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1  Economy / Exchanges / Coinbase now offers 'instant' withdrawals via Visa and Mastercard on: October 02, 2020, 05:30:16 PM
Coinbase now offers 'instant' withdrawals via Visa and Mastercard

Crypto exchange Coinbase is now offering “instant” withdrawals in nearly 40 countries, including the U.S. and the U.K.

The new feature is being facilitated via Visa and Mastercard. Coinbase said its customers in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe would be able to withdraw funds with a linked Visa debit card. In the U.S., they will also be able to withdraw with their Mastercard.

“By enabling real-time card withdrawals through the Visa Direct capability, Coinbase is delivering a faster, simpler and more connected experience for its users — making it easier to convert crypto balances into fiat, which can be spent at the more than 60M [million] merchant locations where Visa is accepted,” said Terry Angelos, SVP and global head of fintech at Visa.

Sherri Haymond, executive vice president of digital partnerships at Mastercard, said Coinbase would leverage Mastercard Send, allowing its customers to withdraw and use their funds wherever Mastercard debit is accepted.

Coinbase said it would charge U.S. customers a 1.5% fee (minimum $0.55) and up to 2% to its U.K. and European customers for instant withdrawals.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Decentralized exchange volumes hit $23.5 billion in September on: October 02, 2020, 04:55:56 PM
Decentralized exchange volumes hit $23.5 billion in September

Data for September shows that decentralized exchanges saw more than $23 billion in trade volume for the month.

The approximately $23.5 billion in volume reflects a 103% month-over-month increase compared to August's $11.6 billion, according to data published by Dune Analytics, which tracks volumes in the DEX ecosystem. September's volume figure is higher than previously reported.

Two leading decentralized exchanges made up most of September's volume, with Uniswap making up 65% and Curve making up 22%. Uniswap's volume grew by 128% on a month-to-month basis, most likely fueled by the launch of its governance token.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / European Union official pledges action on stablecoins after calls for new curbs on: September 13, 2020, 06:28:03 PM
A senior official for the European Union's executive branch said Saturday that concerns among the bloc's finance ministers about stablecoins will be addressed in future legislation.

On Friday, finance ministers from major EU members like Germany and France called for heightened restrictions on stablecoin activities in the region. The next day, during a press conference, European Commission executive vice president Valdis Dombrovskis sought to assuage such concerns.

"Some ministers yesterday expressed some concerns about the risks of so-called stablecoins currently outside our rules. Rest assured that our legislative proposals will address those concerns comprehensively," he remarked, according to a published copy of his remarks. "We will regulate the risks for financiSome ministers yesterday expressed some concerns about the risks of so-called stablecoins currently outside our rules. Rest assured that our legislative proposals will address those concerns comprehensively. We will regulate the risks for financial stability and monetary sovereignty linked to so-called ‘stablecoins' used for payments stability and monetary sovereignty linked to so-called ‘stablecoins' used for payments purposes."

At the same time, Dombrovskis advocated for a "proportionate" policy response.

"But we want to be proportionate: crypto assets provide many opportunities, and we want to regulate innovation in, not out," he said.

4  Other / Off-topic / Hackers compromised the billing systems of K-Electric with a ransom of $ 3.8kk on: September 10, 2020, 05:17:55 PM
Hackers Compromised The Billing Systems Of Pakistan’s Biggest Electricity Producer K-Electric With A Ransom Of $ 3.8 Million

K-Electric served more than 2.5 million customers in the country and faced disruptions in online payment and payment services following the attack. K-Electric engineers discovered the attack on September 7, but the power supply in the city was not affected.

Hackers used the “NetWalker” attack to compromise the company – a strain discovered in 2019 that infected popular software applications running on Microsoft Windows, such as Office, Word, and Excel, according to a report from the cybersecurity website Bleeping Computer. Once deployed, NetWalker will encrypt the data on the victim’s computer and disable file access until the ransom is paid off.

The hacker followed the same steps with K-Electric. After infecting the utility, they demanded $ 3.8 million in ransom pay in Bitcoin through the Tor anonymous browser.

The hackers said:

“If there is no payment made by September 15, the price increased by two times and will be $ 7.7 million.”

The same message noted that the hacker operator stole unencrypted files from K-Electric before carrying out the attack. However, it does not reveal the exact type of data they have stolen or the total amount of files stolen.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / ETERBASE hacked on: September 08, 2020, 06:47:43 PM
European crypto exchange ETERBASE hacked, lost more than $5 million from its 'hot' wallets

Little-known European crypto exchange ETERBASE suffered a hack Monday night and lost several cryptocurrencies from its “hot” wallets.

Announcing the news on Tuesday, ETERBASE said six of its addresses, tied to bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH)/ ERC-20 tokens, XRP, Tron (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), and Algorand (ALGO), have been compromised. The exchange did not reveal the amount lost during the hack, but it is more than $5 million, according to The Block Research.

The ETH/ ERC-20 tokens address lost the most funds, around $3.9 million, followed by the XTZ address, losing about $471,000.

ETERBASE said it has contacted “all centralized exchanges that might be receiving these illicit funds.” In the meantime, the exchange is in maintenance mode.

After the publication of this story, ETERBASE told The Block that it has reported the hack to law enforcement. "We want to assure our clients that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that the amount of their deposit does not suffer any damage as a result of a hacker attack."

6  Other / Off-topic / 2,5kk indian PM Modi twitter was hacked on: September 03, 2020, 10:33:32 AM
Indian PM Modi target of Twitter hack soliciting relief funds

Twitter confirmed on Thursday that an account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's personal website was hacked with a series of tweets asking its followers to donate to a relief fund through cryptocurrency.
The incident comes after several Twitter accounts of prominent personalities were hacked in July.

Twitter said it was aware of the activity with Modi's website account and has taken steps to secure it.
"We are actively investigating the situation. At this time, we are not aware of additional accounts being impacted," a Twitter spokeswoman said in an emailed statement.

Modi's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the tweets posted on the account @narendramodi_in.
The account, with over 2.5 million followers, is the official Twitter handle for Modi's personal website and the Narendra Modi mobile application.

Modi's personal Twitter account, which was unaffected by this incident, has over 61 million followers.
The tweets, which have since been taken down, asked the followers to donate to the PM National Relief Fund through cryptocurrency.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Upbit exchange was hacked. 342,000 ETH lost on: November 27, 2019, 09:22:03 AM
At 13:06 on November 27, 2019, 342,000 ETH (approximately 58 billion won) were transferred from the Ethereum Hot Wallet to an unknown wallet.
UpBit says it will cover losses worth $51.3 million with corporate funds.

Unknown wallet address: 0xa09871AEadF4994Ca12f5c0b6056BBd1d343c029

UPD1: It is also rumored to have additionally stolen BTT worth more than $ 3.5 million and TRX worth more than $ 17 million. Perhaps this will be announced later. After the withdrawal of ETH to unknown wallets from the exchange, BTT with TRX moved to unknown wallets.

UPD2: Funds in the amount of 342,000 ETH were stolen from the Upbit wallet, funds began to be received again, in different amounts, it seems from the exchange team. A logical question arises. Why replenish an already compromised wallet? Hacked wallet balance already - 4.726 ETH

8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Buy Now! delay 1 second and lose 1 dallor. on: August 08, 2017, 09:06:48 AM
Buy Now! delay 1 second and lose 1 dallor.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Buy/Sell Cheapest Bitcoins with Bank wire on: November 28, 2014, 05:52:53 AM
For the entry and exit ways are not the same, but bank wire is feasible in each Exchanges, and bank fees are not included.

Buy 1 bitcoin with USD on the following exchanges:


[Buy] 0.1%$ + 0.5%BTC
Deposit USD: 0.1%  ->  Buy BTC:  0.5%  ->  Withdraw BTC: 0

[Sell] 0.59%$  -  Not cheapest to sell since the minimum fee, unless the price more than $15,000/BTC
Deposit BTC: 0  ->  Sell BTC: 0.5%  ->  Withdraw USD: 0.09%

Minimum deposit fee is $15
No volume within last 30 days


[Buy] 0.2%BTC  -  Cheapest to buy!
Deposit USD: 0  ->  Buy BTC:  0.2%  ->  Withdraw BTC: 0

[Sell] (0.4%$ + 5)$  -  Cheapest to sell for now until the price reach at $2500/BTC
Deposit BTC: 0  ->  Sell BTC: 0.2%  ->  Withdraw USD: 0.2% + $5

The fee rates in promotion for a long time, which may change someday
Minimum USD withdraw is $50
Buy/Sell BTC with Taker


[Buy] 0.1%$ + 0.2%BTC
Deposit USD: 0.1%  ->  Buy BTC:  0.2%  ->  Withdraw BTC: 0

[Sell] 0.3%$  -  Not cheapest to sell since the minimum fee, unless the price more than $20,000/BTC
Deposit BTC: 0  ->  Sell BTC: 0.2%  ->  Withdraw USD: 0.1%

Minimum deposit fee is $20
Minimum withdraw fee is $20
Buy/Sell BTC with Taker


[Buy] 1%$ + (0.2% + 0.001)BTC
Deposit USD: 1%  ->  Buy BTC:  0.2%  ->  Withdraw BTC: 0.001 BTC

[Sell] 1.7%$
Deposit BTC: 0  ->  Sell BTC: 0.2%  ->  Withdraw USD: 1.5%

Yes, 1% and 1.5% fee with bank wire charged by btc-e, there is nothing wrong, I specifically went to btc-e website to check it out again before the release
Minimum USD deposit is $2,000 that means the minimum fee is $20
Minimum BTC withdraw is 0.002 BTC, and daily limit withdrawal is 100 BTC
Minimum USD withdraw is $1,000, but the minimum fee is $15


[Buy] 1%$
Buy BTC:  1%

[Sell] 1%$
Sell BTC: 1%

Anyway coinbase will charge 1% to convert bitcoin into your local fiat currency


[Buy] 1%BTC
Buy BTC:  1%

[Sell] 1%$
Sell BTC: 1%

1% fee from the purchase amount, USD or BTC


[Buy] 0.6%BTC
Deposit USD: 0  ->  Buy BTC:  0.6%  ->  Withdraw BTC: 0

[Sell] (1.1% + 25)$
Deposit BTC: 0  ->  Sell BTC: 0.6%  ->  Withdraw USD: 0.5% +$25

Minimum USD deposit is $100


[Buy] 5$ + 0.5%BTC
Deposit USD: $5  ->  Buy BTC:  0.5%  ->  Withdraw BTC: 0

[Sell] (0.5% + 30)$
Deposit BTC: 0  ->  Sell BTC: 0.5%  ->  Withdraw USD: $30

Buy/Sell BTC with Taker

More exchanges reviews can be found here
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Status of bitcoin buying options available to USA on: November 05, 2014, 05:16:00 AM
For US users  Wink

Part from:


Bitfinex = Only USD deposit options are international wire with a $20 min fee by Bitfinex and EgoPay, which has a 2% fee charged by Bitfinex.

Bitstamp = international wire only international wire and ripple network more detail

BTC-E = international wire only international wire and Perfect Money, Egopay, OKPAY more detail

LakeBTC = No ACH, just wire transfers and EgoPay. international wire and Egopay, ripple network
EgoPay charges the recipient 1.5% + 0.25 USD for each transfer, others free  but LakeBTC's fee structure indicates that USD deposit is free, so I'm not sure how that actually works without being a loss to them. 0.5% BTC withdrawal fee. more detail

OKCoin = 0.2% trade fee. Only USD deposit option is "Perfect Money", which has a 3.0% fee + the fee charged by "Perfect Money".

LocalBitcoins = Best for privacy, but big mark-up over spot rate. 1% every trade with both charges

anxbtc = Only international wire

CampBX = USPS Money Order and personal checks are accepted. No ACH. 0.55% trade fee.

Kraken = No USD deposit options are available.


Coinbase = Brokerage, not exchange. ACH deposits, instant BTC withdrawal if credit card on file as back-up, exchange rate locked in at time of buy so no waiting for the USD deposit before locking the exchange rate. By far the most convenient and the only sacrifice is privacy and fees. Fees are only about 0.4% cheaper if you use exchanges. Current fee is 1.0% + 0.15 USD.

Circle = still invite-only, but with ACH deposits will likely be Coinbase's biggest competitor. "No fees", but there is a mark-up over spot. Controversial public statements made by Circle's CEO.

Coinsetter = 0.25% trade fee. Their website says, "U.S. customers have the ability to make bank and bitcoin transfers to and from Coinsetter", but do not detail which kinds of bank transfers. That seems shady to me. Fortunately, there is a wiki that clarifies, "Coinsetter accepts international SEPA and SWIFT wire transfers in USD."

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 70000 Caribbean Island Residents to Receive Bitcoin in 2015 on: August 28, 2014, 04:05:18 AM

All 70,000 residents living on the Caribbean nation of Dominica will be eligible to receive bitcoin as part of The Bit Drop project, an upcoming collaboration between bitcoin businesses, interest groups and local government officials.

Scheduled to take place on 14th March, 2015, The Bit Drop will feature an island-wide party boasting ‘celebrities, musicians and supporters of bitcoin’, as well as education booths and free giveaways. The event will also coincide with Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi).

Speaking to CoinDesk, project manager Sarah Blincoe suggested the ambitious project started with a simple question – How do you get bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible? From there, she explained, a plan was launched to distribute an undisclosed amount of bitcoin to island residents via text messaging.

12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / US consumer protection bureau offers advice on Bitcoin on: August 27, 2014, 07:43:53 AM
New York - The US government has issued an advisory that warns about the risks that Bitcoins and other virtual currencies pose to consumers.

The six-page advisory published by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau tells consumers what they should consider before deciding to use a virtual currency.

For example, it advises consumers to investigate the seller of virtual currencies before buying and to understand what their rights would be if the seller fails to deliver a purchase.

A virtual currency exchange operating in the United States is required to register with the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which is part of the US Treasury Department, as a money services business, the advisory says.

But registration does not assure that an exchange is trustworthy.

The agency warns about the danger of attacks by hackers, extreme fluctuations in values, fewer protections, scams and hidden costs.

Bitcoin has existed since 2009. The currency is used primarily in Internet commerce, but is seen by proponents as having potential to create new services in markets that have been hamstrung by weak currencies.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Graphic design firm says yes to bitcoins on: August 25, 2014, 06:31:43 AM

Read more:
14  Economy / Service Discussion / How to select the data source for trader? on: August 25, 2014, 06:20:13 AM
The default data is of USD trading of LakeBTC, how do I switch to the other source? such as CoinDesk BPI data...
15  Other / Bitcoin Wiki / How to create and edit a bitcoin wiki page? on: August 11, 2014, 07:19:47 AM
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / trading on LakeBTC, carry bricks between CNY and USD on: August 07, 2014, 03:51:36 AM
in LakeBTC, the dollar and the yuan is fully interoperable, and I do not need any setup or verification, to complete the transform with USD and CNY by Bitcoin.
maybe we can make a few fortune due to the exchange rate difference from USD and CNY ereryday.

another exchanges review you can see here:
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / The Real Bitcoin Exchange, Good Job! on: July 31, 2014, 07:19:46 AM

At present, a bitcoin exchange is not mean the bitcoin exchange. For a bitcoin exchange, it usually include a few altcoins such as litecoin, dogecoin, and etc.

I don't mean to say that these altcoins are bad, but if a exchange is doing trading with altcoins one or more, please don't named by "Bitcoin Exchange" and that can be named as "coins exchange", "virtual currency exchange" or any others, but don't "Bitcoin Exchange" please.

As the Bitcoin Exchange, it should focus on bitcoin trading. We are pleased that the Bitstamp refused to support liteoin once this year, even we can’t see any fancy trading like short or margin appeared in here. This is truly worthy of our trust, if you are a bitcoiner.

And we can see, Coinbase, Bitpay, and another bitcoin payment company, I have never heard that they were doing the business of other coin payment except Bitcoin, so we call them "Bitcoin Payment".

So seemingly, the company that do bitcoin Payment is always a lot stronger than do bitcoin Exchange, because of the former confidence in the firm and the target consistently.

I have to admit I am a hundred-percent Bitcoin fan. I believe if you persist in Bitcoin, you will have a very broad and bright future.

Here, I found a few bits of Bitcoin Exchange, they insisted their original intention in this turmoil era of virtual currency.

They are:


Cheers for them, the real Bitcoin Exchange! (if you find another one, please reply to me, i will add it)

and the most complete of exchanges reviews can be found here:

18  Economy / Trading Discussion / It is time to adjust the fee! on: July 24, 2014, 08:10:09 AM
I heard many major exchanges will have a big fee structure adjustments programs recently, include bitstamp, bitfinex, lakebtc.

bitstamp've adjusted the deposit fee; btc-e deposit/withdrawal method are very much, but I have not heard the news about btc-e fee.

this seems to be a huge shock by China Exchange landing, expect a lower fee of each exchange.

the most of exchanges fee and reviews can be saw here:
19  Economy / Speculation / Does anyone have the same idea with me, the bitcoin prices in November this year on: July 17, 2014, 03:28:46 AM
Does anyone have the same idea with me, the bitcoin prices in November this year will be the same as last year

 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Please wait and see
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bitcoin Exchange Reviews Collection - the most complete! on: July 15, 2014, 03:12:39 AM
    Original Title: the most complete of bitcoin exchanges reviews

    the altcoins exchanges will not be included

    If you want to choose an exchange for trading or buy-and-sell, I hope this post will help you.

    Here that the fees are charged by the Exchange, does not include third parties (such as banks) fees charged.

    Hi guys, damn job make me at a loss, so I didn't have enough time to update and add new exchanges. If you find it has any incorrect places, please reply this thread and provide the right, I will be fixed it when the next update.
    The update date of this version is September 26, 2015.

    Now, I have updated some exchanges which edited by any users self-edit, I cant guarantee the accuracy of the information, because I did not personally go to check, so just quoted original contents by editors at the end.
    If you have a better exchange, it is also welcome to feedback to me through this way

    Bitstamp( Wikipedia:

    Major Service Area: Europe

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: Nejc Kodric (, hazek

    Verification: For the Europeans, it is acceptable. But if you are in other area, it's very annoying because they don't accept address and identity documents without notarized.
    Process: 1-2 weeks.
    Access: Throughout the deposit, trading and withdrawals.

    Currencies: BTC is basis.
    Fiat only USD. (but you can deposit EUR or other currencies with SEPA, anyways it will be denominated USD)

    Deposit: SEPA, International wire, AstroPay, Ripple
    Deposit fee:
    SEPAfree now
    International wire0.1% for USD, GBP, and CHF (min fee $15)
    Ripple0.2% plus per fee schedule for trading

    Withdrawal: SEPA, International wire, Ripple
    Withdrawal fee:
    SEPA fee is fixed:€0.9 (min withdraw €10)
    International wire0.09% (min fee $15, and min withdraw $50)
    Rippleper 0.2% fee plus your trading fee on fee schedule

    Trading fee:
    Fee percentage30 days USD volume
    0.25%< $20,000
    0.24%< $100,000
    0.22%< $200,000
    0.20%< $400,000
    0.15%< $600,000
    0.14%< $1,000,000
    0.13%< $2,000,000
    0.12%< $4,000,000
    0.11%< $20,000,000
    0.10%> $20,000,000

    reviews list:

    LakeBTC( Wikipedia:

    Major Service Area: China, Japan, UK, Europe

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: LakeBTC

    Verification: It is necessary to deposit/withdraw to/from LakeBTC directly. Otherwitse it deponds on LakeBankers. Google authentication and phone verificatio is optional.
    Process: 1-2 days.

    Currencies: BTC is basis.
    Fiat USD and CNY are the major, GBP, EUR, JPY, even ZAR etc, are the local markets supported by LakeBankers.

    Exclude USD, all deposits via LakeBankers, 0.3% - 0.8% fee according to supply and demand.

    Withdrawal: International wire, Domestic bank transfer, Ripple, SEPA, etc

    Exclude USD, all withdrawals via LakeBankers, 0.3% - 0.8% fee according to supply and demand.

    Trading fee:
    Taker fee is fixed: 0.2%
    Maker fee Prerequisite
    0 past calendar month volume > BTC20,000
    0.02% past calendar month volume > BTC20,000
    0.04% past calendar month volume > BTC15,000
    0.06% past calendar month volume > BTC6,000
    0.06% past calendar month volume > BTC3,000
    0.10% past calendar month volume > BTC500
    0.15% otherwise

    reviews list:

    BTC-e( Wikipedia:

    Major Service Area: Global

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative:

    Verification: Unknown
    Process: Unknown
    Access: Only deposit and withdiaw via bank wire.

    Currencies: Exchanger in a traditional sense, not only bitcoin.
    Fiat USD, RUR, EUR are the major, Digital BTC, LTC, PPC, NPC and more.
    mutual exchange of various currencies are supported, but BTC/USD, USD/RUR, RUR/BTC are the most popular.

    Deposit fee: (Changes frequently but the high fee, in general.)
    Bitcoin: 0 (min deposit BTC0.001, 3 confirmations, 1 hour and up to 3 days.)
    Perfect Money |3.5%
    OKPAY |0%
    International wire |$20(Funds will be credited within 5-10 days.)
    MoneyPolo |1%
    Epese & Ecoin |(If the amount to deposit more than $500 USD, create a ticket for details)

    Withdrawal fee: (Changes frequently but the high fee, in general.)
    Bitcoin: 0.001 BTC (min withdrawal BTC0.002, Daily limit withdrawal BTC100.)
    Paypal |7% (max withdraw $2500 / min withdraw $500)
    Visa & MasterCard |6% (min withdraw $1000)
    International wire |2% (min withdraw $1000)
    Perfect Money |4% (min withdraw $10)
    BTC-E Code |0 (min withdraw $0.01)
    Epese & Ecoin |4% (min withdraw $100)
    OKPAY |5% (min withdraw $1)
    MoneyPolo |2% (min withdraw $100)
    Payza |6% (Prohibited U.S. users!! min withdraw $500)

    Trading fee: 0.2%

    reviews list:


    Major Service Area: Europe, Japan

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: btcx

    Verification: Four levels verification. Different levels verify status have different daily and monthly limits. The most advanced verify status deposit/withdraw daily limit $100,000 and monthly limit $500,000.
    Process: You must complete current verify in order to continue on next verify. German users must be at least tier 3 and send a extra "ID Selfie".
    Access: Throughout the deposit, trading and withdrawals.

    note: there is an additional fee, processing fee for paper copies of communications: $60/page.

    Currencies: LTC and XBT are the basis.
    Fiat EUR is the major. CAD, GBP, JPY are the local markets, NO USD.

    Deposit: SEPA, Bank wire, SWIFT
    Deposit fee:
    EUR SEPA (EEA countries only) 0
    EUR SEPA (other countries) €5
    EUR Bank wire5€
    USD SEPA 0.19% (min fee $20)
    USD Bank wire0.19% (min fee $20)
    GBP SEPA 0.19% (min fee £10)
    GBP Bank wire0.19% (min fee £10)
    JPY Bank transfer0 (min deposit ¥5,000)

    Withdrawal fee:
    EUR SEPA (EEA countries only) €0.09
    EUR SEPA (US and Canada) €5€
    EUR SEPA (other countries) €40
    USD SEPA 0.19% (min fee $20)
    USD Bank wire0.19% (min fee $20)
    GBP SEPA 0.19% (min fee £10)
    GBP Bank wire0.19% (min fee £10)
    JPY Bank transfer¥20[/i]

    BTC/FIAT Fee:
    last 30 days VolumeFiat Fee Schedule
    < $5,0000.35%
    < $10,0000.34%
    < $15,0000.33%
    < $20,0000.32%
    < $30,0000.31%
    < $40,0000.30%
    < $50,0000.29%
    < $60,0000.28%
    < $70,0000.27%
    < $80,0000.26%
    < $90,0000.25%
    < $100,0000.24%
    < $150,0000.23%
    < $250,0000.21%
    < $300,0000.20%
    < $350,0000.19%
    < $400,0000.18%
    < $450,0000.17%
    < $500,0000.16%
    < $600,0000.15%
    < $700,0000.14%
    < $800,0000.13%
    < $900,0000.12%
    < $1000,0000.11%
    >= $1,000,0000.10%

    Crypto/Crypto Fee:
    last 30 days VolumeFiat Fee Schedule
    < $5,0000.10%
    < $25,0000.09%
    < $100,0000.08%
    < $500,0000.07%
    < $1000,0000.06%
    >= $1,000,0000.05%

    reviews list:


    Major Service Area: Global

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: unclescrooge, urwhatuknow

    Verification: At least 18 years old, and two forms of valid government issued identification with picture. USD deposit/withdraw operations are needed verification which is quite complex (need name identity, residential address, bank account certificate, and a complicated KYC form ), even your document would be required official english translation if they are not in English.
    Process: 1-3 business days.
    Access: Any fiat deposit and withdrawal.

    Currencies: BTC and LTC are the basis. DRK supported.
    Fiat only USD, and only International Wire to deposit or withdrawal.

    Deposit: International Wire, EgoPay
    Deposit fee:
    International wire0.1%(min fee $20)
    SWAPS15% (of the swaps generated by active contracts)

    Withdrawal fee:  
    International wire0.1%(min fee $20)
    BitcoinNetwork Fee

    Trading fee:
    Executed in the last 30 daysMaker feesTaker fees
    >= 0 BTC0.1%0.2%
    >= 500 BTC0.08%0.2%
    >= 2,000 BTC0.06%0.2%
    >= 5,000 BTC0.04%0.2%
    >= 15,000 BTC0.02%0.2%
    >= 25,000 BTC0.02%0.2%

    reviews list:

    BTCchina( Wikipedia:

    Major Service Area: China

    Forum Representative: BTC China, yanglinke

    Verification: Only need to phone verification, note that you submit certified bank accounts must consistent with your withdraw account.
    Process: 1-3 days.

    Currencies: BTC and LTC are the basis.
    Fiat CNY only, while deposit/withdrawal only run secretly since the policy.

    Deposit: BTCC code
    Deposit fee:  0

    Withdrawal: BTCC code
    Withdrawal fee:
    BTCC code0.3%
    Bank wire0.5%(min fee ¥2)

    reviews list:

    itBit( Wikipedia:

    Major Service Area: Singapore, American, Europe

    Forum Representative:, itbit

    Verification: You must complete the verification when you register an account, otherwise, you cant do anything even can't visit the website.

    Currencies: BTC is the basis.
    Fiat USD is the major, EUR supported.

    Deposit fee:
    Cerrency| International wire| SEPA
    USD| 5.00 USD
    EUR| 1% (Min 3.65 EUR, Max 34.68 EUR)| 3.64 EUR(< 50,000 EUR) / 34.68 EUR(> 50,000 EUR)

    • Fiat deposits are credited twice a day; Saturday and Sunday are not processed any fiat deposits.
    • Bitcoin deposits need 6 confirmations

    Withdrawal fee:
    Cerrency| International wire| SEPA| GIRO / FAST
    USD| 30.00 USD
    SGD | 2.00 SGD(< 10,000 SGD) / 0.05 SGD(> 10,000 SGD)
    EUR 8.03 EUR(< 50,000 EUR) / 69.36 EUR(> 50,000 EUR)|

    • Fiat withdrawals once daily
    • Bitcoin withdrawals twice daily

    Trading fee:
    30d volume| Taker fee| Maker rebate
    < 100 XBT| 0.5%| 0.1%
    100 ~ 200 XBT| 0.45%| 0.1%
    200 ~ 400 XBT| 0.4%| 0.1%
    > 400 XBT| 0.35%| 0.1%

    reviews list:

    OKcoin( USD markets) Wikipedia:

    Major Service Area: China

    Forum Representative:

    Currencies: BTC and LTC are the basis.
    Fiat USD and CNY are the major, no others.

    Deposit fee:
    OKPay 1.5%
    PerfectMoney 3%
    Bank Wire Charged by banks

    Withdraw fee:
    Bank wire 0.1% (min fee $15)

    Min USD Deposit/Withdraw: $500

    Trading fee:
    last 30 days VolumeTaker FeeMaker Fee
    < BTC5000.20%0.10%
    > BTC5000.18%0.08%
    > BTC2,0000.16%0.06%
    > BTC5,0000.14%0.04%
    > BTC15,0000.12%0.02%
    > BTC25,0000.10%0%

    Futures Open Position Fee: 0.03%

    reviews list:


    Major Service Area: Global

    Forum Representative: kangasbros

    Currencies: OTC exchange, like P2P trade. BTC is the basis.

    Trading fee: 1%

    reviews list:

    HUOBI( Wikipedia:

    Major Service Area: China, HongKong

    Forum Representative: huobi

    Verification: Only need to phone verification, note that you submit certified bank accounts must consistent with your withdraw account.
    Process: 1-3 days.

    Currencies: BTC and LTC are the basis.
    Fiat CNY only.

    Deposit: HUOBI code
    Deposit fee:  0

    Withdrawal: Bank wire
    Withdrawal fee: 0.5%(min fee ¥2)

    reviews list:


    Major Service Area: Europe

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: hitbtc

    very bad, they oblige you to wire money from your bank account to your HITBTC account in order to get the status verified and to start using your account ... waste of time and waste of money + it's not enough, they want your bank to fill a form to certify you are the account holder, bank will charge you to do so and it's stupid. I give them a 0 for their verification process.

    Deposit fee:
    EUR (SEPA) 0
    EUR (Wire) €6
    USD $9
    GBP £5

    Withdraw fee:
    EUR (SEPA) €0.9
    EUR (Wire) €6
    USD $9
    GBP £5
    BTC Network Fee

    reviews list:


    Major Service Area: Hong Kong, Global

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: AsiaNexgen, ANX_Service

    user friendly, they ask for ID and address proof + phone number, you will receive an activation code by SMS after they approve your address proof and ID

    Deposit: International wire, Egopay, ZipZap, Bank transfer(HKD, AUD), ATM(HKD)
    Deposit fee:
    Min deposit is 100 USD/ HKD/ GBP/ CHF/ NZD/ EUR/ CAD/ AUD/ YEN/ SGD
    Egopay 2.5%
    Zipzap 2.5%
    SEPA 0

    Withdrawal fee:
    HKD 0.5% + 30HKD
    AUD 0.5% + 10AUD
    USD ( Hongkong Transfer ) 0.5% + 5USD
    USD ( International wire ) 0.5% + 25USD
    USD ( EgoPay ) 1.5% - 2.5%
    GBP 0.5% + 15GBP
    CHF 0.5% + 20CHF
    NZD 0.5% + 30NZD
    EUR ( International wire ) 0.5% + 20EUR
    EUR ( SEPA ) 0.5% + 0.9EUR
    EUR ( EgoPay ) 1.5% - 2.5%
    CAD 0.5% + 20CAD
    YEN 0.5% + 2600YEN
    SGD 0.5% + 30SGD
    BTC Network Fee

    Trading fee: 0.05%~0.60%

    reviews list:

    Major Service Area: Germany
    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: C. Bergmann

    Verification: If you're not German, you have to send them all kinds of documents to be able to buy/sell for more than 750 eur a year.

    Trading: Buyer pay directly to the seller by SEPA, and seller's bitcoin are kept in escrow by

    Marketplace fee: 1%
    (The seller and the buyer each pay half of the fee.)

    reviews list:


    Major Service Area: UK, Europe

    Service&Discussion thread:

    Deposit fee:  
    Currency  Fee    Min deposit

    Withdrawal fee:
    Currency  Fee    Min deposit
    BTCNetwork Fee0.005

    Trading fee:
    Taker fee |Maker fee |30 day in GBP |30 day in EUR |30 day in PLN |30 day in USD
    0.15% |0.38% |< 4,500 |< 5,800 |< 24,000 |< 7,000
    0.12% |0.36% |< 20,000 |< 25,000 |< 105,000 |< 30,000
    0.1% |0.34% |< 50,000 |< 65,000 |< 270,000 |< 75,000
    0.06% |0.32% |< 100,000 |< 130,000 |< 550,000 |< 150,000
    0 |0.3% |> = 100,000 |> = 130,000 |> = 550,000 |> = 150,000

    reviews list:


    Major Service Area: Sweden

    Verification: no verification if your amouts less than 2,000 SEK per day and 6,000 SEK per week.

    Fee: 8% for buy and sell

    Currencies: BTC is basis, but only SEK is acceptable. You cannot deposit with btcx.SE not bitcoin nor offline currency.

    Another, BT.CX is its brother platform, and the service is avaliable in Austria, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, said by Joakim, a representative of More, BT.CX is only buy service now, it means you can't sell bitcoin on it, and you have to register with a photo-ID to verify your account, trading fees is 4-5% with BT.CX

    Major Service Area: Indonesia

    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: funchiestz

     : only deposit/withdraw via Bank Wire need ID verification
    Proces          : Instan / 1day
    Access         : Only deposit and withdiaw via bank wire.

    All Deposit is free

    Withdrawal fee:
       Bitcoin: Minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC, Daily limit is 70 BTC, Fee 0.0005 BTC will be taken from withdrawal amount.
       Rupiah: Minimum withdrawal is 100,000 IDR, Daily withdrawal limit is 200,000,000 IDR,Fee 1% (min. 25,000 IDR) will be taken from withdrawal
            amount, We will process your withdrawal request in 1-12 hours. Fund will be shown in your bank account almost instantly if you use
            BCA, Mandiri and BRI. Otherwise we will use LLG which will take about 12 to 48 hours.

    Trading Fee
    Bitcoin / Rupiah = taker 0,3% maker 0%
    Bitshares / Bitcoin = 0%
    Crave / Bitcoin = 0%
    Dash / Bitcoin = 0%
    Dogecoin / Bitcoin = 0%
    Litecoin / Bitcoin = 0%
    Nubits / Bitcoin = 0%
    NXT / Bitcoin = 0%
    Shadowcoin / Bitcoin = 0%
    Stellar / Bitcoin = 0%
    XEM / Bitcoin = 0%
    paycoin / Bitcoin = 0%
    Riple / Bitcoin = 0%

    Our advantage:
    - Trading with 0% Fee for all altcoin trading and 0.3% for Bitcoin Exchange
    - SMS Auth, Google Auth and email authenticator
    - Voucher system for Rupiah
    - Hot wallet and Cold wallet technology
    - Live chat support
    - Instant withdraw to Indonesia Bank account (less than 12 hours)
    - NO KYC for Altcoin Trading
    - Android App


    Major Service Area: Global

    Bitcoin trading fees on Gatecoin range from 0.05% to 0.35%.

    Currency pairs available:


    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative: gatecoin

    Verification: Different levels of verification status have different limits. Basic verification allows max. USD10,000 or equivalent (accumulated) fiat transfers. Certified verification status allows unlimited fiat and digital transfers.
    Process: Must submit valid ID/passport document and a recent proof of address in the form of bank statement or utility bill.
    Access: Throughout the deposit, trading and withdrawals.

    WIRE TRANSFER COSTS: Visit for details

    Method                          Location        Currency          Amount                 Deposit                   Withdrawal
    SEPA                            EU                EUR                  Any                 Free                           EUR4
    Local Wire Transfer   Hong Kong        HKD                  Any                 Depending on your bank   From 0 to HKD100 depending on your bank
    Int'l Wire Transfer     Others                USD / EUR          < 60,000         0.10% (2)                   0.125% (3)
    Int'l Wire Transfer     Others                USD / EUR          > 60,000         0.10% (2)                   0.05% (4)
    OKPAY                        Worldwide        EUR / USD / HKD   Any                 1.1%                           1.0%

    Trading Fee Schedule:
    Volume traded per month BTC   Fee* [%]
    < 20                                     0.35
    < 50                                     0.30
    < 100                                   0.25
    < 200                                   0.20
    > 200                                   0.15
    *Once you reach a threshold over a rolling 31 day period, the discounted fee is automatically applied to your following trades.

    Reviews list:

    Let me know if you need any info to get us on your list.

    Thanks in advance!

    Gatecoin Exchange Team


    Major Service Area: Global


    Service&Discussion thread:
    Forum Representative:  CEX.IO

    Verification: Identity verification is needed only for deposits and withdrawals in fiat money. Deposits via payment cards up to $2,000 are available without identity verification.
    Process: up to 24 hours.

    Deposit: Payment Card, Bank Transfer, Skrill, SEPA
    Deposit fee:
    Payment Card — 3.9% + $0.25
    Bank Transfer — no fees
    Payment Card — 3.9% + €0.20
    Bank Transfer — no fees
    Skrill — 2% + €0.15
    Payment Card — 5.39% + ₽ 15.57
    Bank Transfer — no fees

    - Payment Card (fees: 2.9% + $ 4.99 for USD; 2.9% + € 4.99 for EUR; 2.9% + ₽ 499.00 for RUB)
    - Bank Transfer (fees: $50 for USD; €15 for EUR;    ₽ 1,750.00 for RUB)
    - SEPA (€ 3.99 fee, for EUR only)

    Trading fee:
    BTC/USD — 0.2%
    BTC/EUR — 0.1%
    LTC/USD — 0.2%
    LTC/BTC — 0%
    LTC/EUR — 0.1%
    BTC/RUB — 0.1%
    ETH/BTC — 0%
    ETH/USD — 0.2%

    - 95% countries covered
    - easy buy/sell of BTC using Visa/MasterCard
    - cross-platform trading via website, mobile app and API
    - 100% secure
    - trusted by over 650k users
    - operating since 2013
    - many trading pairs, competitive fees
    - 24/7 support


    Major Service Area: Global

    Currency pairs available:


    Service & Discussion thread:

    Forum Representative: tad_at_monetago


    RequirementsDaily Deposit and
    Withdrawal Limits  
    Daily Buy and
    Sell Limits
    Level 1  Email, Country$0 USD$0 USD
    Level 2Name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone, ID Card,
    Proof of Address, Banking Information
    $1,000 USDUnlimited
    Level 3Eligible 30 days after first transaction$10,000 USDUnlimited
    VIPContact us>$10,000 USDUnlimited

    Deposit and withdrawal methods

    • EUR - SEPA transfer to a dedicated client EU bank account.
    • BGN, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, JPY, NZD, RON, RUB, SEK, and TRY - International Wire transfers to our EU bank.
    • AUD - EFT to a dedicated client AU bank account.
    • SGD - FAST or GIRO to a dedicated client SG bank account.
    • INR - IMPS, NEFT or RTGS to a dedicated client IN bank account.
    • ZAR - EFT to a dedicated client ZA bank account.
    • CAD, MXN, HKD, USD via local interbank transfer coming soon.

    Trading Fee Schedule

    Monthly Volume
    (in USD)
    < $1,0000.50%  0.10%
    > $1,0000.40%0.10%
    < $10,0000.30%0.10%
    > $100,0000.20%0.10%
    > $1,000,0000.10%0.10%

    The latest update: September 26, 2015  Wink
    Thank you much.
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