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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Sometimes I forget that truly evil people exist in this world (EXAMPLE) on: February 14, 2014, 02:36:03 PM
So I decided to help this guy out, because he had a question about secuity. I help a lot of people in IRC freenode #bitcoin, but I've never encountered someone like this before. I was furious.

Here's the entire chatlog:

Here are the key parts:

T 1392384102 31<bmanzzs_>    evilmax, no need to worry
T 1392384113 31<bmanzzs_>30   most likely that dust transaction will not confirm
T 1392384115 18<Evilmax>   ah...why?
T 1392384127 18<Evilmax>   but why? it is strage
T 1392385208 31<bmanzzs_>30   i wouldn't worry
T 1392385221 18<Evilmax>   ok
T 1392385236 18<Evilmax>   my btc daemon anyway
T 1392385284 31<bmanzzs_>30   hmm
T 1392385289 31<bmanzzs_>30   "btc daemon"?
T 1392385409 31<bmanzzs_>30   not sure what you are asking
T 1392385455 18<Evilmax>   not important
T 1392385585 31<bmanzzs_>30   ok Smiley
T 1392385617 31<bmanzzs_>30   so I charge a rate of 1mBTC/ per minute for assistance Tongue
T 1392385623 31<bmanzzs_>30   jkjk
T 1392385736 18<Evilmax>   ah!
T 1392385764 18<Evilmax>   my friend
T 1392385773 18<Evilmax>   in my life i never bought a btc
T 1392385779 18<Evilmax>   only stole them Smiley
T 1392385793 31<bmanzzs_>30   what do you mean?
T 1392385797 18<Evilmax>   only sell them for money
T 1392385812 31<bmanzzs_>30   how did you "steal" them?
T 1392385819 18<Evilmax>   i mean would be impossible, even for joke, that i could pay someone in btc
T 1392385832 18<Evilmax>   even if you are joking, of coursde
T 1392385832 18<Evilmax>   course*
T 1392385844 18<Evilmax>   i stolen them as scammer
T 1392385847 18<Evilmax>   as phishing
T 1392385854 18<Evilmax>   as "socila engineer"
T 1392385857 18<Evilmax>   social*
T 1392385865 31<bmanzzs_>30   Really now? interesting.
T 1392385867 18<Evilmax>   you didn't?
T 1392385884 31<bmanzzs_>30   you have some very poor morals, friend.
T 1392385884 18<Evilmax>   why you are here?
T 1392385887 18<Evilmax>   for get btc, no?
T 1392385891 31<bmanzzs_>30   yes
T 1392385897 31<bmanzzs_>30   by legitimate means
T 1392385899 18<Evilmax>   no morals man...only money
T 1392385903 31<bmanzzs_>30   mining, buying, trading
T 1392385905 31<bmanzzs_>30   that's very sad
T 1392385913 18<Evilmax> are wrong
T 1392385923 18<Evilmax>   you get mining, trading
T 1392385931 18<Evilmax>   you get a lot if you stole them
T 1392385934 18<Evilmax>   listen me!
T 1392385940 18<Evilmax>   you want the same that i want
T 1392385942 18<Evilmax>   btc!
T 1392385948 31<bmanzzs_>30   yes, it's true
T 1392385967 18<Evilmax>   you are surely able as "thief"
T 1392385968 18<Evilmax>   i see
T 1392385974 18<Evilmax>   you are not a newbie
T 1392385982 18<Evilmax>   so try Smiley
T 1392385998 31<bmanzzs_>30   sorry. yes, i could phish poor individuals
T 1392386003 31<bmanzzs_>30   and i could quite easily
T 1392386012 31<bmanzzs_>30   but the thing is, i have morals
T 1392386015 31<bmanzzs_>30   i'm a good person
T 1392386020 31<bmanzzs_>30   i treat others well, with respect
T 1392386025 18<Evilmax>   it's not a crime
T 1392386029 31<bmanzzs_>30   yes it is
T 1392386034 18<Evilmax>   you live in a world of thiefs
T 1392386038 31<bmanzzs_>30   crime against humanity
T 1392386044 18<Evilmax>   oh!
T 1392386052 18<Evilmax>   ok....Jesus
T 1392386054 18<Evilmax>   sorry!
T 1392386058 31<bmanzzs_>30   you are making the world a worse place by doing that
T 1392386061 18<Evilmax>   do not send me to the hell
T 1392386066 31<bmanzzs_>30   i suggest you start to look at yourself
T 1392386074 31<bmanzzs_>30   reflect why you are such a horrible person
T 1392386078 31<bmanzzs_>30   reflect on life
T 1392386085 31<bmanzzs_>30   you want to steal from people to make money?
T 1392386088 18<Evilmax>   anyway...i would like try mining a day
T 1392386093 18<Evilmax>   no...
T 1392386095 31<bmanzzs_>30   try legitimate ways
T 1392386099 18<Evilmax>   but it is easy
T 1392386107 18<Evilmax>   yes..i use also legitimate ways
T 1392386110 31<bmanzzs_>30   ugh.
T 1392386130 31<bmanzzs_>30   i'm truly sorry that you're that type of person
T 1392386151 18<Evilmax>   i am a good man
T 1392386159 18<Evilmax>   and stole btc is not a crime
T 1392386161 31<bmanzzs_>30   i'm sorry, but it doesn't sound like it
T 1392386165 31<bmanzzs_>30   you don't get it
T 1392386168 18<Evilmax>   good man in real life
T 1392386175 31<bmanzzs_>30   no, you aren't
T 139238199 31<bmanzzs_>30   just because stealing btc isn't in the law books, doesn't mean it's not poor judgement
T 1392386210 31<bmanzzs_>30   you have problems
T 1392386214 31<bmanzzs_>30   and i pity you
T 1392386220 31<bmanzzs_>30   and i'm sorry i even helped you
T 1392386247 31<bmanzzs_>30   i stole from people when i was 10 years old
T 1392386253 31<bmanzzs_>30   then i realized i didn't want to be that type of person
T 1392386264 31<bmanzzs_>30   i'm sorry you never matured
T 1392386326 31<bmanzzs_>30   honestly i hope you are joking about this entire thing, but i doubt you are
T 1392386350 31<bmanzzs_>30   your name is evilmax
T 1392386357 31<bmanzzs_>30   that reflects on your character
T 1392386433 18<Evilmax>   no
T 1392386448 18<Evilmax>   i thank you for help about suspect transaction
T 1392386471 18<Evilmax>   you have done the right thing: because you helped me to defende my users
T 1392386481 31<bmanzzs_>30   it's people like you that ruin bitcoin
T 1392386485 31<bmanzzs_>30   that turn people off to bitcoin
T 1392386487 18<Evilmax>   i was worry about their balance
T 1392386489 18<Evilmax>   not mine
T 1392386491 31<bmanzzs_>30   that prevent merchants from accepting bitcoin
T 1392386496 18<Evilmax>   no no
T 1392386498 31<bmanzzs_>30   yes
T 1392386507 18<Evilmax>   wait: i do not stole btc of my users
T 1392386510 31<bmanzzs_>30   you have a fucking twisted world
T 1392386518 31<bmanzzs_>30   but you steal from random strangers?
T 1392386520 31<bmanzzs_>30   how is that better
T 1392386523 18<Evilmax>   as i said: i also work on good ways
T 1392386532 18<Evilmax>   yes
T 1392386535 31<bmanzzs_>30   why don't you ALWAYS work in good ways?
T 1392386538 18<Evilmax>   i steal only fomr strangers
T 1392386540 31<bmanzzs_>30   instead of fucking stealing
T 1392386543 31<bmanzzs_>30   wow
T 1392386546 31<bmanzzs_>30   you are truly evil
T 1392386549 18<Evilmax>   because is a law of commerce
T 1392386553 31<bmanzzs_>30   and i'm sorry you were raised
T 1392386555 31<bmanzzs_>30   as such
T 1392386559 18<Evilmax>   do wrong but also do right
T 1392386569 31<bmanzzs_>30   wtf kind of morality is that?
T 1392386573 18<Evilmax>   do crime but also be honest
T 1392386577 18<Evilmax>   man!
T 1392386581 31<bmanzzs_>30   you are a sick and twisted individual
T 1392386584 18<Evilmax>   it's business law
T 1392386590 18<Evilmax>   no no...
T 1392386592 31<bmanzzs_>30   not for a good person
T 1392386600 18<Evilmax>   let me do an example, ok?
T 1392386604 31<bmanzzs_>30   fine
T 1392386605 18<Evilmax>   you will understand easly
T 1392386614 31<bmanzzs_>30   you just admitted to phishing
T 1392386618 31<bmanzzs_>30   a very scumbag thing to do
T 1392386627 18<Evilmax>   a drug trafficant...he become rich with illegal stuffs....but then...he buy a motel
T 1392386638 18<Evilmax>   becomes*
T 1392386642 18<Evilmax>   sorry my english
T 1392386659 18<Evilmax>   in your country...this do not happen?
T 1392386675 18<Evilmax>   how many legal activities?
T 1392386683 18<Evilmax> are wrong man
T 1392386688 18<Evilmax>   listen me:)
T 1392386700 31<bmanzzs_>30   how would you know that you are stealing from these criminals?
T 1392386708 31<bmanzzs_>30   you have probably stolen coins from a good person
T 1392386715 31<bmanzzs_>30   and they are still sad because of that
T 1392386725 18<Evilmax>   yes..i stole...i am not worry about from who
T 1392386731 18<Evilmax>   but usually are criminals
T 1392386735 31<bmanzzs_>30   that's where your argument fails
T 1392386742 18<Evilmax>   such as drugs or weapons trafficant that use btc
T 1392386754 18<Evilmax>   i am the divine justice
T 1392386760 18<Evilmax>   contrappasso of Dante
T 1392386769 31<bmanzzs_>30   i would never steal from 1 good person, even if it meant stealing from 1000 criminals at the same time
T 1392386783 31<bmanzzs_>30   it's not the right thing to do
T 1392386788 18<Evilmax>   sorry for you ^_-
T 1392386792 31<bmanzzs_>30   ugh
T 1392386796 31<bmanzzs_>30   i hope you change one day
T 1392386799 18<Evilmax>   so you are not able to live on Earth
T 1392386803 31<bmanzzs_>30   realize what a shit pile you are
T 1392386804 18<Evilmax>   little brother ;(
T 1392386825 31<bmanzzs_>30   you ruin this world, "brother"
T 1392386835 31<bmanzzs_>30   and if you were in front of me, i would spit in your face
T 1392386840 31<bmanzzs_>30   you disgust me
T 1392386851 31<bmanzzs_>30   you are the worst user i've ever encountered in my time of bitcoin trading
T 1392386865 31<bmanzzs_>30   i've made money through legitimate means
T 1392386871 31<bmanzzs_>30   and you fucking steal from good people
T 1392386907 31<bmanzzs_>30   and i'm not religious, but if there's a hell, you will surely rot in it
T 1392386992 18<Evilmax>   ok bman
T 1392387007 18<Evilmax>   for me it's a little hard read you...because my english
T 1392387041 18<Evilmax>   i have a lot of users that ask for my help
T 1392387049 18<Evilmax>   thanks for the chat:)
T 1392387055 31<bmanzzs_>30   fuck you
T 1392387056 18<Evilmax>   anyway i will online
T 1392387062 31<bmanzzs_>30   you are making me mad
T 1392387064 18<Evilmax>   eh! "fuck you"
T 1392387074 18<Evilmax>   see...
T 1392387084 18<Evilmax>   you are not so good
T 1392387093 31<bmanzzs_>30   i don't curse often, but when i do
T 1392387093 18<Evilmax>   with this "fuck you"
T 1392387095 31<bmanzzs_>30   it's for a good reason
T 1392387099 18<Evilmax>   also you are a little criminal
T 1392387102 31<bmanzzs_>30   you deserve a thousand more fuck yous
T 1392387128 31<bmanzzs_>30   you're a waste of space
T 1392387140 18<Evilmax>   i do this
T 1392387143 18<Evilmax>   for a girl
T 1392387146 18<Evilmax>   that i love
T 1392387156 31<bmanzzs_>30   unacceptable
T 1392387158 18<Evilmax> the end...i do this only for LOVE
T 1392387158 31<bmanzzs_>30   does not matter
T 1392387165 31<bmanzzs_>30   you do evil things for love
T 1392387171 18<Evilmax>   love is good
T 1392387173 31<bmanzzs_>30   i hope the girl breaks your fucking heart
T 1392387174 18<Evilmax>   and...
T 1392387177 18<Evilmax>   love is God
T 1392387188 18<Evilmax>   no no...the girl loves me
T 1392387191 31<bmanzzs_>30   you're one fucked up individual
T 1392387193 18<Evilmax>   and my gifts
T 1392387194 18<Evilmax>   ^_-
T 1392387196 31<bmanzzs_>30   no
T 1392387198 31<bmanzzs_>30   she doesn't love you
T 1392387201 31<bmanzzs_>30   she loves your money
T 1392387212 18<Evilmax>   until i will give her money
T 1392387213 31<bmanzzs_>30   who could ever love someone like you...?"
T 1392387217 18<Evilmax>   she loves me Smiley
T 1392387228 31<bmanzzs_>30   i'm done
T 1392387233 31<bmanzzs_>30   you're raising my blood pressure
T 1392387244 31<bmanzzs_>30   everything you say is backasswards

Simply amazing. I was appauled. Any thoughts?
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