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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / HitBTC - SCAM !!! Watch out!!! on: January 20, 2018, 10:10:22 AM
As many of you might know, HitBTC AGAIN has "deposit problems". Mainly its with TRX but also coinlancer and other tokens.

I am not trying to promote any other exchanges or anything like that. This post is here to raise awareness and protect others from getting scammed.

So to get things started, this is not the first time HitBTC had problems with the TRX deposit's and well with other coins as well.
As of right now people are waiting between 4 and 20 days to get their deposits... while in the same time, the system health page - is clearly showing that there are NO problems with the deposits, so other people can do the same mistake, so many did.

They VERY well know that they have problems with the deposits, but there is NO warning whatsoever and anyone can generate a " deposit address " and send the coins to them to steal...
Last time the problem was "fixed" and there was info at twitter etc.
This time however here is the situation:

- NO warning on the HitBTC web page that there might be something wrong with deposits
- NO warning on the system health page - actually its the opposite, it states that the wallet is online and working (it changes from time to time, but for the last 3 days it was mostly Live and running)
- They removed/ closed all threads in the forum and are redirecting people to a thread generated by them -
In this thread  they are asking people to copy paste the TX Id etc - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are fixing a deposit problem BY ASKING PEOPLE? So what stops me from simply copy pasting any of the bigger transactions and claiming it to be mine? ... I assume this is just a distraction, to calm everyone down, by saying that people are "working on it"
- They started moving deposit addresses but DO NOT give the coins to the owners, you can see that in this TX:

And many more, anyone can check the thread and check the transactions. Most of them were moved to the HitBTC main wallet.

After that the main wallet was split into different wallets and now all coins are moved to another wallets and STILL there is nothing in the users accounts...
- They send out ONLY generic reply's to tickets and in the forum - even if you have half a brain you can see that its simple copy paste generic answers...

But now lets get to the goodies ...
For anyone who will say that this is not a scam and that everyone will get his coins:

Check this for yourself - EVERY time they have deposit problems with a coin - this coin is in a pump!
Just compare the timelines people had problems with any coin at HitBTC and check the graphs!

When you add the simple fact that HitBTC is listing ANY shitcoin/shit project as long as they have the exclusive for a period of time ... it gets pretty clear that THIS is the actual scam, EVEN if they give all coins back!

Here is how it works:
- They choose a coin that they will be pump/dumping together with some of the bigger groups.
- At the start of the pump, they open a huge gap between any other exchange and HitBTC, so it looks like the price at HitBTC is 20 to 50% better!
- All day traders and investors in this coin, driven by the desire to sell at a better price, start depositing at HitBTC.
- At this point EVERYTHING looks perfect at HitBTC, no problems, everything seems to be perfect
- People are waiting for the coins, but at this moment "the problems" start
- HitBTC waits a couple of days, until people start getting mad, and sends out a generic message to all of them, that crypto is hard and they are doing everything in their power to fix the problem (well maybe you should have stopped registrations like every other decent exchange when you cant handle it...)
- People are now a bit calmer, since well ... what can they do ...
- A few more days pass, people start getting mad again - they send out another generic message etc.
- At some point "the problem is fixed" and everyone gets his coins
- However the pump is over and since everyone is really scared of loosing his coins - people sell at a heavy loos (guess to whom they sell... yeah HitBTC  sold at the highest point of the pump and now they are getting YOUR coins for free. But what else can you do? No one would risk a TRX withdrawal after this problems ... so i you wanna cash out, you need to do it via another currency ... no matter what you do, they will get your coins.
- Now its time for the congratulatory post at twitter, stating that HitBTC was open even before dinosaurs, every custom got his money and a blowjob and they are the only exchange accepting new customers (ofc they do ...)

I am not asking anyone to take this as a fact, the good thing is that everything can be checked! Do your own research! Check the HitBTC twitter account and find out when they had problems with coins, check the graph at coinmarketcap to see if there was a pump/dump at this moment, check out the movement in their main wallets  - its all there and anyone can see it.

To be honest, i do not believe that any of the TRX deposits will go trough! They will invent some fancy story and will have people waiting for 30+ days for a fucking DEPOSIT... after that i dont know ... i just hope this is not the next mtgox, cryptsy, mintpal etc ... got burned in each and every exchange that busted, and it seems next one is coming.
Its simply not possible for this people, that do such scams, to not scam EVERYONE at some point.

I also believe that many of the crypto web pages are being paid from HitBTC, so they do not share any stories on this scams that they perform.

Its up to us, the users that believe in crypto, to protect it and make sure that it has a future. Exchanges like HitBTC are driving people away from crypto and giving tools in the hands of governments to ask for more regulations! By the scams of a big crypto exchange like this - every single participant in the crypto world is suffering!

Check for yourself and when you see everything - tell everyone, tell your friends, post it on any page you can find, any social media etc. People need to be aware that HitBTC is a scam and they might NEVER get the coins they deposit there! THERE ARE NO WARNINGS on the HitBTC site, so people keep on depositing and there are no complains every single day!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / best hardware for 280x toxic rig on: February 01, 2014, 02:53:50 PM
So i have 15 280x toxic on the way, they will come in 1 week so i have enough time to figure out what the best config for them is.
Any suggestions regarding that ? Motherboard, CPU, Ram, PSU ?

I was thinking about using :

Mobo : Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H
CPU : AMD A4-400
Ram : 4 gb
HDD : 64 SSD
2 x 750w Corsair Gold

this is if there are 4 cards on each PC.

However i have 2 Corsair platinum 1200i left, so what about i use 1 1200 + 1 750 and put 5 cards on each config ?
Right now i have a config with 4 cards but it is using 1200w of the wall, i guess i can under volt it more but its so stable right now im not sure i want to touch it at all Smiley Works 2 weeks no prob.

Anyway, any suggestions ?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / CG miner efficiency on: January 17, 2014, 03:46:22 PM
Okay so i see a lot of people discussing efficiency of cg miner and where to watch it. Some say in cg miner other in cg watcher etc.

A lot of people say that WU in cgminer is the best thing to watch efficiency . But my question is, are there any numbers to watch for ?
For example on my 290 rigs WU is 739/mfor one card and 828 for the second, on the 280x its 680/m for all cards but on my 7950s its 600/m.
So are this numbers okay ? How do i calculate what number is okay for each card ? Does it depend on the khs each card is mining ?

Maybe its a noob question but i could not find much info on that matter and i some help will be appreciated,
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / 4 ATI saphire 290 settup on: January 13, 2014, 01:12:13 AM
Okay guys i really need some help.
I got 12 Ati Saphire 290 a few days ago.  At first i was thinking of building 3 rigs with 4 cards each. However right now it seems impossible.
Here is my config :
mobo - ASUS FMA85-V PRO
CPU - AMD A4-400 APU
GPU - 4xATI saphire 290
PSU - 2 x 750w
PCI-E EXT - 1x-16x with power

Okay so first of all, please tell me what do you think of all parts. Should i change anything ?
Right now i am having a shitload of problems ... cards are shutting down, even the second PSU is shutting down sometimes.
I understood that the PSU's are not strong enough. I am measuring ~750-760 on the 1-st PSU where its 2 cards + mobo etc. Each card is consuming about 330 watt + mobo etc. So this i think this is the first problem.
I am about to get corsair 1200 platinum so this should fix this problem.

So pretty much please tell me what is the best config for 3 ( if possible 4 290 ATI saphire cards ). Right now i have the feeling that PSU + mobo can not handle the 290's and they simply fail. If i have to i will run 3x on each mobo and get 1 more but do you think the problem is simply in the PSU or maybe the mobo/CPU/RAM  also make problems ?

Please help me, its soooooo frustrating to have 12 cards and not to be able to mine with them !
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Help needed with ATI saphire 290 on: January 09, 2014, 08:28:16 PM
Hey all, i would really appreciate some help !

Yesterday while i was waiting for the extenders i got x2 on each motherboard. I got them running at 915khs and the total consumption for the PC was 705-710 watt. I keep the window open ( its about 0 to 1 Celsius right now ) and they stay on 72(74 during the day when its hotter ) with fan on 75%.  I did not undervolt yet but will try to do that tomorrow. So my first question , what is the best tool to do that ? I was planing on using Trixx, if this is okay, what Voltage will you suggest ? 
Okay so my second problem is that windows 7 did not recognize the 4-th card. I have all of them connected, all runs well but i see only 3 cards, 4-th is missing. What could the problem be ? Any ideas on fixing that ?

915khs i think is great, they also are on a great temperature so i think if i manage to cut the power consumption with about 50 watt, everything will be just great. Btw what would be the optimal setting for this card in regards of khs/watt.

Appreciate any help !

Cheers all !
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