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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Strateman. FBI wants your reports, Intersango, Bitcoinica on: November 12, 2013, 03:00:37 PM
He thinks he is untouchable.

For why I want Patrick Strateman and his accomplices arrested see the link in my sig. Put it this way, as well as being sat on $50,000,000 of other people's property, which can be forfeited and handed back to us using the criminal justice system rather than the civil one - he is also killing my dog.

Strateman the dog killer. Carole you must be soooo proud.

I am interested in contact from people who have suffered a financial loss or personal loss due to the various events surrounding Bitcoinica, Intersango and MomentoVPS.

I'm not interested in suing, (though if you are, that is your right and I don't object to it. You are welcome in my thread too). I just want him off the streets, but I am thinking it would be best if we all went to law enforcement. We could get the bitcoins and cash seized that way and handed back to us that without each paying for lawyers and liquidators. A few people have suggested I start my own thread.

Here it is.

[UPDATE The FBI would like each scammed individual to file their own report.
I would suggest including every relevant screenshot / email etc. you have. I would also suggest including evidence of certain suspected inside jobs]

And, if you don't mind, in future I am going to refer to the scammed as 'targets' not 'victims'. I don't find the victim label helpful for inducing the correct mindset.

Victimhood ends right here. You were a 'target'. The difference being that 'targets' can return fire.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Intersango insolvent? on: November 02, 2013, 10:02:30 PM
When was the last time anyone successfully withdrew any amount from Intersango? I am having terrible trouble getting my bitcoins out of there.
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Anyone have or did have an account at Intersango? on: October 26, 2013, 08:38:37 PM
I need a favor. Will take about 20 minutes in all. PM me.
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Your police reports needed. Patrick Strateman - Buddy wants his Bitcoins. on: October 25, 2013, 04:45:40 AM
[EDITED TO ADD - Short version: I bought 52 Bitcoins years ago, from Intersango and forgot about them, leaving them on the server. Because I'm an idiot, that's why.  When I found out how much bitcoins were now worth, I thought I'd use them to rescue a sick dog called 'Buddy' from a shelter and get him an operation to fix his heart blockage.

What I didn't know was that Patrick Strateman AKA Patrick Moseley, Carole Strateman and Amir Taaki had other plans for my money and would remove access to my account and keep my 52 bitcoins. I had not been following the various Bitcoinica thefts.


When you run into these three, in person, online, in jail, wherever - could you please remind them of the little dog who will die without his heart operation and ask them if they have handed Buddy his bitcoins back yet?


Q. The little shit stole my coins too, help!!
A. California's seizure laws are your friend.

A. Bitcoins are property. Property in possession of a crook as a result of organized crime is subject to seizure and return to the rightful owner and the law says nothing about that rightful owner being a Yank.

Q. Organized crime. WTF?
A. Yes. But I am not about to rehearse the entire prosection in public so you'll have to take my word for it.

Q. Prosecution? How can I help?
A. Report the matter to your local police, get a crime number or whatever reference your jurisdiction has that proves a report has been made. Emphasize your 'property'. Use that word a lot. Keep a copy of that report.

Q. How will that help when the little shit is in San Francisco?
A. And his mom. You forgot his mom. What he lives with. In a few weeks you can ask your local police to forward a copy of your crime report to contact details I will provide.

Q. Why can't I do that right now?
A. You can. You can speak to Officer Gomez at Ingleside, but there are three people there dealing with a lot of fraud and a specialist investigator will be assigned to us shortly. I think we should all hold off on the paperwork in San Francisco till then, but file locally right now.

Q. I am coming late to this thread as I thought my coins were gone. Am I too late?
A. No. I will always leave a breadcrumb trail for you to follow. Even if Strateman sends me my bitcoins right now and I drop the complaint.

Q. Can you guarantee I will get my coins back?
A. No. But if you don't report it I can guarantee that you will never see your property again. If they still exist I think, in the end, you will get them back.

Q. What's the consolation prize if I don't?
A. You get to see Strateman and his mom, and that wanker Taaki go to jail.

Q. How much will all this cost?
A. As much or as little as you like. I intend to give evidence in person with my daughter, but there are other ways of introducing evidence. At some point you might need to swear in a document, get your signature witnessed etc.. These are minor expenses.

Q. Why didn't you join the lawsuit.
A. They saw me coming the once already.

- Alexandra and Buddy the Dog]


Hi Patrick, it has been days now and I've heard nothing. You know about the dog, right?

He hasn't got long. Soon his heart and brain will be permanently damaged.

Why couldn't you have just sent me a email long ago when you decided you wanted photo ID? Huh? If my dog dies because I am locked out of my Intersango account - well bitcoin scandals are ten a penny, but this is the sort of disgrace that follows a person around for life.

I promised to take care of him and get him the operation necessary to save his life. You've locked me out of my account, and vanished, so I can't do that. Then there is my daughter. She is six years old. She loves Buddy. She knows he is supposed to have the angioplasty because he is very sick and if he dies without having it, because you locked me out of my account with no warning whatsoever, then vanished, you can explain it to her.

Because I don't know how.

Then there is the shelter I got him from. I promised faithfully I would take care of that little dog and get him the treatment he needed. It was the reason they gave him to me and they take these things seriously.

Not looking forward to that call either, but I'm making it tomorrow. If you don't want to speak to me, you can speak to Mike instead.
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / Intersango - can't withdraw coins on: October 23, 2013, 06:24:48 AM
Last time I couldn't log in, it took three months to resolve.

Should have had the coins out then, but I'm stupid.

Now, the site recognizes my email and user ID but not the password. All attempts to reset the password via the emailed reset password link fail.

I put in a support ticket, but need the money really fast this time. So I want to just get the coins out of there. A dog with a severe subaortic stenosis needs an operation, an expensive operation. I don't have time to be messing about while things are flagged for admin action etc. for weeks and weeks and weeks.

If Patrick or Amir are around, check your support tickets please. I know that is the way you prefer to be contacted, and for protocol's sake that's what I'm doing first, but I don't have long. I would like to be in my account by noon, UK time tomorrow so I can sell the coins and book the op.

6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Patrick Strateman is a thief on: March 26, 2013, 06:05:26 PM
[update - after this issue was successfully resolved, he locked me out of my account before I downloaded my bitcoins and is keeping the money I need to save my little girl's dog. He is going to be arrested.]

Hi again!

As you can tell, if these screenshots post correctly, I am not tech-savvy. I didn't even know what Google OpenID was. I sent some money to Britcoin then spent it on 500UKP of bitcoins which were priced around 12ukp each at the time. Foolishly I left them with Amir. I'm used to trading. I trust people with far more money than that every day. Now Britcoin have changed their name to Intersango I can't log in to get my bitcoins back.

I have asked for help again and again. Now I'm asking in public. Although I am tending towards scam, perhaps I am wrong and Intersango have made an innocent mistake and I will be in possession of my bitcoins very soon.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / Intersango scamming? on: March 05, 2013, 06:44:38 PM

I had an account with Intersango when they were still Britcoin. I tried to log in a month ago. My login failed which isn't surprising as it is a new domain and porting sites over can be complicated so I contacted support, as you do.

Nothing. I sent the information requested which was the transaction number and the expected balance of the account. A month since I first had a problem I still have no login and foolishly, I had left my bitcoins with Amir. I'd exchanged a few emails with him, I thought he was a nice guy.

You would think that with the liquidation of Bitcoinica or whatever it's called, particularly when it comes to the apportionment of costs which is generally done on grounds of blame and fault and whatnot, that everyone would be falling over themselves to be seen to be acting in good faith, coming to the party with clean hands.

How about it Patrick and Amir? I've emailed you both already. Let me into my account please and let me get at my bitcoins.

8  Other / Beginners & Help / Intersango - help!! on: February 27, 2013, 04:23:28 PM
Hi! not really a newbie but can only post here due to lack of posts.

Intersango have my bitcoins. I left them there while they were still Britcoin. I can't log in to my account and lodged a support ticket 10 feb 2013.

Their address in Carcroft is just a forwarding address. The support ticket has been marked for admin action but there never is any.

Anyone have their address in Poland?

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