-17lukechampine90386,87Go2015-06-01 not determine exact mainnet launch date.
BitSharesBTS2015-06-08nathanhourt21131,95C++2015-10-13 are attributing Graphene to BitShares, since the creators are the same and doesn't have a working blockchain.
WavesWAVES2015-01-23kushti78146,42Scala2016-04-15 think that Waves is a fork of something (maybe NXT), but it looks like it's been built from scratch in Scala.
LiskLSK2016-02-01karmacoma77609,21JavaScript2016-05-24 is orignially based on Crypti (2014), but Crypti merged into Lisk in 2016.
PascalCoinPASC2016-07-12PascalCoin5020,74Pascal2016-08-11 version of PascalCoin was delivered in one big commit, but the language alone proves that this is a from-scratch project.
NEO Smart EconomyNEO2015-05-31Erik Zhang3950,36C#2016-10-16 started out as AntShares
DeroDERO2018-01-18Captain Dero170,13Go2017-12-04 combines a Go port of the cryptonote protocol, a blockchain, and a DAG, all built from scratch.
DaggerXDAG2017-12-08Daniel Cheatoshin7913,94C2018-01-05 seems to be the rightful successor of Cheatcoin, Cheatcoin is built from scratch.
SemuxSEM2017-08-01semuxdev19206,49Java2018-01-20 version delivered as a "lump" commit, but quite obviously written from scratch.
IconICX2017-07-11BK-winDy-theloop570,18Python2018-01-24 is the successor of loopchain
AmoveoVEO 2016-11-30zack-bitcoin22454,16Erlang2018-03-01 atribute Zack's original Aeternity code to Amoveo, Aeternity is being built on a new codebase now.
NimiqNIM2017-03-25Your Name16903,98JavaScript2018-04-14
HyconHYC2018-06-01Team-Hycon160,22TypeScript2018-06-01 in a lump commit, but seems to be built from scratch.
Quantum Resistant LedgerQRL2016-10-16surg0r28754,91Python2018-06-26 mainnet launched successfully.
MochimoMCM2017-11-27mochimodev810,18C2018-06-26 delivered via lump commits/obfuscated code, this chain is obviously written from scratch (and now open source)
TezosXTZ2016-09-08tezos14552,34OCaml2018-06-30 started as betanet and switched to mainnet on September 17th, 2018. Development now on GitLab:
Zen ProtocolZP2017-08-23somdoron8643,15F#2018-06-30 mainnet launched successfully.
OntologyONT2016-11-25dreamfly28119862,35Go2018-06-302019-03-20 is supposed to be "compatible" with AntShares/NEO, but it's been written from scratch in Go.
TeraTERA2019-02-10Yuriy Ivanov510,53JavaScript2018-07-012019-05-18 found lump commits, so commit data is not acurate
NulsNULS2017-09-28zhouwei1985652512,17Java2018-07-122019-03-18 blockchain targeting enterprise clients.
NyzoNYZO2018-04-02n-y-z-o5842,65Java2018-09-13 kind of consensus, new kind of proof.
BlacknetBLN2018-09-05Pavel Vasin1950,80Kotlin2018-12-212019-05-08 proof of stake network
AeternityAE2017-08-09emtq38396,53Erlang2018-11-282019-03-20 and Amoveo have a complex combined history. Here, we attribute the "epoch" code to Aeternity and Zack's original version to Amoveo.
BeamBEAM2018-03-15beam-mw438713,13C++2019-01-03 of two Mimblewimble implementations launched in 2019
GrinGRIN2016-10-21ignopeverell18912,24Rust2019-01-15 of two Mimblewimble implementations launched in 2019
ZilliquaZIL2017-12-27xinshudong689515,39C++2019-01-312019-03-20 case. ZIL relies heavily on a number of 3rd party libraries (quite uncommon in the blockchain space), but one could argue that the blockchain part has been built from scratch.
IOSTIOST2018-03-12foreseeable814721,84Go25-02-20192019-03-20 launched (genesis block has a different date):
CosmosATOM2016-02-06jaekwon52244,60Go2019-03-142019-03-18 is a complex project, took the main repo "cosmos-sdk" as a reference here.
NanoNANO2014-05-01clemahieu27711,87C++? started out as RaiBlocks
LamdenTAU2017-12-12StuartFarmer6503,99Python only, Mainnet announced for Q1 2019.
Hyperledger?2016-03-31vaporos64098,17Python/C++/Rust Sawtooth does not fit our criteria strictly, because it's a blockchain framework, rather than the foundation of one clearly identifiable blockchain. Still, it's a massive development effort and merits a spot here. It's been developed by Intel's incubation group initially and opensourced in March 2016.
Solana?2018-02-14garious8088,16Rust only
Arweave?2017-08-02samcamwilliams4741,61Erlang only. Born as Archain, but can be considered a "rightful successor"
FactomFCT2014-06-02PaulSnow104957,23Go is an edge case that is difficult to classify. Factom anchors itself in the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, but operates its own data chains too. The anchoring part (and the start of the project) is based on the bitcoin "wire" level protocol library. Here, I am using the initial commit by Paul Snow (current CEO of Factom) as the start of the Factom project itself (the project was still called NotaryChain back then). This project could as well go into the "dismissed" tab, because it's not fitting the rules perfectly and doesn't have one public blockchain, but one could also argue that it merits the spot here.
PolkadotDOT2017-11-07rphmeier4932,49Rust only. Polkadot is a "heterogenous multi-chain technology", but it's definitely built from scratch and has one central "relay" chain.
AelfELF2017-11-25loning9425,23C# only, scalable (multichain) cloud computing platform.
Cypherium?2018-03-13zhuangsc100,14Go/C only. Delivered as a lump commit, but looks like it's been built from scratch.
DispatchDIVVY2017-11-09ZaneWithSpoon1830,58Go only. New consensus algo: Delegate Asynchronous PoS
CodeChainCCC2018-01-23kseo21547,30Rust only. This one relies on other projects (Parity, most notably), but let's give it the benefit of the doubt for now, because it's very heavily customized.
AergoAERGO (?)2018-07-31ashen1dev10008,33Go only.
Phantasma ChainSOUL2018-05-03Relfos8492,98C# only.
ErgoERGO (cash/data)2017-06-13catena2w41376,43Scala2019-03-18 only. Revisited March 18th, 2019: Ergo is now in Testnet 2 (, mainnet coming soon (tm), expected roughly Q2 2019.
InsolarINS2018-07-05dimitry-panchenko1216147,50Go2019-03-19 scratch high-TPS blockchain currently in testnet
QuarkchainQKC2018-02-15QuarkChain13123,30Python2019-03-20 in Testnet2:
R-ChainRHOC2017-01-25desaperados924311,79Scala2019-03-20 testnet. Mainnet announced for Q2 2019.
QLC ChainQLC2018-09-04gythialy3101,53Go2019-03-25 announced for March 31st, 2019
CovaCOVA2018-08-29noor1482441,17Python2019-03-25 explorer:
ElrondERD2018-08-17LucianMincu10603,39Go2019-06-26 explorer: New approach to scaling: adaptive state sharding.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Bismuth is now the 4th most traded coin on Cryptopia on: October 02, 2017, 01:50:01 PM
You can trade Bismuth on an exchange now:
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [BIS]Bismuth Roadmap Update on: September 05, 2017, 09:27:17 PM
September 2017 Roadmap Update

With Bismuth now having most of the May 2017 Roadmap implemented, it is time to declare new goals based on the long term vision of constant development and improvements. Besides the described achievements, the Bismuth core code has also been strengthened, block security has been greatly increased with the recent successful hard forks. Automatic bootstrapping is now in place for user convenience together with partial rework of the user interface and a handy addition of wallet backup and other capabilities. During the last month’s research, it has become obvious that the unique interpretation engine scheme Bismuth is using for it’s selective decentralized application execution and operation could be extended with a standard module for execution of decentralized contracts in a dedicated new module. The first and necessary application will be an addition of a second-layer decentralized token platform, granting users an innate ability to issue, exchange and manage tokens on the Bismuth platform. In the creation of the first secondary currency, the first rules for token operation will be defined, giving Bismuth the basis for an industry standard, executable smart contract dimension. To shortly list the next goals:

  • Additional decentralized token layer (decentralized asset exchange)
  • Token syntax and command standardization as a base layer for decentralized contract mechanics
  • Decentralized contracts execution platform with a common shared state hooked to Bismuth through OpenField

Original May 2017 Roadmap

I would like to inform you that the launch of Bismuth has been successful beyond expectations. In the first two weeks, I have upgraded the mining algorithm to handle unlimited amount of users, improved support for Linux users, secured and bootstrapped the core and added numerous new features under the hood. We are now slowly approaching the stage of the light client support with the latest versions. Work on a mining pool have been restored and are in negotiation with external programmers. As for the forseeable future, you will see the following:

  • Restructured mining difficulty drop mechanics ✔
  • Full messaging support for both encrypted and unencrypted messages ✔
  • Ability to symmetrically and asymmetrically encrypt any data on the blockchain ✔
  • Implementation of the blockchain-secured legal document storage (footprints and full documents)
  • Decentralized HTML browsing capabilities with direct evaluation ✔
  • The first ever decentralized performance and availability monitoring tool for servers (partially implemented)
  • The mining pool ✔

The development does not end with the last point, but these are mid-term realistic goals. As for the distant future, I would like Bismuth to stay on the cutting edge of technology, supporting blockchain-based IoT for which I already have the case study. Bismuth is also capable of supporting an asset exchange and should be able to provide a basis for the artificial intelligence and deep learning infrastructures with connection to the real world. There is a plenty to look ahead for.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Bismuth rewards from testnet participation on: May 02, 2017, 05:04:50 PM
Because initial testing is now over, a reward will be paid out to the following testers on May 1 2018, no new people can participate. These testers and developers will receive 1/2 of the outstanding development reward (except the first 100,000 blocks, which have already been paid out), that is 50% of the bonus 10% mining.

There might be people I forgot about, I'd like to ask especially the third tier to claim their addresses. Also, please make a post that you have the same address unless you want to claim to a different address. It would be good to post here if you're interested at all, because I will have to PM all the people who don't.

Registrations for rewards up to block 90000 are hereby closed

Edit: Due to funding necessity, first wave of dev rewards will be distributed soon for blocks up to 90000.
Total amount of dev rewards up to block 90000: 134643.78900915
50% of the dev rewards: 67321.894504575

Tier I total rewards (70%): 47125.3261532025 = 9425.06523064 per person, 5x (paid out)
Tier II total rewards (20%): 13464.378900915 = 354.32576055 per person, 38x
Tier III total rewards (10%): 6732.1894504575 = 292.70388915 per person, 23x

May 1, 2018 Update:
Total amount of remaining dev rewards block 90001-624158: 700,000, out of that, 350,000 will be distributed to testers, 350,000 to the lead developer
Tier I total rewards (70%): 245000 = 39200 per person, 5x + 49000/3 for jimhsu (5000), EggdraSyl (22000) and gh2 (22000)
Tier II total rewards (20%): 70000 = 1842 per person, 38x
Tier III total rewards (10%): 35000 = 1521 per person, 23x

Green = Verified for claim

Tier I: (70%)

alatay - continuous feedback, version testing, debugging, community activity 86cbc69e9f8522c58f5c97fd13e7a5634ea6012207984c54bf83fc7d
maccaspacca - continuos feedback, version testing, debugging, blockchain app development 92563981cc1e70d160c176edf368ea4bbc1d8d5ba63aceee99ef6ebdPAID
gawlea - continuous feedback, version testing, debugging, graphics 10b7eb655af0abb014c8509905151aa7e54c712460ba9991a22e4cd3PAID
raetsch - test mining, feedback, linux-specific issues 259cff5d5c13912ce4bff8e8c3ce59bab4e7ae6a33305d80d94f16d6   PAID
Opfertod - super-early testing, help with identifying network backend issues 128b7aaee99df7d863c09561ca70b68cb72f2409bef462c5fcd43f90PAID
EggdraSyl a6e8b8cc5fb4d6aed794b71288e50ea16f0580df7b71d91671309b4a PAID
gh2 36c59c7780546179d7f80729e1ccc3932260b849bc519b2120074169 PAID
jimhsu 3a3ce4220e7fb1748426b8b3b292e0e9b69193484e1c6d5c79b39942 PAID

tier II: (20%)
MisO69   66eca54a03ed655a849d9b2ed36dd7efcb297b551c344bd557da0e84PAID
doktor1897   98d7059807661a784a1fb743f13f31cd8a524a5038599550e37df820PAID
Charloz24   bc70818b7096191e7b3322163128d7e2fdefa636c5c9818738986a73PAID
adorid   6626da8c67863bd65cbf96cfcd668aee82b1b5164578ff4d01520e1d 8c1376f031c62cc63ec451d0e4b0747e81f919ca0740e48a147feb7c
primera   060cf08690b41d0ec0cc4506e565dc8fb3ef3ea3807dd19b8003813d
a3860903   3785dcf7e2ecbf36893a52121f986933f15b14de504b521f48a52630 PAID
whynoteasy   c86d133aa40655d1994cfcb3afc48535d917cbf3e99d94eb8e10dad5
harihebat   7be4f0d6facd2d6125b2a32abc1a261f40e9455c78b0ac3a7e991dd9PAID
bones261   0842a5a3a3e2c685333480629644c74d503142d63471a9dec3323685PAID
alicex   4be74c848a16316e9c8dabd390996588af6ca027547ffecb4495aeee
ljglug   fbe1389abdbdf0b3c990f02c14d0d046e77028726ccd394c9b2620e9PAID
Bangc   199a04ab4169547affa627f6b5e689a80e358a2da5dda4eb14aed64a
Qbanow   f246e1b8d75e16e9451d6d8f22e63196c41ed26af7abd4f87fb3f44c
puvanb   f7d8589e7b30e17db4eee564f15a1fcf61f508448b218089c5f6a2b5
frobley   bd3681faa4b0f647416f9f649a1b6a883fb80c213088c655a945a871
Hank3   08b9116a646a5d10fcf3f179d9495b65dda1232d14edd8117a8d7b92
CoinManiac1   27ebe09ef94f45657d658026ee9d1a5a0289e636004e71603b3dada2 41ccbbcbdf3e0ab5a07bec3a99477dae862e04fc78500171b628d123PAID
vingaard   bd4ca9d7db4d80728c2cadd0eb9fe4a010e4f4110933150e1816bf8cPAID
saidnursi   ddfad3f054b43c09b6c4c2266a28a6c103ce4706733cbe656125c767
driips   b5b81318ca0000051dc6a50c3d7bd3aaf47c937ebaad346017215ce8
casper77   71d4795dc386157df3d5162313abab26a3417f56e28166f46f1edcb5PAID
[/color]wallyx   84228235d5b628c316f9441e44641a5ce0d89ab4fbeae045bd3bfa83
m4nki   45b97dd69453d267e7da4e8d1d7e677254daafef120bb785a8af2232
tamara163   c5fcc973ff7c50e614931da9d375f3b855aa42b06fb8f6ca3f62ebc0
mirny   d82be36592d4bf3252c658a0f53e3a90141f4f31fb7866782651ab47
Testing Crypto   eb1b64fbb25fc18c89d83f8222b3dd4787df6186d6c57ef70768b77a   
mistercashking 78a0494b55314143eb6962a0cc15e040d6cb4ab99654d409c25ff75b PAID
oldDIN   37495525491605d96231b4c0d8a26115506f11fb839d08599f8d2af0
topcoiner   7020fd988040daf32a039eee73a14671e4322dc121cc4bc832b84e02
kamiyama   9f386baa6c1183abb31033c2c0abb1eb0c4f63c1f8fa8e6af55bf813 edf2d63cdf0b6275ead22c9e6d66aa8ea31dc0ccb367fad2e7c08a25 + message: 576cbad5651876a0PAID
kakaxibkl 0c01056c761aa38d4106c8bc915cbc32fc67fa179113af3614475d8f
smoozle   9da0f8301dfe49f3dba4b1d7c2f346176eb384549f8d48eb050b675f
kangwie   dafee2304aabcd63808b3fe8eb89e67a3b35166ab31ab8f816936ada 65e1c5004ffba869515322134fd6feaa1c0e1b24c1d770fcaf3f573b
sammyvh 78866a1d2cbd27aed552806c2eb64d12a47e3ddaf17c884624bb2892 PAID
qbanow 97d21e3cdef56f666f645a5c67c25dfb8f1fa3c5a8a4f9093853f532        

Tier III: (10%) NEEDS TO BE CLAIMED, not sure who these addresses belong to

myhoho 2006d928d732540162041ec471f9e7d7e8803990953c931ece077f8b
YfdCointrader 8f4be420b0a74265ffa2ce7158d0377ab8c5ca7d564e17960545366ePAID
evli a425fad095e529e2ba64d5ad36f6ddb43e78cf8a0f39ffecf263f0e7 PAID
tiger5056 ec2a4cfbe126c7b1e89128250d8565f1182b68c2242600ffce5a1706
bl0ckchain bd478c4643704abbe071ffd9670c9d8287a60aef132cb1e16c95b1c9

Please make your claim until May 1 2018, all later claims will be ignored. If you lose your keys and fail to report it until then, you will lose your rewards
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / 🤖[ANN][BIS]Bismuth 2.0 - Beyond DeFi on: May 01, 2017, 06:08:37 PM

Whitepaper (EN)




Bismuth dApps: Dragginator • Autogame • ZircoDice

NOTE:  Each pool has a custom miner which you can download from its website.

Other Translations


All rights reserved. Bismuth Foundation, 2020.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Let's talk about how to do an ICO on: March 30, 2017, 04:40:57 PM
Any plans for Bismuth-based ICO project are put to ice at the moment, but here's what I would do if I wanted to make an ICO:

- Make people generate key pairs
- Create a (Google) Form
- Let people register through the Form with the following information:

- Target coin address
- Source Bitcoin address
* optionally email / name for emergency contact


Then I would check the form and compare it to my Bitcoin wallet
Addresses that sent me Bitcoin and were registered on in the Form receive target coin

can be modified for whatever instead of BTC
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Security Threatened By Lightning Network on: January 10, 2017, 09:51:00 AM
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / List of coins with original code on: December 29, 2016, 01:54:24 PM
Back in 2014 everything was stolen and forked. There are new projects now with original code. Does anyone have a list of them?
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is Latapie still in jail? on: December 04, 2016, 04:46:28 PM
So, when are they releasing the Monero guru?
12  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / NXT区块链通过对现有系统账户进行快照的方式来分发2.0平台的Ardor代币 on: October 19, 2016, 12:51:06 PM



NXT基金会的联合创始人Bas Wisselink说道:



NXT基金会的Dave Pearce补充道:





13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Will Ardor replace NXT? on: October 18, 2016, 09:27:02 AM

We have said for months now that Nxt is NOT being abandoned.
We have been active for years now working on it and the Nxt Foundation is working very hard on getting business onto the platform.

There is no movement to have Nxt replaced by Ardor. Both will exist side by side.

14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Wasteless transaction propagation? on: September 19, 2016, 07:48:04 AM
Hello, do you please have details on how Bitcoin is handling transaction propagation and what is the most efficient way?
I can't think of a scenario which does not involve a lot of waste - transaction resending back to nodes where they originally came from, being unsure about which node to send to, etc.

Asking about the process which happens before the block is formed.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Coin funding is fake, they never got that much, if any on: August 08, 2016, 07:38:58 AM
I would like to warn you that if someone says they earned $12 million or whatever and refuses to provide a proof of transaction, they are lying. Keep safe.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Will Ethereum be surpassed by Ethereum??? on: July 29, 2016, 12:43:01 PM
Discuss. I think it will be, because reasons.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / NO exchange stopped trading ETH, although there is the replay attack on: July 29, 2016, 12:34:30 PM
Coinbase got drained, but are they the only bad coders out there?
I mean, how many exchanges did probably get drained from the replay attacks?
My guess: many and a new dark age might be dawning for crypto
18  Economy / Economics / How much money do you have left from your job? on: July 01, 2016, 08:24:37 AM
I want to talk about salaries. How much $ do you have left after paying taxes, rent, and basic expenses (electricity, water)
I get $10 000/y like a fucking slave
My spending basic is $5 000 / year, including food, $2 500 without food
I live in the former SSSR
Another reason to move away

Also they give me these communistic so called "benefits" when you get like prepaid cards for predefined services
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bummer: No way to prevent Sybil attack? on: June 29, 2016, 07:46:21 PM
I tried to theoretically think of a situation where a Sybil attack would not be impossible, but I cannot find it
Please enlighten me
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Does WAVES copy NXT? on: June 29, 2016, 12:44:31 PM
Just checked their repo

app {
  product = "Scorex"
  release = "Waves"
  version = "0.1.3"
  consensusAlgo = "nxt"
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