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101  Economy / Marketplace / Value of bitcoin dropping on: July 05, 2011, 04:59:01 PM
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section (if not then please move it to the proper section) but have you guys noticed how btc is losing it's value in the past week or this normal?Is this by design in btc or something else that's going on?

Because the other day I was set to make 10 from 1BTC mined (about $16.09) I think and then it suddenly dropped,at least that's what I saw on frontpage where it tells me the value.

is this site wrong on it's information? If you know of a more reputable and easy to understand source of information on this can you please tell me? As I'm quite worried that I'm mining at the moment,the difficulty is getting harder yet the value doesn't seem to reflect this.Maybe if some miners quit the difficulty will drop,but that only drops the difficulty though,not raise it's value (unless I'm wrong on that one)I think.

can someone who is more experienced with btc tell me what they think is going to happen with btc?can it recover after a dip like this? or will things only go downhill from here based on what they know?

What about the difficulty?as that affects mining.Can the difficulty drop as well as rise? or can it only get harder to mine?

102  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Query about ATIWinflash tool on: July 05, 2011, 12:23:49 PM
Hi guys,
I'm a bit uncertain as to which method is the best (and most guaranteed to work) for flashing my Radeon HD6950 GPU with just unlocked shaders only mod (I'm not converting to a Radeon HD6970 mod because the risks are too high for my situation at the moment and high power use is an issue for me due to the 19% electricity price hikes in my area in the coming months)

I've got ATIWinflash tool at the moment as I'm not sure how to make a bootable USb stick for the DOS flashing of my GPU.

Would simply unlocking shaders with some form of overclock reduce the stability or lifetime of my card on it's own or would poor cooling be more likely to be the culprit? As I've recently upgraded my case cooling to  high power Schythe (I don't know how to pronounce that) fans (120mm of course as that's what my case can handle) that are doing a very good job of cooling my system even at moderate speeds and reasonably quiet.

Which flashing method is:
a.most likely to work
b.most effective from users who have tested these methods

Separate question,I've noticed BTC falling in value lately.What causes currency value to fall as well as rise?Do you think Bitcoin is going to keep on losing value or is this just a temporary thing that's normal on all currencies (real or internet based) and can go up again? Thank you
103  Bitcoin / Mining support / HElp.AMD stream SDk wont install and poor mining performance on: July 02, 2011, 05:20:06 PM
I need help

When I installed all drivers for my Radeon HD6950 card,the catalyst log showed that installation completed with warnings. I clicked to see what it was,and it said that 'AMD APP SDK Runtime failed to install'

What is this?and how can it affect apps like GUIMiner and Media Expresso?

Installer was run with admin rights (UAC disabled as well) on Win 7 64bit.

What can I do to make this work?

Also mining performance is poor as it's only 292MHash/s at best at the moment.

What do I need to do in either:
catalyst or GUIminer (what flags should I use that will boost performance and keep temps under control)?

104  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Radeon Hd 6950 advice on: June 26, 2011, 12:16:52 PM
Guys, I need some advice on a few things about the radeon HD 6950 GPU that I plan on getting.

The things I need to know are:
1.Which manufacturers make versions of this gpu that can be unlocked to the full 1536 shaders successfully without turning it to HD 6970 GPU? (as high power use is an issue for me)
2.Which versions of the card can be unlocked and turned into HD 6970 is that's my only option successfully?
3.Is it better to unlock more shaders than it is to OC?or are they both as important to boost mining MHash/s rate?
4.I found a card that I'm not sure about that can be unlocked:

I found this to be the cheapest I can find,but can this card be unlocked with just BIO update (just modded bios without turning it to HD 6970) or does this require some soldering as reported in a few cases as well?

5.Is there a BIOS repository,or a help section on here or on the net where I can look up the right BIOs file?
6.Which tools are needed to flash it?
7.If the card I find isn't very good or unsuitable,can you please find me hte cheapest suitable GPU that can be unlocked without soldering or anything too complicated/risky for the UK?

Thank you guys and I look forward to your reponses. Smiley
105  Other / Off-topic / can someone on here please make a straight forward guide on setting up namecoin on: June 24, 2011, 08:00:53 PM
I've recently discovered what coud be a significant oppoutunity on the web.It's namecoin.The problem I have is why cant these things just be straight forward to setup from the get go,without knowing anyhting complex such as DNSs,domain registration,command line stuff n nyhting else thats stupidly complex.

Here's what i want straight forward answers to:
1.Is namecoin easy to setup in GUIMiner?
2.Please find me a namecoin pool,that allows me to setup an account with username and password,so that I know where to point my miners to get namecoins WITHOUT the needless pain of getting a domain name.
3.Why do these people who create things never think about ease of use like the guy who made hte official btc client?as He did a good job making it easy for people like me and it worked fin on my mac.
4.How can I mine solo and as part of a pool?
5.How can I exchange them for money?
6.How can I find out the exchange rate for namecions vs $ and other currencies?
7.I've followed all available tips via the cmd in win 7 yet nothing works as I had to make use of the cmd based program as there was no GUI at the time.The only 2 GUI versions I've seen so far are far too buggy and are NOT self contained like the Bitcoin Official client which has made setup a major problem for me.
8.I think that if software developers don't wanna get hassled or sued,then please make sure that any program you make is DESIGNED for the typical user and not a hard core command line geek.STOP keeping good things to yourself and let every1 else get a fair share ok.

I'm just frustrated at the unneccessary level of difficulty of these promising projects that are meant to make me money.Thanks to the constant stream of seemingly incomprehensible answers I'm getting on namecoin setup,I've never been more stressed and now experience burnout because a simple thing has turned awry and over complicated for a guy who just wants his work done as painlessly as possible.
I'm sure you can understand my frustration on getting things to work that are supposed to make me money but then it's suddenly got too hard.I could stick to BTC mining but the difficulty is too high for my GPU,so am forced to move to namecoin for easier mining on GPU.GPU upgrade in process but it's not easy,waiting 4 the gpu 2 b in stock again.

If you guys can rly straighten things up for em it'd be very much appreciated and take away all teh stress I had recently over it's complex setup
106  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Can someone please create a GUI mining client for nokia N900 on: June 21, 2011, 06:26:24 PM
I'm looking for a bitcoin client which can mine on the phones CPU and GPU as well (This is just for testing purposes to complement my experiments.I already know the pros and cons of cpu mining so please don't reply sayin that GPUs are superior or CPUs r worthless for mining because I already know that) that is easily installable through the app manager and that has a GUI instead of cmd as I'm no gd at cmd.

The client needs to have:
1.A wallet that I can keep btc mined on N900 phone and send to my other wallet on the PC as well
2.It should allow me to switch between CPU or GPU mining on that phone
3.It should have a reasonable GUI and MUST NOT require the use of cmd for any aspect of this.If cmd is required then that's a fail for me.
4.An option to minimise,start/pause/stop mining.
5.It MUST be able to mine when minimised as well as in focus.
6.This app must be accomponied with an start/pause/stop widget for the desktop to stop mining if need be as well if phone i unresponsive due to gpu mining at the touch of a button.
7.Have a priority switch like :low/normal/high so that i can use my phone normally when mining with only mininal cycles when needed.

Thank you for listening and I hope that this is possible and in development.
107  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Request:I need USB portable versions of Bitcoin client and GUIminer on: June 21, 2011, 01:27:45 PM
I need someone who has the expertise to help develop these for me:
1.A portable version of hte official Bitcoin client (For PC and Mac if possible)
2.A portable GUI miner app (as this uses the official bitcoin client for solo mining due to the router rules at home and in my workplace) (for PC and mac if possible)

I simply need them to be completely self contained so that I can keep all my files safe when used on a work machine and not leave traces behind for thieves to steal btc wallet contents.

I need this made for me as part of an experiment I need to carry out in the next 3 months.

The experiment:
1.Use 10 computer systems simultaneously at the same time while keeping my home pc running so that I can boost my mining performance whilst reducing power consumpton on my home PC.This will be done so see how fast 50BTc can be mined
2.The same as experiment 1 but with 4 computers including my home PC at maximum performance as opposed to 10 (with power savings options disabled)
3.The first set of experiments will be CPU only.The 2nd set will be GPU only.These 2 sets will be run twice before moving to the next experiment. (this part is removed as this only creates complications without benefitting anything)

Expected outcomes:
1.The person or people who developed the apps in question for me will get paid 5BTC (20BTC if successful) of the BTC mined as a result of this experiment (if successful).Don't give me ur BTC address until the experiment is finished please.
2.I will have more than quadrupled mining performance while using the experimental setup.This is my prediction.
3.I will have at least 250BTC at my disposal by the end of this experiment.

I'd like to hear what you think of:
1.The possibility of development of these portable apps (as I have no such skill in app dev)
2.The experiment itself.

Thank you
108  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / GPU advice on: June 16, 2011, 10:37:13 AM
Hi every1,
I need advice on about 3 things:
1.How can I overclock my radeon Hd4670 beyond the maximum limits that catalyst imposes on me? (to avoid getting a new GPU 4 a while n getting the most from my current GPU til it burns out probably from heavy OC'ing)
2.If I have to get a new GPU (because I can't eek out ny more performance from HD4670 GPU) to improve my chances of mining successfully, what card would be:
a.The best bang per buck?
b.which GPU is best in hte 6000 series for this?As I need to watch Power consumption (due to high rate elec) as well as best performance for a price point (I'll see how that goes b4 acting on that advice).Noise,power consumption and best performance per buck are issues 4 me as well.
3.If I do go for a meatier GPU,what's the fastest 1 I can use with my current PSU (Enermax 620W Liberty) due to possible +12V amp line issues or overloading that PSU due to the GPU drawing too much watts or amps from the 2 +12V lines.

Each line is 22A and it says on the PSU that maximum combined Amps (from both rails) is this a lot?or is this rather weak nowadays?

The other parts of the system the PSU runs is a core i7 920 @2.67ghz stock (3ghz OC'd),6 GB ram,3 HDDs (2 SATAIIs and 1xIDE which will be replaced at some point),DVD writer (multi-format),my current GPU is Radeon HD4670 OC'd to hte max @ 778mhz clock and 1140mhz mem clock.

ny help would be rly appreciated guys. Smiley
109  Bitcoin / Mining / efforts are not going anywhere on: June 06, 2011, 11:24:45 PM
I've been using Bitcoin clients on both my mac and Pc for hte past few days now and it seems to be that a lot of blocks have been generated by both my systems yet the following problems exist:
1.My efforts on hte 2 computers haven't combined into 1 thing and therefore the rewards Im entitled to havent yet appeared.
2.Even when my systems generate blocks,it still says 0.00 in hte balance as shown by the screenshot.

I joined in this BC thing to help me get some extra money by mining BCs.

P.S.How do you create your own pools/How do you set both your systems to the pool you create?and how can I combine the wallets of my 2 systems into 1 so that both systems can work from 1 another instead of having the clutter of 2 wallets on 2 different systems?If there's an e-wallet that can do this for me help me set this up so that both my comps can work from it?

thank you

110  Bitcoin / Mining / Need to put my 2 computers to work on: June 06, 2011, 11:43:03 AM
I'm new to hte Bitcoin and therefore this forum as well.I've been looking all over the web and cant find a clear and simple anwser to my problem.

I want the following:
1.I want to connect my 2 computers together to generate my bitcoins much faster through the bitcoin clients
2.I have a macbook pro and a PC.How do I get these 2 clients working together on the same task for me?
3.What is mining and how it this defined?
4.Is generating Bitcoins from the clients defined as mining?

Thank you
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