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1  Economy / Currency exchange / solved on: October 24, 2020, 06:58:23 PM
Please help me, I will send you $45 USD + %tip of your choice in Bitcoin to purchase this software: through paypal
2  Economy / Currency exchange / Need some help converting Bitcoin to Paypal (~25USD) on: March 05, 2019, 04:47:00 PM
Hi guys,

I need about ~25USD to buy some software through Paypal. Can I receive money on Paypal even if my account has no credit card/ bank account linked to it?

Also looking for a way to convert BTC->Paypal, if anyone wants to PM I'll offer a good rate.
3  Economy / Economics / Safe to trade on Bitfinex? Please help. on: November 12, 2017, 11:53:41 PM
Hi, one year ago I made some trades on BFX. The exchange got hacked and I lost 40% of my earnings. But I still can't find a better site to long/short BTC/BCH.

Doe anyone know a better alternative,
4  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Ghost Recon: Wildlands on uPlay EDIT: done on: March 06, 2017, 08:03:00 PM
5  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] uPlay The Division Season Pass on: June 29, 2016, 01:04:48 AM
If you can get me this I'll pay some BTC Smiley
6  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Tom Clancy's: The Division (uPlay or Steam code) on: March 05, 2016, 11:56:29 PM
Standard or gold edition, doesn't matter.

Please post/PM your price!

7  Economy / Speculation / Should I withdraw my coins from Bitfinex? on: August 25, 2015, 06:29:52 PM
Fishy stuff going on... any ideas?
8  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] The Witcher 3 GOG/Steam code on: March 23, 2015, 08:44:46 PM
PM if you have one to sell Smiley
9  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Evolve CDKEY for Steam on: February 10, 2015, 02:08:37 AM
Will pay anyone that can find me a CDKEY for $50ish for the regular edition of the game.

10  Economy / Economics / France: Bitcoin income must be declared to the tax authorities on: April 27, 2014, 11:36:55 PM

Please google translate to read the news
11  Economy / Speculation / [CAIXIN] PBOC BANS ALL BTC FIAT CHANNELS (DEADLINE MAY 10) on: April 25, 2014, 03:42:28 AM

Quote from: Halczy from Reddit
In a recent meeting, the PBOC publicly criticized two banks, Bank of China and China Merchants Bank, that still provide services to BTCChina.

PBOC Official Mu reaffirms their policies on Bitcoin which stated all financial institutions cannot directly or indirectly provide services to Bitcoin related companies.

After the crackdown on Bitcoin, many Bitcoin exchanges, including Huobi and OKCoin, find ways to bypass regulation by creating “deposit codes” and allow customer to purchase or trade these codes through online stores.

Recently, OKCoin announced their new “deposit codes” system. The new system will allow customers convert their CNY deposits at the exchange into codes of equivalent value. They can either transfer these codes to other customers on the exchange or sell them at online stores or other public marketplaces. Huobi and BTCChina also have a similar system.

During the recent meeting, the PBOC clarified some languages in their policies. One PBOC official said, “The current level of services that banks and third-party payment processors provide counts as directly providing services to Bitcoin related companies. Online stores and public marketplaces that sells or trades “deposit codes” from Bitcoin exchanges counts as indirectly providing services to Bitcoin related companies”. The PBOC official made clear that both of kinds of services must stop. Banks and third-party payment processors must close their payment terminals at these exchanges and terminate their accounts immediately.

As of April 24th, Bitcoin exchanges had closed most of their deposit channels including banks and third-party processors. However, some banks are still providing deposit and withdraw services to Bitcoin exchanges.

Also stressed during the PBOC meeting is that withdraws of CNY through Bitcoin exchanges must end as well. The PBOC is asking all government agencies to monitor Bitcoin related money transfers. Agencies must respond swiftly to the list of bank accounts that the PBOC sent out.

  • PBOC requires commercial banks and 3rd party processors to cease services dealing indirectly with BTC. E.g. OKCoin alternative recharge channel, Alipay, etc.
  • The only remaining banks offering BTC services (Bank of China; China Merchants Bank, BTCChina and Huobi) must immediatly close their fiat deposit channels
  • Bitcoin exchanges (and their banks) must halt BTC to cash withdrawal. Read: Fiat withdrawal channel.
  • Alipay has already terminated all services dealing with Bitcoin (as of April 24).

Update (April 26)

Since China Merchants Bank recently issued a notice, Bitcoin Chinese capital security considerations for users and platform stability operations, decided to suspend the account of RMB CMB recharge. Subsequent updates, stay tuned to our official website and microblogging, Thanks again for your BTCChina's concern and support bulletin
12  Economy / Speculation / FWD: OKCoin suspends ALL bank deposits on: April 21, 2014, 06:03:49 PM
Quote from: Reddit, okcoin_rep

OKCoin is revising our recharging methods.

Due to the unclear regulations/policies put forth by the banks and the instability of the recharge methods we have decided to suspend all bank recharge functions(withdrawals are not affected) until there is more clarity surrounding bank policy. At which time we will revise our methods accordingly. From here on we will be employing a “Recharge Code” method, this method may be used with every major bank. OKCoin is doing everything in our power to ensure that our users’ ability to recharge their accounts will continue uninhibited.

As not to affect the normal market prices, for the time being, revisions to our site’s recharging methods will not be published again. Users who have only used our previous system please log in to OKCoin and try out our new method. If you run into any issues while recharging your account please contact OKCoin 24/7 at our Customer Service Hotline: 400-660-9037

How the recharge codes work:

OKCoin’s recharge codes are now online.

For the convenience of our customers’ withdrawals and deposits OKCoin has launched a recharge code service. Users can withdrawal money via a recharge code and then transfer the code to other OKCoin users who need to recharge. There is no fee to withdrawal via recharge codes. These codes can be circulated, recharged, and withdrawn freely among OKCoin users. A customer can also simply withdraw via a bank withdrawal as these remain unaffected.

OKCoin Recharge Code Explanation: The recharge code is separated into two parts, A and B(think private key and public key). Part A(public key) allows users to check validity as well as the amount belonging to the code. Part B(private code) is used for recharging. Only with both A and B can one successfully recharge their code. When one withdrawals using the recharge codes it uses the same A and B two part system. Please do not reveal your code’s Part B(private key) to others.

Note: (1) A minimum of 100RMB and a maximum of 1,000,000RMB can be withdrawn with no fees. (2) OKCoin recharge codes require both part A and B to recharge. (3) Recharge codes may be used by ones self, or alternatively can be given to other OKCoin users to be used by them. (4). Part A is used to validate. After Part A has received an inquiry the code will be frozen for one(1) hour, during which time other users will not be able to inquire about the code. After an hour, it will return to normal. It is recommended that the buying and selling parties complete the transaction within the hour. Part B is used to recharge. After the buyer takes control of Part B, recharges will be frozen for an hour. After the seller confirms the transaction the code can be used to recharge the account. If the buyer doesn’t confirm the transaction for 7 days, it will automatically be transferred to your account. (5) Please choose a reputable seller to buy recharge codes, disputes arising from transactions due to recharge codes must be resolved by the buyers and sellers of said codes, OKCoin is not responsible for resolving such disputes. (6) You can(and we suggest you do) choose to buy your recharge codes from an OKCoin certified dealer. Please charge the card first and then make the remittance.

So, an example of how this would work is below:

You would like to buy 1000 USD worth of BTC. You go to our webpage and find a verified seller(Account Management—>Recharge RMB—>OKCoin Recharge Code Dealers, scroll down for our verified sellers). You would contact him and tell him you would like to charge 1000 USD. He would then send you Part A(the public key) of the recharge code to validate the amount. This freezes the recharge code for the next hour as to keep the selling party from withdrawing the funds after you check. The selling party then sends you Part B(the private key) and then you send them the 1000 USD at which point they will confirm the transaction. You have now successfully purchased a recharge code with which you may recharge your code.

TL;DR OKCoin/Huobi become eBay-like platforms where you buy BTC directly from the owners

Reason why this hasn't been posted on the website: Fear of "effecting" the price. This is old news, posted 13 hours ago.
13  Economy / Speculation / Buy support is nonexistent over Huobi on: April 19, 2014, 04:04:33 AM
Every big sell (over 200BTC) just crashes the price and there's no one to back it up. This is the third time already. Why?

For every 10BTC buy there's a 100BTC sell

14  Economy / Speculation / BREAKING NEWS. (MORE) CHINA BANKS BANS ON APRIL 18TH on: April 17, 2014, 09:08:07 AM
EDIT: While this post might seem bearish, I do NOT expect to see a huge dip (we've already dropped to 3070 CNY). Banks ban are already priced in to a great extent and all exchanges still have working deposits/withdrawals. Most are fully aware that the central bank plans to ban public/private accounts and does so step-by-step, so this shouldn't be news to most of you..


Dear OKcoin users:

OKCoin Branch received a phone call to the Construction Bank: the higher authorities should be required, China Construction Bank accounts will be suspended for the OKCoin services. Subsequently, we conducted in-depth communication with the bank immediately after issuing this Announcement. Communication with the bank details are as follows:

1 Branch of the China Construction Bank to receive notice of the higher authorities, the suspension is OKCoin on the ground branch of service requirements on 4 April 18 afternoon 16 : 00 before off households.

2 This notice is oral notice, Branch not received any written document.

3 user banks Katy is not affected.

4 other banks recharge unaffected.

Details about the bank card recharge pause:

OKCoin be 4 months 18 am 10 : 00 officially stop the use of land branch of China Construction Bank account recharge, other banks temporarily affected, users mention now everything is normal, there is the latest news OKCoin will be the first Time release.

OKCoin as Bitcoin investor attention and trust of the professional trading platform, we have been proactive response program to prepare all kinds of emergencies, as far as possible to protect the interests of investors affected. We know that this notice is issued, the parties will have been severely criticized; But as a platform, we can only be impartial, timely and efficient. We all know that domestic policy adjustments Bitcoin market will certainly have an impact, but we also know that Bitcoin is a prairie in the world, and today we are "a bit of people." Currently emergency plan progress as follows:

1, OKCoin are communicating with more financial institutions, to build more recharge channels.

2, recharge code Bye recharge service agents will soon be published.

3, OKCoin overseas operations teams are helping to complete the construction technology overseas stations.

OKCoin together bits of marine launched "Bitcoin vending machines' upcoming production.


With a very heavy heart that we publish the news, before continuing 415 14 Exchange of part or all of the bank is notified cancel the account after everyone including us great pleasure to think things over, but the 17 April 10 point, we formally received the Bank of China Beijing Branch Baijiazhuang branch off households notice, after our Beijing high-level verification, we carefully released this announcement.


16:00, we received the Bank of China Beijing Branch Branch Baijiazhuang customer service phone again, the content is leading an urgent request for the cancellation of ten star treasure seize corporate accounts in their banks, a telephone recording .


Notice of suspension of bank recharge fire coins network approach

Dear fire coins network users:

    16:15 this afternoon received a branch of China Construction Bank on land client manager notification requirements should be higher line, CCB will suspend the provision of services for fire gold coins into the network. Due to the current banking policy uncertainties, we have decided to suspend the bank recharge this way (withdrawals are not affected), to be determined before making policy adjustments. Users can use the recharge card, prepaid card supports all major banks, 7 * 24 hours a timely arrival.

    Fire coins Network Operations

China Bitcoin's analysis:

Quote from: China Bitcoin
All aspects of analysis, the central bank to stop Bitcoin trading site bank account (for the public to the private) things should have someone or a group responsible for handling the intent is clear, determined and consistent execution, but the execution performance out of the way is low-key, step by step, so although we do not receive notice of other banks, but we do not have hope for the future to retain the private banking recharge, or use a small private bank account recharge, we will continue to do other accounts are cancel the account of the preparation.

15  Economy / Speculation / Another y3804 bearish thread on: April 13, 2014, 02:41:39 PM
There's no new capital entering the market. Without China, who will sustain the healthy $400+ prices? Onshore deposits will be frozen after April 14, and most exchanges will have significant problems in the future to deal with oversea deposits. Most exchanges are relying on the only bank still accepting BTC related services, China Merchants Bank. Look at what happened with FXBTC, everything they've said has been true to this day. Now they closed their exchange. The solution of OKCoin with recharge coupons won't work in the long-term, and I expect PBOC to ban China exchanges one day (there's a reason why they're moving offshore). Also, I definitely think most traders are going to withdraw their RMB before the deadline, just to see how the market reacts. As Bobby Lee said, "After the April 15 deadline, most investors will re-evaluate Bitcoin".

That being said, we've reached a $350 low, we've all scooped the cheap coins. Who's going to invest at $400+ now without China?

Also, you have to consider the amount of BTC being dumped by miners everyday.

E.g. Overstock is dumping $1Mthousands USD worth of BTC/day. KNC miners are dumping $500K USD worth of BTC/day.

There's only one direction in this market. We're going south.

On a side note, the "bounce" from the $340 bottom was definitely a pump. This is not an organic bounce. It went up wayy too fast. I suspect the big pumpers are taking their profits now.

BTW, only 12 waking hours left in China. It's nearly monday up there
16  Economy / Speculation / BREAKING NEWS! HUOBI ANNOUNCES BANK ACCOUNTS BAN! on: April 10, 2014, 04:50:57 AM

Currency network will be suspended on fire ICBC card recharge service announcement

Time: 2014-04-10 12:33:08 Source: Fire coins Network

Dear fire coins network users:

      Fire currency net latest information:
      This morning 10 or so customers receive Zhongguancun Branch Manager of ICBC notice, received notice of higher operation and management department, fire behavior to stop working currency network to provide services in the four months of 18 credits to complete sales network household fire ICBC accounts recently.

      Am 10 points 30 minutes or so, several fire coins network partner arrived at Zhongguancun Branch of ICBC, the branch manager of client face to face communication to understand the situation.
      1 ) ICBC superiors did receive a notice to stop the fire coins Network account Zhongguancun Branch of ICBC, the deadline is 4 months 18 days;
      2 ) notify the oral notification, Branch not received any written document;
      3 ) asked what other acts did not send a notice replied that the policy may be interpreted in different banks is not the same, the sensitivity is not the same;
      4 ) There is no leeway asked, replied that no, because it is superior notification, not consultation;
      5 ) asked how to handle the user's subsequent capital management, replied that the funds can be transferred to other commercial banks, but ICBC is definitely not it.

      Among them, also to ask the client manager for the Bitcoin policy views and other related things, but are the personal views do not represent the position of the bank is also little direct business relationship with the fire currency network, not the one described in this notice .

      AM 12 points, back to the company issued the announcement. Prior to the announcement issued not earlier disclose that information to any user or organization, the majority of users supervision.

      Fire currency network will be next Monday (April 14th) officially stopped using ICBC Zhongguancun Branch account recharge and withdrawals (user ICBC account withdrawals are not affected, we will use other bank fund transfer to your ICBC account), so far Other banks temporarily affected, the latest news will be posted net currency of fire for the first time.

      Fire coins Network Operations

I love starting these threads. lol
17  Economy / Speculation / BREAKING NEWS. BANK ACCOUNTS OFFICIALLY BANNED ON APRIL 15 (BTCTRADE) on: April 10, 2014, 03:11:58 AM
(Thanks Yomofo for the weibo link)

About BtcTrade pause bank card recharge business in April 15 announcement

Dear BtcTrade Bitcoin users and the majority of fans:

We hold a very heavy heart that publish this announcement, BtcTrade just received a phone call to the company Bank Agricultural Bank of China branch in Hangzhou Science and Technology City, requiring Division I April 15 to stop using company accounts settlement bitcoin related business, such as the Overdue stop, will freeze the company's bank account on April 15.

Here, BtcTrade have to decide on at 0:00 on April 15, 2014 after stopping treatment yuan recharge business transactions to cash temporarily affected. BtcTrade since the beginning of the on-line positioning in the global market, we have conducted company registered in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and other places. Recent BtcTrade will open dollar business, while Japanese stations now on-line operations, the new version will also be on-line April 15. We will announce the short term through the cold wallet address, 100% margin of openness, ensure that the platform is not involved in any transaction, and fully guarantee the safety of users of funds, please oversight.

  We are an easy team, the official carrier of the year we have been diligently as we build a simple, convenient and secure trading platform, is not involved in any transaction, there is no on-line leverage, short selling and other additional services, Team members just hope that through their own efforts to push a little bit bitcoin process. We want to say: passing madness continues into the distance, we firmly believe that the future is bright BtcTrade future Bitcoin immeasurable!
Bitcoin transaction network (
2014 Thursday, April 10 

BTW, BTCTrade is a very small volume exchange. This crash is nothing compared to the gigantic dump we'll witness when BTCChina and Huobi release their own statements.
18  Economy / Speculation / How could BTC go to the moon if China is out? on: April 07, 2014, 06:43:41 PM
According to this interview, China is THE reason why Bitcoin went to $400+.
However, if the rumors of April 15 are to be true, there are good reasons to believe BTC will never go back to the moon anytime soon. Here's why.

In China, Bitcoin is not considered a currency. It's a commodity. It's the symbol of quick profit. If you invest in BTC, you'll probably become rich.
There's absolutely no infrastructure supporting the value of BTC in China. It's purely built on speculation, yet people buy because BTC has been promoted as a quick money-making scheme.
In fact, the vast majority of investors in China don't know anything about BTC. They didn't study the fundamentals and fail to see the pyramid scam behind the scene.

However, smart Chinese exchanges have exploited this very lucrative situation and have found increasingly easier ways to fund your account.
Indeed, you can transfer money from your bank account, 3rd party deposit and even buy vouchers to buy BTCs within hours.

Again, BTC wasn't built on a robust infrastructure, but on speculation. Recently, we've reached a point where the ponzi pyramid became unsustainable.
Bitcoin's popularity in China drove its price up way too fast, way too soon, and the risks posed by the situation have become very concerning for the health of RMB and the safety of the people doing stupid things, such as investing at the top of the pyramid.

This is why the Chinese government needs to apply strict regulation to Bitcoin in order to save itself and protect its own people.
How? They won't prevent the trading of Bitcoin in China. However, they will make it really hard to convert Bitcoin to RMB in the future, by closing bank accounts and suspending 3rd party deposits.
They will probably let the exchanges run, but because it will be unprofitable for them, they will have to move offshore to continue their business.

What will happen next? Bobby Lee confirms that we're in a bubble and that an industry reshuffle will occur after April 15. Draw your own conclusions.

However, the price crash will be good for the future of Bitcoin.
Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, believes that Bitcoin won't grow without the collaboration of institutional investors, banks and governments.
That said, most institutional investors are interested in the protocol of Bitcoin, but won't invest at this price.
When the price drop happens, we will see more adoption and more investors.
Investors will put more effort in creating a stable and robust infrastructure for Bitcoin, which will be good for long-term health.
19  Economy / Speculation / [BAN] BTCChina, OKCoin, FXBTC, BTC38, Huobi (updated: April 4) on: April 02, 2014, 07:37:51 PM
Latest update: April 4, 2014 (See BTC38 and BTCChina)


Quote from: April 2, 2014
Today, FXBTC, like many of the Bitcoin exchanges in China, received multiple phone calls from our banks asking us to cancel our accounts with them. Their reason is that the PBOC has ask them to enforce their regulations regarding Bitcoin. Some of the banks even ask us to cancel our accounts no later than tomorrow. FXBTC here confirms those are not rumors, PBOC had indeed sent out memos to banks and third-party payment processing companies, asking them to terminate their business relationships with Bitcoin related companies. FXBTC hope to keep serving our customers. However, since the banks gave us the ultimatum to either cancel our accounts soon or have our asset frozen. We had to made the following difficult decisions

Starting on April 3rd, we will no longer process CNY deposits. Also, we will no longer process CNY withdraws as well after this Sunday (April 6th). We have not receive any message from CaiFuTong (third-party payment processor). Therefore, you can continue to use CaiFuTong to deposit and withdraw for now. We regret these decisions and we are deeply sorry.


Quote from: April 2, 2014, #1

Dear OKCoin Customers,

We were just notified by our third-party payment processors that they need to temporarily suspend their services with us. OKCoin will stop processing deposits via recharge codes as of April 3. Direct bank deposits and withdraws are not effected. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

The recharge codes mentioned above are like BTC-e codes. You can buy them through 3rd parties and it is faster than bank transfers.
OKCoin's update to their earlier announcement

Quote from: April 2, 2014, #2
Source: (via Weibo aka Chinese Twitter)

We will like to provide some additional details regarding our earlier announcement to suspend third-party deposits. 1. OKCoin is a safe and professional trading platform. Our professionalism extends to our customers and our investors.
2. OKCoin's office is open 24 hours, any information from third-party processors will be announced without delay. We are not the first exchange to suspend deposit via third-party processors and we are not going the be the last one to do so.
3. We have not receive any information from our banks regrading account closure. We do not rule out the possibility that some of our bank accounts will be closed. This is not the first time we have deal with something like this. As of now, you can still deposits and withdraws CNY via banks.
4. We are one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, we are fully prepared for April 15 and our offshore operation will be online soon.
We need to work together for the future of Bitcoin. Please don't speculate or doubt our legitimacy like the market manipulators would like you to. OKCoin understand how everyone must feel right now. We hope that you don't spread rumors or believe in rumors. OKCoin will be with you no matter what.


Quote from: April 2, 2014
Source: (via Weibo aka Chinese Twitter)

Everyone, we have to temporarily suspend deposits via JD, our third-party processors. In the meantime, you can still deposit CNY directly through your bank or use BTCC Code to fund your account. CNY withdraws are not effected at this time.

Quote from: April 4, 2014

What we’re hearing is that banks will disallow us from using commercial bank accounts to store customer deposits, what’s not clear to us yet is whether the business of running a bitcoin exchange will be classed as legal or not.


Quote from: April 4, 2014
Source: (Translation by BING)

We received a clear Merchants Bank, Shenzhen Branch of China
Construction Bank's notice, that it could not continue to provide
settlement for the Bitcoin industry, so we can not continue to use the
public accounts
, the more feasible the personal card (I.E. Vouchers like BTCChina). We also consulted
the United States, livelihood and other banks, the other account
services are unable to provide feedback. Some people say that the era of
deliberately shutting down recharge deliberately operate covertly, and
if so, we would not have spread the OKCOIN.


Quote from: April 2, 2014

Dear Customers of Huobi,

Huobi had been contacting various government agencies about the “April 15” news that had been spreading on the internet. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any useful information regrading the matter from those agencies. Therefore, we cannot give our investors a clear answer at this time. We are sorry about that.

Yesterday, many Chinese exchanges announced that they had received instructions to either stop processing third-party transactions and/or to stop direct bank deposits. Many investors and members of media had been asking Huobi about the recent development. First of all, we would like to thank all the friends of Huobi for supporting us. We will give you a summery on all the information we have at hand regrading CNY funding (As of April 3, 2014 16:00 Beijing Time).

Huobi's finance department have been talking to third-party processors and multiple banks that we have accounts with. Here is what we know so far.

Third-party Processors:

  • We had business relationships with four different processors. One of the processors hinted that it might be risky going forward. The other three processors reported that there will be no problem working with us for now.
  • Of the one processor that said that there might risk going forward. They told us that it is because someone reported them to the corresponding government agencies citing violation of PBOC regulation on Bitcoins that was announced on Dec. 5 last year.
  • We have accounts with the banks listed below. Information from the branches of those banks is that they did not received any memo about Bitcoin in the last three months.
  • The banks told us that they have only learn about “April 15” from the news.
  • The banks stated that they do not know if the news reported about “April 15” is true.
   Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    Agricultural Bank of China
    China Construction Bank
    China Merchants Bank

That all the information we here at Huobi have at this time. They are all from direct sources. We try to be as objective as possible. As to why the information we got is different from other exchanges', our best guess is that this could be due to the fact that our exchange is located in different jurisdiction than some of the others and do not share the same providers. As to why different jurisdictions and different providers have different policies? We do not know.

Based on the information we have and the current uncertainty, our third-party payment processors and us came to a mutual decision to stop processing deposits as of April 5. Although, we will upgrade our direct bank deposit service to operate 24 / 7, in order to insure all deposits are processed in a timely matter. Other than the above changes, our CNY withdraw, Bitcoin/Litecoin withdraw and deposit are not effected.

Lastly, Huobi would like to say:

The current uncertainly and elevated price movements led everyone trying their best to find information they that want to heard. The shorts want everything from Bitcoin exchanges to be bad news, they will start their attack at the sight of any good news and vice versa. For this, we will like to let everyone know that Huobi does not have any interest with the shorts or the longs. We announce everything we know and we are a transparent exchange. Only time will tell.

Department of Operation, Huobi

Customer Service Hotline: 4000-600-888

All credits to user Halczy from reddit for April 2 statements.
20  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling huge amounts of BTC. Montreal, Canada meetup on: March 31, 2014, 07:39:58 AM
Title. PM me your offer if interested. We can meet anywhere.

Cash, bank transfer only

Rate: Bitstamp + 1%
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