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1  Economy / Services / Illustrator/Painter 1Dq offering services on: November 23, 2022, 05:11:32 PM
Hello everyone

I'm pretty much new here in "Services", but have been pretty active on this forum a while back.

I created a bunch of BTC-related artworks and presented (and sold) them mostly in "Collectibles" section of our marketplace.

I was also one of the highest voted artists in Theymos' 10th anniversary competition with my "10 years of constructing the future" digital piece:


So after a while, I'm returning to creating crypto art!

To get a better sensation of what I'm offering, I'm adding a couple of my (still available) pieces below.

If you are either interested in them or you have an idea for a commission of your own, you can either reply below or send me a PM.

I'm also very much interested in collaboration in projects and expanding the imagination of what crypto is and could be!

One such project was illustrating for several History Coldkey cards:

Anyway, here's some more of my artworks, hope you enjoy them.



Bitcoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Gold on Canvas, 70x100cm/27,6”x39,4”

Reference and animated gif:

Litecoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Silver on Canvas, 70x100cm/27,6”x39,4”

Reference and animated gif:

The Bitcoin Miner, 2018, Acrylics and Gold  on Canvas, 111x91cm/43,7”x35,8”

Reference post:

Egging on the Future, 2018, Acrylics and Gold on Canvas, 65x55cm/25,6”x21,7”

Reference post:

Etheria, 2018, Acrylics on canvas, 60x40cm/23,6”x15,7”  

Cryptoglyphs, 2018, Acrylics on Canvas, 145x190cm/57”x75”

Reference thread:

It's nothing, 2019, Acrylics on Canvas, 25x30cm/9,8x11,8″

Reference thread:

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [RARIBLE] NFT of The Bitcoin Miner 21 - Artwork by 1Dq on: March 02, 2021, 05:51:36 PM
Hello and long time no see!

I finally (with the help of a colleague) embraced the world of NFT.

Let me present my first 21 mints of The bitcoin Miner 21 (digitally reworked original artwork The Bitcoin miner).

Here's a low res version:

I hope you like it and that I soon produce more interesting collectible artworks!


3  Bitcoin / Project Development / A chance for Bitcoin to show its value for the world on: June 10, 2020, 11:16:24 AM
Bret Weinstein and Yuri Deigin are discussing the origins of the Covid 19. Then they address the option of whistleblowers from labs working on Corona viruses sharing information to help the world understand, how to fight with this thing. Then they mention cryptocurrencies as a way of motivating this action:

I felt it was a interesting idea and could add some to the crypto cause.

Hope this is in the right place, otherwise move as you see fit, thank you.
4  Economy / Collectibles / Full collection of memes derived from my artwork Bitcoaster on: March 30, 2020, 04:24:38 PM
Hello fellow isolationists!

It's tough for a lot of you out there, so let's have some fun.

I made a bunch of memes based off of my artwork Bitcoaster (kudos to Brainless tales, who made the original rollercoaster guy) presented here:

First off, here's Bitcoaster:

I made it a gif:

When asked about it repeatedly I made him go up:

All kinds of things were happening:

Christmas time!:

Then this year came the Coronavirus and a major drop for BTC and I responded with this pic:

There was only one thing for everyone to be doing:

Then came a slight sign of hope:

And more...:

And for the last one, who knows where we're heading, but you can bet it's going to be an adventure!

I hope you enjoyed the show, cheers!
5  Economy / Collectibles / LIST OF AVAILABLE ORIGINAL ARTWORKS by 1Dq on: January 11, 2020, 04:26:42 PM
Good day Cryptoart hodlers!

I’ve had inquiries concerning availability of my artworks forever so I decided to make this reference thread.

Below is the list of all available pieces.
If you are interested you can either reply below or send me a PM.

Additional info and how I gild:


Bitcoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Gold on Canvas, 70x100cm/27,6”x39,4”

Reference and animated gif:

Litecoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Silver on Canvas, 70x100cm/27,6”x39,4”

Reference and animated gif:

The Bitcoin Miner, 2018, Acrylics and Gold  on Canvas, 111x91cm/43,7”x35,8”

Reference post:

Egging on the Future, 2018, Acrylics and Gold on Canvas, 65x55cm/25,6”x21,7”

Reference post:

Etheria, 2018, Acrylics on canvas, 60x40cm/23,6”x15,7”  

Cryptoglyphs, 2018, Acrylics on Canvas, 145x190cm/57”x75”

Reference thread:

It's nothing, 2019, Acrylics on Canvas, 25x30cm/9,8x11,8″

Reference thread:


6  Economy / Collectibles / [AUCTION] HISTORY COLDKEY ORIGINAL ARTWORKS by 1Dq on: December 05, 2019, 01:05:37 PM
Winter auction time!

Cryogenic Bitcoin storage FRONT, 2019, Acrylics on Canvas, 7,9x11,8″(20x30cm)
Cryogenic Bitcoin storage BACK, 2019, Acrylics on Canvas, 7,9x11,8″(20x30cm)

These two pieces were made in cooperation with yogg and you all know them by now, as they were used for the History Coldkey Series:

I wanted a retro cartoony, cinematic atmosphere. Anime Akira was a major influence.

There are several empty screens yogg used to put some bitcoin info in.

The winner of the auction can choose what I will paint in them!

Both are being auctioned separately, but also together.
 If there is a bid for both that is as high as the highest bids for two individual together, the bid for both will win!

Starting bid for each individual (FRONT or BACK) piece: BTC0.02
Bid increments:  BTC0.001
Starting bid for both pieces: BTC0.04
Bid increments: BTC0.001

December 12th, 12:00 EST

SNIPE: Any top bid made in the last 15 minutes will extend the auction 15 minutes beyond end time until no new bids are made.

PAYMENT: Bitcoin BTC directly to my address.

Free shipping worldwide!

Original reproductions:

And for some flavor:

7  Economy / Collectibles / 10 Years of Constructing the Future - presented in detail by 1Dq on: November 27, 2019, 06:29:23 PM
Hello guys!

Since this latest artwork grew also with the help of this section of Bitcointalk, I felt the need to present it in detail right here!

Let's start with the complete artwork titled 10 Years of Constructing the Future:

I did it because this month we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of this forum and there was a big contest organized that went along with the festivities.

The man that organized the contest is the legendary member theymos (check out the "T" on the shoulder):

I was choosing between several fun options of what part of the forum would be displayed on his tablet and went with Satoshi's "Welcome to new Bitcoin forum" thread.

You can't miss the big BTC symbol on the side of the construction, that I wanted to make a bit different, more technological/futuristic than we are used to:

As I mentioned, I wanted to expose Collectibles the most as it's been my hangout place for a year. The two robots have initials of two big Collectibles personas and there are several collectibles exposed as well.

But I also exposed other parts and important activities on this forum like Project development:



and News:

And we all know it's all about the merit, right?  Grin

...and sometimes some shady/scam/shitcoin business...

Still, there's good taste with, off course, The Pizza:

And your random Doge:

I'm 1Dq and it's been a pleasure:

If you are interested, you can vote until December 3rd for artists that will receive very special badges here:

Thank you all very much and as always

8  Economy / Collectibles / My latest artwork made for the 10th Anniversary art contest on: November 21, 2019, 01:41:46 PM
Hello everyone!

It's been almost a month now since I started work on this illustration and have put over 100 hours into it.

I won't describe it from the get-go - I'll leave it to you to figure it out and where all the details are and what they mean.

In case you wish to reward me with merit, please follow the link (second post from top) and do it there! It'll help me out a lot!

There, you'll also find a gif animation showing the entire work in progress.

Have fun and see you in the discussion!

9  Economy / Collectibles / 10TH ANNIVERSARY ART CONTEST + Collectibles Artwork Project by 1Dq on: October 21, 2019, 01:25:30 PM
Hello everyone!

I want to discuss the option of merging our Collectibles artwork project with the 10th Anniversary Art Contest.

Because of various reasons I already posted, our communal project got frozen for a bit.

Two days ago however, I got several messages urging me to check it this contest out. After reading its main thread ( I made this a priority again.

What I want to ask those who have so far participated is, if you are ok with an idea I've got.
I want to participate with a single digital artwork, based on the sketch I made and shared before:

There was a lot of work put into it and this would be a great way to get me work on it and push it to its completion. I would finish it a bit differently and on my own accord, as it would need to serve a broader Bitcoin talk community.

However, there would be several  benefits for all of you too.

First off, this would be done in the following month.

Secondly, I would add a link to the Collectibles artwork thread and name all of you who have participated with ideas in the description of my entry.

And lastly, the digital piece I would work on might be altered later for better inclusion of detail – collectibles! So that way, with a small twist we would have our project in the final phase.

Let me know what yout think. I want to start working on this asap, so I need to see if I have a green light from you.

10  Economy / Collectibles / PHASE 2 of our Bitcointalk Art Project - TIME TO SIGN IN! on: September 06, 2019, 11:49:12 AM

Hello fellow conspirators!

The starting thread for this project was very successful and we gathered plenty of good ideas!

You can check the starter thread here:

TLDR; We are collectively developing a project which will result in one or more artworks, which will visualize Bitcoin and its/our collectibles.
Our deadline is 17th November - the 10th Anniversary of The Bitcoin forum!

After gathering many ideas I made two lines of sketches, one abstract and one (mostly) realistic.
The latter got more attention so I developed it further and its potencial made it obvious that we can settle on it.

Abstract idea:

The winning idea:

Where we are now (I slightly corrected the original plan):

PHASE 1: I make this exact thread in which I invite you to the project. HERE we exchange ideas, we brainstorm and come up with a rough blueprint for me to work on. We also discuss promotion of the project and how it would benefit us. We set the date of finalizing the artworks.  - DONE

PHASE 2: Through sketches, drawings and miniatures I visualize our concept. We evaluate these together and go back and forth until one or more solid arworks are in sight. Many of you become active participants in the project with various benefits in the end. We determine in what way my work and the effort of all included will be rewarded.

PHASE 3: I start working on the project, updating you as regularily as it is possible. We promote the project via our channels and evaluate it as far as it is possible for an artwork in the making.

PHASE 4: The artwork (or initial part of it, if it is serialized) is finished and is sold, auctioned or raffled.

PHASE 5: We celebrate, promote the finished piece/s and figure out if we want to continue on future adventures.

I think we nailed PHASE 1 and already did some of PHASE 2 as well.

One important thing that's still open is how exactly we will distribute/auction/raffle/sell the artwork/s and compensate all involved for their work. Maybe I can arrange one or more auctions on this board, so I get my share for producing it and the active participants get exposure of their products and very possibly - prints! Let me know if that's ok with you and add any suggestions on how to make this fair and fun!

Details on our composition:

We have the above sketch depicting our artworks' content. I'll give it the work title »Collectibles«.

Collectibles is made of three pieces, showing the process of producing a collectible from start to finish in detail.

The composition starts with the piece on the left, which visualizes the internet. The grid is visible on all three pieces as it logically connects everything. Cubic shapes emerge from the center (genesis) because this section is visualized a timeline. Said shapes represent the Blockchain, Bitcointalk, investors, developers and others interacting between each other. This entire piece would be very futuristic and abstract.

The middle piece shows two characters working on and examining the finished product, verifying its value. It works as the bridge between the digital and the physical.

The right piece shows our final product in the hands of the new owner, but could also depict an auction, raffle, maybe an exhibition – stuff happening to various coins. I made a drone deliver the collectible, but that's just one of many ideas that could work here.

I could use real golden leafs for visualising presented collectibles (as I did in other artworks)!


To start painting I will need some specific intormation and to make it fun and fair I will ask all of you to answer three questions. You can of course add as much to that as you want!

•   What collectible/thing do you want incorporated (and how or where in the artwork). Please add links to those collectibles/things as you would like them presented.

•   What would you add to the composition?

•   What would you take away/change?

Hopefully this will gather all the neccessary information.

If there will be some conflict of what to add, take away or change, we will settle it as we go along.

One last idea I've been playing with – I could alter the original artwork before printing and change details to fit individual needs. This would mean your favorite collectible could be exposed on the artwork on your wall!

Now it's your turn. Please let others know to check in here, so we make this as big as possible!

11  Economy / Collectibles / "IT'S NOTHING" - A New Comic on Canvas from 1Dq on: September 03, 2019, 06:06:15 PM
Hello Everybody!

As you all know I'm pretty deep into the Exclusive Bitcointalk project right now, and I am in the middle of preparing the second phase with a new post.
In case you somehow skipped it:

But I had this silly idea for a month and I really wanted to make it real before I start painting the above monster  Cheesy

"It's Nothing", Acrylics on Canvas, 30x24cm//11,8x9,4in

12  Economy / Collectibles / BITCOASTER painting by 1Dq is now on sale on Fomohunt on: August 20, 2019, 07:33:43 PM
One of my earliest pieces is now (also) available on Fomohunt!

Bitcoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Golden leafs on Canvas, 70x100cm/27,6”x39,4” (frame 89x109cm/35”x42,9”)

13  Economy / Collectibles / BECOME PART OF AN EXCLUSIVE BITCOINTALK ART PROJECT on: July 25, 2019, 05:57:09 PM
By now most of you know my work. I've been active both as a crypto artist and as a member here for a year and a half. In case you missed it, here's a reference thread:

I always got a lot of support and great advice here and I understand why this place is of vital importance to the Crypto universe.

This is why I WANT TO DEVELOP MY BIGGEST UP TO DATE CRYPTOART PROJECT RIGHT HERE! I want it to be about Bitcoin, about this board and the many things it represents.
This board will soon be 10 years old and I want this project to commemorate it! And I want to do in in cooperation with you!

My initial idea is to create either a series of artworks or one larger piece, constructed from smaller ones. I want individual paintings to be lush Cryptoart collectibles. Early sketches I will make might also be interesting in this regard!

Here's my initial plan:

PHASE 1: I start this exact thread in which I invite you all to the project. HERE we exchange ideas, we brainstorm and come up with a rough blueprint for me to work on. We also discuss promotion of the project and how that would benefit us.

PHASE 2: Through sketches, drawings and miniatures I visualize our concept. We evaluate these together and go back and forth until one or more solid arworks are in sight. I would want many of you to be active participants in this because there would be various benefits in contributing to the project. We determine in what way my work and the effort of all included will be rewarded. We might need to come up with something entirely new here.

PHASE 3: I start working on the project, updating you as regularily as it is possible. We promote the project via our channels and evaluate it as far as it is possible for an artwork in the making.

PHASE 4: The artwork (or initial part of it, if it is serialized) is finished. If there are supporters to be compensated this is done, if parts of the artwork or all is being bought or raffled or something else, this is done.

PHASE 5: Last step of the project. We evaluate it and figure out if we want to take further steps in this direction together.

To begin the ride, I would like you to ask yourselves and answer below these three questions:

•   What are the most important aspects of Bitcointalk for you personally and in relation to Bitcoin in general?
•   What kind of crypto artworks would best express this boards's importance and are there any you can share that already exist?
•   Would you actively support this project with ideas/donations and what kind of reward/s would you expect for your input?

Please invite anyone, who might be interested to this thread. I really want this to be a thing!
14  Economy / Collectibles / [AUCTION]The Wailing of Crypto Winter, Original artwork by 1Dq on: July 05, 2019, 03:37:08 PM
**This is my very first auction!**

The Wailing of Crypto Winter, 2019, Acrylics on Canvas, 22,6x15,7″(60x40cm)

More info on this artwork:

END TIME: JULY 13th 22:00 PDT
PAYMENT: 1Dqt8AsKaRdaWNqruPmUkqseqLm9YXZaP
SHIPPING: We split costs, but if it is hits 0,05 BTC or over, I cover the cost!

15  Economy / Collectibles / My 100th Bitcointalk Post Celebratory Artwork Spoof on: June 27, 2019, 02:02:32 PM
Hey guys.

It's a solid round number, so I had to do something about it  Grin

Cheers to everybody for all the great discussions and support I got here!

16  Economy / Collectibles / The Wailing of Crypto Winter - A new comic on canvas by 1Dq on: June 21, 2019, 01:36:00 PM
Hello everybody, I'm back with a new piece:

1Dq, The Wailing of Crypto Winter, 2019, Acrylics on Canvas, 22,6x15,7″(60x40cm)

I've been fooling around a bit with the context of "Crypto Winter". It always seemed more or less an illusion, as the future of Bitcoin (and Crypto in general) is rock solid.

To some immense forces (the Whales) this must sometimes have seemed like a game. The title came to me naturally, instead of the hated "whaling", here we have "wailing" and it's not on the part of the Whales!  Grin


17  Economy / Collectibles / The Bank of Sand and the Sea of Crypto - A comic on canvas by 1Dq on: May 14, 2019, 04:10:00 PM
I wanted to make a comic about Bitcoin (and other crypto) in a long time and here is my first!

1Dq, The Bank of Sand and the Sea of Crypto, 2019, Acrylics on Canvas, 35x45cm/13,8”x17,7”

18  Economy / Collectibles / BITCOASTER painting by 1Dq on auction on: April 10, 2019, 09:39:29 PM
BITCOASTER is my second Crypto piece. It's made with Acrylics and Golden leafs on Canvas and is 89x109cm/35”x42,9”.
It has 6 options for hanging on the wall - going up/down, diagonally up/down or horizontally or upside down.

Auction link:

Happy bidding!
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / CRYPTOGLYPHS – A new way of imagining The Bitcoin Blockchain on: November 08, 2018, 04:58:57 PM
Hello, it's been a while.

Since August I've been developing ways of visualising the Bitcoin Blockchain. I wanted to gather its basic pieces and principles and present this in a way that could be interpretable to a broad audience of people.
I struggled with getting such a complex system in two dimensions and keeping it visual, interesting, and fun. Then I intuitively connected it with the hieroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians and it soon connected together and made sense. I started working on my biggest crypto painting so far and finished it 6 weeks later.
Below is the blueprint of the painting and I chose the Bitcoin forum as the place to present it in detail. This forum is the origin of Bitcoin evolution, I got help and tips here and now I want to contribute my share.

The Purpose
I designed this painting to be fun, thorough and illustrative.
Primarily it can be used to explain how Bitcoin works, as the entire process of creating a new block is worked out in detail. Additional interpretation might be needed, but anyone with any knowledge can help or people can read my interpretation down below.
For those already into crypto it introduces a fresh way of visualizing Bitcoin's Blockchain with a lot of easter-eggy details. Most of used symbols mean nothing to ancient Egyptians and a lot to a contemporary internet user.  
Lastly it's purpose is for complete outsiders to ask themselves why someone would use that much time and energy to make a painting of fake Egyptian hieroglyphs, that are actually about a virtual currency? Is this really a thing?

1Dq, Cryptoglyphs, 2018, Acrylics on Canvas, 145x190cm (57˝x75˝)

Content breakdown

The Gods
Ma'at (bottom left with wings) is the goddess of justice, law, and cosmic order.
Thoth (right of Ma'at, with birdlike head) is the god of writing and speech.
Seshat (below Thoth) is the goddess of mathematics, wisdom and is a record keeper.
Hathor (on the right side) is the goddess of many purposes and radiates maternal care to everybody. Miners are very fond of her.
Together they represent the necessary skills that Satoshi Nakamoto and his colleagues needed when they created Bitcoin.

The Miners
Left of Hathor are four groups of miners, representing mining pools. Except for subtle details they look similar to each other and this represents the variety of hardware difference and the power of individual pools.
They are the work force for everything going on below!

The transactions
On the top left and top right is a multitude of windows in which stylised characters are transferring various goods. The characters have unique outlooks as they represent public addresses that are randomly generated. The »goods« are all various things that have changed owners and are being stored in the blockchain.
The transactions that are most interesting to the miners (they have highest fees) are being gathered in two golden frames of cartouches. The Eye of Horus symbol in the bottom of both represents protection which is one of the basic purposes of the entire system.

In the middle of the composition, the crypting occurs from top to bottom.
First off, all of the selected transactions are being processed, two by two into cryptographic hashes. The procedure is repeated until a single hash is attained. All gathered transactions are bound together via this system that is called the Merkle tree. This is visualised with a selection of 8 transactions on the top brackets. One line lower, they are spliced together and have attained properties from both transactions. This is just for visual purpose, as the hashes have no discernable similarities to actual transactions as they are at this point just limited sets of letters and numbers.
The last hash is the Merkle root and it is here represented by the image of a weird elephant head. This is the crucial »load« of the new block. Here I deformed the symbol of Djed pillar that Egyptians otherwise used to symbolize strength and stability.

The Blockchain
Starting from the top right corner we follow the chain of coloured rectangles framing the composition. It goes all the way left, then down, then right to the middle and up to the middle where it’s content is exposed in detail.

Rectangles have the same elements, but they vary in color. The outside frame hue represents the unique hash of every block which also connects it to the next block. This is why in every rectangle there is a stripe in the hue of the previous block. They all have a bigger bluish rectangle inside, that represents the »load« of the block. This »load« is produced by encrypting the following elements:
Hash of the previous block (seen as the sole image of the opened previous block)
Merkle root (the result of the above described process)
Timestamp (Time of block formation), index (consecutive number of block) and target (difficulty, described in the next paragraph)
Random number called Nonce, used to produce a target hash. The circle of snake represents infinity/rebirth and the signs inside are actual numbers that were used by the Egyptians.

Mining a new block
The chain we followed opens up in the middle, where we see its hash (illustrated as the winged thing with two flames). Here I visualized the narrative of creating a new block in the chain.
The system of Bitcoin itself sets the difficulty of producing a new block. The hash of the block, in order to be included to the system by other miners, needs to have a certain number of zeros as its initial digits (I illustrated the difficulty with the number of waves under the timestamp and block index symbols.). The more zeros, the harder it is to produce such a hash, as every single attempt produces a random set of symbols.
In the painting, finding the right hash is represented by a long list of attempts (here zeros are represented by the Egyptian symbol of Shen ring, that represented divinity). It ends on the bottom with the winning hash, that starts with the needed 5 Shen rings (I used the Eye of Horus here again representing the fair and divine system). On the right in the second row from below, the mining pool of miners that have guessed the right hash are being rewarded;  each of them with a golden bar.
Below the last hash is the content of the current block, every piece that has been described, spliced into a new sign - a symbolic visualization of its entire content. It is colored in orange and becomes the orange frame of the mini block below and the orange stripe of the next block to come to its right. Other blocks following are empty, we know they will exist, but we cannot as yet anticipate their content.

The Bonus
Besides the obvious and that already explained, there are many other details that add to the Bitcoin universe. There are entities that hoard large quantities of Bitcoin called »whales«. These are depicted as actual whales, but with human eyes.
Most people call the frustrating rising and dropping of the Bitcoin price the bull market (with the price going up) and the bear market (with the price going down). I've illustrated this phenomenon as a fight between two animal-like deities.
To their right is a graph of the Bitcoin price over the years, illustrated by the amount of plants on each time stage. Hovering on top of it is the symbol of the moon. It just had to be included somewhere.

The reign and tyranny in ancient Egypt was symbolized by two objects, the whip and the cane. I used both but turned them upside down, as the Bitcoin system represents the exact opposite of a centralised government.
Nowhere in the painting is the Bitcoin sign very obvious as I intentionally kept it and other giveaways relatively hidden. However, there is a big B in the sun disc between Hathor's horns, best seen from an angle!

There are many other details, gags and memes, especially in the numerous fake hieroglyphs. Like the god Thoth promoting the lightning network. Also, I have signed myself three times, just in case.
TLDR; I used the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs' aesthetics to depict how Bitcoin works under the hood. It's intended to be fun and helpful to people trying to understand cryptocurrencies in their broader sense. It also contains a shitload of contemporary jokes and memes well known in the world of cryptocurrencies.

As always, your comments are very welcome!
20  Bitcoin / Project Development / Help co-create a new CRYPTOART project on: July 13, 2018, 04:43:58 PM
First off, I'm a crypto artist and you can check out my previous work in this thread:
I decided it's time for me to go next level and I'm asking for your help!

What are we doing here?
I am starting work on a set of paintings, that will visualize how blockchain and bitcoin work under the hood. I want to make it both educational and artistically pleasing. To achieve this I believe I need to deconstruct the core system/s into separate parts and visualize those first, then try to combine them into larger, more complex compositions.
I've seen simulations, schemes and illustrations which are either technical and nerdy or oversimplified. To reinvent them, I see two starting points - the abstract and the illustrative.
The illustrative could use symbols and metaphores for how things »work«. I could make conveyor belts, an ecological system of some sort, a space station, a multitude of people doing tasks and lots of other things. But I want to find those that are as exact as possible because I don't want to make it ambigious. I want to discuss which metaphores serve best, why and how they could be combined.
The abstract line might be a bigger challenge, though I am looking forward to hacking it. I can see using brush strokes, color masses and shapes that represent pieces of code (or say a hash), which seems easier to show in the abstract world than illustration anyway. It might get harder to visualise the entire system, without it only being another schematic or a seemingly random all-over arrangement of brush strokes. I want these works to be of value to people that want to give these technologies a chance and are not particularily geeky.
I think at least these aspects of the btc/blockchain mechanism need visualizing:
Mining, Sha256 hashing, address formation and usage, nod network, blockchain from different perspectives, the genesys block and merkle tree. And probably lots more.

Why would you help me?
First off, I will be very grateful for your help as this will be quite an enterprise. Secondly, you can be part of creating imagery that might become key in blockchain/bitcoin identity (I will try to make it usable and memorable). And lastly any pieces that will have printable JPEGs as results will be given to helpers for free (they will otherwise be sold via the SHA256art gallery)

How do we start?
I've outlined what I'm starting with in the first paragraph so here's how we could do this together.
You present me ideas on how a specific idea might get executed. We bounce ideas off each other and I make a bunch of sketches. We evaluate them and work further with anyone joining in at any time and suggesting alterantive paths. When ideas get ripe I make one or more paintings/illustrations.
It is my wish for this project to have it done as a rounded set of works than individual pieces. So I might want to channel all ideas into that direction. I will also produce sketches on my own as we go along as visualisation usually unlocks more visualizations.
Final thing - I will open a new thread for this project because it will need its own space. Do you see another subforum more suitable for this purpose?
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