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1  Economy / Goods / Silver and Gold SAVINGS PLAN (aka GOLD IRA) on: November 17, 2011, 07:20:45 AM

one certain pool operator has asked his members if they would like to be paid out in Silver or Gold, rather than BTC.
Only a few people have voted so far.
However, as a Silver and Gold dealer I am of course interested in the idea, and I am currently thinking this through very thoroughly.

There's half a gazillion things to consider - most and bevore all: Is there enough interest to make this viable?

I got about this far:

The whole process would have to be initiated manually for now - if this picks up, there will be a way to automate it.

I would propose that those who are interested in saving up to gold or silver contact me via PM, this is how I envision it for the time being:

you contact me with the following info:
  • name / adress / email
  • what you want to save up to  
  • your savings interval

I will provide you with a payment adress you can send the BTC to. These are stored with my payment provider.

The savings interval is of importance only if you're saving for, say, Gold - and you don't want to by gram by grmm, but only every 10 or 20 grams. Else, I will check every working day if one of the desired objects is in range and "buy" it for you. I advise harmonies, since they're most easy to buy and liquidate - they also sport the lowest premium, but feel free to chose whatever you want.
Also, if you're, say, a big miner and are pointing a large amount of GH/s (or dividends from my way in terms of BTC, we can also arrange that I only buy every 1st of the month or so.

The prices on my website are updated every minute. I am not yet able to set an alarm for buying, so for now, we will have to to with me checking the price against your balance once a day (I will probably check more often than that, just for the fun of it).

I will then transfer BTC according to the price of the item(s) from "your" wallet adress to mine, so you can watch the process on blockexplorer. I will set aside the item(s) physically and store them seperately from the rest of my inventory.

Should you decide to cash out, contact me and I will provide you with shipping and insurance information (it might be that you may have to buy insurance and additional shipping, depending on the value of the objects and your location). If you have a larger load to deliver, I will custom tailor shipping for you, as well.

Tax and customs are, as always, entirely your concern :-D

If you are in the US or CA, I am in neegotiations with a partner in crime over there to minimize shipping cost, but it's gonna be a while for that to be set up.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!


Dennis of

So that's me bouncing this right into the community. Anyone interested?
2  Economy / Marketplace / BitCoinCommodites RELAUNCH: 15% off 1g BITCOIN !!! on: September 22, 2011, 09:38:03 AM
BitCoinCommodities proudly announces:

Thanks to all those who have dared to use their BitCoins to actually SPEND them on something, I have moved from a Wordpress-template, manually handled "shop" to a fully functional "real" Gold and Silver outlet.

Here's the new website:

I habe also begun moving more of my inventory online, and will continue to do so in he future. adding more as business grows. If you need something in specific, please let me know! All prices are including VAT, shipping is calculated upon the value of your order - no hidden mark-ups via "shipping and handling". Please check it out!

To give you even more reason to:

I am giving 15% off these beautiful 1g SILVER BITCOINS for TWO WEEKS
I am also throwing in one of these with every order that exceeds 50BTC!

I am using BTCinch to process payments.

I am looking forward to processing your orders ;-D

Dennis of BTCcommodites
3  Economy / Services / NEED: Wordpress/bit-pay integration on: September 16, 2011, 11:53:30 AM

due to growing business I have decided to "step up" a notch.
My current store and layout:

I'd like to simplify management of my store by achieving the following:

- building a portfolio of my inventory
- putting the "buy with bitcoins" button next to the items on my wordpress
- display the current price of the item right next to that

I have at my disposal my own webspace running PHP as well as MySQL 5.0.91 and Wordpress.

What I think I need is this:

- someone to install Wordpress, pointing to the new domain
- integrate
- write or integrate from the web an API that pulls realtime gold/silver/BTC-prices, manipulates them with a variable and makes this the current price of the item
- mabe even integrate an option on registered/insured shipping in dependence of the destination

If anyone feels they are able AND WILLING to, please PM me or post to this thread.
I am more than willing to pay for this service, provided I am confident you can do what I need.

4  Economy / Marketplace / GOLD and SILVER bars & coins [silver bitcoin!] for BitCoins! on: August 17, 2011, 08:33:10 AM

SILVER:  5g: 1.76BTC // 25g: 8.07 BTC // 50g: 14.75BTC                     
1g 0.999 #SILVER in BITCOIN form:   0.5 BTC                     
1oz random silver coin: 6.88BTC                     
GOLD BARS:  1g: 9.88BTC // 5g: 48.37 BTC // 10g: 94.67BTC // 50g: 452.74 BTC                     
GOLD COINS ANDORRA EAGLE:  1g@ 10.38BTC                     
1/10th ounce Harmony coin   only: 28.16 BTC!                     
1 ounce KRUGERRAND coin  only 7% over spot: 273.92 BTC  //  !! 278.1 BTC incl shipping !!  \\                     
5  Economy / Goods / super P-FORE 0,5BTC / tablet on: June 28, 2011, 07:01:57 PM
One of these little suckers contains

100mg of Sildenafil
60mg of Dapoxetine

You can be assured that you can plow a frozen acre after taking one (one half, even) of these (yes, I tested them, great success!).

Pictures of the blisters may be viewed here.

You can then write us an email at or PM us here.

We will ship from Germany.


6  Local / Biete / Goldbarren / Silberbarren / Goldmünzen on: June 20, 2011, 07:06:01 PM

meine webseite vorerst:

ich "tausche" aus meiner privaten sammlung diverse gegenstände gegen BTC. gerne persönliche übergabe in berlin.
7  Economy / Marketplace / bitcoincommodities on: June 07, 2011, 04:02:26 PM

I decided that the one site I knew of (m****scoins) was too expensive.
Also, I wanted to be part of the whole bitcoin-thing.

So I set up where I sell some of my Silver and Gold for Bitcoins.

I hope you guys will check out the site and give me some comments (good or bad, I can take it).
I'll take everything into account and see if I can improve, if needed.

So far, thanks for your attention.


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