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1  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / Mjesečna Analiza za Hrvatsku Lokalnu Zajednicu (Bitcointalk Croatian) on: September 07, 2019, 04:25:54 PM

Mjesečna Analiza za Hrvatsku Lokalnu Zajednicu (Bitcointalk Croatian)!

Ukupan Broj postova objavljenih prosli mjesec iznosi 508 postova. Od toga pocetna stranica (Main Board) 55.3%, altcoins 43.1% i trgovina 1.6%.

U nasoj lokalnoj zajednici prosjecan dnevni broj objavljenih postova iznosi 16.4 postova na dan.
I za druge drzave imam mjesecnu statistiku. Kad sve prebrojim, vjerovatno cu napravit mjesecnu analizu za vecinu lokalnih zajednica.
2  Local / Deutsch (German) / Bitcointalk German (Deutsch) Monatsstatistik für August 2019 on: September 07, 2019, 02:48:11 PM

Bitcointalk German (Deutsch) Monatsstatistik für August 2019

Diese Statistik zeigt die Anzahl an Bitcointalk German (Deutsch) -Posts im Monat für August 2019

2472 Posts für einen kompletten Monat (Aug) 2019

posten Marken im Durchschnitt 79,7 Mal pro Tag.

............................................................................... .

German Main Board (303 posts)

Altcoins (Deutsch) (=1269 posts)

Auktionen (4 posts)

Presse (30)

Treffen (9)

Off-Topic (Deutsch) (54)

Projektentwicklung (50)

Trading und Spekulation (378)

Mining (Deutsch) (67)

Anfänger und Hilfe (138)

Suche (50)

Biete (120)

Alle zusammen 2472 posts

Entschuldigung für mein Deutsch   Smiley
3  Economy / Speculation / W.O. Bitcoin Speculation History on: September 06, 2019, 01:59:04 PM

On this chart you can see the timelapse with the screenshoots of the posts from WO

I'm very proud that our community was bullish when most of the traders called the breakout to the downside,
On the 29 Aug majority was bearish, calling 8k, 7k or even lower.

29 Aug  Bitcoin made a local bottom. On the Wall Observer (WO) we had a warning for the bears! There is no breakout to the downside!
At that time most of youtubers and traders were bearish calling for a breakdown to the downside. This was the day Bitcoin was at the lowest level.

(29 Aug) Quote:
"Just to warn the bears, we still didn't break to the downside. The red longterm trendline still holds."

(30 Aug) Quote from WO "From 2016 to the end of the bull market in 2018 bitcoin never closed the daily candle bellow the 137 daily moving average."

After that bitcoin started to rise.

(30 Aug)

"Bitcoin bulls are way above the sea level so no need to swim at this moment."

(31 Aug)

Quote: Many traders from the tradingview and youtube declared a breakdown prematurely.
There are so many buyers waiting for 8.5k that the bigger players were forced to buy before that at the 9k level or higher. 5 times already in this summer."

(2 Sep) September 02, 2019, 02:41:15 PM
Quote: " The new level to watch out is 10.100 usd on the btc cme chart.
If the 4h candle closes above that line it will be bullish at least for the short term."

(2 Sep) September 02, 2019, 03:38:07 PM


WO special report!

The volume is so low right now on the daily bitcoin chart. The lowest volume since november last year and january 2019 when the major moves happened!!!
It's very possible that we get a major move in the next days! Maybe 1-3 days."

(2 Sep) September 02, 2019, 08:24:56 PM

Quote: "Bitcoin entered the support area, marked with the 2 green lines on rsi.
Whenever this happened and bounced from this area from 2016 until april 2019 bitcoin always made a local bottom."

(3 Sep)

"The first major resistance for the shorterm is marked with the yellow area. Around 10.800 Usd to 11.000 Usd, it depends when it gets there.
The first minor resistance is marked with the orange area. We are currently already there. Around 10.500 Usd."

(4 Sep)

The orange area is the new support

(4 Sep)

Trading a small amount of my portfolio between the yellow area 10.800-11.000 and the orange area around 10.400-10.500.

Quote" Until it reaches the upper trendline at around 11.000/11.100 where bitcoin will decide where to move next. But i still hold majority for the long term."

Thank you WO community for your support!  Smiley

4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Google Trends went crazy for the Btc search on: September 06, 2019, 11:37:28 AM

Google Trends went crazy for the Btc search
This is the chart for the 90 days timeframe  (world)

There is also a huge (insane) amount of transaction today 94,504 BTC or 1,018,147,922 USD.
5  Local / Off-topic (Hrvatski) / U subotu je padala radioaktivna kisa! Evo kako se zastitit on: August 26, 2019, 12:00:25 PM
U subotu je padala radioaktivna kisa! Uzrok je vjerovatno nesreca, koja se dogodila 8. avgusta na sjeveru Rusije u Arhangelsku. Da vas pomirim, zasad nije previse visoka radioaktivnost ali za one koji se zele zastitit pripremio sam spisak hrane, koja stiti od radioaktivnosti i spisak hrane koju biste trebali izbjegavati.

Hrana koja stiti od radioaktivnosti

Pektin pomaze, da radioaktivnost izlazi van iz tijela.
Pektin mozemo pronaci u jabukama, sljivama, citrusima, itd.

Jod nas stiti od radioaktivnosti.
Jod mozemo pronaci u jajima, tuni, krumpiru, kukuruz

Za obnavljanje krvi i hemoglobina koristimo crvenu repu.

Spisak dodatne hrane koja pomaze

mrkva (betakaroten)
klorofil (klorela, spirulina)

Hrana koju treba izbjegavati

Gljive jer absorbiraju radioaktivnost
Meso i mlijeko zivotinja koja su pasla radioaktivnu travu poslije radioaktivne kise.
Povrce koje je raslo iznad zemlje poslije radioaktivnih padavina
A posebno povrce sa velikom povrsinom kao sto je lisnato povrce, kupus, špinat, brokoli.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Biggest Austrian Telecommunication Provider Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments on: August 20, 2019, 12:55:17 PM
The Biggest Austrian Telecommunication Provider A1 Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments. In cooperation with Salamantex, A1 now accepts crypto payments on the 7 locations:

Vienna (Mitte The Mall)
Vienna (Kärntnerstrasse)
Salzburg (Europark)
Linz (Landstraße)
Krems (Bühl center)
Graz (Herrengasse)
Innsbruck (Kaufhaus Tyrol)

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Here is why you shouldn't trade bitcoin based on the CNBC Bitcoin News on: August 19, 2019, 10:14:14 AM
Here is why you shouldn't trade bitcoin based on the CNBC news and predictions. This can prevent many short term loses so i decided to share this with you.

For example, (12 Aug) CNBC and the other crypto sites published news how Goldman Sachs is recommending to buy bitcoin. Soon after that bitcoin started to fall and in the next days bitcoin dropped 17%.

90% of the CNBC Bitcoin News Predictions are the perfect contra-indicator. In other words, if you made a bet against their bitcoin predictions, you had at least 80% to 90% chance to be successful. At least from dec 2017 to aug 2018. (links bellow)

CNBC Bitcoin News from Dec 2017 to Aug 2019 gave you exactly the opposite direction of what they're predicting or signaling for bitcoin.  This is the reason why you should't trade based on their news. If you follow CNBC Bitcoin News and their predictions you would probably be a millionaire if you would trade the opposite way of what they predict or tell you.
I covered most of their bitcoin news from 2019, 2018 and the end of 2017.
I spent quite some time to check all of their btc news, videos, tweets, websites and i prepared a list of the news which were one of the best contradicting indicators you could find.

Let's start with 2019

January 2019

(8 Jan 2019) CNBC published news how their bitcoin expert is betting on a bigger rally ahead for bitcoin. On that day bitcoin reached it's local peak at 4110 usd.  After that it started to drop. In 2 days bitcoin droped 14.8% to 3500 usd. So 2 days later (10 Jan) they published news where they stated that they're betting for more pain for bitcoin.
The next day (11 Jan) it went the opposite direction and bitcoin went 6% to the upside.

February 2019

(19 Feb and 21 Feb) CNBC made 2 articles how bitcoin boom won't last and bitcoin could have a breakdown. After 2 days bitcoin went the opposite direction and gained 8.22%. (4187 usd)

March 2019

Surprisingly March 2019 was one of the months where they actually made a few good calls.
But this month is an exception (from Dec 2017 to Aug 2019) in March there was no major contradicting signals.

April 2019

(2 Apr) CNBC published news about bitcoin rise has something to do with the aprils fools day joke, so bitcoin rise wasn't taken too serious.
The next day bitcoin goes 14% more to the upside. (23 Apr) they mentioned bitcoing going to infinity and beyond. On that day bitcoin made the peak at 5630 usd.
After CNBC news it went the opposite direction again. The next day bitcoin dropped 4.3%. After this fall they published new article how bitcoin rally could run further.
The day after this news it drops 11% more to 4995 usd.
So when it fell down to 4995 usd (26 Apr) they published article how bitcoin is falling fast, down 400 hundred usd in just a few minutes.
That day (26 Apr) bitcoin made a local bottom 4995 usd. After CNBC news , from that day it went only up and up. (the opposite direction)
The next day bitcoin went 4.7% up. After 7 days it went 14% up and in 2 weeks it went 52% up.

May 2019

(9 May) CNBC released 2 news how bitcoin is back to 6.000 usd but it won't hold here and could have a pullback.
The next day it went the opposite way, 7.7% to the upside. In 3 days 27% up and in 1 week bitcoin went 40% to the upside.
(14 May) they released news about bitcoin fomo that could bring crypto back to all time highs.
The next day (15 May) bitcoin droped 8.6% and in 3 days (17 May) droped 25.7% to 6183 usd.
18 May, when bitcoin already made a local bottom, CNCB released news about experts who say bitcoin could go more to the downside.
It went the opposite direction - the next day it went 15.3% up to 8300 usd.
(21 May) CNBC released news, bitcoin to fall back to 7000 usd. That didn't happened.
It went the opposite direction reaching almost 14.000 usd, so twice as much they predicted.
(28 May) CNBC News: Bitcoin Still has some legs.
The next day it was quite the opposite- bitcoin dropped 4.28%. After 1 week it dropped 15.4%  to 7440 usd.

June 2019

(10 Jun) When bitcoin was at the local bottom, CNBC realesed News: Bitcoin is underperforming the S&P 500. After that news bitcoin was doing the opposite thing. It started rising and it went to almost 14.000, made 83% gain in 2 weeks and outperformed every major asset in the world!
(12 Jun) CNBC News about bitcoin rising and breaking 8.000 usd. The next day bitcoin falls 3%.
(17 Jun) CNBC published news about bitcoin and speculating for bitcoin to go straight for $10K.
Nope, bitcoin goes the opposite direction again and falls 6% to 8900 usd.
(24 Jun) CNBC news saying that bitcoin is breaking 11k but they have a warning for all the FOMO investors out there.
So this was a warning not to fomo in. Too bad because in the next 2 days bitcoin pumped 30%. (26 Jun) when it pumped 30% they published news about bitcoin surging.
The next day bitcoin went the opposite direction of surging and dropped 25%.
(27 Jun) when it dropped 25% they released 3 news about bitcoin.
1st news about bitcoin losing steam, 2nd news Nowogratz talking he wished he sold more yesterday and the 3rd news about bitcoin futures crashing.
The first news was at 10.700 usd. The next day bitcoin was quite the opposite. It went up to 12.400 or 16% up.

July 2019

(2 Jul) CNBC published news about Bitcoin waking up on the wrong side of the bed and falling below $10,000.
That day bitcoin was at the local bottom at 9630 usd. The next day it went 25% up.
(8 Jul) CNBC released news how Bitcoin could hit $30,000 before the next major pullback.
Guess what, it had a major pullback in the next days. Bitcoin crashed from 13.000 to 9000 usd. That was a 30% pullback.
(18 Jul) CNBC realesed news about bitcoin futures getting rekt.
The next day bitcoin was quite the opposite of getting rekt because it went up 15%.
(25 Jul) CNBC released news about bitcoin surging. The next day bitcoin dropped 5%.
(29 Jul) CNBC released news - bitcoin taking a hit on today back down below the 10k level.
That was at 9500 usd. In the next days bitcoin went to 12.300 usd or 29% up.

August 2019

(5 Aug) CNBC released news how bitcoin will rally to new highs.
That news was released almost at the local peak at the 12.000 levels. The next day it was already 6.7% lower.
(12 Aug) CNBC released news how Goldman Sachs just called for a massive bitcoin breakout and recommending to buy bitcoin.
From that day bitcoin started to decline. The next day it dropped 7% and in next 3 days it dropped 17%.


8 Jan 2019
CNBC News: Bitcoin soaring nearly 22% in just the past month and @jimiuorio is betting on a bigger rally ahead

10 Jan 2019
Bitcoin falling back below $4000 today and @AnthonyGriz is betting on more pain ahead

19 Feb 2019
Bitcoin finding some life today, but @JeffKilburg says the bitcoin boom won't last.

21 Feb 2019
Bitcoin trading within inches of the $4,000 mark, but @jimiuorio says there could be a breakdown ahead

2 Apr 2019
#Bitcoin surged overnight -- and according to @andrewrsorkin it might have something to do with an April Fool's joke....

23 Apr 2019
Bitcoin to infinity and beyond? @JimIuorio thinks so. Here's how he's trading $BTC

25 Apr 2019
Is the crypto winter finally over? @BrianStutland says the Bitcoin rally could run even further

26 Apr 2019
Bitcoin is falling fast right now. Down ~$400 in just a few minutes...

9 May 2019
Bitcoin is back above $6K but @jeffkilburg says it could be due for a pullback $BTC
Bitcoin breaking back above $6,000, but @jeffkilburg says buyer beware: it won't hodl here $BTC

14 May 2019
Bitcoin bull Tom Lee of @fundstrat says a FOMO rally could take the crypto back to all-time highs.

18 May 2019
Beware the bitcoin boom? The cryptocurrency just lost $21 billion in 24 hours, and experts say it could have more downside to go

21 May 2019
Has Bitcoin come too far, too fast? @AnthonyGrizsays it could be time for a move back to $7,000

28 May 2019
It may be a FOMO rally, but @JimIuorio says the Bitcoin boom still has some legs. Here's how he's trading Bitcoin futures

10 Jun 2019
Bitcoin is underperforming the S&P 500 this

12 Jun 2019
Bitcoin futures on the rise this morning and breaking through the $8,000 level

17 Jun 2019
Bitcoin is booming to its highest price in a year and the Chart Master says it's heading straight for $10K

24 Jun 2019
Bitcoin breaking through $11K over the weekend but the #bitcoin baller @BKBrianKelly
 has a warning for all the FOMO investors out there

26 Jun
Bitcoin futures surging

27 Jun
Is bitcoin starting to lose steam (at 10.700 usd) the next day 12.400 usd
Nowogratz: I sold a little bit yesterday. I  wish i sold a lot.
Bitcoin futures getting crushed today

2 Jul 2019
Bitcoin waking up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, falling below $10,000

8 Jul 2019
Bitcoin bull @MarkYusko says the cryptocurrency could hit $30,000 before the next major pullback

18 Jul 2019
Bitcoin futures getting rekt again today as the cryptocurrency slides further below $10,000 $BTC

25 Jul 2019
Bitcoin surging today, reclaiming the $10,000 level after yesterday’s losses $BTC

29 Jul 2019
Bitcoin taking a hit on today, back down below the $10,000 level $BTC

5 Aug 2019
Bitcoin will rally to new highs as market mayhem continues, says @fundstrat's Tom Lee.

12 Aug 2019
Goldman Sachs just called for a massive #bitcoin breakout. @BKBrianKelly gives his take.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin The King Of Crypto on: August 13, 2019, 05:35:44 PM

This chart is showing you the top 200 coins performance against bitcoin. It's clearly who is outperforming here. Bitcoin is the king of crypto. Alts got rekt specially when bitcoin made a move like Jagger on the 1st April. But that wasn't april's fools day! Or was it?

9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam - Fake Tradingview Phone Calls on: August 12, 2019, 12:15:24 PM
Scam Alert - Scammers Pretending To be Tradingview Officials. Scammers try to offer to sell products or to make investments.
They are doing this by phone calls. If somebody calls you from tradingview it's fake because tradingview does not call their customers!
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Elon Musk Supports U.S. Presidential Candidate Who is Pro-Bitcoin on: August 12, 2019, 11:55:12 AM
Elon Musk Supports U.S. Presidential Candidate Who is Pro-Bitcoin. His name is Andrew Yang.

Yang's website where he truly supports cryptocurrencies

Ellon Musk on Twitter supports Yang
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Surpassed The "Stocks" Search Term (Google Trends) on: August 12, 2019, 07:12:33 AM

Bitcoin Surpassed The "Stocks" Search Term (Google Trends).

Every time this happens bitcoin starts to rise. This happened in may 2017 and in april 2019. You know what happened after may 2017! One of the best performing years for bitcoin. Should we expect the same thing in 2019? Well, it's maybe too early to tell but according to this google search statistic it's a good start. Bitcoin started a nice rally after this happened in april 2019.

This doesn't mean that bitcoin will start to rise tommorow. But there is a higher chance that we started a new positive cycle to the longterm upside. At least it's very bullish compared to the stocks.

12  Other / Serious discussion / There is a Dust Attack - How to protect yourself on: August 10, 2019, 02:09:45 PM
There is a LTC Dust Attack! You probably got a very tiny amount of ltc transferred to your ltc adress! This is called a dusting attack. This attack is used to de-anonymize users who trasfer those dust amounts to another adress. Attacker tracks those dust funds in your wallets. They will try to identify wallets with their users. If they identify user, they can use this for elaborate fishing attack. You can protect yourself from the attack simply by not moving those tiny dust amounts you received. In this case ltc.
13  Other / Off-topic / It's Coming! on: August 03, 2019, 05:46:32 PM
source jaggedsoft
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How To Find The True Value Of Bitcoin on: August 01, 2019, 09:56:23 PM

How to search and find the true value of Bitcoin!
Credit goes to @VinnyLingham, he was the first to spot this in 2014.

Live Chart - Bitcoin Difficulty Ribbon

15  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin After The FED Cuts Interest Rate! on: August 01, 2019, 07:21:21 PM

Bitcoin Is The Best Performing Major Asset In the world. If you look at the 6 months return, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year or 10 year return.
Bitcoin 6 month return is missing on the picture, currently  202%. There is no better major asset in the world right now! This becomes even more interesting because the fed cuts interest rates  right now.

The history shows you, when the fed cuts interest rates in similar circumstances, it's a matter of months before the financial crisis starts to show up. Investors will seek for the safe haven. Some investment is expected to go into bitcoin. Because bitcoin is a low marketcap compared to gold, it will probably rise more.

Don't forget that bitcoin was born like a phoenix from the ashes of the financial crisis in 2008-2009! The financial crises are actually good for the bitcoin. When the big stock players see that everything is falling except bitcoin and maybe gold, guess what...they will probably invest some in bitcoin. Bitcoin is outperforming gold so it is no-brainer to me.
16  Economy / Reputation / Spammer on: July 30, 2019, 09:33:21 PM
Hi, i noticed spamming from this account , link bellow, 80 posts spamming -advertising!

17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Best Symbol For The Satoshi on: July 30, 2019, 12:15:54 PM
Nr. 1

Nr. 2

Nr. 3

Nr. 4

Nr. 5

Nr. 6

Nr. 7


Which one do you like?
If you have a better suggestion please share with us!
18  Economy / Economics / There were only 3,3% of days In Bitcoin's History That Were Not Profitable on: July 28, 2019, 08:24:46 PM
Only 129 days out from 3857 days (3,3%) were not profitable in the history of bitcoin's trading. This means if you bought bitcoin, you are profitable. Except if you bought in those 3.3% cases. Yea, it's hard to believe but for an example...It took only 23 days for bitcoin to go from 8390 usd to almost 20.000 usd. In my opinion, even those buyers who bought at the top will eventually be in profit. If they hold of course! So the moral of the story is - just  HODL  Wink Until a massive adoption!
19  Economy / Reputation / Massive farm account spam on bitcointalk on: July 28, 2019, 03:36:28 PM
There is a massive spam and suspicious activity from these accounts, please check them



























































20  Other / Meta / Spam, abuse of multi accounts, account farming on: July 28, 2019, 03:15:13 PM
I would like to report suspicious activity of these accounts, spaming only a seconds between them



























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