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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / a holocaust in bitcoin chart form on: April 04, 2021, 12:09:56 PM
If you actually have some knowledge of the history of bitcoin trading you can see here that every time a sell is made on the bitcoin chart (this example is  of but it mimics every exchange) you will see that there is a problem.

I drew a red arrow every time a robot tries to attempt to force the price to be artificially stabilized as if the little traders don't matter and dare I say it's a metric ton.  This is just over the course of 10 hours.

Dealing with this for over 3 years is inexcusable.  There have been warnings and this time if the market crashes for two years after this, someone may very well be going to prison for life.  

Nearly 50 times in a matter of 10 hours.  Your community refuses to acknowledge that anyone could ever consider selling bitcoin or might not be ok with the price and attempts to force them into slavery.

Using robots or a team like this to "force the price" to remain "stable" is nothing short of genocide.
This isn't funny and I'm not taking your "teehee" comments anymore.
I constantly contact the CFTC over this matter and I will personally file a lawsuit
in my later years if this never stops even if I receive death threats.  You deserve to lose everything if this is what you force on society.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / I'm going to wallstreet, and this community might collapse because of it on: January 07, 2020, 03:12:06 AM
Hello viewer, individual or proactive researcher.  

I am posting this to let you know I currently as it stands seem to control the world partially at a financial level.  It has become obvious that my skills have provoked a psychotic disease however possibly in the CEO of Binance or a trading group now based on Binance.

I feel obligated to inform the community that I am moving to wallstreet since fidelity now has 0 dollar commisions.  If this has anything to do with me and people follow in my footsteps the community will experience heavy losses once this trite excuse to act like you have a job comes to light and it becomes known that people have been basically trying to rape bitcoin with felonies.

The CEO of Binance may go to jail, Bitcoin may collapse, you may lose your wife, and bitcoin could never see 10,000 again.

I am going to wallstreet.  How immature the "adults" have gotten in this community is unacceptable.

I will have small trades still but I refuse  to be subjected to this community's tolerance for this ongoing abuse.

You might have to prepare for armageddon.  
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Fidelity opens $0 commision trades, a possible alternative to dealing with abuse on: January 07, 2020, 02:06:15 AM

This is a very signifianct development that I think the whole entire community can benefit from hearing/reading.  I have recently discovered is now offering $0 commision on all trades on starter accounts it seems like.  I've tested it already and it's true, I lost only 2 cents for making three trades.

See the article here:

If all goes well this could be a great alternative rather than dealing with harssment in bitcoin from fake buys and some traders trying to get attention from what could be counterfeit money.  

This isn't an ad, I'm sharing because this is pretty groundbreaking.  Only bitmex has free commission from what I've heard and if you haven't been keeping up this is pretty cutting edge.  See you in wallstreet if you join me.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / you think someone is screwing too much with bitycoin to invest in ethereum yet? on: December 25, 2019, 08:16:49 PM
yo dudes.

I have the suspicion that as an unfortunately possibility, a dysfunctional psyche in the community be attempting to screw with the good bittycoin.  

Whoever this person is (it seems like it's just one group) obviously they're not lookin out for their own safety.  They keep trying to keep it alive when all the other coins keep goin down bruh.  

I don't know about you but I still think bitcoin could drop to 1,000 on a bad day but I just don't know how much more drama we are going to receive from this group of very immature traders.  Everything seems really out of balance.

I'm thinking everyone is screwed and this is going to waste another three months but I'm hoping not.  Really want to get back to reality instead of this attention contest,  you think bitcoin is safe right now? It seems really out of balance to me even if people got that whole "hodler dream" going on.  It's obviously the only coin that's probably at an incorrect price right now.  There's obviously felonies keeping the price alive, trying to keep it alive illegally still my bruhs.  Not that it's going to become a real lawsuit (it could) but uh...hey, I'm not bill gates here, when is this gonna stop?  Bill Gates doesn't want to trade bitcoin to save a greedy attention obsessed criminal, he's already rich and famous...He'd probably just trade bitcoin for fun, not to save anyone.

Wanna trade, just can't.  I think it could be a good buy in about a month or two but I really don't know.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / If anyone knows who's making this happen can you please request that they stop? on: December 24, 2019, 11:13:28 AM
This is somewhat severe enough to merit another general post.  I've looked through my contact history and it appears I've been contacted by the SEC and I'm also speaking with an attorney about this matter.

The volume that showed up after bitcoin started to go down today around 8:00:00 UTC seemed to be related to someone's "need" to feel like they need to fight people in the market some more.  Whether or not it goes up some more, for it to go "straight up" after it starts to downtrend is very suspicious and this is the kind of activity I've been reporting to the police.

As a U.S. trader being able to trade on binance before U.S. traders got banned, I can prove that this sort of activity was still going on before U.S. traders got banned.  It's obvious manipulation and under the CEA (commodities exchange act) since bitcoin is ruled as a commodity by the CTFC starting in 2015 (apparently, through a google search, not sure if that's common knowledge) there has been serious crimes being committed that could potentially damage this trader's freedom if they are not aware of the possible felonies they have been commiting.  

Regardless of whether they have a mental disesase where they just "ignore everything,"  the CEA explains its unlawful for anyone to manipulate a nationally traded commodity and as such there's obviously a felony most likely going on.  I'd appreciate mature posts over this if you can provide me with more information through a comment or through a direct message instead of just harassment and trolling.

I request that you stop immediately if you know the person doing this, or if you can't tell them, tell the proper authorities.  
This has gotten to the point where it's obvious someone is trying to do this as a mean of attention.  Every sell is met with harassment in the market and it's obvious.  Any dummy can probably see that.  

Minor occurrences like this might not seem so serious but it's affecting people's lives.  When you're messing with people's money for attention there's consequences I believe people have to consider.  
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / I am meeting with an attorney, have you been damaged by wash trading on binance? on: December 22, 2019, 01:41:44 AM
I have posted in the legal section although I believe this topic is important enough to merit a post in the general section.

I have been informed by an attorney that someone is interested in taking my case.
I have contacted nearly ten law firms regarding buy wash trading and harssment in the market regarding forcing the price of bitcoin up with large fake buys and what seems to be robots. If you feel as though you have been damaged by such actions getting tricked into failing trades from harassment or similar situations and believe they are illegal, please send me a P.M. or respond to my legal thread here
7  Bitcoin / Legal / Hello, have you received damages from buy wash trading? I am meeting an attorney on: December 21, 2019, 11:25:41 PM

I have recently been informed that an attorney is interested in my case regarding wash trading specifically on  Have you suffered damages mainly from harassment due to fake buys or manipulation trying to force the price of bitcoin alive or up with robots or similar things such as large unnecessary buys when the market is going down or losing volume?  Or they have overbought the market on huge red candles and created large plateaus of worthless trades that waste your time and commission?  Please reply or send me a personal message.

Have you suffered from that "trader" trying to fight sells all the time?  Please leave a comment here or send me a P.M. as the attorney I am going to meet with most likely needs this information.  Thank you very much.
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / (infographic) How to trade bitcoin right (without felonies) on: December 20, 2019, 04:22:03 PM
I've had enough time sitting here putting up with the fake buys and harassment that I thought I'd make an infographic about it for newcomers.  Hopefully it sheds light on this ongoing problem that could be highly illegal and most likely shouldn't be happening at all.
9  Other / Off-topic / Explain to me why you think you are more knowledgable about bitcoin than me on: December 07, 2019, 07:58:07 PM
I've had a slew of recent vulgar responses from my posts recently and I figure, if everyone think's they're so smart...Post here.  Why do you think you know more about Bitcoin than me.  I made 20,000 dollars trading it right in 2017 and ever since then the forced buys have gotten out of hand.  I have experience and I know there's a problem with buys even if this forum wont admit it.

I implore you if you're not going to be an ass.  Please ...tell me why I need to consider your opinion especially if it's rude and vulgar?  And besides that.  if you aren't, state your experience if you would like.

I could claim to be an expert and it would be valid but I don't.  There seems to be a lot of other people here who claim to be experts just because they harass people though.

If you reply with a reponse I do not agree with however I do warn you I will respond and refute your claim.  This is how real life works.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Problem with the market regarding spending and trying to get attention on: December 07, 2019, 12:06:56 PM
This most likely needs to addressed.  Although I cannot most likely keep this topic going its a source of a giant problem in bitcoin.

Constantly on there is something which has employed a robot and also large buys to try and get attention as if "Bill Gates" is suddenly going to drop 200 million dollars on a "bank run."

I wouldn't feel like I have to post something like this if it hasn't become a serious problem but it's obvious someone out there thinks they're going to make some sort of "connection" or "talk to someone rich" if they buy enough bitcoin.

This however is not the case.  The fake buying and harassment in the market turns me and most likely a lot of other investors off.  It's nothing more than an angry person showing off to me constantly everyday violently getting in the way of real progress and it's sickening.
If you or someone you know is trying to use bitcoin to get attention through buys you need to inform them that they have to stop.  Not only is this is a felony disrupting the natural flow of the market but it also endangers people's lives.

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / my story: why bitcoin has failed (and keeps failing to this day) on: December 06, 2019, 11:50:03 AM
I'm about to go to bed so I can't look at responses right away but dealing with this has caused my family to become separated, my hair to fall out and has caused me and I'm sure other traders enormous amounts of stress dealing with someone or something treating bitcoin like it's a game of attention.

I thought I'd share my story and my experience of what I've had to go through dealing with bitcoin since 2013.

I bought bitcoin at near 1000 dollars or something around 2013 and then went to college and it crashed to 300 dollars (wow totally normal for the old market).

I then sold my bitcoin and didn't get any profit and then it proceeded to constantly go up after that.  I moved on like a man though because I realized I had things to learn.  Later on though I got back into it early in 2017 nearly full time.  I began to -try- to learn how to deal with the market instead of acting like it was mortal kombat.  Treating the market like a game to fight people is literally a felony if the market isn't working and everyone knows it's wrong to go a certain direction.

Ever since the spike in 2017 to $20,000 things got out of hand though.  Since July 2017 (and I've contacted the SEC,CTFC, and attorneys over this) bitcoin has been getting pushed forcefully to go higher than it needs to faster than it needs to when the market isn't there.

The problem lies in that people don't believe that there is actually a person/trader/ or exchange that was actually capable of doing something like this for this long since it costs millions of dollars per day.  
The market got different in 2017 after it got to 3000 and ever since then felonies have been committed nearly every single day to try and force the price upwards whether or not the market is ready.  Now we/I/you and the community are seeing the aftermath of the psychopath who thinks it's their job to "punish" people for selling bitcoin and it hasn't stopped since then.

I made over 10,000 dollars doing it right when everyone was ok with the natural market when it went up AND down (without getting harassed) but now it just doesn't work.  This isn't bragging, this is just a fact.  I learned how to do it right and I did well.  (yeah I sold bitcoin sometimes instead of buying it)

EVER SINCE THEN though, it seems like THE ENTIRE internet is trying to FAKE their way into doing what I did.
This has really gotten out of hand and I expect people to do something about this.  I shouldn't have to be calling attorneys at my age (but I am).
12  Other / Meta / witch-hunting problems I noticed looking at my post history on: December 06, 2019, 11:07:30 AM

Although my post count says I'm a newbie, I'm not.  However I looked at my profile history and noticed there have been "witch-hunt" like tags claiming I'm an "imposter" or I shouldn't be trusted.  here's a link of of some of it I managed to find from an old post about bacon coin or whatever it was:

This is completely uncalled for and whoever implemented this should really have a conversation with their superiors.  

Sure my posts were four years ago but I don't need that on my profile if I know what I'm doing and have over five years of experience (or more) with bitcoin and trading.  There's a lot of felonies being committed in the market right now and I'm even trying to start a lawsuit over it (I've called multiple attorneys) but that doesn't make this ok.

What the actually F#$%?  Seriously.  Turn that off.  That's not ok, that promotes harassment.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / don't screw with the market with fake stuff anymore: im contacting attoneys now on: December 06, 2019, 10:04:19 AM
I've been doing this for over five years.  It's gotten to the point where it's ridiculous to sit around and act like everything in the market is ok.  

I've called every single SEC commissioner and left a message on their phone lines as well as their education line specifically directed towards complaints (in addition to my about 20 or more reports previously on this matter).

Whoever is doing this fake buy crap is getting themselves in VERY SERIOUS trouble.  What I'm talking about is what happened two days ago on December 4th, 2019 at 13:14:00 UTC time.  It wouldn't be so bad every now and then but this happens almost everyday now. Bitcoin is not for this "person" or "thing" to get attention but that's obvious that's what it has turned into.  They're literally a danger to themselves and everyone else because they wont stop.

Pretty sure there's a handful of people here who know how wrong it has been.  Forcing the market to go up and constantly stay above the line because you're "angry" or "had a bad day" is a felony.   Bitcoin is a commidity as ruled by the UK and there has been lawsuits regarding commodity manipulation.

I am NOT putting up with this game someone is playing with the community.  I mentioned I was considering starting a lawsuit and now I'm definitely trying. I've contacted over five different attorney's offices in the past three days and I'm not stopping if this continues. If you'd like this to ruin your life go ahead.  This isn't a warning, this is just what is happening.  

Someone out there thinks this is a joke to mess around with but they don't understand the amount of felonies they have been commiting for two years or wont knowledge it.

14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The real problem in bitcoin (economic facts included) on: November 26, 2019, 05:16:47 AM
Ok internet you want the truth?

You know I don't post here often but I've been here since 2013 so you know if I post something it's probably serious.  Unlike my avatar says I'm not a newbie.  Mad money.  *presses noise maker button*

The real problem?  It's on Binance folks, we got a problem.  You wanna know how it was in 2017?  It was great.  We could double our money in a week and then crash and buy back in and do it all over again but something just gets in the way now.

You know I didn't ask for it....Neither did you.  Now when crypto goes up, some sociopath/psychopath tries to harass people with fake volume and fake buys. You know its true. I'm literally trying to sue someone now over it. Am I right?  I know I'm right

You know I'm right.  You want to sell without getting harassed.  You aren't owned by random bullies on the internet are you? you want to do something to change this.

You know if this "problem" learned how to stop buying and just traded like normal people and didn't also most likely try to post fake articles and influence or pay people to act like bitcoin is always going to go up that we wouldn't have this sort of problem?

We have a control freak on our hands and something needs to be done.  Lawsuit anyone?  I can't believe I have to try and start fixing this almost entirely on my own and I'm only 30 years old.  Do I have to save the world by myself?

There's something wrong folks and I'm just ashamed not many people have spoken up about this.  The market is better without this violent rage sort of buying mumbo and I know theres a few people here who remember what it was like when "something" out there didn't just try to fight every red candle they see.

I'm not sure if I can repond to any replies but this is really how it is.  It's not cool anymore dude
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Problems in Bitcoin on: November 26, 2019, 04:11:29 AM
Trading has become financial slavery and it really has to change.
Everyday there's something out there there tries to lie to people and abuse them with fake information, trolls, and fake volume nearly on every website but mostly on trying to make them buy bitcoin literally everyday, harassing them with constant buy trades and fake volume as if doing anything else is wrong.

It gets so wrong and abusive that traders hardly have time to sleep let alone take a shower or clean their own home.
I'm not sure how many people speak out about this but it's going to have to start to be discussed eventually more.

Not that its bad to buy sometimes...but someone or something out there has taken that idea or joke and really has forced it to get out of hand.  People have suffered because there are sociopaths or psychopaths who just want to be mean and angry and never learn about anything technical trading wise.  There's now something or someone constantly abusing the market as if no one is aware of it, trying to force the people to constantly buy.  It's disgusting, it makes me feel uncomfortable and it's most likely very VERY illegal.
I have several screenshots evidence regarding this problem but it needs to be addressed sooner or later.

Someone is preying on the community and it's been happening for a long time.  The sad part is in the end mostly it seems like someone just wants attention rather than learning or learning how to trade and keep their money.  Not only will these people force the market up, but then they will keep buying and harass people for ten hours or more afterwards as if it your fault or someone else's fault that things are starting to go down afterwards a bit.

This is really uncalled for an its obviously predatory behavior and never used to happen.
I wanted to share this video here because this has been going on for so long that people need something to be able to help them understand how to deal with this type of person.
Watch starting at 20:00 it actually talks about bitcoin after a while.  A video on how to deal with predators and what to watch out for.

Something has to be done, I've already contacted attorneys, the SEC, the CTFC and even my local police about the problem.  Lawsuits could most likely be made just due to the amount of stress this group has forced the crypto community to go through with its harassment every single day.

If anyone feels the same way, keep trying to help get rid of this problem.  It's serious and it's dangerous.  It's not ok to keep just being silent about this problem.  Bitcoin worked fine before this group or predatory buyer showed up and it's caused nothing but drama, stress, and just complete wastes of time every single day.

I don't need to be harassed for 10 hours after I make a dollar because some sociopath doesn't know how to take a break from the computer!

I'm including an example collage of the spoofing/forcing the market I and the entire world has had to experience in the past few day from this trader.  This is getting out of hand.

And stuff like this, where its going down but someone just "gets angry"  yeah I'm sure this was legal too

I am attempting to start a class action lawsuit at this point.  This community has been silent for too long on this subject and trying to artificially inflate commodities has consequences.  Bitcoin is now defined as a commodity and there have been lawsuits over commodity manipulation in the past.

If anyone else has similar experiences and would like to share or consider joining me starting a class action suit against Binance or whoever is responsible for this I highly encourage you to direct message me although I most likely will not be able to check my account for a while since I'm not here every day.

Thank you if there are any real people left concerned for the sanity and legitimacy of this community anymore.  I'm pretty tired of what this has turned into.

16  Bitcoin / Legal / Why I think Binance should most likely be sued along with this new Bitfinex case on: October 08, 2019, 12:42:57 PM
Everyday I (and everyone else, knowingly or unknowingly) have to deal with basically someone trying to mentally rape the entire world market on binance and strangle it into buying bitcoin.  I see the machine or team and how it strangles the price of bitcoin trying to force the price color to be green even when it's going down.

Literally every second people are forced into a borderline war by something that thinks its ok to strangle the price and try to "DISRUPT"  (illegal/manipulation, cited in laws) the market.  EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY something thinks its ok to strangle/screw with/force the price ticker of bitcoin to be green (even when it's going down).  This is not ok and it's illegal.  As a professional exchange I am certain Binance has the obligation to prevent something like this, but it has gotten worse and worse.

Tell me,  there's an SEC and other equivalents in China.  Why do you think Binance must be safe if they continue to allow this to happen?  I almost want to sue them myself.  They did allow U.S. customers there for a while and it had been going on before they were forced to leave.

There may be serious legal consequences and I might begin demanding an explanation as to why people think this is ok to put up with anymore.
Using robots to commit crimes is still a crime.  Even if it's a bot, it belongs to someone, and they need to really be charged for the crimes they're committing.

link to previously mentioned new bitfinex case:
Article mentions a bot used by Mt. Gox that was used to manipulate bitcoin illegally by its website owner.  Binance may be using a derivative of that software illegally.  Either that or they're doing it themselves, or not banning whoever is.  There will be legal consequences for them if they continue this behavior of acting like its not happening.

I've recently filed multiple reports with the U.S. CTFC and I may be getting ready to sue in the future.  I refuse to put up with this illegal behavior any longer without there being any consequences.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / most likely why tether is a problem (you shouldnt have to "keep the market cap") on: August 09, 2019, 08:01:32 PM
If tether was actually what it claimed it was supposed to be...You would be able to buy it for $1.  ...And you would be able to sell it for $1....And you would make no profit.  And, the market cap should stay exactly the same if there is no real new money coming in.  

The serious flaw right now in tether is that someone decided it was ok to make a "pseudo" stable coin and rely on 3rd parties to buy tether or something when it goes below a dollar.  Just the -fact- that sometimes tether goes below one dollar is probably illegal.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / what if -->tether was actually 40 billion dollars in debt on: August 09, 2019, 07:44:08 PM
what if tether is actually printing everytime someone takes some money out and theres some function in it's code that deletes a certain amount of tether after a lot of money is taken out.  And what if they use that as a "disguise" to keep the market cap stable so they can keep "manipulating" the market.

This actually could be happening.  Thought I'd post it if no one has considered it.

I think it's highly possible that tether could be in much more debt than just 1 or 2  billion dollars.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / tether whitepaper: Each tether unit issued into circulation is backed on: July 23, 2019, 01:15:22 AM
It says it in the white paper.  Did they get a new bank and suddenly get 3 billion extra dollars in 3 months?  Very exciting if so but if they can't account for it it's pretty easy to make a case against them.  I'm fairly certain there has to be an SEC in China or whatever country it's really in that can make a case against them if they don't actually have this money.

Has anyone heard about a new bank or funding?  That's a lot of extra money and if it says in the white-paper they're supposed to be backed 1:1, isn't it misleading investors and/or breaking the law if they are not backed?  It's sort of a legal agreement isn't it, what's in the whitepaper.  Not too certain but it seems really easy to make that case right now.  It's seems rediculous if they're in court right now that they would allow their company to print 2-3 billion extra coins if they can hardly pay back the 980 million dollar loan that went "missing."
here's the link to the tether whitepaper supposedly, it's clearly stated on the fourth page.
The white-paper also mentions the backing is in "fiat" (meaning: government issued) not bitcoin.  

sorry also I'm not a "newbie" really.  I've had this account since 2013 it even says in my info, sorry if that misleads anyone to make some weird assumptions.
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