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1  Bitcoin / Pools / anyone know about the P2Pool code regards merge mining? on: May 11, 2016, 11:42:22 PM
   if True:
            share_info, gentx, other_transaction_hashes, get_share = share_type.generate_transaction(
                        ] + ([mm_data] if mm_data else []) + [
                    ]) + self.current_work.value['coinbaseflags'])[:100],
                    stale_info=(lambda (orphans, doas), total, (orphans_recorded_in_chain, doas_recorded_in_chain):
                        'orphan' if orphans > orphans_recorded_in_chain else
                        'doa' if doas > doas_recorded_in_chain else
                    desired_version=(share_type.SUCCESSOR if share_type.SUCCESSOR is not None else share_type).VOTING_VERSION,
                desired_timestamp=int(time.time() + 0.5),
                ref_merkle_link=dict(branch=[], index=0),
                desired_other_transaction_hashes_and_fees=zip(tx_hashes, self.current_work.value['transaction_fees']),

What does this piecesof code do?
It is in the p2pool file.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / anyone know what that reason for 2 blocks every time with 1 normal and 1 zero on: May 07, 2016, 09:36:27 AM
        "account" : "unmop-ali",
        "address" : "xQzv6Po3ikXy9u2k3NaEVx7GH5YbdzATYd",
        "category" : "immature",
        "amount" : 0.00000000,
        "confirmations" : 1,
        "generated" : true,
        "blockhash" : "6b6c367c1131ec3b7f76ec066e8db32b6c99cd3852785dad4cef85bec0e473b4",
        "blockindex" : 0,
        "blocktime" : 1462613514,
        "txid" : "72865428f4e12fe58dcc2c1175cc0ffafe0b6ab0274ba555f403b375db9f14e0",
        "normtxid" : "b9b7bdc21a3f529068e377468d6d9fa79e496fd1230bc29cceac8f51d3bcaf97",
        "time" : 1462613514,
        "timereceived" : 1462613539
        "account" : "unmop-ali",
        "address" : "xQzv6Po3ikXy9u2k3NaEVx7GH5YbdzATYd",
        "category" : "immature",
        "amount" : 5.00000000,
        "confirmations" : 1,
        "generated" : true,
        "blockhash" : "6b6c367c1131ec3b7f76ec066e8db32b6c99cd3852785dad4cef85bec0e473b4",
        "blockindex" : 0,
        "blocktime" : 1462613514,
        "txid" : "72865428f4e12fe58dcc2c1175cc0ffafe0b6ab0274ba555f403b375db9f14e0",
        "normtxid" : "b9b7bdc21a3f529068e377468d6d9fa79e496fd1230bc29cceac8f51d3bcaf97",
        "time" : 1462613514,
        "timereceived" : 1462613539

anyone know what's the reason?

3  Bitcoin / BitcoinJ / BitcoinJ porting to scrypt coin and enable with auxpow on: January 14, 2015, 06:22:58 PM
I need some helps that stuck me for a long time

the coin source list in github:

I based this code to get auxpow enable:

and also doge's auxpow :

thanks for @hashengineering to give the reference about auxpow:

1. Does the unitedscryptcoin's auxpow implementation actually missing to take care about filterbloom, filterblock, merkleblock, inv, or other parts?
2. I follow the devcoin to implement the auxpow for templecoin, however, it is not able to verify for merkel block parsing.

3. base on the protocol, There is not merkleblock def. only merkle branch. are they the same thing or something else? 

4. the header is not 80 and grow like 3000~5000 bytes, is it that really health for a blockchain like that?

5. I found that dogecoin does not actually implement the auxpow in dogecoinj-new , how it can support auxpow blocks that currently already enabled.

if anyone can help on this or provide me another update to date auxpow implmentation for bitcoinj (or scrypt base) will be appreciated.


4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [ANN] Anyone holding Templecoin (TPC) welcome to sell, it worth $0.5 USD each on: September 30, 2014, 11:17:26 PM
Welcome to sell it on

I am going to buy all of them.

offical site:

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bitcoin-Lib-PHP problem on: September 11, 2014, 04:52:08 PM
Could anyone  help me on this issue?

base on
I change the magic_byte ='00' to '41' for templecoin
and come up with as follow:

put the seed as follow (without qutation)
"smart shut inside pride milk linger pretty happen stupid lung warmth zone"

look at the #5

It is invalid, others are the same as electrum, I can't figure out how to solve this problem.

The source for the private WIF:

$magic_byte = '41';
$string = trim($seed);
$seed = Electrum::decode_mnemonic($string);

for($i = $startidx; $i < $startidx+10; $i++) {
$privkey = Electrum::generate_private_key($seed, $i,0);
$wif=BitcoinLib::private_key_to_WIF($privkey, FALSE, $magic_byte);
echo "$i ::

I need help on this.

UPDATE: I change the magic_byte='0' will have the same problem.
6  Bitcoin / Electrum / Could anyone compile the lastest Electrum for windows under WINE? on: September 09, 2014, 08:30:00 PM
I need the  VirtualBox .vdi file , if someone could do it. I appreciated. prefer ubuntu or debian.
7  Bitcoin / Electrum / Electrum for Templecoin on: September 05, 2014, 06:10:15 PM
I currently study the code for electrum client and server. They are nice.
However, when I try to port it to my own coin , Templecoin, I encounter some problem.

I don't know if that the right place to ask.

the source code in here:

It is running fine, and can receive coins and send coins.
But only not able to verify coins.

The worst is that I don't know if it is a server side issue for the client issue.
and I am poort about the python coding.

If anyone can help on this I could reward ₮100 as bounty (electrum running successfully and fully function as same as bitcoin for the current version)

If you don't have time, please point me out which .py file I should modify to fix this verification issue.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / is going to maintain for 1 hours+ on: April 23, 2014, 03:52:38 AM is going to maintain for 1 hours+ @ Today 9PM PST.

Also will update the FLAP wallet to welcome the new devs to join.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [₮] Templecoin looking for merchert to accept this coin on: March 27, 2014, 09:49:29 PM
[₮] Templecoin(TPC)  looking for the following:

1. Merchants to accept this coin.
2. Developers to build more apps (mobile & app) to support this coin

Please PM me when you interesting.
and also let's build the TPC-ECO system together to make profits when we spending other than pumping and dumping.

Merchants get funds directly to your wallet.
Developer make app could generate tiny value from crow population of users.
the user will willing to give  0.01₮ everyday if they love your game/app
We don't need a bank to store the fund, and don't need the credit card company to have profit in the middle.

Let's have the freedom spending with stable / acknowledge value of TPC.

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][TPC][₮] Templecoin a cryptocurrency with predefined value on: March 25, 2014, 12:44:46 AM
     a cryptocurrency that be forced to hook with USD value for 5 years

Templecoin is a cryptocurrency with total  2,718,281,828.45904523 coins, block reward 0.001~1 coins per minute . It is based on litecoin and is 99.81% premined. The premined coins will have at least 10~20% USD reservation to support its value.

It is mostly focus on development project in the area of food, restaurant , retail store, online service, Internet mobile, and games. all the joined project will be listed in the official website.

Templecoin predefine the value for its coin as  1₮ = 1 TPC = $1 = $1USD
The following value will be vary base on the Fiat exchange rate. (Forex)

1₮  = 1.1   CAD
1₮  = 7.75 HKD
1₮  = 6.19 CNY

Templecoin is based on the Litecoin protocol. However, premined templecoins will design to maintain a stable value that good for trading and mircro-payment.

Official site:

Business/Project contact email:



please refer to the site:

Links / social networks:
Chat on Freenode (#templecoin)



Block explorer


Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt
Total coins: 2,718,281,828.45904523 TPC
Premine: 99.81%
Coins per block: 0.001 ~ 1 / minute  (one block takes 5 minutes, you might have max 5 TPC)
Block target: 2.5 minutes
Difficulty adjustment: every block (KGW)
Block reward halving every 325,000 blocks before 1 minute limit. (after 325,001 block, the max reward still 1 TPC, just harder to get )
All coins will have been mined about 9.5 years
Mined coins mature in 325 blocks
Minimum TX-fee: 0.001 ,  
10TPC - 10,000 TPC        0.001% TX fee,
10,000 - 100,000 TPC      1 TPC TX fee
> 100,000 TPC                12TPC TX fee

Due to the nature of mining reward will base on transaction fee.
TX-fee will change along (mostly reduced) the wallet software updated.
However, all the benefit of the transaction fee will contribute to the network to incentive the miner to build the strong network.

The operating company won't interfer about this fee.

Main-Net: p2p port: 32581 - rpc port:9081
Test-Net: p2p port: 18523 - rpc port:19081


TODO: still have a issue need to be solved.
If any developer wish to envoled.

MPOS pools:
not officially provided.

Local p2pool [run and mine on your own machine, don't need any pool, and  you can server others too]
TPC P2Pool Local

Open source projects: (Welcome developers to involve  (deprecated)


Warning: You only be able to mine 0.001₮ each block at the beginning (without busy transactions)
Calculate your profit with your power consumption + depreciation
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Question about the mining reward. on: March 15, 2014, 04:47:46 AM
Anyone could help me to review the following data.
What will the problem this coin will encounter?

found block(sec):30 diff:0.02441406 Height:1000 TxFee:3.777990 Reward:3.792571 (3.792571)
found block(sec):36 diff:10.90062526 Height:1003 TxFee:2.542862 Reward:3.142862 (7.370289)
found block(sec):31 diff:28.70057586 Height:1006 TxFee:4.224731 Reward:4.741398 (22.968830)
found block(sec):74 diff:52.65162951 Height:1009 TxFee:1.656611 Reward:2.889944 (19.140970)
found block(sec):31 diff:67.76747696 Height:1012 TxFee:3.690742 Reward:4.207408 (25.165578)
found block(sec):38 diff:8.92070837 Height:1015 TxFee:1.424377 Reward:2.057711 (4.127773)
found block(sec):35 diff:15.35123745 Height:1018 TxFee:1.810117 Reward:2.393451 (7.202465)
found block(sec):125 diff:97.62066405 Height:1021 TxFee:4.872651 Reward:6.955984 (26.347488)
found block(sec):92 diff:90.31161736 Height:1024 TxFee:3.107966 Reward:4.641299 (24.582802)
found block(sec):70 diff:54.96514944 Height:1027 TxFee:0.897523 Reward:2.064189 (12.696983)
found block(sec):158 diff:208.54954632 Height:1030 TxFee:2.638510 Reward:5.271843 (24.113346)
found block(sec):136 diff:149.28806535 Height:1033 TxFee:0.446476 Reward:2.713143 (21.921313)
found block(sec):166 diff:178.37081528 Height:1036 TxFee:4.872572 Reward:7.639239 (26.347409)
found block(sec):31 diff:150.29266231 Height:1039 TxFee:0.436084 Reward:0.952750 (21.910920)
found block(sec):90 diff:159.74771182 Height:1042 TxFee:1.771934 Reward:3.271934 (23.246771)
found block(sec):234 diff:328.25447734 Height:1045 TxFee:2.536626 Reward:6.436626 (24.011463)
found block(sec):35 diff:22.05881762 Height:1048 TxFee:1.933325 Reward:2.516659 (9.448772)
found block(sec):275 diff:255.98175717 Height:1051 TxFee:0.057244 Reward:4.640577 (21.532080)
found block(sec):100 diff:415.03823471 Height:1054 TxFee:4.943128 Reward:6.609794 (26.417964)
found block(sec):39 diff:113.27242883 Height:1057 TxFee:5.090272 Reward:5.740272 (26.565108)
found block(sec):112 diff:101.33701724 Height:1060 TxFee:4.166622 Reward:6.033289 (25.641459)
found block(sec):36 diff:65.31620691 Height:1063 TxFee:0.500637 Reward:1.100637 (11.558036)
found block(sec):30 diff:0.75172924 Height:1066 TxFee:4.814197 Reward:5.314197 (5.945853)
found block(sec):222 diff:306.23535961 Height:1069 TxFee:5.085836 Reward:8.785836 (26.560672)
found block(sec):73 diff:105.37373469 Height:1072 TxFee:2.115633 Reward:3.332300 (23.590470)
found block(sec):270 diff:391.33630771 Height:1075 TxFee:4.098377 Reward:8.598377 (25.573214)
found block(sec):70 diff:162.60512545 Height:1078 TxFee:0.400816 Reward:1.567483 (21.875653)
found block(sec):135 diff:471.41404223 Height:1081 TxFee:2.414977 Reward:4.664977 (23.889813)
found block(sec):46 diff:417.79514304 Height:1084 TxFee:2.482000 Reward:3.248666 (23.956836)
found block(sec):30 diff:14.89780732 Height:1087 TxFee:2.076911 Reward:2.576911 (7.512038)
found block(sec):171 diff:467.00272399 Height:1090 TxFee:0.328640 Reward:3.178640 (21.803476)
found block(sec):283 diff:281.62508573 Height:1093 TxFee:4.595921 Reward:9.312587 (26.070757)
found block(sec):190 diff:560.08170177 Height:1096 TxFee:4.310884 Reward:7.477550 (25.785720)
found block(sec):330 diff:775.59604952 Height:1099 TxFee:2.082469 Reward:7.582469 (23.557306)
found block(sec):152 diff:385.84599912 Height:1102 TxFee:1.948281 Reward:4.481614 (23.423117)
found block(sec):205 diff:373.42515168 Height:1105 TxFee:2.153063 Reward:5.569730 (23.627899)
found block(sec):83 diff:348.09492135 Height:1108 TxFee:1.001021 Reward:2.384355 (22.475858)
found block(sec):399 diff:483.45293714 Height:1111 TxFee:4.348777 Reward:10.998777 (25.823613)
found block(sec):48 diff:47.48851703 Height:1114 TxFee:2.983806 Reward:3.783806 (24.447008)
found block(sec):391 diff:525.80578950 Height:1117 TxFee:1.784587 Reward:8.301254 (23.259423)
found block(sec):42 diff:132.44480565 Height:1120 TxFee:2.535225 Reward:3.235225 (24.010061)
found block(sec):231 diff:347.92755534 Height:1123 TxFee:3.844682 Reward:7.694682 (25.319519)
found block(sec):269 diff:449.94121266 Height:1126 TxFee:1.006300 Reward:5.489633 (22.481136)
found block(sec):40 diff:21.03595128 Height:1129 TxFee:2.148366 Reward:2.815033 (9.856949)
found block(sec):74 diff:279.85294706 Height:1132 TxFee:2.564694 Reward:3.798027 (24.039530)
found block(sec):260 diff:490.08982538 Height:1135 TxFee:5.123217 Reward:9.456550 (26.598053)
found block(sec):803 diff:1082.22231031 Height:1138 TxFee:1.633327 Reward:15.016660 (23.108163)
found block(sec):316 diff:339.01075554 Height:1141 TxFee:3.880926 Reward:9.147593 (25.355763)
found block(sec):98 diff:841.61720369 Height:1144 TxFee:1.871607 Reward:3.504940 (23.346443)
found block(sec):636 diff:665.82718383 Height:1147 TxFee:4.096657 Reward:14.696657 (25.571493)
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][SUPPORT] BondNi.Com Mining Pool Support Thread on: February 11, 2014, 07:38:42 PM
Please use this link for support:

then click "contact us"

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [ANN] [BondNi.COM]Multi Alt-Coin Pools on: January 22, 2014, 10:54:24 PM
Automatic (Current mining : ASR )   stratum+tcp://
-   Name   Pool
   XIV   9022   Xivra Coin
   ASR   9037   ASR Coin
   USDE 9015   USDE Coin
   UFO   9022   UFO Coin
   PIR   9019   Pirate Coin
   DGB   9020   DigiByte
   TAC   9013   Travel Coin
   HTC   9026   HuaTeCoin
   BIL   9008   

Welcome to join , or PM if you have new coin need a pool.

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Anyone mine in XIV? welcome to mine @ on: January 20, 2014, 01:43:20 AM
Anyone mine in XIV? welcome to mine @

It looks like pretty profitable. other than dogecoin. but less difficulty.

What do you guy think?

and welcome all the alt-coin founder contact me to build up the pools for you.

Welcome join my pool

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [ANN] [BondNi.COM]Multi Alt-Coin Pools on: January 18, 2014, 10:21:11 PM
INDEX:  (has verified block found)

  • Register once, use every pools
  • Don't have to add workers for every altcoins.
  • Payout threshold set to 1 , don't leave your coins in the pool
  • Auto mode:   stratum+tcp://  will redirection your hash power to the  pool ower selected altcoin
  • Others will update later

Welcome the coin founder to help me promote your coins and my pools.

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN] [BondNi.COM]Multi Alt-Coin Pools on: January 18, 2014, 08:49:14 PM

INDEX:  (has verified block found)

  • Register once, use every pools
  • Don't have to add workers for every altcoins.
  • Payout threshold set to 1 , don't leave your coins in the pool
  • Auto mode:   stratum+tcp://  will redirection your hash power to the  pool ower selected altcoin
  • Others will update later

Welcome the coin founder to help me promote your coins and my pools.

17  Other / Beginners & Help / Newbie Post. I am making a multipool for SOLO mining ... on: January 14, 2014, 08:49:06 PM
Hello everyone.

 I am making a multipool@

and tryout different Alt-coin for fun or for lucky.
any one wanna join me?

and also the new coin maker could also ask me to make a scrypt pool for you Smiley
Of course welcome to donate BTC/LTC/ your coins for server costs.

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