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121  Economy / Scam Accusations / "Oppopenwifi" ICO photoshoped team picture on: August 24, 2018, 06:53:53 PM
What happened : Team picture Photoshoped

Website:    (Archived)

Profile link:;u=1209532
ANN thread:      (Archived)
Bounty thread:    ( Archived)

Check Martin Regan & Susan Lawry picture background. Although they used their Linkedin profile but look is different.


Both picture use same background from google:

Any way, even we agree team are real because of linkedin profile. Question is about advisor ;
One of their ICO advisor is Jared Polites

Why "Oppopenwifi" ICO is not in Advisor Protfolio
This is not scam accusation yet, we need appropriate answer from team

122  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam attempt !!! Stay away & be careful.. on: August 23, 2018, 10:24:17 PM
What happened : Scam attempt
Profile link:;u=2361495

Thread link :

If you're looking to make some extra money and have a Localbitcoins account that meets these requirements send me an email at or add me on ICQ 651088979 and I will get back to you within an hour.

Verified account
50+ confirmed trades
100% feedback score
5+ BTC trade volume
External bitcoin wallet address to send your money to

If your account meets those requirements I can guarantee you a minimum of $10k within a day. If you can supply accounts daily you will make $100k within 30 days guaranteed

Please pay attention on Bold area, is it possible earn $10K a day and $100K in 30 days ? There is any legal way to earn $100K per month from LocabitcoinRoll Eyes

A newbie account offering up to $100K Shocked
123  Other / Meta / Moderators, why this report has marked Bad ? on: August 22, 2018, 08:00:25 PM

Reference taken from,
32. Posting multiple posts in a row (excluding bumps and reserved posts by the thread starter) is not allowed.

According to above rule, multiple post in a row is not allowed on single thread. I reported a post for multiple reply on his/her own thread. No any other member reply yet on that post. Also he/she has copy paste his/her own reply. I had reported his/her post but its marked "Bad" by Moderators.

I had reported on his/her reply ( not in thread).

Can I ask why this report has been marked Bad ?

Archived reported thread for reference.
124  Economy / Reputation / Selling ANN bump service on bitcointalk on: August 20, 2018, 11:45:55 AM
Profile link: jahda1001
Service thread:

We will use Jr. Member account to create Ann thread, you will have to give me all the information you want to post.

  • The website, All information, including Whitepaper
  • Your campaign, for example, Date ICO, the Trading platform you can put your token in the future
  • Give me your Ann Thread design. (ex: BBCODE post - if you need We use our account to post the Thread)
  • An employee can answer the questions we ask. There will be questions that we can not explain. We pass on to you, and you reply. Next, we will respond to the topic.

We will promote for your Thread

Package ANNALL: 1BTC/month

  • ANN/ICO Thread manager. You will receive 4-5 pages per day (all HQ comment and real users, not fake
  • All questions and quality answers
  • Telegram Community Manager
  • You will receive a ~50 JR Member setting up your project signature
  • Keep your Thread in page #1 (max 4 hours/day)
  • Random 20-50 other Bitcointalk (ex Hero, Sr, Legend) account replies
  • Accounts with signature campaigns will post a lot of comments in a month
  • Use 200-500 Jr. Member account go to your Ann Thread and create excitement for it
  • Random post to ~20 crypto forums
  • Random post to ~20 other forums
  • Random promo to many Telegram Community

Package ANN01: $350 - 1 Month
Package ANN02: $500 - 2 Month
Package ANN03: $700 - 3 Month

  • You will receive 2-5 pages per day
  • All questions and quality answers
  • You will receive a ~20 JR Member setting up your project signature
  • We’ll keep your Ann Thread in page #1 (max 4hours/day)
  • Random 20-50 Hero, Legend Sr account replies
  • Use 200-500 Jr. Member account go to your Ann Thread and create excitement for it

Perhaps he sell his service also outside of forum;

I have found you on Fiverr, service too good. I will come back to you

Are you Amandaferriss?

This kind of user flooded forum by spam. Tag not enough for him, should be ban from forum.
125  Economy / Reputation / Deleted. on: August 20, 2018, 10:29:02 AM
Deleted .
126  Other / Meta / Meta board flooded by account recovery thread ( ban/locked and hacked account) on: August 19, 2018, 04:35:51 PM
Recently I have seen many thread for recover ban/locked & hacked account on meta board.
Why not make a pin post by moderator for claim ban/locked and hacked account.

Subject might be, "Claim your ban/locked and hacked account here"

It's not better make a pin post instead of multiple thread for recover account ?
As far as I know moderators can solve ban and locked account except hacked account.

Some people's  waiting from years for get backed their account even he have enough proof. Admin shouldn't give priority to help them for  get back their account ?
Due to merit system it's not easy to build a ranked account now.

I believe if admin give power to moderators for recover  hacked account, it will be easy to get back hacked account for victim . And it will reduce pressure of admin.

As a most popular Cryptocurrency discussion forum,  also need upgrade security system for member's, like 2FA to prevent hacker.

There is one thread with guidelines but it's locked. No one can reply.

There is one:

The problem is that they're just not getting restored.
127  Other / Meta / There are any subdomain for Bitcointalk ? on: August 19, 2018, 06:06:42 AM
I don't know if there is another subdomain for During search on google I saw this website :

(Probably phishing site)
Archived :

I can't remember, may be i was read before about it. But I search on forum about this website, I can't find result. I am not sure, post has been deleted ?
That's why create this topic.

This website is showing real time data from . It's subdomain of this forum ? Or it's a phishing site?

I can't collect much data about this domain because Whois protected.

Domain information from Whois
Created on: Mon Aug 14 21:22:14 2017
Last edited on: Sun Jan 14 18:05:04 2018
Expires on: Wed Aug 14 21:22:14 2019
Primary host add:
Primary host name:
Secondary host add:
Secondary host name:

If anyone have idea about it, please share. If there is another thread reply link here, I will locked thread.

128  Economy / Reputation / Green trust account seller on: August 19, 2018, 02:59:57 AM
Profile link :;u=2296577

Thread link :
Archived :

Account selling with green trust. Clever seller, bumping and locked the thread. He given link of selly website. Selly itself is a scam as far as I know. So there is high chance for scam people. Although buyers deserve scam Grin. Tagged from my side. Waiting for DT....
129  Economy / Reputation / Another ICO promoter (spammer) on bitcointalk, terrible promoter on: August 18, 2018, 05:36:12 PM
Profile link : AleXcreig

Thread link :
Archived :

He promoting crypto-currency on bitcointalk .

Hello, I promote different projects on
Here is exemples:

Contact me  to know more.
telegram: @cr1ptoKraken

I surprised after visited his post history , really terrible  Roll Eyes.

Same post on multiple board English and native language. Look like he post on multiple local board. Please visit his  post history . I think no need more description about this spammer.
130  Other / Beginners & Help / Hacker can hacked your crypto wallet by getting help from Telecoms Operator on: August 18, 2018, 05:13:38 PM
Just now read a story about how hackers can hacked your wallet even you used 2FA. Hackers can break google 2FA if there is question of million. But recently we can see a complain about mobile 2FA. Your mobile number can be hack  by hacker. I wast thought mobile number can be hacked. Please read full details below how they hacked.

Read full details on cointelegraph

I have collect small quote from cointelegraph ,
SIM swapping is a process of leading a telecoms provider like, say, T-Mobile transferring the target’s phone number to a SIM card held by the attacker. Once they receive the phone number, hackers can use it to reset the victims’ passwords and break into their accounts, including accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Occasionally, that allows thieves to bypass even two-factor authentication, as Motherboard writes. According to their investigation, SIM swapping “is relatively easy to pull off and has become widespread,” adding that “cryptocurrency accounts are common targets.”

The tactics employed by criminals to perform such hacks may vary. Sometimes, they trick customer representatives into believing they are the targets and make them hand over their data. However, as per Motherboard, fraudsters often use the so-called “plugs”: telecom company insiders who get paid to do illegal swaps. An anonymous SIM hijacker told the publication
131  Other / Meta / List of thread should be delete/lock/ban by moderator. on: August 16, 2018, 08:17:33 PM
I am agree with this rule,

19. Possible (or real) scams and Trust ratings are not moderated (to prevent moderation abuse).

Possible or real scam are not moderated due to prevent moderation abuse. May be later on people will blame if happen any scam.

I am also not asking to moderate scam by forum or moderator. To keep clean moderators , Members will moderate scam as much as possible. So no one will question to moderators. But moderators should decide post will lock/delete/ban based on members judgment.

For example if some one make thread an ICO with fake team or stolen from other its visible here. Every one can see really they used fake photo or not. If really used fake photo, it doesn't mean they can scam people? It's not harmful for forum ? In that case moderator can't lock/delete or ban thread/user ?

I will present below some ICO thread they used fake team. I expect members will leave true opinion here. And moderator can take action based on members judgement.

Thread # 1  
ANN Thread link:
Accusation about fake team:
Accusation accuracy : 100%
There is enough evidence team is fake. Thread should be delete and band user.

ANN Thread link:
Accusation about fake team :
Accusation accuracy : 100%
There is enough evidence team is fake. Thread should be delete and band user.

ANN Thread link:
Accusation about fake team :
Accusation accuracy : 100%
There is enough evidence team is fake. Thread should be delete and band user

For now I will leave this 3 Thread, list will be update if moderator take action based on members opinion.
If you think described thread are really harmful leave your true feedback.  
132  Economy / Reputation / Suspicious signature campaign !!! on: August 16, 2018, 07:48:19 AM
Thread link :


3.) Participants must publish atleast 42 meaningful posts per week which must have a minimum length of 75 characters

Is it necessary make 42 post, means 6 post per day. Condition is post should be meaningful.

There will be spam instead of meaningful post. Because it's not easy to make 6 constructive post per day.

Head Admin will hold "1000ETH and provide the ETH Wallet, but not to send to Escrow." - as he said.

1000 ETH isn't small amount , they don't trust escrow.

1.) Be registered at the forum

May be they want increase their registers.

Although they are payment is much higher from other campaign. But I feel it's not safe for participant.

Edited : 26-08-2018

As far as I know, Eventually the campaign manager and admin skip without full payment of signeture campaigner and forum posting bonus. And abruptly removed bonus offer from his forum without prior notice, which is considered for cheating.This thread remain open for future discussion if need. Look like they also ban Yahoo from their forum. Perhaps it's not orginal yahoo from bitcointalk.

Archived from
133  Other / Meta / Disable delete option from merited post. on: August 14, 2018, 01:39:45 PM
Just it's come one mind from Vod answer. There is no evidence for merit abuser if post has deleted.

We still know who you sent it to and how many you sent - we just don't know the content of the post.

Although I given answer there, but I think subject should be highlight. If some one abuse merit system and after got merit just delete the post, We will not find the content actually it was deserved merit or not.
 So how it will be if "Disble delete option for merited post". So abuser will not able to delete. Since merit abuse isn't moderate by forum, DT could handle this kind of case.
Usually DT never tag for merit abuser if case isn't with clear and strong evidence.

After merit implementation for jr. Member , I think this kind of case increasing. Hope admin will consider Disable delete option on merited post.
134  Economy / Reputation / Selling/Offering ANN bumping service !!!! Need DT to tag on: August 13, 2018, 01:28:07 PM
Thread :

Archived :

Profile link :

6. Reply, quote, comment, like, upvote to bump your ANN thread

It's look clear that he want to sale bumping Ann service. DT should consider to tag him or should be ban ?

Find another

add me on telegram : bjonions

Hello everyone, I want to write some posts and earn money. I was working with someone who had a lot of accounts but recently they closed this business for some personal reasons and I would be really glad to write posts for you on daily basis or whatever your need is, I can adjust with that.

I have been writing around 100 posts per day with my previous master and would be able to write up to 100 per day.

100% privacy and professionalism is guaranteed because I have been trained with that, please drop me a PM so we can discuss it further.

Edit: look like user deleted his post. You can see reference from other, some people quoted on thread.
Archive thread :

135  Other / Meta / Theymos ! What about that user who never used initial smerit his lifetime. on: August 13, 2018, 05:02:41 AM
I don't know if there was solution about it. I am not aware about that.
Just a question come on mind from it.
There is no point in hoarding sMerit; keeping it yourself does not benefit you, and we reserve the right to decay unused sMerit in the future.

You will see that msg when you are going to send merit some one. If some one never send merit he will never see that msg. So he didn't meet the merit system yet. How it work and why. My question is if some one never used merit system from his initial smerit what will happen? My point only who got initial merit during implement of merit system. Not for who earned merit. Currently nothing happen if no use. According to forum, admin can decay unused smerit on future. It's ok forum have right to take this dicision and I welcome it.

I just want modify admin point. Not decay smerit, should be decay from his initial merit due to he didn't respect merit system & didn't meet yet with merit system. There should be time frame, like 1 year.

For example , Epimetheus has never used merit system on his life time. He got 1000 merit initially. Say he have 10 smerit, and he never used his smerit during last 1 year. In that case should be decay his 10 initial merit ( not smerit ) for temporary, smerit will remain. So his merit will become 990 and rank will decrease. So until he used his smerit rank will remain decreased. Once he used his smerit completely, return his rank and merit too. During his punishment time should not allow more than 1 smerit per week to send other. Otherwise he will send it to spammer at once for get back his rank.

May be some one think it will increase send merit on spam post. But currently can you give guaranty spammer not received merit ? Something is better than nothing.

Lot of user here, they got initial merit but still didn't meet with it. They don't care about it. They have their rank, so thwy didn't feel to share it. They are busy with earning ( campaign). You don't think they should also learn about merit system. Or let it for drying ?

136  Other / Archival / Deleted. on: August 12, 2018, 07:55:32 PM
137  Economy / Scam Accusations / No team on "Vantum" ICO, suspicious activity. on: August 12, 2018, 07:56:04 AM
Website :
Bounty thread :

Question is where is team ?
As well they have answer about their FAQ .

It's ok they will upload team prior ICO. But ICO live (pre-sale) from 24 July they haven't update team yet.

On the other hand they mention team from north America. If I am not wrong ICO is restriction on America, I don't know exactly north or south America.

They mention on website Token like "token sale", "token allocation" but as per whitepaper they are going to create coins. I don't they understand different between token & coin or I didn't understand.

Btw question was about team. Hope they will clear the matter.

On the other hand look like their social media & community is too weak. Just bought a template form themeforest & launch ICO. "Just bought this template"
I can't find block explorer for their pre-mine coin.

I expect appropriate ans from team.  Hope bounty manager will try to clear with team.

138  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / U.S. SEC postponed ETF until end of September. Bitcoin start dump. on: August 08, 2018, 05:57:09 AM
Few day's ago was a rumor about ETF approval will middle of August. Today Cointelegraph publish a news that ETF proposal postponed to end of September.  After this ETF news Bitcoin start downtrend again. After ETF proposal bitcoin was bullish. But recently due to postponed ETF btc run on bearish again . If ETF result become positive market will be bump instantly. Hope SEC will consider for approve of ETF application.
139  Other / Beginners & Help / New hunters shouldn't keep token on genaral MyEtherwallet that using for bounty. on: August 06, 2018, 09:23:02 AM
Recently many cases I have seen for hacked MyEtherwallet.  Million dollar and token has been stolen by hacker. Especially those are new hunters, they are not much aware about technic of hackers. You can see example here how scamed MyEtherwallet, [SCAM ALERT] EOSGAS hacking MyEtherwallet by asking KYC & sign message . They are hacked very cleverly.

Basically hunter using same wallet for bounty. It's ok, rather than make multiple wallet use single wallet.

My suggestion to avoid scam move your token and eth to other MyEtherwallet account that are personal. I mean it will be use only for store token. After receive your token transfer instantly your personal MyEtherwallet. And personal account should not be use for bounty or other site. So even by mistake you visit phishing site invited by scammer, your token will be safe. But when you open your personal account, should be check address bar and don't login if invited form any third party website. Remember again personal address shouldn't be use for bounty or third party website. Just use it like cold store.

May be you will lose some gas fee but I believe you can save your hard work money.
140  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Great news for Ethereum Classic holder (ETC). Coinbase will listed on 7th August on: August 04, 2018, 06:38:47 AM
It's the great news whoever hold Ethereum Classic (ETC). Coinbase going to listed on 7th August. They have made a tweet few hours ago.
Final testing for ETC support on coinbase.
Quote from coinbase tweet.
Our engineering team is beginning final testing of Ethereum Classic on Coinbase products. We expect final testing to be completed by Tuesday, August 7, at which point we expect to announce that we’re ready to accept inbound transfers of ETC.

I think it will be more bump after got listed on coinbase. I think future of ETC is most likely Bitcoin cash. May be price will raised up rapidly.

What you think about Ethereum Classic (ETC) ?
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