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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Baby Chia -aka Chia-Clones: Some 90% of all Chia Clones are Scam's on: July 11, 2021, 01:23:59 PM
Baby Chia -aka Chia-Clones: Some 90% of all Chia Clones are Scam's

The Russians don't even call it a 'chia clone', they call them 'little chia', and they proudly assert that virtually all are a scam.

Now this doesn't surprise as Chia in and of itself is a scam, thus scam's begat scammer's, and more scammers; So long as their are 'chia sheep' there will be scammers;

Unlike Bitcoin, chia has no natural protection the code is wide open to exploitation, both chia&clones are wide open to external RPC's calls to dump the private-keys, and silly 12 words mneumonic phrases;  Chia-Net SW is a criminal paradise, and the clones, the 'little ones' have added an entire new dimension to the scam.

Now that 1,000 TB  is required to earn one xch every 3 days, or that a clone only generates easy coin if you have say +1,000 plots until the clone hits 100PB;

Chia is now 30EB ( thirty million trillion bytes ), it takes 1PB to earn 0.333 xch/day; One PB is 1000TB, or 10k 'plots' ( 108gb files)

Common scams;

(1) Running dead clones that do nothing than when ran they open all the ports to external bot's who then issue RPC calls to dump the privates keys, which can later be used to steal xch ( chia );

Given that everybody uses the same private-key for evertything, as the public-key is embedded in the plot-file name ( 108gb file ), and because everybody wants all the plots' to work on all the clones; that everything is the same; If a hacker can get the private-keys for the clone, then he has the private-key for the chia which is worth $280 USD, unlike all clones which are worth zero.

(2) Many scam's involve re-plotting and telling people to re-plot again, where after the users have wasted time the clone dev's say send proof of plotting and we'll compensate, of course the proof of plotting is the file-names ( public-keys ) and wallet contents which are the details of their private-keys which can be used to steal chia.

The other angle on CHIA is that some 25% of all the plots on HPOOL ( 85% of chia mining on one miner ) are fake-plots, meaning hackers just create 'artifical plot files" and feed them to the pools, to which already the pool's have lost MILLIONS of US-DOLLAR paying out on fake plots; Audits have been done, some +25% of all plots were fake.

The scammers having been 'busted' now have become more creative and that's where 'clones' come in, by circle jerking naive users the scam-clones ask for proof of plots, which is a list of all files, which are the public-keys; Once having valid key names that are already valid on HPOOL, the scammer then generates new fake-plots using those keys; Which means the real owner of the plots now has worthless plots because they get double-mined, and ergo banned;

(3) Newest scam is the re-plot scam, the clones have endless reasons to replot like the current chia-new plots called NFT; Because the clones says u must re-plot they offer 'compensation' if you send proof-of-plotting to them which is of course wallet details, public&private keys; Re-Plotting damages your HW, as NVME drives needed to plot have a limited write-life, so everytime u re-plot say 200 plots u destroy a $200 USD NVME drive; Of course scammers know that the more the 'mark' has invested in them, least likely he will walkaway.

If you bother to visit the main chia-net site, you will see under issues that 50% of the posts are "Somebody Stole my Chia"
, funny thing is all blame is placed on mother company, and nobody looks to the clones: I think this largely because the clones have no value, so it only makes sense to complain to the coin of value.

CHIA sold itself as green 100's of 1,000's of new millenial suckers post-COVID bought HDD's and spent their stimulus on 'chia mining', of course given that if you don't have at least 1,000TB ( $30k of HDD's  ) u have no possibility of income; Even a modest investment of say $3k (100TB) generates about $5/day of chia-coin, much less than a comparable cost mining ETH GPU rig would generate.

There is no possibility for the CHIA to go up in price so the coin can only go down making it less profitable.

Chia-Net is much to blame for all these problem, as they never even intended to make chia 'secure' its wide open by design, as its naive green theme is like 'It's ok to leave gold on the table, we're all family here, nobody need steal from one another', of course this is 100% bullshit because CRYPTO invites CRIMINALS like flys on Feces.

Many chia-clone scammers are now offering 'air-drops' so that suckers are sticky and never leave, the bots are always running, keystrokes & all; In a short time I can see chia-clones as bigger source of keystroke data than porn ,which currently is number one source of keystroke as when people visit porn sites they leave with key-stroke bots; Who go on to clear bank accounts, stock's and anything they can find on your computer.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Better than "GOLD" for criminals, BTC is easier to steal; Easier to scam; on: July 11, 2021, 12:23:45 PM

Better than "GOLD" for criminals, BTC is easier to steal; Easier to scam; PPL lock their gold up, keep their mouth shut, gold lasts forever;

PPL who play BTC, trade it on the exchanges, are just targets, and hardly whales or rich;

Bury a LB of gold in the Ground, and 1BTC private-key scratched glass; bury them together come back in 20 years, I can tell u which one exactly will have value, because its a historical fact. In 20 years from now this generation BTC will be a pet-rock artifact. BTC is based on SHA-256 an NSA tech with at best a 10-20 year shelf-life, ergo hashes will have been long de-hashed into public-keys easily solved  by discrete-log supercomputers. The Secp256k1 algo to make the key into public ( also NSA ) will have long been hacked&cracked making all 2010 era Btc's worthless in the coming years.

Now if u had today a Secp2048k1 elliptic-curve and key 512bit say 10^88 ( atoms in universe ) then I would say maybe that super-btc would be around 20+ years form now; but in the next 2-3 all of BTC will be common place crackable.

The problem today is that the entire BTC narrative is ran by bullshitters and promoters to keep the ponzi alive, like 99% of the paid comments & posts on this forum by to 'influencers' by scammers;

Very few, perhaps 1 in 10k people even have a clue about bitcoin vulnerability, IMHO its all a joke, created by the NSA (satoshi) to see how long as a puzzle before their algo's got cracked&hacked; The fact that the joke went viral, but have them at the puzzle-palace all in a hysterical laughter, remember these people don't care about MONEY$$ then can print it to free to infinity, they don't need to make crypto to have wealth, they own the printing-press. The NSA already had the power to create infinite USD fiat;

Lastly, they can pull the plug on BTC anytime they wish, which is why bitcoin is kept around a crippled old "Your Grandfathers Crypo".

In the future people will be saying, why did everybody just sit on their ass and not move their wealth into a longer term, safer crypto than first generation bitcoin sha256/secp256k1?HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh?

Not a peep, what can they say? Nuttin

Go with the flow, go with the narrative, it works until it doesnt'.

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3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / USDT has broken the buck, once Tether goes to zero so does the real value of BTC on: June 25, 2021, 03:28:20 PM
Well as people have been saying for months, Tether is crap, and the entire price of all crypto is traded in Tether, which just happens to have a CAP of $63Billion USD, but only has $2B of real assets ( aka cash )

So right now they just lost $3B ( now $60B ) that means if the first to leave already got their 'cash', then there is no cash left for the bag-holders ( HODLer's )
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / HPOOL.Com closes Chinese OP moves to USA as HPOOL.CO - Green isn't Selling in CN on: June 24, 2021, 08:38:42 AM
Well a few days ago went down, and then reappeared in the USA as HPOOL.CO

Now for those who don't know was the main pool for chia-net

For all the talk about 'green' and how the chinese love hdd crypto's, well its now very clear that its seen as just as dirty as bitcoin.

Surely this be so, because CHIA has completely destroyed the HardDisk purchasing, none are available in ASIA.

Normal security cameras cannot obtain HDD's these days, so people can't even do new installs
5  Bitcoin / Hardware / cheap bitcoin miner hw from the china crackdown? any deals out there? on: June 22, 2021, 08:13:30 AM
I get kids asking me here in asia, if anybody is selling, IMHO I say no, because I think they're just moving out of certain regions of china, boxing the equipment and finding a new home,
Trouble in recent years is everybody was mining in one place, where they had cheap coal, the water is real low, so hydro ain't avail anymore cheap

Anybody see anything? So I can tell these kids?

Sure I can go on and there is a ton of 'used crap' like 5+ year old s-12's that do 20th, but generally the stuff is smoked out, and 90% of the time it never ship's and alibaba still gets paid, whether it ships or not, or even if it gets shipped its usually not what was described an  return shipping costs more than it cost to buy in the first place, and then they just deny they ever got it back, virtually impossible to 'correct'
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Musk say's he'll re-invest in BTC when +50% of ASIC miners are GREEN on: June 14, 2021, 10:48:20 AM
Seriously, WTF does this really mean?

An S-19 is 2500 Watts, a standard 1M sq solar panel is 300W, so say you need to ten run the miner, but that only' from 8am-4pm, what's you going to do the other 16 hours,

Of course U could locate your green miners near a river and hydro, .. but that's why they went to the coal areas, as the rivers have dried up

So that leaves Iceland and 'geo-thermal' ASIC mining, ...

Now, who is going to tell me when MUSK's request is met, that +50% of all ASIC miners on earth have gone 'green'

R we going to re-define 'green' sort of like how "CHIA" HDD mining is 'green' where it kills SSD's & HDD's that must be dumped in toxic land-fills, so green indeed.

Just posting this OP, because most news sources just run "Musk is back to Bitcoin", they don't tell you his caveat, that it must go green.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / HDD Mining - How to become a Crypto Billionaire in 2021 on: June 11, 2021, 05:13:52 AM
They say ... Chia is green, Chia is 'woke', Chia is for 'gay people, not for nerds', Chia is the future of Crypto....

Surely rose glasses have infected their brain.

The Chinese own and run Chia since day one last year [2020] when they funded the project, or I should say 'rescued' chia [ a floundering going no where project lost since 2017 ], the deal is this.

The Chinese billionaires ( same guy who funded the ukraine bitcoin-gold, aka bch ) wanted

1.) IOU's ran by chinese exchanges they sent the price to $1600 usd, pre main-net, the west had nothing to do with chia price, pre mainnet launch 5may2021
2.) The xch 21M pre-mine is the property of the 'chinese investor'
3.) The dev-team in SV aka bram&hoffman ( aka mr bit-torrent aka porn-king ) get the IPO, said to be wroth in access of $10B USD; Next RedHat for Crypto-Support Fortune500
4.) The chinese people get to pre-mine on hpool, the west told to 'wait', the pools were to never come
5.) The chinese people get to play 'lottery' with the IOU system

7.) The HDD companys all Asian based like WD, Samsung, ... all were working since last year [2020] on this deal, that like GPU's the HDD's to go 10x in price, in the west we would call this 'collusion', in asia its business as normal

8.) The western gimps, hairlips, and believers get zip, zilch nada chia. They aren't even bag-holders, they're empty bag holders,and then they're told to re-plot. The world has never seen a bigger pool of lemmings.

That's the deal, now you adjust your polly-anna wishes to reality.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Proof of Capacity shit-coins good idea, but to date all implementation is fail on: June 10, 2021, 04:07:00 AM
I like Proof-of-Capacity, but it has big problems, some might know, but on HPOOL some 20% of all submitted plots are fake, it turns out that in all the rush to main-net, nobody gave it a thought that people might generate 'fake plots' to the pools, which is another reason probably that chia-dev has drag their arse on the subject of pools, they probably knew this would be the outcome, remember the only goal of chia-dev (SV) is the IPO, as all other wealth stays in CHINA, with the chinese billionaires investors who funded chia post 2020.

STOP talking about POOLS there is only one pool HPOOL, that got the lead, because its all a scam, the chia-dev in USA(SV) say solo-mine, in ASIA everybody uses HPOOL and has earned a ton of xch, the west has a big zero, you think this wasn't all planned.

The HPOOL sw is solid like  a rock, never seen a bug, the chia-net dev sw is shit, u think this wasn't all planned?

Bait&Switch folks.

All the paid influencers on YT, are paid by Western-Digital drives manufacturing and SAMSUNG, but guess what, all the drives on earth are made in ASIA.

The west has gotten the shaft, and the morons eat the feces of the YT influencers.


I  bought lots of 16TB drives for $200 each months ago, today they're over $500, and 18tb drives are going for over $1k USD, so I'm not biting this bullshit, I'm done, in time I will re-deploy my plots to a better PoC coin, as I think chia is shit, and will implode.

[ Right now today, mining HDD 20TB generates $4.64 / day, so you do the the math, today 20TB is two 10tb drives at $500 USD, so its comparable to gtx-1070 mining. Ref Chia on Hpool]

bitcoinhd BitcoinHDBHD
burstcoin BurstCoinBURST
litecoinhd LitecoinHDLHD
diskcoin DiskcoinDISC
hddcash HDD.CashHDD
mass MassMASS
chia ChiaXCH
arweave Arweave

Take you pic from the list above ( mining pool hdd ), chia has the highest price, but most of the stuff is abandoned projects, e.g. the code has been left to die on github. IMHO CHIA will fork, that will be the next great PoC coin, and it will be ran out of ASIA, and not the west, the west will stay for mr-bittorrent porn king; Asia will run with classic-chia, and SV will push chia-porn-plots
9  Economy / Speculation / All Crypto in Free-Fall again, BTC retesting 30K then all the way to 10k and bel on: June 08, 2021, 04:34:39 AM
Well its begun again, complete loss across the board this day, even XCH is down -20%, and HORIZEN  is down -15%

Crypto just can't get any respect, or has it lost new suckers to play the game?

HODL on garth, remember the bag holders must HODL all the way back to $3k and below.

Seems like the biggest news is that TRUMP did an ELON, and dumped on bitcoin, called it a scam even? Nada, tell me its not true garth?
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / POS vs POW - Coming for Bitcoin What is the Greatest Fear of the Rich? Poverty on: June 07, 2021, 03:45:14 AM
Vitalik & Friedman beat their chests over the new "Oligarch" Proof of Stake system coming to Bitcoin, where only the 'rich' (whales) have a voice in Crypto. Why not follow the Serf Peasant model, it worked for 1,000's of years.

Two biggest whales lecture you why its terrible to be a whale, all the while POS moves on which gives the whales more power over the sheep (POW ppl); Vitalik is a Oligrach, but he likes to play the Musk came of 'I'm one of u little ppl'

POS, or "Proof of Snake", is a scam so that only the rich whales control crypto, this is not what got crypto off the ground to begin with.

Little people, anybody could cpu mine, .... blah blah Satoshi NSA talking points 2009, but then now that crypto is the size of GDP of entire country's its natural for the rich to make sure that their children can inherit 100% ownership of crypto, and to insure that forever some scum 3rd world  loser child doesn't rise up and take control

Of course a rich mans greatest fear is losing his wealth, so POS is an expected outcome of the kleptocracy known as crypto

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Comparing HDD mining to GPU mining - Manufacturing Demolition is about Same-Same on: June 07, 2021, 03:04:57 AM

Right now its comparable with mining ETH; Say right now for every 400 plots you can make $10/day, about the same as  +200MH rig of gpus, 1-2 weeks ago chia was $20/day, but so was ETH now its $10/day

Seems like all crypto is quickly less profitable this is not about price drop, as its the coin amount that has gone down, for instance +2 weeks ago my rigs did 0.01 ETH per day now its 0.005, nothing to do with price, the ETH just simply reduced miner fee's

WRT to chia the space growth has finally dropped from 8%/day to now 1%/day, but still not in decline.

Certainly if you don't have +500 plots your not in game, also lots of FUD right now with the 'portable plot' kluster-f*ck, the lies about pools, the new scam pools like chia-core, or just core-pool, as chia-net says nobody on earth can say 'chia seed' but them,

Well with GPU's your income comes & goes with miners moving around, but with chia, certainly space will continue to grow, first they said 'your plots are forever', now they say 'time to replot', this kills our nvme drives to re-plot, so certainly this scam will never end the rules will change by the hour, and when bram&hoffman are having their periods.


Comparing GPU to HDD mining, well GPU mining doesn't kill your hw ( keep it clean, dry, dust free , and keep power/temp < 70C )

HDD mining kills NVME drives, kill HDD drives which constantly have to be 'tested' everything about HDD mining well at least the 'chia model' is destruction of drives so that manufacturers can sell more product, funny thing as most have already excluded warranty for HDD-mining, but paid for the practice, most CHIA influencers on YT are paid by WD, ... Just like NVIDIA there cards sell out, so they punish miners by down-grading MH, go figure 'do what we say, so we may then punish you', this is of course psychotic.

If you 'plot' ( make a plot file ) on a HDD, you will kill the drive, so we use NVME drives pcie-4x16, nearest cpu; If you plot with SSD-sata you will kill them, chia is an enterprise business, yet the influencers still say 'bring your old hw to be destroyed, and then buy new', whats a mother not to like about the biggest multi-billion USD tech-scam to come along?

Once you have a 'plot' ( 108gb file of binary crap ), then you store on a 7200rpm enterprise grade HDD, because the process of mining ( farming they call it ) also destroys drives as they must be stress tested often to validate 'signature' of the plot, in fact already on HPOOL ( largest & only real pool, based in china ), they have found 500PB ( PB 1E15, about 100xch/day )  of 'fake plots', which have been banned.

Early plotting showed that NVME's could be destroyed with as little as 25% of TWB, so your 5 yr warranty for $200 NVME is kaput in 2 weeks. To date +2 months of dabbling in Chia, I have killed 2 HDD's, and 2 NVME's, about $600 USD loss in hw, funny if you think about hw death, then this scam is really a loss, the only winner is the HD manufacturers. I say this because its difficult to earn more than $500/month as a chia plotter/farmer. The problem to date was at a 8%/day growth rate of space now 18.1EB ( EB-1E18 ), that if you make say 24 new plots a day, then every week you fall behind 2x, the only way you can stay even is to grow your plot-farm 8%/day, which means that you would need to double your number of NVME drives every 9 days. Of course this isn't possible, because you can only say have one-thread ripper class machine to two NVME's @pcie1x16, random access. Which means 16-48 plots per day, but to stay even, you would have to buy third-ripper ( 32core, 64gb ram ) class machines to stay even, and the SSD's for OS,

I think most people set a goal of 100 plots, 500 plots, or 1,000 plots and then just quit. The 1,000 plot ppl can enjoy $30/day, which is comparable to one mining rig last month, but the problem is EB will grow, expect 100EB, but 1,000EB is possible. Which means that even the data-center people will end up with no ROI, and millions of $$$'s of dead hardware, that cannot be resold as everybody knows that anything 'chia farmed' is DOA, KAPUT, and Moidered.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / CHIA NETWORK - Has Gone FULL RETARD Now Banning People for Posting GITHUB Bugs on: June 03, 2021, 10:15:08 AM

Well it had to happen, +1200 bugs not being addressed more coming in daily, what would a sw management team do? Hell yes, ban the bug reporters, problem solved.

I know everybody is bored with this crypt shit-coin, but its fascinating, they're now paying for 1,000's of chia-influencers on youtube, and 100's of languages all claiming that you can get rich, using old hard-disks.

just search 'youtube' "chia mining", "Chia plotting", "Chia pools"; you will find 1st class production quality videos in every known language all on the same script

90% of the people using CHIA are new to crypto, this thing is a huge new scam opportunity for scammers, crypto the scam that never quits giving

Your telling me there is 'porn' on bit-torrent? Where do I signup?

say what? The founders are hairballs?

Then there is this from porn king Bram Cohen ( godfather of CHIA ) - "Chia Miners aren't entitled to anything", when asked about where his 21M pre-mine went? and why to date that 'solo-miners' after two months have gotten ZERO XCH;

"Bram said he would take you places, he never said they would be good places"
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / JP Morgan Likens "BITCOIN to FOOLS-GOLD" Say's $20k todays value on: June 02, 2021, 07:51:46 AM

They also say that institutions are done with btc, so that means now that only soi boyz with the 0.05 btc allowance,  can hodl, but no new money to raise the ponzi.

JPM also says that most people now trust only gold, because while btc lost +50% of value, GOLD actually went up.

"There is little doubt that the boom and bust dynamics of the past weeks represent a setback to the institutional adoption of crypto markets and in particular of Bitcoin and Ethereum. We note that the mere rise in volatility, especially relative to gold, is an impediment to further institutional adoption as it reduces the attractiveness of digital gold vs. traditional gold in institutional portfolios,"

"Only Gold is Money, All Else is Credit, but BITCOIN is an ethereal number in  Michael Jackson's 'Neverland'" - JP Morgan
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Coinbase Declares War on Bitcoin FUD - It's for the "Bitcoin Children" on: June 01, 2021, 12:36:03 AM
Here are a few guidelines we’ve (coinbase) created for ourselves in publishing Fact Check articles:

Be respectful, don’t antagonize.
Assume ignorance over malice, unless proven otherwise.
Share our mistakes just as candidly as our successes.
Don’t respond to everything.
Don’t get distracted from the main goal: building great products.
There is too much misinformation in the world for us to respond to everything. A lack of us posting should not be considered an indication that an external statement is true. We will only tackle misinformation that reaches some materiality threshold.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Exceptionalism: Why Should this Pyramid-Ponzi Not end Like all Others?? on: May 31, 2021, 03:34:29 AM

BTC will never die, anymore than cabbage patch dolls have died ( or 'pet rocks') , there are always fools that will embrace the scam all the way back to zero, and HODL

Look at all ponzis in human history, all had their day in the sun, and then fell out of favor, this too shall pass.

Most campaigns these days and paid influencers on youtube, are trying to bring in 'green woke' suckers to the fold, the original base of losers has been played out.

Rebranding is the game today, BITCOIN is yesterday's crypto.

Last year 2k shitocoins, this year 10k shitcoins, there will probably be 100k shitcoins next year, but some will be 100x better than bitcoin, that's where smart people have moved, and only morons HODL;


Come on people given me some reasons. I have studied 'bubbles' my entire life, and NADA in human history has any bubble lasted over 10-20 years, and yes most had 2-3 cycles before they fell out of favor, south-sea bubble, and Mississippi bubble both went to the moon, and back before they finally fell back to earth like Icarus.

Today with 10K shitcoins, and most are far better than BTC, why in  the hell should this continue; $1 invested in shibu is 50k coins, much more likely it will go 10x than BTC, which can only now go down, as the COVID one-time funny money is not coming back.

The big companys and pension funds have seen BTC lose -50% in a few days, they can't gamble their pensioner money without going to jail, there is nobody, no greater fool on earth to buy bitcoin. It's almost game-over.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / 99% of ALL CHIA XCH crypto is already held by Ten Whales - WHO R THEY?? on: May 30, 2021, 09:52:35 AM
1   1   🍃 Chia Network™   10,500,000.00010525 XCH   $8,280,300,000.08
2   2   🍃 Chia Network™   10,500,000 XCH   $8,280,300,000

ok, the above is the 'pre-mine' its an IPO reserve for the company to buy cocaine & prostitutes post IPO. ( $8 Billion USD )

But the following are public addresses, who are tehse people most of these addresses were also accumulated around pre-mine, which means that they're insiders to the orginal scam.

3   3   xch1nrhexgfyrrqtwh6kmcyhfr2qwnv8xujzx3jtagxz6xc69j6407esad2hqc   321,584.52527194994 XCH   $253,601,556.63 ( $253 M USD )
4   4   xch1f0ryxk6qn096hefcwrdwpuph2hm24w69jnzezhkfswk0z2jar7aq5zzpfj   96,523.34437993832 XCH   $76,118,309.38
5   5   xch14e92mun79frwqatdn9csf5l645z4xjcuw3mne3gsf0cr3nc2zm8st8ld5m   57,546.57210441154 XCH   $45,381,226.76
6   6   xch1svfwe2vxtrv2772p4xdd08qmjrg5p8xumajextyxujxcc33q80gqhwyzhu   56,910.31810439785 XCH   $44,879,476.86
7   7   xch1n9a9g9ynaypu4vrtu3dnwkh7ywf00cfdyemhue4tddvp2yyy578qaktfkk   13,796.367829643375 XCH   $10,879,815.67
8   8   xch14lejhu3m0hksnjmyaz4z5s8jdxq7xemjcmv5q5z3lur5pc2nzvvspmwxtf   7,679.500244409056 XCH   $6,056,053.89
9   9   xch1jp6frj3ecddur7dxak3n7lq0j75ltquh2zyd44epdu0d6704y2hqyky5hf   6,592.759938174482 XCH   $5,199,050.49
10   10   xch17symyju5c349yr0vj72shf5pe0f368gyjgld8jgvxunm9zuudeuqnth3mq   5,745.079665070111 XCH   $4,530,569.82

The rest is just Trump change.

11   11   xch1tyfk0mpw02kgcxuqx7f62l8v2juwa2ndtwgz7c4a37dctpnk66rqhugsg5   5,655.35950281902 XCH   $4,459,816.5
12   12   xch1k7hudx79g0s22tl8lq060adugwgnjmz2cv8kdnvmnqtf0uvxazaspwutd5   5,136.023223211 XCH   $4,050,267.91
13   13   xch1542cgry2fxusx83fnw9c70fud268mr4fsd9hd4jv3cdz0l5jxagsx65dy4   4,382.0173822 XCH   $3,455,658.91
14   14   xch168350u6lag66uecllg4ef5yygmuzmmkd02jqgxr5qjvmrqjq8k4suzc9ew   3,810.000001 XCH   $3,004,566
15   15   xch1rs4eltuk22swnr3z7d0dfj3xtxxdmeyp3hue5rhv69285mslmlpqp4y46g   3,744.0000000001 XCH   $2,952,518.4
16   16   xch1zmfr9hw0fm3xgqafx6y46zaj5ng9ehcnq9e44ns4xg08rjaen06q3gun36   3,700 XCH   $2,917,820
17   17   xch1rzjlfk5mdml0rnjd7x4je32ur75trk7cv0nupndp20skxv2yjfks90j66k   3,612.951023963219 XCH   $2,849,173.18
18   18   xch1a8gjch09eer4m6wt2vfxjj795wtgtktf6rpug3dqkp83klkk70as0kwc6p   3,500 XCH   $2,760,100
19   19   xch1pmjt4sqakjjydgslle9e7ree8peplfv30edyekcrzk24874k4r9q5yudju   3,472.013360879257 XCH   $2,738,029.74
20   20   xch1kr6p92zgshgn5cdszdkp879fxw0jze8n8rwwnsu03xl7nsfzg3dstrrhjz   3,300 XCH   $2,602,380
21   21   xch1cpjsnds7208a0v4wrjyxrlqgw7vumxe80x9vd2yeanrsnsrn6n5qttcptj   3,288.784123540001 XCH   $2,593,535.16
22   22   xch1f75f2k2v3xmve97yfg0r3sgn4pp7ecn7ufxmrchg8dr5l500ah4swmwnsj   3,222.0763468101 XCH   $2,540,929.41
23   23   xch1y2yhucrv9xl87qns4n4g442q69r76dwlx6squfpa2rwh4u9pcxqqeessdk   3,208 XCH   $2,529,828.8
24   24   xch1jq6fug6zx088p6wkpj3a4rxrtv56v4w28trcksax0snepfwktg7qngfnwx   3,078 XCH   $2,427,310.8
25   25   xch1rzyhqhhup3n5kjzxx9cq7fqv099ejyr9nn78dnyak9c4sss5ua3q7q3umf   3,000.0000000001 XCH   $2,365,800
26   26   xch1fzs3c5geqmzxpzdn7a68pzn99ssx4wh02d3tn4q2htl3yk8xg6cs5wstec   3,000 XCH   $2,365,800
27   27   xch1qh7rqsfvph5cl86y2vytd536ch3ua9dhuc3808ac0t9hh78xkapqz8puxt   2,848.125 XCH   $2,246,031.38
28   28   xch13qnyz0a4cea5y5p4mwza3x2zw97kpqnn4hepqqw5dx2xafawgw5qxhmcp2   2,831 XCH   $2,232,526.6
29   29   xch1me04wujhgqeeefhgljhxdczvh9d9rj6gl662yv6e90f77en4d96q5m4qkz   2,760.1176118702 XCH   $2,176,628.75
30   30   xch1ams8nz2qx4ydllfp9kcaunzx3vgep4s9wn8tskmj3xnkca6s6hrqn3t606   2,696.325 XCH   $2,126,321.9
31   31   xch1kw8pawz0mqper7ajppsd3xgkg05pmffldad64dhulseeanqrfhls6g2v9h   2,600 XCH   $2,050,360
32   32   xch147pv24sym0n6ywnpqm4gzrxkt0mj50hs0w8qu24krv7fqx9kgkgq50fetm   2,567.977244094055 XCH   $2,025,106.85
33   33   xch1teen2vr5wsy397uvs3mza80z8ntuxmjfyzv9h2z2f78uakm6lsdqvfdzkq   2,303.999999999 XCH   $1,816,934.4
34   34   xch1s6kw04kn3s73jjwz3mhu2nsf80wqyjd85pc90ufhfcf5uay9azpsj7tay3   2,170.00424203 XCH   $1,711,265.35
35   35   xch1yksf30wwvj7q5k80ygy9kwwqqhytwzu6fnk8rjrm6r0u6szpqqzqyd347g   2,154.45052727 XCH   $1,698,999.69
36   36   xch1d6w83s2um3ks85ssuu75gnpwhp6hew4j5zf5kalzqj3v79mjdgtsvcruqm   2,066.251101142 XCH   $1,629,445.62
37   37   xch1lh3paf7nfs3j4x2z47a3slhh2rcthtpmf7nhka0jf3lq6tr2t7eqnj5mtd   2,001.0000000001 XCH   $1,577,988.6
38   38   xch1eg2jpdmq72n2fehh9lm02ydpkkhqg56s3zwykvlw76acz3u3pylqny9pkw   1,993.579785190011 XCH   $1,572,137.02
39   39   xch1fhakxwt2a4lzvureq6rxtaa6g5dc7hwapcmz58g3kscnqk4cmw4qwnuz89   1,933.1 XCH   $1,524,442.66
40   40   xch19h3vftex6544lg8zlh3gxwhr5p25l20t7q3wrn9tnvf9urpvmdjqc59u3z   1,900.792444 XCH   $1,498,964.92
41   41   xch12cjxn5cp6jwnqmhx4mz2dqqhrazepd055xhfyrmc92l824a4rj2qluzzn8   1,853.767122340011 XCH   $1,461,880.75
42   42   xch1euzp6w6a8yqxgr4cggv7aasluc00vgurxv0teljzg6dga03y54kqrpx04h   1,827.5 XCH   $1,441,166.5
43   43   xch1c287rrcq6rsxuszjmesmgpa29p2ts6s09qns55yh7sqerkfdjf2qrhvsck   1,751.987 XCH   $1,381,616.95
44   44   xch1f558mjrcex8qzhg97lhgdr6mkhn32ynqa47uktdkvkyrem3d2tgqx5zeu4   1,736.812990515922 XCH   $1,369,650.72
45   45   xch19d5mha6v9gxz34n2vpjz6js9yahzzvdrtqva7km2jufe0tggrdaqq80flp   1,714.671931846506 XCH   $1,352,190.29
46   46   xch1v39e64j2vexv0hhlqtlnzhvjprmfwgsnuedfvnelwey42l82x2lswrc422   1,704.102200000162 XCH   $1,343,854.99
47   47   xch1dsrry5vx9seracnr4aw6rmgejvf4asq6kn55e2jztjcdjlntgzmsc2tmlx   1,676.43 XCH   $1,322,032.7
48   48   xch1qp4hsxu8wftydu73cwrxkryugyat6n2alh80m5maf5lx0t88wrdq9gjl2j   1,674.000000075686 XCH   $1,320,116.4
49   49   xch1q3swcwdp5f2pakj9jv2nk6qf5jqu3nkcwaunkmha4dyq49atyucsqtr48e   1,650.049221323636 XCH   $1,301,228.82
50   50   xch1qr8hhuajc5hjqq6r0nvls00d3rp29zh5jm42dhcaxfn7v9rcmmssz6n242   1,647.866000009589 XCH   $1,299,507.13
51   51   xch10tfnu8pl3563juy4wrm8glegu5ua6lyuhvsfs56mk2fd3hh5pk8qudrhf5   1,570.5882884304 XCH   $1,238,565.92
52   52   xch1dth9p2dec5kkswrxzutgwzp0a4vehfwl7esxu474tekutsj7u3vs3uut8v   1,526.00115 XCH   $1,203,404.51
53   53   xch1x8g9yxzue0u0y0tt8trk24rjjzrcux30z5ex6glxzawqsm7j7xuqtup30z   1,500.0000000001 XCH   $1,182,900
54   54   xch1geaskpjljp65rxlhx34twgvx9rsqn3l35ypaj0tkvjgshc47rtnsyf83ht   1,500 XCH   $1,182,900
55   55   xch144t7a2g68a60zpkz6ay7tlsl3fd5allrkxcckjcp6l8t4kkz3fjq0vycc8   1,463.57739586012 XCH   $1,154,177.13
56   56   xch18ytw8fg0zz84gnupux54hsdsrwus02h8r5lffm02nzl9ck3anzlq5z5p9c   1,446.341571011225 XCH   $1,140,584.96
57   57   xch159mqumt0qwjmady4ne0x0w0qqftr635vdr7ugr8pwcp9fsv6l5asjvzq8p   1,432.01271319 XCH   $1,129,285.23
58   58   xch14kt24kln32mcxh78vyvc22rkcjjxe2vfqgzuk6wmudcy9sed29ysd3w7jk   1,422.376575290271 XCH   $1,121,686.17
59   59   xch1g9gpxjn9evnh3zqanrkcrvrv2ktjx7xtv5d69mmjyg5ppvvy49qqr8hm9c   1,404.70850538 XCH   $1,107,753.13
60   60   xch1q5mh6l0uz9fn6er67z4hxdgylql5xuw6upxjdk3d80dyt8kum8ssrjxsvh   1,396.00441386 XCH   $1,100,889.08
61   61   xch15md4eydwkfzs66tlnwf747zl768dn0kgakjj49wv4z53zevxsrvqvs7gpr   1,347.155161981282 XCH   $1,062,366.56
62   62   xch108sw9q9v9cqcc8ap8jvhh5ld44y7spfwwja2zpxul3330366hdusre28z5   1,344.002002682526 XCH   $1,059,879.98
63   63   xch1ey2cdgj5kzq69au6dy3rflf4g5mknm7dh3hhvvchrvk64mp9xeqq5g9wft   1,341.846 XCH   $1,058,179.76
64   64   xch1khe0m8l87zmvjc6yk2uvfjse33e0u04m0flva360aueu44cs7ajsx33ahk   1,280.02495686 XCH   $1,009,427.68
65   65   xch1l6h7wreqvtq3hj0s9jrgy5n0097wz3wy4k3hqae95eksqc02qvwsdqkllg   1,274.175556592748 XCH   $1,004,814.84
66   66   xch1ahdxp93ccxgwz4xsvmctae464ak8zdpzlpact2jn9lhn9lqhycnsrtaar8   1,274.00015 XCH   $1,004,676.52
67   67   xch1x5zltej4wx5lhxwy4ngrjvxt0y2hyh204kmyghjpq5lynfwth6eqx8psvz   1,194.01060797101 XCH   $941,596.77
68   68   xch1rkt7jxr5yxyefgvlkk77uhqqf8p87upxamtja9v8hh4h7gx4zx9qg2ue0a   1,192.0000010401 XCH   $940,011.2
69   69   xch1hnceh7vnkfjatvvvhsdet8q2j5gfwc2lpgu6w0ladcwfhrzpzr8sll2dln   1,176.00030002 XCH   $927,393.84
70   70   xch1s96dgd7sl38wnmyxd3gvqqs23sqz03ats0t977zmeexfk73jdzxsqduh88   1,165.00269029 XCH   $918,721.12
71   71   xch14gcedhn5uj0g7mdxm63fll0ws4sy8rmq92pe9pa0suplsv6vfw9sc8qfpt   1,157.9487 XCH   $913,158.34
72   72   xch1ysr6hf4qv56amwult5vfc40gfcwa4gq8kakvql7wd0zxlhvf306swdt6xc   1,156 XCH   $911,621.6
73   73   xch1vqg3yggn0c8h0czcasat8ul2m8lp2ux8az66ku0yz9u024ufkktqzdnv9j   1,154.19285 XCH   $910,196.48
74   74   xch1mxp32r0f2eszf29cw8r7sgw2u2cujdm39zmms00zvu4eavtjycxq5se538   1,154.013020260032 XCH   $910,054.67
75   75   xch1vmmtud9e34ld8avxt7jsn6wxzpy9y0q60rwepfu46grfvr8r2hgq7j8vc4   1,148.149 XCH   $905,430.3
76   76   xch1f460ja6mufsrrcs73h28npx2syjfgtzp6w5s56va63qr3zdgj2qqq7lpnt   1,144.006 XCH   $902,163.13
77   77   xch19c2ceu9zuzfefw0a80pyy0wv2xw68d0s92drnmq3jkhfnahgmttq0wmcg3   1,140.298088461714 XCH   $899,239.07
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79   79   xch1psvzvgmw6y5dga2ht3w6dcc4pchj26q7nf3jm4q2sfxzdazf6chslula2f   1,127.501109720001 XCH   $889,147.38
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81   81   xch1ggqr6fkug059et5rvy067a4wynms0l8uggkz2emrhx0vp7fgf5lq4sgwzg   1,100 XCH   $867,460
82   82   xch17c72xf70tv7wtktratt9gqyhkk3zdlfjrc2knycx6numu0fs6t8sxvsxjs   1,096.3908 XCH   $864,613.78
83   83   xch1f9gcklzc26dj8vzv2uh6k2g5kcrc2zc8yl0dmeaf6w3t6g8f8vkqx6l4c9   1,093.2083 XCH   $862,104.07
84   84   xch1802nk3n6sr9dd2pejcnn5unk0aucffqmt25zwejjfu680ulf7cns6wz5dy   1,086 XCH   $856,419.6
85   85   xch1mqe7fw0shs0tma70xgpdjdjy989g0z847y2yptg786ps2ywez4qs9t5j0v   1,068.0021960001 XCH   $842,226.53
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98   98   xch1ql9krppcfslkyfprv54hargzj43fcwny7rg5jrny3pp736438gtqmqqdje   943.1228 XCH   $743,746.64
99   99   xch1wap009mvg5lqmtez8g23umjhwkrj7nuszgxx2zxshmdvuye95n6qwzuwjz   934.000001 XCH   $736,552.4
100   100   xch12grvts5w3zz0y8h6y99g8yxt2lawasfxxjsxyld4qh7fzwfc7ecqa2xq0y   933.1268000001 XCH   $735,863.79
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Experts Advise Musk to Invest in Cocaine Rather than Bitcoin - Safer Investment on: May 30, 2021, 03:44:50 AM
Experts Advise Musk to Invest "Corporate Funds" in Cocaine Rather than Bitcoin - Safer Investment ; If he must Play with BITCOIN, then he should use his own money.

30 years ago John DeLorean, an earlier Musk, a guy that had his own car company, he  needed to earn cash, and his car company wasn't making money, just like Mus,

So DeLorean bought $200M USD worth of cocaine and brought it into USA and re-sold, eventually he got busted, and his auto company went bankrupt.

Funny Musk now is doing the exact same thing gambling with other peoples money, to save his own arse.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Mainstream Media now Admitting that +67% of BITCOIN Mined&Owned by China on: May 30, 2021, 03:16:02 AM

Hell I have been saying this 5+ years on this forum, and everybody here is in denial.

The so called 51% consensus was bullshit years ago.

Why not change from HODL to Coddle?

Trust-Less SatoshiNA bullshit is now 180 degree to 'trust-me',  I'm bitcoin (NSA)

Claude Erb, a former commodities portfolio manager at TCW Group, draws a parallel between religious conviction and the trust and faith of bitcoin’s devotees. After all, he pointed out in an interview, no one has actually seen the bitcoin blockchain, and yet we have faith that it is all-knowing and benevolent. “Is that all that different from a belief in a ‘crypto God,'” he asks? “There are many leaps of faith required.” Erb likens bitcoin’s huge popularity to an “explosion in trust in a financial God, who may just be the man behind the curtain.”

The Bitcoin-Gods are indeed crazy, if fact they are insane.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Hacking Ethereum is that Alt? or mainstream here on BF? Anybody want to hack ETH on: May 29, 2021, 11:19:09 AM
I have wrapped up my bitcoin hacking project, just wanted to see if there was any people interested in hacking ETH?

It's actually real easy, same as btc, just that the public key is hashed with keccak, rather than sha, otherwise all is same same.

Anybody interested let me know, the brainflayer3 in this link was all max'd out years ago for ethereum, even the blockchain database scraping is essentially the same.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / World War Chia: Classic-Plots versus Portable "Porn Plots" on: May 24, 2021, 12:15:30 AM
Are the plots we build in Chia wallet the original plots?

Right now we are all getting 'classic plots' from chia-pos aka 'chia plot create' cmd-line

And can Connect them to the pool or not?

yes, for the past 3+ months you can 'mine' your plots on the site is in english it takes about 2 minutes to setup there are videos on youtube, there are guides on, of course chia-net says that good sheep don't use hpool (dot-com), 90% of all blocks are found every 5-15 minutes in ASIA with Hpool (dot-com), seems like only the 'woke' in the West have been 'sheeped' in this scam

What is the original plot and the portable plot?

original plot aka classic plot is the real deal, 'portable plot' is a new scam by Cohen ( the porn king of the internet aka bittorrent ) where he re-purposes classic plots into porn-plots aka 'portable-plots' where he rents your disk-space to others and pay's you 5 cents per day for each 1T., remember Amazon charges $20 for 1T, at 9.8EB Cohen would be earning $20M/day off your hard-disk

How to Build them?

classic plot build 'chia plot create -t fasttemp -2 slowtemp -d hdd'

Keep the old chia-pos software forever, because in the future chia-net will not longer let you build 'classic plots' so it must be in defiance just like right now where we're told "Do not run, but we do, because some of us are not sheep', besides everybody knows that solo-mining doesn't work accept at pre-mine.

The software to build 'portable porn plots' has not yet been released, IMHO given the entire chia blockchain is non-functional the chia-dev has better things to do than buildup their porn fetishes.

If we want to connect to the original Chia pool, We have to start plotting on May 31st?

( These dates are meaningless, chia-net has never released any software on time, and when it does its unusable mess of bugs)

If you want the 'classic plot' you started plotting two years ago,in the future just refuse to use the new 'port plot engine' what I have already done is fall back to version 1.3 of chia-plot, and I have quit updating.

Most of the reason that Cohen&Hoffman are pushing portable porn plots is to punish for beating them to the punch-bowl. Thing is no blockchain on earth provides the 'pool' that's all on the outside, the blockchain provides an RPC interface called 'get-new-blocktemplate()' when called by a pool they start a new block. With CHIA they never released the pool interface so wrote their own.

Given that is already finding 90% of all new blocks &XCH in asia, they will never use the new chia software, so we will have chia-classic forever, and the new chia-porn which who in the hell knows when it will come out?Huh IMHO almost never because the chia-net team has been mis-managed since 2017.
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