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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Official Foundchain (FCHAIN) Topic. Low supply MN/PoS coin. on: October 17, 2018, 03:31:44 PM

Leading A Trustless Revolution


FOUNDCHAIN is a low supply Masternode (MN) and Proof of Stake (PoS) coin developed to establish a trustless (meaning require little or no trust) ecosystem whereby no single actor holds all the trust to mediate as a “Middleman”.

FOUNDCHAIN (FCHAIN) is a decentralized network that focuses on empowering “The Middle Man” in its ecosystem. A middleman is a person in the network who connects nodes to increase the value of that network.

Multiple platforms will be originated that may utilize FCHAIN (FOUNDCHAIN digital token) and by embedding trust in codes via smart contracts and algorithms, “Middleman” including users, providers, connectors and other stakeholders on those platforms will be empowered.

Supported by Master Nodes (MN) and Proof of Stake (PoS), FOUNDCHAIN aims to initiate or join with other parties to create multiple platforms that enhances seamless interactions with FCHAIN the underlying digital token.


To establish a trustless ecosystem, multiple platforms (start-ups or partnerships) which may be separate entities will be created. These creations are positioned to have improvements that provide greater opportunities that will make its participants lives easy.

FOUNDCHAIN network may serve as the central hub with multiple platforms as spokes that utilize FCHAIN (digital token of the network) to streamline interactions and enable rewards to be split in a fair manner.

Platform governance rules may be embedded in code resulting in low transaction cost and this may attract “The Middleman” of all sorts including developers, partners, providers, users, agents, and other stakeholders.

Network effect may be triggered as more platforms and applications are created in FOUNDCHAIN’s eco-system thereby increasing the value of the FOUNDCHAIN network.

By identifying gaps between different platforms and designing bridges that link them in a positive manner, unprecedented benefits may also be derived further increasing the value of the network as a whole.


FOUNDCHAIN Community is the bedrock of FOUNDCHAIN ecosystem. Initial Community including FOUNDCHAIN team were made up of the Community of an abandon digital currency. They have one theme in common, to pursue a viable project using blockchain technology that will make others lives easy.

FOUNDCHAIN Community initially comprises of FCHAIN holders across the globe who run nodes or stake FCHAIN in their wallets, thereby providing transparency and trust validating blocks of transactions. For their commitment, they receive regular rewards in FCHAIN.

FOUNDCHAIN’s vision whereby multiple platforms are established in its ecosystem utilizing FCHAIN is to make the lives of Communities around the globe easy. These Communities will stretch and touch Communities of other brands beyond that of FOUNDCHAIN decentralized network and in the process enable those brands to support and enrich lives of their communities in a less effort way.


FCHAIN is the digital token ticker for FOUNDCHAIN a low supply Masternode (Mn) and Proof of Stake (PoS) coin. FOUNDCHAIN network is more energy efficient than other Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies due to the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. A network of Master Nodes (MN) maintain the FOUNDCHAIN blockchain. It incorporates budget funding where 10% of block reward for a month may be generated in a super block.

FCHAIN Specs                             Block Rewards


The journey has started and the road ahead is not going to be an easy one but with our effort and determination and your help we will succeed. Q3 is nearly finished. As soon as the second pre-sale is over we will go live on Escodex but don’t you think we are sitting on our hands waiting for it to happen.

Our team is already working on Q4 goals and a prove of it was the release of the Lite Paper yesterday (you can find it on the website and on the link below in the downloads section) with the White Paper to follow soon.

We are working hard so stay tuned and don’t miss out. For more information visit our website!!


FOUNDCHAIN is officially live on Escodex Decentralized Exchange and our pre-sale stage 2 is taking place there. All details about the pre-sale including a layout of what will be done with the funds and the "terms of sale" are available on the downloads section below.

FOUNDCHAIN is for the community and with your assistance, FOUNDCHAIN will be LEADING A TRUSTLESS REVOLUTION in the crypto currency world. We have started small but very ambitious and with your help we will climb heights.

FOUNDCHAIN community may be given the opportunity to invest in the platforms to be created by Special Purpose Vehicles. Special consideration may be given to those that purchased Masternodes (MN) at pre-sale phase 2 stage for investment in the first platform. It is very important to purchase MN’s only through formal channels.

By acquiring and using FCHAIN, you understand and acknowledge the risks involved in dealing with virtual currencies or tokens and in particular FCHAIN. Please read Terms of Sales document in the downloads section below before buying.

We are going big so don’t miss out this opportunity!!! Second Pre-sale is on only for a limited time so hurry up! Follow the link to purchase your FCHAIN from Escodex now:


FOUNDCHAIN Explorer 2:


FOUNDCHAIN Wallets (Linux, MAC and Windows 32&64 bit):
FOUNDCHAIN Masternode Setup Script:
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