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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / MT. GOX PHISH SITE REPORTED: on: January 14, 2012, 05:48:08 PM
There is a live Mt. Gox phish site at the domain ltgox dot com.  I just saw this on Twitter:

   @mikko: Bitcoin users, note that "ltgox ․ com" hosts a live Mt.Gox phishing site. Stores
               stolen logins to "/home/ddancom/". Oh, hello there @ddancom

I have a tool for investigating malware and phish sites, so I opened the URL.  It is live as of 17:46 UTC (9:46 AM on the U.S. west coast.)  Do NOT be fooled.

By the way, @mikko is Mikko Hypponen, who works for Finnish company F-Secure and is one of the top malware and security experts in the world.  @ddancom is presumably the phisher. Wink
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / New version (0.51) on Windows 7: bitcoin-qt.exe aborts with error after install on: January 03, 2012, 05:29:08 AM
I've completely uninstalled Bitcoin (my wallets being packed away and safe), and installed a clean Bitcoin 0.51 under Windows 7.  I *cannot* get it to work -- the client aborts with an error every time.  (Three tries so far, uninstalling each time.)  Is anybody else having this problem?  Does anybody know how to fix it?
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Issues: Recommend *Against* Using Paxum Now on: July 29, 2011, 07:49:38 PM

I just attempted to open a Paxum account, to try them out.  The experience was extremely difficult, and at the end I called Paxum and had them walk me through the process of closing the account.  I did not feel safe using it.

Here's what I noticed in the process;

1) Paxum's automated emails use HTML, but have incorrect MIME settings.  This means that they are displayed by Thunderbird and the other email clients that I tested as plain text.  *That* means that you have to search through a bunch of HTML codes to find the information that you need to confirm your account, etc. 

2) Paxum uses attached PDF files to send certain types of critical information, but because of the broken MIME settings, the attachments cannot be viewed or detached in normal email clients.  They must be handled by hand, by saving the email as text and then using a utility to demime them.  Most users are not up to figuring this out.

3) Paxum's web site is extremely picky about the format of information that it accepts in fields when you are signing up, but does not tell you in advance which symbols are disallowed.  Among the issues: periods (.) are not allowed in street addresses, but you find that out only when you include one and get an error back.

4) Paxum will not accept a scanned image above 4 MB in size for identity verification, but states that images must be "high quality" and rejects faxed images.  It took me several tries to come up with an image that was of a size it would accept and also a quality it would accept.  This is *really* annoying.

I could continue, but frankly, the email and web site tell me that the people managing Paxum's servers are not very good at what they are doing.  I work in networking security, manage a mail server, have managed web sites since the mid-1990s, and am intimately familiar with what it takes to run a secure site.  My assessment of Paxum's setup is that their technical people do not appear to be experienced enough to be trusted running a site that requests and holds information that will allow identity theft.  I didn't run a vulnerability scan on the site, but would not be at all surprised to find cross-site scripts and other vulnerabilities that can be used to steal information.

I recommend not using Paxum.  They probably mean well, and after they get their act together on their technical services might be worth using.  For now, though, giving them the information that they request to manage your money is IMHO taking an unnecessary and unwise risk.
4  Economy / Services / Professional Writing/Editing Services on: June 29, 2011, 07:45:44 PM
I am a technical writer and editor with twenty years experience in the field.  I've worked professionally to document products and services in the following fields: web application security, network and server traffic management/load balancing, business-related client-server products, radiotherapy devices used in cancer treatment, power generation and transmission technologies, and environmental engineering.  However, a good technical writer's best skill is not what they know, but that they can learn almost anything with a small amount of lead time.  I'm a quick study, and I love to learn. :-)  I'm also a good developmental and copy editor with extensive experience with business and academic writing, in addition to technical writing.

I'm employed full-time, but occasionally take outside writing and editing jobs for variety and because they often give me a chance to learn something new or work with somebody new.  I have decided to start accepting BTC in payment for that work.  My standard rate in US $ is $50/hr for businesses, $25/hr for graduate students or professors who want editing help for a paper, thesis or dissertation, and varies between that for other types of work.  My rates in BTC are 2 BTC/hr for businesses, 1 BTC/hr for academia.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please check my web site ( under "ErgoOne" for my resume and contact information. 
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Spamming Mt. Gox Email Addresses: on: June 29, 2011, 07:20:42 PM
The domain is being spammed to the leaked Mt. Gox email address list.  I am not sure whether the spam is sent by itself or a rogue affiliate.  Here's what the spams look like:


From: Jasper <>
To: <>
Subject: Bitcoin Investment Program -


I've found an aweomse opportunity to invest our bitcoin safely.
Based on a HYIP concept BitHyip offer upto 150% in return after 5 days.

They also provide a daily profit plan !

Please use my referal link to signup.
Email me back and i will send my referal bonus to you !

Talk to your friends about this awesome news !



If the owners of are here, they need to respond to this, and disable the account of this user and any other that is spamming the Mt. Gox email list. :/  That's *really* scummy behavior.

6  Economy / Trading Discussion / Selling eBay-style "Stuff" for Bitcoins on: June 21, 2011, 05:03:35 AM
Is there an auction site or garage sale site or any such thing that allows you to sell stuff and accept bitcoins for payment?  I've got a bunch of old books (lots of science fiction and fantasy, some mystery, assorted other) and a few other things that have been sitting around forever.  I've found places which support postings for businesses or services, but not just a one-off online garage sale. :-)  Any suggestions?
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / BitCoin wallet.dat, other local file locations on Windows 7 on: June 09, 2011, 04:44:33 AM
I'm brand new to BitCoin, installed it on a virtual BestCrypt drive on my laptop.  Before I do anything else, I want to know where wallet.dat and other data files are put by the Windows version of BitCoin.  Are they in subdirectories of the BitCoin program directory, or somewhere else?  I can't find wallet.dat anywhere.  (I don't have any BitCoins yet: don't want to til I'm sure that the program won't put any of them in unencrypted locations.)

Once I am sure that everything is working correctly, I plan to look into acquiring some BitCoins, etc. :-)

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