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1  Economy / Currency exchange / Buying up all ur BTC, BEST rates. Escrow welcome. Trusted. on: January 07, 2016, 05:59:21 AM
As above, i have some paypal, skrill to spare. I am willing to accept escrow, not interested in trading with brand new members, unless u can provide proof u do have what u say u have.

Hit me up.

I send with signed message i will not charge back or dispute.
2  Economy / Currency exchange / [MINE] BTC [YOURS] PAYPAL/SKRILL (Trusted) only, non-trusted don't even bother. on: December 28, 2015, 08:45:47 AM
I am able to do daily about 5 BTC for now.

Lets start today.

Fees is preev+15% (flat)

PM or leave a message here. For those who have comments about my reputation, i can show you my profile on LBC and Paxful. I also can do escrow.
3  Economy / Currency exchange / i have 2.2 bitcoins for paypal on: December 23, 2015, 10:50:52 PM
well, we can use escrow, looking for at least paypal +15(not including fees, u pay fees)
4  Economy / Currency exchange / in stock, btc for paypal, escrow available. hit in on: December 06, 2015, 05:34:27 AM
always too busy to maintain a topic here, so i will do in batches.

I have 5 ~ 7 coins atm available for paypal, accepting paypal + 15% for this coins. if funds come by a not so familiar source, fees will be 40% instead.

pm me to deal.

i am willing to do escrow. but only at major exchangers like localbitcoins or paxful, no personal escrow.
5  Economy / Currency exchange / | | ONLY | | Anonymous Exchange. Now Accepting Paypal, Bitcoins, WU, MG and more on: November 16, 2015, 08:39:45 AM
Cryptost Exchange
bringing you anonymous exchange service since 2012

Digital Currencies accepted/offered:
PPMC(Paypal my-cash)
Walmart Reload Pax
eBay Gift Cards.

Fiats accepted/offered:
USD via Western Union
USD via Money Gram

Rules and Regulations to follow

Cryptost Exchange Services reserve our right to not accept or trade with any user that we deem flagged as high risk or fraudulent. Kindly note that all rules and regulation in our policy page applies. Kindly visit for more information before getting into a trade with us. All trades will ONLY be initiated via our Official Mail Agent , and ALL email correspondence are certified by our official PGP Signature and Certificate. Any email correspondence without authentication should always be ignored and sent to for them to handle it.


Q.1) Who are we?
A.1) Kindly visit for a more detailed profile of ours.

Q.2) How do i know that you guys are trustable?
A.2) All Bitcoins transaction will only be done via a middle Escrow Agent, who currently is one of the biggest platform around.

Q.3) Since every BTC trade will be using escrow, who covers the fees?
A.3) All trade/exchange price you get is FINAL. There shall be no additional/hidden costs.

Q.4) My Paypal is xx years old, all my funds are clean, can i get a discount?
A.4) The integrity of our clients is never once doubted. However, due to Paypal's unique payment system and fees, we charge a fixed   
       commission for all our trades and no discount will be given unless/until you have obtained verified status.

Q.5) I have booked a trade, however i am unavailable to make a payment now, can I send it to you when i am available later and you   
       send the BTC(or other payments) over only after your received my payment?
A.5) Sorry no. All trades are only available for a certain amount of time, exceeding the given time we will refund/cancel any payments
       made to us for the expired trade. Hence, kindly ensure your availability before initiating the trade with us.

Q.6) Can i pay with a Credit Card via Paypal?
A.6) No. We only accept Paypal balance as a form of payment to our services. Kindly note that verification will be done on our end prior
       to all trades.

If there is any other questions, kindly send us an email at or We aim to have all your trades done within 30minutes, from the moment you initiate until you receive your bitcoins, however, during high volume period, it may be take a little longer, thank you for all your kind patience and understanding.

Contact details as follows;
Skype @ Cryptost
ICQ    @ 8988889
snail   @
6  Economy / Currency exchange / *(Anonymous avail) Instant BTC / Paypal / Skrill / Cards , Escrow Ready* on: September 23, 2015, 05:36:48 PM
BTC BTC Asia's Trading Post BTC
Escrow welcome

We try to give the best convenience to all users who are keen in trading with us by offering a automated Instant BTC exchange with payment option by Western Union or MoneyGram. Upon receiving the MTCN/REF number, we will release the coins within 180seconds if there is no problem with the transfer. We also respect the privacy of each and every client, unless required by WU/MG, we will not ask for any sort of identity document proof. Also, being strategically located in Asia's hub, the connect to the world, we are able to bring BTC's at the best value to you as an individual. If you do have the appetite for large purchases, you can contact me anytime, we are able to trade up to 500coins in a single trade a day.  

In order to be open with all our prices, we follow rates on or Bitfinex. And prices are finalized on the moment we agreed to trade/escrow being set

Payment modes accepted by us are
Kindly check the bottom of the page for the most updated prices for our products
Western Union+3.5%
coins released within 3minutes
coins released within 3minutes
Local Bank Transfer or Cash deposit @ SG/US/UK/HK&CN+3.5~5%
coins released within 1hour
Custom transfers from certain services, such as UK@Azimo, and many more
coins released within 24hours

Need your BTC exchanged for other funds? We can offer you
Skrill funds+7%
【Escrow or you go first】
Paypal funds+10%
【Escrow or you go first】
Anonymous VCC loaded with funds-3%
【Escrow or you go first】
Plastic Debit Card loaded with funds-4%
【Escrow or you go first】

Kindly note that all above prices are non-negotiable unless taking at a size that is above average(normally above average in market now would be above 5 coins). We also would like to emphasize that we are a registered entity, we do NOT deal with hacked or scammed funds. We will be able to assist you in any sort of verification merchants need for the loading. If you have any other trades you would like to enquire, feel free to contact us, we will gladly assist you.

***If you think you have the interest in working as a Banker(Reseller) for us, contact us now***
We are currently open to guys with good standing a chance to try out as a banker(reseller). We will interview and speak with you before you are allowed to enjoy all the special rates and offers we give to our Bankers, such as free Escrow, margin on accounts, BTC-Advace and more. Contact us together to understand more. If you happen to come across any of our bankers being unfair, rude, having no integrety in trades, feel free to take a screen-shot and deliver it to us for a free 0.005 as a reward.[/b]Kindly note that all our agents should also be able to procduce a signature uniquely signed by our wallet from us to him as a proof of identity being a BTC Asia Banker.

Lastly, our  ONLY contact information found here
Email: | Skype: BTC.Asia | ICQ: 668133540
WeChat: BTCAsia | Jabber(XMPP):
Whatsapp: +852-6060-7212
**Kindly note that our agents are available 24/7 at any contact info you choose to use**

*Disclaimer: BTC Asia reserves our right to stop, cancel or return any monies traded with us if we feel that the trade privacy and/or legitimacy has been compromised. We at no times will put our clients information or assets at risk, hence we support all escrows and/or middle-men service that has proven its own legitimacy.
7  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Link Shortening Website and Customer List - Domain Name/Template Incl. on: May 08, 2015, 09:36:58 PM
Just checking if there is any interest...


I own http://XBY.ME which also covers http://MOPURL.COM and http://BTCX.CC

Basically by going to any of the sites you end up at and once you are logged in you can shorten any url to any of the three domains.  I've recently received a job offer that will pull me away from a lot of these little projects I have going on so I am testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in purchasing it. There has only been one sign-up and I have given away three pro-accounts so currently there are 5 pro-accounts. Myself, paid-pro user, 3 free members were all given 1 year subs.

The eventual owner could charge whatever he wanted or make the entire thing free or make the entire thing private. You can add domains to it or take them away. The system works awesome. It has a Real-Time link tracker so once you shorten a link and drop it you can watch where each link click comes from. It allows you to save, sort, share, track, bundle, geo track, and more all your links.

Benefit to the owner is the user database and the placement of ads on non-pro accounts.

Anyway, if you are interested you can check it out. Sign-up for free to play around or check here for the details... 

Questions? Just ask.

8  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Domains - CHEAP!!! - Need to dump - Offers - Quick Sell - $25 on: April 09, 2015, 07:15:45 AM
I am trying to get rid of these quick

Can take bitcoin or PayPal if you'd prefer. Will transfer to your GoDaddy Account Upon Payment

If you think a domain is worth less than $25, make an offer.

$25 EACH or 5/$100

BITCOINADWORDS.COM   7/13/2015      
BITCOINSTORAGE.US 11/3/2015      
CASLOTS.COM 8/26/2015
CKCKX.COM    7/23/2015   
GOINBITCOIN.COM 11/4/2015   
HELPDRAW.COM 8/26/2015
MOPURL.COM 9/13/2015   
MPLYR.COM   10/29/2015   
SBIZZ.COM   7/23/2015   
SMSATM.COM 7/12/2015   
THVX.COM   7/27/2015      
UGRAN.COM   7/23/2015
UZHM.COM   7/26/2015   
XROAR.COM   7/23/2015
YSAGI.COM   7/23/2015   

SIINS.COM   7/16/2015
9  Economy / Services / MYSTERY SHOPPERS NEEDED - Want to do legit mystery shopping? Check companies on: April 03, 2015, 05:41:47 PM
Hello all-

I know most of these are scams but I can vouch for two companies that I work for. Sinclair Customer Metrics does quite a few companies and I usually do Little Cesars and Save Mart as well as Food Max. Pretty nice little gig because you get paid (not a ton) but you are reimbursed for your purchase as well. I do about 3 jobs a week and get about $100 every two weeks. The jobs take me an hour max including entering all the info.

Also, I work for another company at  and they are hurting for new shoppers and they have a ton of businesses and pay better than Sinclair. They pay $30 and reimburse you for purchasing cigs at Valero or verifying a display in an Aeropostale. Tons of jobs and they obviously need people in the countries below. You can go to the website yourself and sign-up but the homepage says they want referrals and are paying for them so I am reaching out here. It also says they take the responses from referrals before they take those who sign-up directly from the site. So, go to the site and sign-up or PM me or email me via the addy in the signature with your preferred email address and I will enter your email so you get the invite meaning you will be responded to quickly.

The shops are simple, only time consuming part is going through each company, reading the details or some have videos and then taking a 5-15 question quiz to become authorized for that companies shop. Then you schedule yourself based on what is available and get paid. Easy. Listed below are the companies they handle. If you do sign-up through me and complete a shop in 90 days, email or PM me and I'll send you BTC based on the following.

$1.00 for anyone in the   United States
$2.00   for anyone in Mexico, Canada, India, Puerto Rico
$5.00   for anyone in the Russian Federation, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea (South), Malaysia, Martinique, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Guadeloupe, Guyana (FR), Hong Kong, Philippines or Brazil.

Here are the stores you will shop.

Aeropostale Weekend   
Barnes & Noble College Stores Buyback   
Barnes & Noble College Stores Rush   
Biotest New Donor   
Biotest Return Donor   
Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
Dairy Queen/Orange Julius   Y
Delta Sonic   
Delta Sonic ADA Compliance   
Delta Sonic Branded Food Area   
Delta Sonic Oil Change   
Dunes Residential   
Eagle Realty Group
Harris Interactive   
Hunt Pacific Management   
Leslie's Poolmart Basic & Phone Shop   
Leslie's Poolmart Basic Shop
Leslie's Poolmart Phone Shop   
Leslie's Poolmart Purchase & Return Shop   
Midas Phone Shop
MidFirst Bank Drive Thru   
MidFirst Bank Lobby   
MidFirst Bank Personal Banker   
MidFirst Bank Telephone   
Monro Phone Shop Website Demonstration   
P.S. from Aeropostale   
Payless Shoesource   
Payless Shoesource ShopKo   
Polly's Pies Restaurant
Real Estate Instructions   
Real Estate Instructions – Phone Shop (Southern Management - Phone)   
Real Estate Instructions – Phone Shop (Southern Management Star Quality - Phone & Service)
SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service Phone Shop
True Value
True Value Home & Garden Showplace   
True Value Shopability   
Valero CSS
Young Adult/Kids Apparel   
Form   Signed Agreement
Legal Liability - Proof of Age
Property Release Agreement   

If you ever wanted a legit mystery shop job, this is it. If you don't trust me, just go to the site and sign-up. Or, you can email or PM me your email address and I will enter it on the site and they will send you an invite and once you do your first shop, email me your shop date, btc addy and I'll send you $1, $2, or $5 in btc based on the countries listed above.


10  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Comic Books - Antique/Vintage/New Books - Custom Groups - Stamps - on: March 30, 2015, 08:35:57 PM
I have a HUGE book collection. I couldn't possibly list them all especially if no one is interested in books.

I can ship them for free, and can make you a custom group at a very low price.

So, if you are interested, simply tell me what it is you are interested in and I can get a group together and we can discuss prices.

For example...
Stephen King First Editions
Golf Books
Antique (1800-1900)
Classics (Huck Finn etc.)
Robert Louis Stevenson Books
John Steinbeck Books
Religious Books and Bibles
Books on or about Hitler
World War II Books
Dean Koontz Hardbacks
Stephen King Paperbacks
Old books on engineering
Law Books etc.
Signed Books
Old PDF eBooks

Anything you are into, I have a buttload of books about it. Just let me know what your interests are

I also have many old comic books. I'd sell these all for $100 and there are over 100 here plus the Spiderman alone are worth over $100
See the entire list of comics below.
*One comic book is SIGNED by David Barbour (indicated by the *** in the list)

Spiderman #81 1969
Spiderman #89 1970
Spiderman #98 1971
Spiderman #112 1972

1978 The Micronauts - #2 - 35cents
1981 Dazzler - #13 - 60cents
1982 Ghost Rider - #67 - 60c
1982 Team America - #1 - 60c
1983 The Mighty Thor battled Conan the Barbarian - #39 - CP: $1.00
1985 Marvel Fanfare - #22 - CP: $1.50
1989 Avengers Spotlight - #22 - CP: $1
1989 The Avengers - #5 - CP: $1.25
1989 What if DAREDEVIL killed the Kingpin? - #2 - CP: $1.25
1989 The Punisher War Journal #9-13
1987 Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead Deluxe Edition - #18 - CP: $1.50
1989 Marvel Universe #3, #6, #8
1977 Howard the Duck - #21 - 35cents
1985 Howard the Duck - #32 - 65cents
1989 Iron Man - #8 MID DEC - CP: $1.25
1989 The Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja - #1 - CP: $1
1989 The Nth Man - #2-5, #7
1985 Sectaurs - #3 - 75c
1988 Semper-Fi - #2 - 75c
1983 US 1: Enter the Malevolent Midnight - #2 - 60c
1986 Elf Quest - #13 - 75c
1987 Strikeforce Morturi - #6 - 75c
1982 Master of Kung Fu: Death in the City of Lights - #121 - 60c
1982 Master of Kung Fu - Double-Sized Spectacular - #118 - CP: $1.00
1989 The Sensational She-Hulk - #7 - CP: $1.50
1988 Richie Rich - #234 - Harvey Comics
1983 Indiana Jones - #21 - 60c
1989 Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade - #1 - $1.00
1989 Indiana Jones: Father and Son Together Again - #3 - $1.00
1989 Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade and the Cataclysmic Conclusion #4 - $1
1989 No.174 - Amazing Heroes: Clive Barker Speaks
1983 Dreadstar - No.5 - Epic Comics
1984 Six from Sirius - No.2 - Epic Comics
1983 The Muppet Babies take Manhattan - No.1, 60cents - Marvel
1993 Eternal Thirst - No.0 - Adventura Comics
1986 Adventures - Adventure Publications
1993 Warriors of Plasm - DEFIANT Comics #1
1994 Urban Decay: CYBERJOX - Anubis Press - No.1 - $2.75
1994 FIRST PRINTING - Stygmata #0, Vol.1 - Entity Comics
1990 FIRST PUBLISHING - Limited Series Part 4 of 4 - ZERO TOLERANCE
1993 Blood Quest - Issue One - Polyventura Entertainment
1993 Tek World - No.1 & 2 - MARVEL and EPIC Comics
1991 The New Warrior - No.1 - Annual Kings of Pain PART 2
1991 The Rocketeer
****1991 *SIGNED* by David Barbour - SpringHeel Jack****
X-FORCE #1-3, #5-16 and the 30th Anniversary Annual Shattershot #1, Part 4
1992 Parts 2-5 Rise of the Midnight Sons, #1
Argosy Blazing Adventure - Time Warrior #1 - $2.50

DC Comics
1992 Batman versus Predator - No 3 of 3 (DC and Dark Horse Comics) *mint*
1992 The Heckler - No.1 & 2
1992 Star Trek Next Generation No.37
1985 Elvira's House of Mystery - No.1
1986 Star Trek - Wolf at the Door - No.23 - 75cents
1986 Star Trek - Uhura's Story - No.30 - 75cents
1988 COPS - No.6
1988 A DC Movie Special "Alien Nation" #1 - $2.50

1993 - RAVER #2(4), #3(3) -
1993 - Man of War #3
1993 - Ultraverse Hard Case #1
1993 - Gravestone (First Issue) #1
1993 - Gravestone #3 (Sealed with Skybox Skycap inside)
1993 - The Ferret #3(2) $2.50, #3 $1.95
1993 - Protectors #11, $2.50 - Featuring Miss Fury
1993 - Ultraverse MANTRA #1 - $1.95
1993 - Ultraverse FIREARM #3 - $1.95

TOPPS Comics
#1 of 1 - Bombast - $2.95 (Sealed with Kirbychrome trading card inside)
#1 of 4 - Satan's Six - $2.95 (Sealed with Kirbychrome trading card inside)(Cool
#2 of 4 - Satan's Six - $2.95 (Sealed with trading cards inside)(2)
#3 of 4 - Satan's Six - $2.95 (Sealed with Brian Stelfreeze trading card inside)
#2 of 4 - Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga - $2.95 (Sealed with trading cards inside)(3)

1993 RAI and the Future Force - Nos.11&13 - $2.25
1993 FIRST PRINTING - Savage Dragon; Vanguard - #0 & The Savage Dragon vs. TMNTurtles #2
1993 FIRST PRINTING - " Savage Dragon #4 & Rapture and Ricochet #4
1993 Savage Dragon #3
1993 Doctor Mirage - Nos.2&3 - $2.50
1993 The H.A.R.D. Corps: Here come the Rookies No.8 (6) - $2.25
1993 The H.A.R.D. Corps No.10 (5) - $2.25
1993 Eternal Warrior Yearbook - No.1 (2) - $2.25
1993 Eternal Warrior - No.12 (6) - $2.25
1993 Eternal Warrior - No.14 - $2.25
1993 Eternal Warrior - No.15 - $2.25
1993 X-O Manowar - No.18, 19, 20(3) - $2.25
1993 Dr. Mirage - No.1, No.3
1993 ShadowMan - No.16, No.20(2), No.21, & No.23
1993 Secret Weapons - No.2 & 3
1991 Bloodshot - No.8(3), No.9(4) - $2.25
1992 Archer & Armstrong - Nos.15,16(2), &18 - $2.25
1993 Images of Shadowhawk - No.1(4),2,3 - $1.95
1993 Shadowhawk III - No.9 & No.11
1994 Deathblow - No.10,#15,#19 - $2.50
1993 Deathmate BLACK - Sept. $4.95
1993 Youngblood Strikefile #3 & Youngblood Strikefile #3
1993 TEAM Youngblood #1 & Youngblood Strikefile #4 (Extreme Studios)(2) - $1.95
1994 Freak Force - #3,#4 - Featuring Vanguard - $1.95
1993 Cyber Force Zero - #0 - $1.95
1993 The Savage Dragon Featuring Might Man - #5 - $1.95
1963 Book One Mystery Incorporated - April 1993 - 1st Printing - $1.95
1963 Book Three: Tales of the Uncanny - June 1993 - 1st Printing - $1.95

Cherry Blossom - 1996 - #1 - $1.50
Cherry Blossom - 1997 - #3 - $1.50
Cherry Blossom - 1997 - #4 - $1.50
Cherry Blossom - 1997 - #9 - $1.75
Archie & Friends - 1997 - #22,#23,#24,#26 - $1.50
Archie & Friends - No.27 - $1.75
Betty & Veronica Spectacular - #26 - $1.50
Betty - #30 - $1.50
Veronica - #78 - $1.75

EPIC Comics
1990 FIRST PRINTING - Seven Block - *mint, never been read*
1993 Psychicnauts - No.1 - *mint, never been read*
1993 LawDog - Heavy Hitters - Vol1. No.4 *mint*
1994 Sachs & Violens - Vol.1 No.4 - (3) *mint*
1992 Mutants - No.1(9) *mint*- $2.25

1992 - The Machine - Week 2
1992 - Motorhead - Week 4
1993 - Out of the Vortex - Week 4

CHAOS Comics - WWF World Wrestling Federation - *All MINT*
Undertaker #1 FIRST PRINTING - $2.95
Undertaker #1 FIRST PRINTING - $2.95
Undertaker #4 FIRST PRINTING - $2.95

Red Razors: A Dreadworld Adventure - #1 - $2.95

1993 Bloodchilde: Portrait of a Surreal killer - #1 $2.50

1993 1st Printing - Bloodfire #4 - $2.95
1993 1st Printing - Bloodfire #5 (Sealed with trading card inside) - $2.95
1994 1st Printing - Bloodfire #8 (3) - $2.95

Marvel Graphic Novel - Swords of the Swashbucklers - #14 - CP: $5.95
The Punisher Magazine - #5 - $2.25
Famous Fantastic Mysteries - 1951 - 25c
Famous Fantastic Mysteries - 1948 - 25c
1989 Fantasy & Science Fiction - Isaac Asimov's Moon's Twin, April $2 Vol. 76, #4, No.455
Astounding Science Fiction - Aug. 1944 - Volume 33, #6 - 25c
Astounding Science Fiction - June 1950 - 25 cents - Vol.45, #4
Tops in Science Fiction - Fall 1953 - Vol.1, #2 - 35c
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine - May 1990 - $2.00
Science and Mechanics - January 1963 - 35c
Science and Mechanics - April 1960 - 35c
Science and Mechanics - May 1962 - 35c
Popular Science Monthly - Sept 1965 - 35c

The comics below are older with missing covers:
1966 The Mighty Thor - Vol.1, No.136 - 1967 issue - 12cents
1979 The Ghost Rider - Vol. 1, No. 29 - 35cents
1973 The Funky Phantom - The Phantom Iceburg - No.7
1981 The Dynamic Defenders - Vol.1, No. 95 - 50cents
1987 G.I. Joe Special Missions - Vol.1, No.3 - 75cents
1988 G.I. Joe A Real American Hero - Vol.1, No.78 - $1.00
1979 The Brave and the Bold - Vol.25, No.150 - 40cents
1968 The SIlver Burper - Vol.1, No.10 - 25cents

If you are interested in stamps at all, here are some photos.
Again, tell me whether you want one or all and we can discuss price.

Simply Let Me Know If Interested
11  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Domains - Domains - Cheap - - BTC Domains - GoDaddy on: March 30, 2015, 08:02:05 PM

btc related $25 ea. or all 4/$75
BITCOINADWORDS.COM      7/13/2015      
GOINBITCOIN.COM   11/4/2015   

misc domains $20 ea. or all 4/$60
SMSATM.COM   7/12/2015            
CASLOTS.COM   8/26/2015         
DOWNLOADSY.COM   11/28/2015      
HELPDRAW.COM           8/26/2015 domains $30ea. or all 6 for $125      
CKCKX.COM                 7/23/2015   
MPLYR.COM             10/29/2015      
SBIZZ.COM          7/23/2015         
UGRAN.COM        7/23/2015   
YSAGI.COM     7/23/2015   
XROAR.COM      7/23/2015 domains $50 each or 2/$75
UZHM.COM         7/26/2015                           
THVX.COM        7/27/2015

premium- godaddy estimated value $1800 :  $150
SIINS.COM      7/16/2015   
12  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Vehicle Dash Cams - VHS - DVD Movies - Misc Antiques - Records on: March 30, 2015, 07:43:02 PM
I have a bunch of stuff I'm selling. Can take btc or PayPal. Can ship anywhere. USA will be FREE SHIPPING and elsewhere will depend on item. Buy with BTC and I'll take 10% off price seen.

2- DVR Dash Cams  $35/ea.
Brand New In Box
Portable HD DVR Vehicle In Dash Cam
2.5 Inch Screen
TFT LCD Screen
Records in 15 minute blocks
SD Card Needed - Not Included

I have a huge VHS Collection that I will list if anyone is interested. $5 each 3 for $12  6 for $20
I have old Disney VHS, tons of random movies
A 4 Pack 1000 first years of Christianity
Some Wrestlemania VHS and a huge collection of Raw and Smackdown and PPV recorded from TV from 1999-2004
Just tell me what kind you're looking for and I'll list what I have

Same with DVD's A huge collection that I can list if someone is interested $5/ea   3/$12  6/$20
Just tell me what kind you're looking for and I'll list what I have

TONS of old records. LP's and 45's. Again, I'll list if anyone has interest.  $10 each   3/$20

Bronze Baby Shoes
Unknown year/type of bronze or Jade. $60
Baby Shoe bronze Bookends or shelf deco on jade

Old Unknown Declaration of Independence. $200
Looks brittle. Never taken the back off-afraid it will crumble  no markings anywhere
13  Other / Archival / delete please on: March 19, 2015, 02:37:58 AM
14  Economy / Digital goods / CLOSE SOLD on: March 19, 2015, 02:07:47 AM
I have these three domains expiring soon and I'd rather have some money than have to pay some money


Must have a godaddy account and I can transfer them in under 24 hours  3/25  3/30
bitcointrustbank  5/23
15  Economy / Digital goods / MUST SELL misc. Domains including BETINBTC.COM - VINTAGEBITCOIN.COM and more on: March 15, 2015, 04:37:35 AM
I am dumping a bunch of domains. I don't have time to develop or actively manage them.

My loss and your gain.  24 Hour Transfer Available if you have a GoDaddy account or grab one for FREE.

Expiration Dates are listed next to the domain.

$15 or 2/$30
X2BTC.COM   3/30/2015   Active
BITCOINTRUSTBANK.COM   5/23/2015   Active

$25 for the 3 pack below
AQUAZENE.COM   8/26/2015   Active
NANOZENE.COM   8/26/2015   Active
MEDIZENE.COM   8/26/2015   Active   
$20 ea. - 2/$35 - 3/$45 - 4/$55 - 5/$60
BITCOINSTORAGE.US   11/3/2015   Active 
CKCKX.COM   7/23/2015   Active   
XBTCOLDSTORAGE.COM   11/4/2015   Active     
SMSATM.COM   7/12/2015   Active 
GOINBITCOIN.COM   11/4/2015   Active                 
BFGAY.COM   7/14/2015   Active         
BITCOINADWORDS.COM   7/13/2015   Active         
CASLOTS.COM   8/26/2015   Active         
HELPDRAW.COM   8/26/2015   Active       
MPLYR.COM   10/29/2015   Active     
SBIZZ.COM   7/23/2015   Active           
UGRAN.COM   7/23/2015   Active         
XROAR.COM   7/23/2015   Active   
YSAGI.COM   7/23/2015   Active

$30 ea. - 2/$50 - 4/$80
THVX.COM         7/27/2015   Active 
UZHM.COM   7/26/2015   Active     
BETINBTC.COM   7/16/2015   Active
DOWNLOADSY.COM   11/28/2015   Active   
SIINS.COM   7/16/2015   Active     
TWUTTY.COM   8/26/2015   Active

PM if you are interested
16  Economy / Lending / FUNDED- close please on: March 04, 2015, 06:20:41 AM
17  Economy / Services / IMAGE MAPS Quick and Easy - Make your site/email/blog/store look sharp! Cheap. on: February 22, 2015, 04:10:55 PM
Hello all- 

If anyone is interested, I can do image mapping for you. If you aren't sure what that is I have a definition below but it is a very nice way to make your website really functional and I can do them fairly quickly. I am up for doing extremely complex designs to something very simple. Basically, it can be a headache to hard code html all of the elements that you want on your webpage when some overlap or don't float where you want. Instead, you can do an image map.

*** First Full Member or Above who responds that he wants one, I will do a free sample. Just don't go crazy.  5-10 links is fine and either you can give me the image or tell me what you are looking for.

Prices will range from $1 - ? depending on the work involved. The final result is simply a DIV that you place where ever you want on your webpage. $1 image maps will be very simple, for example, a 4 image email signature seen below. It will not link in this example since this is bb code not html. But in the example below, the email would click to your email and of course the three social media would link to your profile.

This would be an html code you would easily drop in every email and if you use outlook or another email program that allows html signatures, you can usually save it to auto-populate or even add it with a right click (insert signature) like outlook.

You can get very crafty with these. I have some examples below. You can do banners, menus, pretty much anything you can image. You could do a picture of a female where her two jugs link somewhere and any other areas you wish to place a link. It is all done using linked coordinates.

Here are some examples

You can do a menu bar or two with your logo in the middle... again on your web page/blog/tumblr etc this would all be links

Other examples could be anything seen below...

Even an email signature like this...

You could even get crazy if you wanted your image to have 50 links

The potential uses are endless...

So, if you'd like to spruce up your site, let me know approx links and what you want done and I'll price it.

Again, remember I a
have one sample for first full mamber + who will do a vouch.

18  Economy / Digital goods / CHEAP DOMAINS!! $25 EACH. $50 for Included! on: February 22, 2015, 03:49:56 AM
I am dumping a bunch of domains.

24 Hour Transfer Available if you have a GoDaddy account or grab one for FREE.

Expiration Dates are listed next to the domain.

SPECIAL  $200 for all red bitcoin domains

$25 for the 3 pack below
AQUAZENE.COM   8/26/2015   Active
NANOZENE.COM   8/26/2015   Active
MEDIZENE.COM   8/26/2015   Active   

$25 for both domains...
25LA.COM   2/24/2015   Active         
4OF5.COM   2/23/2015   Active

$25 for both domains..
BITCOINSHOPPER.INFO   2/27/2015   Active     
SHOPWITHBITCOIN.INFO   2/27/2015   Active

$25 ea. or 5/$100
BITCOINSTORAGE.US   11/3/2015   Active     
BITCOINTRUSTBANK.COM   5/23/2015   Active

CKCKX.COM   7/23/2015   Active   
XBTCOLDSTORAGE.COM   11/4/2015   Active      
SMSATM.COM   7/12/2015   Active
FIRSTBANKOFBITCOIN.COM   3/25/2015   Active     
GOINBITCOIN.COM   11/4/2015   Active               
BETINBTC.COM   7/16/2015   Active         

BFGAY.COM   7/14/2015   Active         
BITCOINADWORDS.COM   7/13/2015   Active         
CASLOTS.COM   8/26/2015   Active         
DOWNLOADSY.COM   11/28/2015   Active     
HELPDRAW.COM   8/26/2015   Active       
MPLYR.COM   10/29/2015   Active     
SBIZZ.COM   7/23/2015   Active         
SIINS.COM   7/16/2015   Active         
TWUTTY.COM   8/26/2015   Active     
UGRAN.COM   7/23/2015   Active   
X2BTC.COM   3/30/2015   Active        
XROAR.COM   7/23/2015   Active   
YSAGI.COM   7/23/2015   Active

$50 ea. or 2/$80
THVX.COM         7/27/2015   Active 
UZHM.COM   7/26/2015   Active     
PM if you are interested
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why (IMO) Bitcoin will never work. Debunk me please. on: February 03, 2015, 06:58:10 PM
A quick article that says it all then a short opinion...  your opinion in comments... please.

Here is an article from InsideBitcoins

NEW YORK— More than a dozen people in Connecticut have received anonymous letters threatening to kill family members unless a bitcoin ransom is paid. Local law enforcement authorities in Fairfield County and the FBI are investigating the 14 threats, delivered to residents’ homes in letters postmarked from Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida.

The letters detail how to open an account and issue a $2,000 bitcoin payment before a Feb. 13th deadline:

“[Recipient] you do not know who we are, but we have been tracking you and your loved ones for a while now. We know your schedules. We know where you all live and spend your time. We also know how to kill any one of you without being caught. Now [recipient], don’t panic. This isn’t personal. You did nothing to deserve this. You were just one of a handful of families unfortunate enough to draw our attention.

However, nobody has to die. Allow us to explain. You have until 12:00 PM on February 13, 2015 to pay us $2,000. If you do not comply with that simple demand, the following will happen: we will kill you, [recipient], or someone else to whom you are close. Or you can simply pay us the $2,000. To make the payment do the following.

1. Open an account at any online Bitcoin exchange, such as or
2. Deposit $2,000 into that account. Do not wait until the last minute to do this. It will likely take you about a week to open an account, get it verified, and process the transaction.
3. Use the entire $2,000, minus whatever small fee the exchange charges, to purchase Bitcoins on the exchange. If you are unsure about the process of buying Bitcoins, Google it.
4. Withdrawal (sic) all Bitcoin you purchased to the following Bitcoin address: 19vcdWcV4J8bhH7j3igHZ5q4WGT2UX5V2S
5. Be sure to type all 34 characters of that Bitcoin address in EXACTLY. It is case sensitive. The first character is a number “one”, NOT a lowercase “L”.
6. You are finished. Breath (sic) easy, and live your life in peace knowing you will never have to deal with us again.”

The letters also include a “Note to Law Enforcement” explaining that police will never be able to catch or identify the culprits. So far, residents in Farmington, Ridgefield and Redding, Connecticut have received the threatening mail, addressed to one resident at each address, but mentioning the names of others living in the homes.

For this reason and this reason alone, bitcoin can never become mainstream or allowed to go on much further without Government intervention. There are reasons why we can't have anonymous financial transactions and this is exactly why not. If we lived in a truly honest society with no evil intent (impossible) then possibly the idea behind bitcoin would work. But when we think about the real life implications of anonymous transactions, then we should all realize now is the time to get out. It cannot ever become what we all hoped because the scammers of the world will always be there and we cannot, as a society, allow them to have a tool in which to terrorize, threaten, extort and steak from hard working people who are targeted simply because of their use of bitcoin.

Imagine your child is kidnapped in a world with and then without bitcoin.

Without: In order to ask for and recover a ransom... there needs to be a physical drop off, or trackable transaction which can allow for the recovery of the child or the funds. Many possible situations must be contemplated by the criminals including... stings, tracking embedded cash, set-ups, etc. etc. Making the job of the criminals difficult.

With: Simply kidnap who you want, demand bitcoin. Kill those who do not comply, collect from those who do.

So, guys...  can bitcoin be allowed to continue or should we cut our losses?


20  Economy / Collectibles / Elvis Fans - Huge Collection Cheap Shipped Free! LP's 45's Trading Cards Books on: February 03, 2015, 08:59:41 AM
Bitcoin Payment Please for
Elvis Presley "The King of Rock & Roll"

Large Collection of Misc. Elvis Items
Collection Includes:
Records, 45's, Sealed Collectibles, VHS, DVD's,
Audio Cassettes, Paper Ephemera, Books & More

International Buyers Please Contact Us

This lot is all-inclusive. Every item pictured will be included. The following is a list of some of the items. + there's more than just those listed.

WILL CONSIDER OFFERS and Custom Packages SO FEEL FREE TO MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER or pick and choose specific items.

Please Feel Free to Message Me With Any Questions


Elvis in Hollywood RCA 1976 Brookville Records
Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas
Moody Blue (Blue LP)
Victor Record- His Hand in Mine

Love Me Tender and Anyway You Want Me
Heartbreak Hotel and I Was The One
Return to Sender and Where Do You Come From
All Shook Up and That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
Hound Dog and Don’t Be Cruel
In the Ghetto and Any Day Now
Baby Let’s Play House and Hound Dog - 50th Anniversary (yellow 45)

Various Sealed Items

DVD’s Elvis 68 Comeback and Aloha from Hawaii
CD The Number 1 Hits
VHS Dead or Alive
VHS The Unmaking of Elvis Presley
3 Pack Pez in Tin
2 Mugs
Complete 4 CD Box Set (Elvis Today Tomorrow and Forever)
Christmas Cards Boxed
Tin CD Holder
One Pack 1992 Trading Cards
2003 Mini Calendar
Elvis Radica Slot Game
Elvis Talking pen

Non-Sealed Items
5 Cassette Complete 50’s Masters Set in Like New Condition
8 Fridge Magnets
3 Various Paperback Books
Large Tin Medal Sign Approx. 18" H x 12.5" W
Little Elvis Square Plate
Wind-up Black Guitar
4 Smaller Rectangle Russell Stover Empty Tins
1 Large Rectangle Russell Stover Empty Tin
1 Russell Stover Paper Box
Lots of 1992 Assorted Trading Cards
Lots of 1978 Trading Cards
One Complete Set 1978 Cards 1-66
Elvis Lives in our Hearts Bumper Sticker (Partially Torn)
3 TV Guides
15 Assorted Hard Cover Books in Great Condition
The Boy Who Would Be King - 2 Cassette Complete Audio Book
Elvis Cook Book
3 Elvis in the 50’s Blank Notebooks/Sketchbooks
1 Framed Print/Picture
Loose Cassette "Elvis King of Rock and Roll" 1992
2 Life Magazines
Crystal Paper Weight
Country Music Magazine
Song Hits Magazine
Black and White Photo Collections
8+ Unused Postcards
The Illustrated Elvis Catalog/Book
1 Unsealed Mug
Aloha from Hawaii Collectible Toy
1977 St. Louis Post Insert Paper
Various Newspapers, National Enquirer and Star
Jukebox Salt and Pepper Shaker
Little Medallion
Various Photos and Paper Ephemera

+More! Please see photos or message me with any questions about the contents.


Thanks so much for looking!

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