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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / Stop dreaming about the perfect trade on: June 28, 2018, 01:59:23 PM
Many traders are obsessed with the perfect trade, perfect technical indicators. Trading is the field of non-existent "perfect" words. You can have a very detailed plan, but finally be surprised by a crazy market situation, like a cold water droplets in the face.

Instead of trying to reach the perfect trade, change yourself to the market. Average predicted of you about market, average with another trader ( why not? ). You should accept fewer profit but you will lose less. You should sell sooner and buy later than your prediction. follow the market, because the market will not follow you.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / A trader's heart on: June 28, 2018, 01:42:43 PM
When you are a trader in this market. The first thing you do is learn. Learn about technical analysis, capital management and how to control your emotions.
Maybe, You are good trader. You can be a very disciplined person when trading, you always stoploss and take profit at 5-10% point.
But have you ever forgot yourself? it's just for a short moment.That moment is you falling in case with nothing to lose - a gambler's mentality. You drunk blood and completely forget about the discipline you set before.( Especially when you join the margin )
Why do you join the trade in crypto? This is due to fluctuate strongly of this market, "high risk and high profit ". And there is a bit of gambling in it. RIGHT?
3  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin value on: June 25, 2018, 09:24:06 AM
What escape path for Bitcoin?
The value of Bitcoin is still very high . Some problems of bitcoin are difficult to solve as :
- Slow transaction speed
- consumes a lot of energy
- It is banned in some countries
- Price manipulated
Is there a sustainable future for bitcoin and cryptocurrency ?
Bitcoin will become the coin of payment as its purpose is created. Or is it just a game of whales? A financial game with winners and losers
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / JOB,INCOME of Trader. Some useful experience on: June 23, 2018, 04:55:21 AM
I think in a volatile market like the crypto market. You trade crypto as a major job, it's really difficult. It is risky to look at it as a major source of income.

Here are some experience to help you make money as trader :

1.Develop your skills. Do this today. Develop the technical and mental skills NOW so you’ll be ready when a big opportunity comes along.

2.Have at least one non-market related steady source of income you can use to pay your bills and stack “risk capital”. If you try to trade with money you need to pay your mortgage or buy food, you’ll make stupid decisions and lose money, period. Having a steady income source will also keep you from feeling like you NEED to make money by a specific date. This is a great way to force bad opportunities.

3.Wait for those high-probability, high reward-to-risk opportunities. They won’t happen on your schedule. Be patient.

4.Strike while there’s low hanging fruit. Be prepared and know when to pull the trigger.

5.When you lose either the favorable market conditions, competitive advantage, or technological playing field, get the hell out of dodge and STOP TRADING when the markets aren’t doing exactly what you want.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / NEO, buy or not? on: June 21, 2018, 05:20:13 AM
The NEO is back in December. Is this a good time to buy NEO?
Some strengths of NEO compared to ETH, BTC:
1. The reason why Ethereum and NEO are often compared is because NEO works in a similar way to Ethereum, which means that everything you can do on the ETH platform can be done on NEO.

However, it is worth that NEO is a newer electronic currency, so it has seen weakness in the Ethereum platform, and has tried to improve them.

2.NEO has developed its own consensus algorithm, faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Consent nodes use the dBFT algorithm to ensure the accuracy of transactions.

3.One feature that makes NEO really stand out from other competitors is the speed of the deal. currently NEO processing over 1,000 transactions per second.

However, The NEO team are confident that they will improving the peer network (p2p), the speed can be pushed up to 10,000 transactions per second. It is expected to reach 100,000 transactions per second by 2020.

Do you bellieve NEO will replace BTC,ETH in 2020?
6  Economy / Trading Discussion / Story of crypto market on: June 19, 2018, 03:58:19 AM
Crypto market is full of blood and tears.
Certainly many people who enter this market long enough will have losses money, even lot of money.
I've lost a lot money because of the margin. When I think I know everything about this market. That moment I was gone.
Have you ever lost a lot of money? Please share with me your story about this market. I want to learn from you. Thanks a lot.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / TRAP or TREND? on: April 25, 2018, 01:47:17 AM
This is big trap bullish or uptrend for bull team. What do you thinking now?
8  Other / Beginners & Help / Tips for fight hacker on: April 19, 2018, 08:21:39 AM
The Crypto market is very risky. One of those risks is security. I will share some of my security that I thik it useful.

1. DO
- Install copyrighted antivirus software ( Kaspersky )
- Install MataMask for MyetherWallet
- Use Ledger instead of Myetherwallet if you are holder ( Nano Ledger S )
- Use the new USB to store the QR (2FA) character string on your trading account ( Authy > Google Authentic )
- Save "Private Key" and "2FA" code on paper and new USB. You should change the tail characters. If someone gets it, they can not open your account.
- If you save "Private Key" and "2FA" code on PCs, you can compress and set password
- Should mark the website or visit ( like coinmarketcap, myetherwallet, binance, bitfinex...., for each time just click on the link marked. Avoid fake site.

- Never use public Wifi ( You should use the personal 4G wifi transmitter. Because even home networks can be controlled )
- Do not download unlicensed software on your computer, it is very easy to get infected
- Do not use illegal trade or free trade bot
- Do not log in to the site is unclear, contains many ads, and especially sex sites, porn
- Do not use interactive social software: facebook, instagram ... Do not download the software from the message (including from your friend)
- Should not log into the MEW wallet frequently. If there is no need to trade then just check the wallet with wallet address
*** To avoid risks to the maximum. In case you accident or no longer in this life LOL. You should share how to withdraw money for your loved one. If you have over 1000 BTCs, that is a huge loss for mankind. HAHA Grin
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Stoploss and Take Profit for Newbie Trader. ( Summary indicator ) on: April 18, 2018, 08:53:59 AM
Briefly summarize indicators, purposes and uses:
The major indicators used for surfing: stoploss and take profit.

1.Blinger band
Parameters : (30,2,2)
+ Suitable for the market sideways, oscillating waves are not large
+ Buy when price hits BB top
+ Sell ​​when price hits BB bottom

Parameters : (12,26,9)
+ Mainly to determine the trend of the market. Forecasts are quite slow compared to real time. Only for reference, should not be used to enter the command.
+ Buy when MACD cut up
+ Sell ​​ when MACD breaks down

3. Parabolic SAR
Parameters : (0.02, 0.02, 0.2)
+ Used to lock in profits. Use when the market tends to be strong. Absolutely not used in the sidewaymarket
+ Buy when PSAR is under candles
+ Sell when PSAR is on candle

Parameters : (14,3,3)
+ Buy when Stoch cut to 20
+ Sell ​ when Stoch cut 80

Parameters : (9)
+ Buy when the RSI rises to 30
+ Sell ​​when RSI is down 70

6.Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Parameters : (9,26,52)
+ Buy when Tenkan cut to Kijun
+ Sell when Tenkan cut down Kijun
+ Buy when Chikou span cut up BB or candle
+ Sell when Chikou span cut down BB or candle

These are the best indicators to enter when trading. Trading when there are more than 3 indicators with the same signal
All indicators are available at Definitions and extensions you can search at

Below is a chart of indicators for the last five years
(The index is in the Forex market and it shows the profit, the efficiency of the indicator)
Crypto market has a large fluctuation range so the indicators below are for reference only.

Thanks for Reading. GOOD LUCK

10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Margin : Never try on: April 16, 2018, 05:37:19 AM
You write for peoples who intend to participate in the margin
What is your purpose in this market? Are you proving yourself a real investor ? You are not a glamber, right?
In this market, the boundary between gamblers and investors is very fragile
When you join the margin, you are turning yourself into a gambler. You simply do not have the patience to invest, you just want to make a quick profit. That is the mentality of the gambler. Today you can earn a lot, but certainly tomorrow it can also lost more.
They call it a financial leverage, but I call it a gamble. For investment, when your company goes down, if you still put your trust and hold it, it can go up and you can get back. But if the margin, when the long / short beyond your control, you will permanently lose money without getting back.
It's really gambling, I'm advice you not to try, The margin really addictive like gambling. It is not good if you are serious entering into the crypto market.
It will make you sleepless and you allways wants to remove when you lose. Trust me it's bad.
11  Other / Meta / Big moan : merit, merit and merit........ Is it really a phobia? on: April 15, 2018, 10:38:32 AM
They do not spam. But they use merit as a tool to boost the rank of sub account. Is this the way to contribute to forum? This is true or false?
Link :;u=1957544

I do not use repost system to denounce anyone. I actually saw many actions like this. But I did not try to make accusations to get merit.

I just came to the forum, I did not know about the old merit system. And I see a lot of complaints about the new merit system. It's really hard to achieve merit, but it really increases the quality of posts.

if you want to earn merit you have to try more effort: weak english you have to learn more. Knowledge not enough to get merit, you have to try to improve it. That's good for yourself in this market.

I respect the people who are contributing to the group, they are really helping the newbies. Recently, I saw T'man ( lengendary ) help IndoHunter ( jr.member ) learn English with a reward is 10 merit LOL.
But there are some that just focus on enhancing their sub account
Honestly, I also had that intention when I first came in. But now I realize, you must give away before you want to get. When I get the merit that I try to earn, it's amazing.

12  Economy / Trading Discussion / (Fun fact ) Price of BTC in 2021 in Elliot Wave on: April 15, 2018, 09:37:44 AM
Elliot waves reflect the movement of repetitive market sentiment.
It usually has five waves move in the direction of the main trend followed by three corrective waves (a 5-3 move), (up or down).
The elliot waves are often repetitive and overlapping. It is usually divided into cycles:
Grand Supercycle

This post is my assumption for the Grand Supercycle Wave model. (In my opinion, it has a 4 year/cycle). With the Supercycle, it takes about 6 months and the cycle is 22-30 days.
This is a fun fact. It is a personal opinion. Maybe right or wrong.
Thank for reading. Go to the moon, yo!!!!

***Sometimes the simplest and most basic things are right. Why not? Humans allways complicate matters. Right? LOL

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Good ico on: April 14, 2018, 07:50:36 AM
Ico is not a good choice at downtrend. So to choose a really good ico needs to have good teams.
Merculet is the ico of Krypital team - a team with many good projects.
I hope this is also a good project.
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Interesting Tip !!! on: April 14, 2018, 07:14:35 AM
I found something interesting on the BTC volume chart 24h and the whole market. When most of the BTC times hits the bottom, there is a very high volume of chart volume 24h. ( There is a high wave column ). Conversely, when the BTC peak, volume 24h (1D) is often very small (The volume columns are quite short).
This is a very good reference for you to determine the bottom
I do not say it is true, but it is quite interesting and logical.
Thanks for reading
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Why is there a long candle from 6828$-8096$? on: April 14, 2018, 06:44:09 AM
Many people think that this is a artificial pump of the shark when the market and most traders expect the BTC to fall below $ 6000.
This is exactly the shark's impact, specifically the exchanges.
The exchanges kill short margin. Most traders are short on margin and expect BTC prices below $ 6000. The exchanges has killed the margin by the way is make a candle from 6600-7500$ to kill most of the margin at the x10 command. There is a resistance of 8200$ in technical analysis. So most traders want to break into the $ 7500-8200 range to profit. Then there is a technical pump to $ 8200.
This is not exactly a fake pump out of sharks up to 8200. Which has the effect of increasing the technique.
When the market has too many good technical analysts, the market will go with a large size People should not be overly technical
This is just my subjective opinion in analyzing market sentiment. May be true, may be wrong.

"Technical analysis is always right, but when there is a lot of analysis right, the market will deviate. Do not be too confident and follow the crowd."

16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Mistakes when trade coin on: April 08, 2018, 10:09:22 AM
1. Too hasty, lack of knowledge

-This is a mistake that most investors when started. The hot growth of the market, the price of Bitcoin growth every day is the main motive for new investors to participate in this market. They are always afraid to miss the opportunity. So they hurried into the market and forgot to learn. So learn first. Be patient waiting for a price you think is good, or at least according to technical and market signals.

2. The goal is too big, greedy

-You should set goals when entering the market just to be profitable. Do not expect too soon to be rich or become a millionaire in a short time. When I join ico, it must reach x $ or x5, x10 for these ico, that actually kills me. When the price fell, I did not sell. That was a big mistake.
Most of the investors, trader has experience, they only want to increase their property by 30% in a month. They are too happy. Remember to a story put the grain on the chessboard with 64 boxes. Patience, not to lose, your property will quickly bulge
Remember to expect 30% of your assets, you are likely to lose 30%, expecting x5 x10 accounts quickly will help you to 1/5, 1/10 of investment capital.

3.Do not stoploss
-This is an extremely important lesson. Any experience or famous investors emphasize this. Stoploss help you have successfully trade up to 80%, do not know how to stoploss, you certainly never win, just fail sooner or later. You can not stop the market trend, stop loss is painless to want to do, but it protects your capital, help you get back to very quickly.

4. Try to resist the trend
-Try to resist the trend
You will be dying right away, which is the answer to trying to resist the crowd trend. In a festival, the whole crowd is joyfully moving forward, you just go back, you are immediately stamped to death. For the market too. When the crowd rushes to buy the excitement, you think the market will fall, you will certainly lose money. In contrast, when the market has strong sell trend, you try to hold the more losses. Get out as soon as possible and go earlier than the crowd.. If you run after the crowd, of course you will be able to die with the crowd, know enough and stop even though the crowd is still running. In every investment, in the long run the crowd has never won. When you are swept away so fast, as the car is so fast, braking slowly no matter what trouble will help you stop safely, waiting for the incident, whether the car is good but you also hurt less a lot of.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / The idea of hold coin (hold to die) is killing you - TIPS TIPS TIPS on: April 08, 2018, 09:12:57 AM
if you are a holder, it is a bad thing to hold to die. Hold coin ( hold to die )  blindly express :

1. You are a person who does not know anything about the market. You do not know the market analysis. You do not know when to uptrend and downtrend to sell to maximize profits or avoid losses. It is the lack of knowledge of a holder.
2. As an investor you have to know about the market and the most important thing is to make a profit.It's not speculation, it's the knowledge of an investor. You have to understand a growth cycle. It usually has uptrend and downtrend. If you are a holder. you must determine this cycle to maximize profit, but do not hold to die.

You should :

-Understand the long-term trend of BTC
-Know the bottom of a coin
-Determine when stoploss if you lose less than 10% on the purchase price.
-Sell when you are profitable
-Patience in buying, selling fast and buying slowly.
-Hold coin is not always good,, you should have the knowledge about chart to maximize profits
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BTC - history mt.gox - 2013 -2017 - drop 2000$ - you should look at the truth on: April 05, 2018, 03:05:21 PM
Financial markets have only blood and tears. You should look straight at the uglytruth at this moment.

Not because you investing money in this market that you have blind optimism. Do not be too hopeful about BTC, it's just a game - a money game of the rich man. You are just trying to make money for it. I do not criticize anyone. But I have an advice: always look at the worst risk to be able to exit in time. The truth is that history 2013 can repeat. BTC may fall to $ 2000. Stay awake and look at the truth. Looking at history you can see the future - that is always true
19  Economy / Trading Discussion / Does mt.gox happen again? on: April 05, 2018, 02:49:40 PM

In December 2013, when bitcoin peaked at $ 1,100. Many people have hoped for an digital currency that could replace the current traditional currency. But no, it's almost like a bubble. When it reaches the 1/10 bubble cycle, it is almost devalued by 10 times, BTC reached $ 200. At the time, the mt.gox event was one of the biggest reasons why bitcoin prices dropped dramatically. After more than three years -a very long time Bitcoin returned to the old peak.

Also from 12-2017. The price of BTC peaked at $ 20,000. Another hope is lit up about the potential of BTC and blockchain. But once again, the bubble bursts. An unprecedented stretch of BTC from 2013 to present. Does history repeat? December 2014, BTC price is $ 200. December to 2018, BTC will about $ 2000? Is it a necessary cycle for BTC to continue to conquer new heights? Is Binance or who will be mt.gox version 2?

I once heard a quote: If you want to know the future you look at history. That statement is true for 2018. What do you think?
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Tips for withdraw ..... on: April 03, 2018, 05:21:46 AM
If you are a trader newbie. You have trouble with fees from transferring coin from one the exchange to another. Especially with top coin like BTC / ETH / LTC / XRP ....

When transferring coin to trade from one the exchange to another, you should look for coin that low withdrawal fee that both the exchanges are available, it will minimize the withdrawal fees for you.
This is website fee withdrawal of each coin of two big exchanges: Binance and Bittrex for your reference :
Hope it will help you. Thanks for reading  Grin
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