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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] delete on: September 21, 2019, 04:47:27 AM
The official ANN thread for DIY Tube Coins has been moved here:
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / DIY Tube Video Community Blockchain Coming Soon.. on: September 06, 2019, 08:29:54 PM
We are currently working on our own blockchain for DIY Tube Video Community and we would love to hear your input before we finish the programming stages.

We put the community and website first. This means that DIY Tube has a function first and foremost. Two years ago DIY Tube was born and has been up and running ever since. We have been constantly improving the functionality of our video sharing community during this time.

About a year ago we set up our automated payment processor with an internal virtual wallet inside the DIY Tube website. Every 24 hours members have received a reward for video views, comments and thumbs up on both. This is in virtual DIYT Coins, which have been a sort of IOU until our blockchain is done.

We were going to use ERC20 tokens but we prefer to have our own blockchain for stability. Nothing against other blockchains but having your own means you are not relying on the success of someone else.

The reason for DIY Tube Video Community is because I, the founder, am a full time YouTube for 7 years now. About three years ago YT cut pay to everyone from the highest to the lowest. This hurt some families and destroyed others. Since then YT has been reducing pay to channel owners constantly with no transparency at all. Also channels get removed suddenly, often without prior warning. DIY Tube is a great backup for your videos.

Also YT opened up to trolls and harassment, actually giving trolls power over channel owners for a while. A person was allowed to comment on someone's channel and then block them from answering - on their own channel.

DIY Tube Video Community protects content owner's from plagiarism, harassment and spam as well as freedom of speech.

The starting value of DIYT is set at $0.10 in order to offer a competitive payment to DIY Tube members for their work. The value and internal payment processor was based on YouTube payments of three years ago. Since YT has drastically cut pay since then, DIY Tube will be the highest paying video sharing site in the World once our coins hit the exchanges.

The need for a cryptocurrency instead of revenue sharing is due to the complications of paying people around the World. The nightmare of accounting and taxes would be near impossible to overcome in fiat currency. Imagine paying content creators in their various countries and currencies every month. Then sending them tax forms in their own language and legal speak each year. Cryptocurrency removes those walls and allows for ease of payment to content creators World-wide.

Ok, that was the background.

The reason for the background was to tell the community in advance the reason for some of our numbers.

We have to premine a certain number of coins in order to pay existing members of DIY Tube for their earnings of the past years. I am also a miner. I hate premine so I had to fight through this in my mind for a while now.

We are also going to have masternodes. In order to have a masternode you will have to hold 25,000 DIYT. This will raise funds for further development costs of DIY Tube Video Community moving forward. Part of the premine will be to raise coins for the sale of masternodes. DIY Tube has cost tens of thousands of dollars so far and we have some exciting updates planned for the future.

We will have no developer fees so the masternodes will be our only source of funding.

There will be a maximum supply of 249 million DIYT.

We will premine 2 million DIYT to cover the above mentioned needs.

The block reward is 50 DIYT with a 2 minute block.

This will provide us with about a million coins per month.

Now the main point of DIYT Coins is for payment to content creators for video views as well as for writing comments. Therefore a large amount of DIYT Coins mined each day must go into a hot wallet to be used for internal payments. Members can trade their virtual coins out onto the blockchain and buy/sell/trade them at will. The idea is for people who have been hurt by YT to be able to pay their bills again.

Having masternodes, we must have a way to limit the amount of coins rewarded to miners in the first month until enough miners are on board. Otherwise miners can get enough coins to hold a masternode just by mining.

We have come up with the following tentative numbers. We would love to hear your feedback on anything here today.

1st month - miners get 10%, masternodes 20% and DIY Tube hot wallet 70%.

1st year - miners 45%, masternodes 5%, DIY Tube hot wallet 50%.

After four years mining ends and we will move into POS.

Until the blockchain is up and running, these numbers are tentative.

Please let us know your thoughts.

Thank you.

DIY Tube Video Community

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / DIY Tube Video Community Token Sale Crushed By Trolls on: April 30, 2018, 07:43:13 PM
The DIY Tube Video Community is officially announcing the halt to our planned ICO which is scheduled to start May 1. Due to ongoing harassment to our team, we had to let it go.

The founder of DIY Tube Video Community started many years ago on YouTube and has since gained over 100,000 subscribers. With a larger channel come trolls. These are people who love to hate, slander and harass other people.

YT has been cutting pay to 100s of thousands of channels in recent months so DIY Tube opened its arms to all those content creators. We are building a community which pays everyone in DIYT Coins for activity on the site. Members get paid for video views, thumbs up, comments and more.

The best of many platforms was taken and combined into DIY Tube. But also the worst of many platforms is going to be prevented. And this means making a troll free zone. The trolls are hell bent on shutting us down by any means possible.

They destroyed our social media team through threats and harassment. They all left us. Then they turned in Troy, the founder, to 5 different federal agencies on various false charges. Now they are stating these accusations as fact although now the trolls may end up being the ones investigated this time. Its a federal offense to use the feds to harass someone. Of course no crimes have been committed nor were any planned.

But due to all the negative propaganda and the loss of our marketing team, there is no point in proceeding with an ICO. Running an ICO takes time and money. It would be an absolute waste to continue now.

The reason for this message is to show our transparency to the public.

DIY Tube Video Community is currently giving out millions of DIYT Coins for helping get us jump started.

The first 1,000 members who upload 10 videos get 1,000 DIYT
The first 1,000 members who get 100 subscribers get 1,000 DIYT
The first 1,000 members who write 10 comments or more get 10 DIYT

We are also paying 100 DIYT for shout outs on other video platforms. Email us with a link to your video and your Ether wallet.

DIYT Coins are fully Ethereum wallet compatible.

Instead of a fund raiser or ICO we have posted some DIYT Coins on Forkdelta for sale. You can buy them directly there for $0.10 each.

Help us continue funding by purchasing DIYT on Forkdelta here:!/trade/0x141797bca73ad90844d88105c8fdd8acb4c75b48-ETH

Or donate Ether: 0x5ED41f370f7eE3BE272FBC7f242fa3db08521eC3

Spread the word about DIY Tube Video Community where everyone gets paid for doing what they enjoy

Read about DIY Tube Coins:
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [ICO] DIY Tube Video Community Rewards All Members For Activity on: April 26, 2018, 09:59:14 PM
DIY Tube Video Community pays everyone for activities in DIYT Coins which were minted on an ERC20 contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

DIY Tube Video Community was formed back in November 2017 as a backup plan for my own videos. I have a main YT site with over 100,000 subscribers and nearly 2,000 videos. Plus I have two smaller channels on YT as well. Since they were reducing payments to content creators for two years now, I felt that soon something bad was going to happen. But once I had a video site going, I realized I could let everyone share videos on the site. I had originally planned to run advertising and share 50% of ad revenue with members. But in order to get ads going you need a lot of traffic on your site and a lot of time behind you. I had neither and funds were running out.

Not long after, I started to study blockchains and solidity contracts. The idea was forming to mint my own coins for payment to members on the website. This overcomes a few obstacles. One is the mega reduction in accounting because cryptocurrency can be paid in all countries. Fiat currency would have to be paid in the different currencies for every country. The other problem would be the taxes and earnings statements to send out every year to members around the world.

In late February YT announced that they were removing partner privileges and payment to hundreds of thousands of smaller channels. My smaller channel took a hit as well. After working for free to earn partner privileges, they took it away again and set the standards even higher. They said it was to protect the community from harassment and spam. This was a huge slap in the face since I have been drowning under harassment from trolls for years on YT.

I found an investor to help get this site going and pick up all the hundreds of thousands of channels that youtube just slapped in the face and demonetized. Not long after, we also had our developer locked in and we were moving fast.

In early March I minted 249,500,000 DIYT Coins for use as payment to DIY Tube Video Community members. The number was chosen after careful study of the largest successful coins and their values. DIYT Coin was meant to be used as payment to community members so it had to have enough value but yet give us enough coins to go around. The Ethereum network was chosen based on a couple things. First, it is the number two coin in the world which means it is stable and here to stay. Second is the ERC20 contracts. And third is the awesome fact that ERC20 tokens are full compatible with existing Ether wallets. This means trading coins is easy.

Each partner gets 500,000 coins to hold onto for their potential investment value. A few million coins were given out to community members, family, friends and used as rewards for helping out the team.

Another 2 million coins are reserved as rewards for DIY Tube Community members who upload their first 10 videos or get their first 100 subscribers.

And now we are offering 40 million coins during our ICO from May 1 to June 15, 2018.

The idea is to raise enough funds to get DIYT Coins listed on the major exchanges, continue development of DIY Tube Video site, build our own blockchain and for promotion of the community. Plus we have ongoing costs we have to cover.

I had studied long and hard about how to make a successful coin. I learned that the best way is to build up community first and then issue the coin second. And that is exactly what we did. We built up the DIY Tube Video Community first and then minted the coins second. Next we set up an internal, virtual wallet inside the community and set up automatic payments. Members are paid every 24 hours for activities on the website. Members are paid for video views and thumbs up on their videos. Those who post comments get paid as well for their comments and thumbs up on them. If you post a comment today, you will see your earnings increase tomorrow. That is pretty cool and nearly real time payments. Everyone earns on DIY Tube Video Community. We felt it was only fair to offer everyone a reward for their involvement on DIY Tube.

You can visit DIY Tube Video Community where everyone gets paid for doing what they enjoy:

Read our whitepaper with all details about DIY Tube and DIYT Coin:

Read our coin sale terms and conditions:

Visit DIYT Coin website:

And read our blog here:

On the bottom of the coin site you can find all our social media links.

I must note that due to having a large YouTube channel for years now, I have a following of trolls. They will most likely follow me posting some lies about myself and my business. Please feel free to ask me anything you like.

We mean business and we aim to pay people that YT dumped on. I stand behind my word.

Troy Reid
DIY Tube Video Community

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