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1  Economy / Lending / i am giving bitcoin loans (1% per month interest) on: September 09, 2018, 03:10:50 PM

i am giving bitcoin loans, and i will charge 1% monthly interest.

no collateral, no loan.

i accept liquid altcoins as collateral, and liquid altcoins only.

collateral value must be 120%*(loan principal + loan interest)

since the interest is so low, you will pay for all tx fees and all escrow fees. full disclosure, i use poloniex exchange, so tx fees are according to that.

i am happy to use escrow (condoras/zazarb only)

all discussions on this thread pls.

as of now i can't loan much (total pool ~0.1 btc) but will be able to do up to 4 btc in the near future
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / i need help spending a timelocked (op_hold) transaction (bounty payment) on: August 26, 2018, 11:08:24 AM

so i used coinbin to lock some coins.

the locked coins are here:

i need to sign the tx with the private key of "1CvmfSJZUs9KTmu9wrREZVS3EAwTPXxCwD" (which i have) and broadcast it, but i keep getting errors every single time i try...

for example
 "16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Script failed an OP_EQUALVERIFY operation)"

i would like to have the bitcoins sent to the address 15Gsdt9kvaKHNbnzzv3QXm1W91r4haoTsV

so i need you guys to help me make a transaction that spends the inputs of 3JsKiSRNmKv7ZgMjZWTDqLiuZ12TFdjAZW and sends it to 15Gsdt9kvaKHNbnzzv3QXm1W91r4haoTsV, so i can sign it with the privkey of 1CvmfSJZUs9KTmu9wrREZVS3EAwTPXxCwD and hopefully there will not be an error.

to anyone who helps me do this, i will tip a thank you of 500 bits (0.0005 btc)

edit: coins are now unlocked... i was only testing the feature so i locked them for like 5 blocks.

3  Economy / Currency exchange / selling/buying bitcoins and altcoins (paypal) on: March 10, 2018, 07:38:32 AM
fee is 10%

i take paypal friends and family payments only

for altcoins fee is 12%

for selling me bitcoins, there is 1% fee

telegram @shiftkeybroken
skype live:shiftkeybroken
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / ouitee/oracleongoodbye scam accusation on: March 08, 2018, 02:02:55 AM
this guy added me for a loan on telegram. his telegram username is @virusguy

i googled his telegram name and found this

Hello Guys,  I have a Huge amount of money and started to Gambling in some of the popular sites here. Now I thought to Create my own Gambling site and to provide users best Gambling experience. So Guys

I am Looking for a Game Developer/Coder who can make a Gambling site.

I just need Dice Game and a chat box for now (Gonna add more features gradually)

I will invest in the site's bankroll and Development cost.
I have almost 35 Bitcoins worth Money(USD)  Which i think is suitable for a Business startup.

I want you to make my site's co-owner for lifetime. We will sign an agreement. We will share the profit 70-30.

Contact me on Telegram @VirusGuy

Please only Serious Coders who have knowledge of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Gambling.

Note: I may ask you for your personal info as i am making you my co-owner.


he is a newbie. but on his chat with me, he is saying he is a senior member. i found this suspicious. chat here --

i offered to use trusted escrow for the deal. but instead, he asks me to use escrow of... you guessed it, a senior member of his choice (not legendary or hero member, but some random senior member with scam accusations as well as no escrow service). obviously this is very fishy and i think that the "senior member" is a bought/hacked account, alt of ouitee. if you go through their history, somewhere at the end of 2017 their gambling username changes.

please red-trust both the members. note that he claims to have 35 btc but is asking for a 0.45 btc loan. confirmed scammer.

senior member alt -;u=829732
5  Economy / Lending / i am lending bitcoins for 0.3% daily or i will price match on: March 03, 2018, 01:11:14 PM
hi guys, i am new to this forum. discovered this section so decided to lend out what little coins i have

i have around 1 btc that i am willing to loan out at any given time (so around 11.000 usd as of today)

my rate is 0.3% interest daily. if you can find any reputable lender here lending cheaper, i will match their rate, but this negotiation must be done before the terms are set.

i take 110-120% collateral in altcoins and if the collateral dips to 105% of principle loan + interest then i will sell the collateral and you can keep the loan

as i am new please use escrow with me and pay the fee

contact information

skype -- live:shiftkeybroken
telegram -- @shiftkeybroken
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