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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / BSOD.PW Mining Pool [Prop/Solo/Party] - BTC, VEIL, RVN, LUX, low fees, support on: May 07, 2019, 06:29:21 PM - shared and solo pool. EU US ASIA servers! No registration.

DeVault NEW!
-a sha256d -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig

Bitcoin Rhodium NEW!
-a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig

LUX Coin
-a phi2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig

Raven Coin
-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig

-a x16rt -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig

-a sha256d -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig

More info about Bitcoin mining you can find in this topic:
<under development>

The BSOD.PW pool was founded on the 1st of November, 2017. Our developers have been working very hard on improving it in every possible aspect since the start by adding additional unique features like:
Solo and shared mining support on the same port
Support of Nicehash and GPU/ASIC miners on the same port
Separation of the coins on the same algo by different ports which significantly improves performance
Party mining (what is it?)
Massive scalability - BSOD can handle extremely large amounts of miners without detriment to performance
TTF calculation for every worker on the statistics page gives you an estimate of how long it would take for you to find a block if you decided to mine solo.
And much more.

The pool is suitable for everyone: Nicehash users, ASICs, AMD and Nvidia GPUs, CPUs. Large farms can benefit from solo mining while small rigs can successfully mine on the bsod shared prop pool with us!
For miners who own large amount of hashrate (GPU, ASIC, NiceHash) we offer individual terms of cooperation!

Payout Method: PROP / SOLO
Fee: 0.5%+
Difficulty: Automatic vardiff, manual diff can be set via d=x password
Auto-conversion: No
Payouts: Automatic in currency which you mine every 2 hours for balances above 0.1, every Sunday for balances above 0.01.
Location: multiple servers in EU, NA and Asia
Registration: No need, only wallet address is required

How to mine:
-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u WALLET.worker

How to mine SOLO:
-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u WALLET.worker -p m=solo

How to mine in PARTY:
Think about a unique password and share it between those who you want to mine with.
-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u WALLET.worker -p m=party.<PARTY_PASSWORD>

Party mining is available for those of you who for some reason don't want to mine on a shared pool, but at the same time don't have enough hashing power for solo.

NOTICE: You can use us for North America and asia for Asia instead of eu in your .bat file or config. Worker is optional.

Checking your stats:

Website: your wallet here

From time to time we conduct promotions for our miners where you can win coins, so keep an eye on our social media to participate!

Additional contacts:
Telegram chat [EN]
Telegram chat [RU]
Mining equipment:
Telegram bot:
Support system:
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / LUXCoin - BSOD Pool official statement on: April 20, 2018, 04:26:03 PM
In order to figure out the present we need to look at the past. As it so happens, history of BSOD Pool started with LUXCoin: we've created our first pool for it, our brightest memories are related to it. Our participation in the life of LUX can't be underrated: we were there for LUX during difficult times, during turning points, we worked with LUX team developers hand-to-hand - completely free of charge and on our own volition. Many times we've been helping 216k155 and other developers.
There were months when we had 0 miners on BSOD, similar to the current situation on some other pools. And so what? Did we retire? No, we've been working hard - both on ourselves and on pool stability to gain miners' respect and trust. Therefore, in time as a result of our efforts and due to some other circumstances our pool got the highest network hashrate. No matter the reason, the fact is that miners trust our pool and mine on it. It is their choice.
Consequently, LUX Team has removed BSOD Pool from their pool list and stopped recommending it for mining! They made this decision without talking to us first or trying to resolve the issue some other way.
Nevertheless, miners kept on coming to our pool, and this fact was unacceptable for LUX Team - and this is completely within reason. Their caution is justified and cannot be questioned, as having 50%+ nethash on one pool we could cause trouble (fork being the least of it). But why would BSOD do it?
One way or another, the members of LUX Team started ambiguous campaign to lower the amount of miners on our pool. Some miners in Discord have supported LUX devs by spreading FUD and discrediting our pool. How are we at fault here? We are always open to conversation, never refuse anyone, always helping anyone who needs help and this is what we get! Think for yourself, even 4 hour long ISP problems that we have experienced didn't turn miners away from the pool. We think it does say something.
Now the question of pool fee is heavily discussed, and there is an opinion that higher fee will help spread the hash better. Very well! We are compromising again and meeting LUX Team halfway.
Starting from April, 21st we are increasing LUXCoin fee from 0.9% to 1.5% due to LUX Team and community demand, with one condition: if the pool hashrate falls below 35% of nethash, we will bring fee back to the normal value.
We do not want to offend or hurt anyone's feelings by this statement and we apologize if you perceived our words differently from how we intended. We sincerely love and believe in LUX same as you, but we can't sit quietly when pool and our miners get offended, that's why we ask LUX Team for cooperation in stopping FUD about the pool and if any conflict arises contact TheBSODPool administration directly, you do have our contacts!
20.04.2018, team
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