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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][ICO][MN8] Emanate; Music Production on the Blockchain on: March 10, 2018, 01:57:47 AM

The role of Blockchain in music production

The MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol (MN8 AEP) will allow Emanate audio to be integrated with any platform... with rights, royalties, payments and all metadata built in. MN8 AEP is to music, what HTTP is to web content but we’ve upgraded it with decentralisation, real time monetisation and trustless licensing, and collaboration.We’re also building Emanate Live; the world’s first blockchain music production workflow and community. Artists on opposite sides of the planet will collaborate seamlessly and contractually without leaving their studio. Even Emanate listeners get out what they put in; those who build a following and influence the community will find they are able to earn income on Emanate Live.

MN8 is the currency of Emanate Live and the MN8 AEP

Completed tracks will be published to the Emanate platform, where artists are rewarded with MN8 micropayments for listener engagement. Ownership rights are stored forever on the blockchain, creating a borderless community for musical collaboration and royalty distribution. Get paid quickly with no middle man! Emanate listeners can earn MN8 in exchange for their musical influence; simply by building their following and creating fresh new playlists.

Why is Emanate different?

Emanate is a workflow tool designed specifically for sound creators and true music lovers. The collaboration platform is designed to kick-start a revolution in remix, mash-up, collaboration and mixtape culture and Emanate Live will allow music lovers to monetise their passion.

Smart contract collaborations

Our blockchain smart collaboration layer will launch from day one of the Alpha release. Each time two artists share some audio, an agreement is executed on the blockchain. This is the backbone of the Emanate ecosystem which is used for royalty calculations and artist payments.

MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol

Emanate Live is built on the MN8 AEP, so new protocol releases will be realised as the platform evolves. Emanate will launch an open source API and SDK development program, allowing the entire music industry to access the ecosystem and leverage its power and interconnectedness.

Audio attribution engine

A series of audio-recognition algorithms will ensure only unique, high quality audio makes it to the platform. Another audio analysis process will look for copyright violation and Emanate will not only protect artists from fraud, but will also reward and incentivise musicians for the creation of unique music.

Mac and PC app for music producers

A Mac and PC application will allow streamline the music production workflow, leveraging files stored locally on your hard-drive, with IPFS-based Emanate samples. Each Emanate application can operate as a node on a studio computer, generating even more value for holders.


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