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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Energy based blockchain projects on: October 09, 2018, 09:44:26 PM
Hello guys, I want to start my favorite one: PERMIAN Token.

 Given the specialty nature of the chemicals and petroleum industry, there will always be multiple suppliers throughout the supply chain. Today each supplier maintains their ledger in compliance with their policies and procedures. For that reason, most business transactions are inefficient, expensive and vulnerable.

Inefficiencies result from the duplication of a single contract by each participant in the supply chain. The time it takes for each participant to record and reconcile transactions can slow down the flow of capital and revenue recognition throughout the entire supply chain.

This duplication of effort, and the need for third-party validation of transactions, adds to the interaction and administrative cost of doing business. Additionally, the expense of an intermediary to resolve disputed transactions further increases interaction costs and also delays the reconciliation process of the other participants in the network.

In such a tightly woven network, the risk of any compromise in one participantís system can affect every participant in the supply chain network. Incidents can include fraud, cyberattack or a simple mistake. This depletes trust, prevents automatic verification or authentication of assets, and increases costs even more.Through the use of smart contracts, we can now replace paper and complex agreements that are cumbersome, difficult to transfer and can be hard to track for the average person and even for sophisticated investors. Our solution for commodity investing (mainly in oil) would be to switch to a digital system along the lines of Ethereum, but linked to an asset.

This solution is the PERMIAN Token (XPR). Imagine a vault of oil barrels. The oil barrels are owned by "Oil-owner Inc." and the vault is owned by "Vault Inc." Vault Inc. has a spectacular reputation and third-party auditors who verify the amount of oil barrels in its vault. Oil-owner Inc. could offer a digital oil token to the investors that represents ownership of the oil barrels and through a smart contract with Vault Inc. maintain a public off-chain registry that relates fractional interest in the oil with the tokens. For every token sold, Oil-owner Inc. transfers ownership to Vault Inc., who holds it on behalf of the token owner. Vault Inc. guarantees redemption of the value price of oil barrels by anyone who can prove ownership through a digital signature. Oil-owner Inc. can take advantage of the fact that Vault Inc. is trusted (and audited). Owners of the tokens rely on Vault Inc.'s representations and not on Oil-owner Inc. (even though Oil-owner Inc. is the token issuer).
One of the main advantages would be that buyers of the tokens could know that they are the only person who has received the token, whereas a buyer of a paper certificate has no way of knowing that the same certificate hasn't been sold to multiple people.The PermianChain is the B2B-closed-loop-exchange for oil suppliers and oil buyers & traders.

The PermianChain will allow exchange of proven reserves via smart contract functionality under a crypto-economic model running on blockchain technology. The PermianChain technology and its built-in user-interface is being developed as a blockchainas- a-service for oil companies to utilize the economic-value of proven oil supply via blockchain technology. This blockchain-as-a-service technology allows oil exploration and production companies (Platform Prospects) and countries to monetize proven reserves that are yet to be produced. This will strengthen the industryís reliability and improve business models of oil & gas companies.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Most promising projects in 2018 on: July 08, 2018, 08:53:39 PM
I have made too many researches to find new high potential projects in crypto world. I have found a new project which is Core Foundation, a Science Blockchain-backed nonprofit operating out of Santa Monica CA, is an open-sourced smart contract-based e-commerce protocol that will support the foundation of a more efficient, transparent, and secure e-commerce system. will help buyers and sellers save time and money by removing middlemen functions and services through decentralizing the e-commerce stack. Spl.ytís top smart contract capabilities include an automated global inventory system, fractional asset ownership and management, inter- marketplace reputation tracking, fair dispute resolution system, and automated affiliate marketing rewards. All of these features are powered by the blockchain, assuring anyone who buys or sells things online that they will have the most fair and efficient e-commerce experience possible.

They are developing a public social utility protocol to form the foundation for a decentralized e- commerce system. The protocol will help buyers and sellers save time and money by removing middlemen functions to empower e-commerce participants to achieve their economic goals. The design and intent of this protocol is such that, ultimately, it will become a self- sustaining system that is operated and governed by the community with little involvement from the Core Foundation.
3  Other / Beginners & Help / bitcoin adress signature on: April 21, 2018, 03:56:26 PM
How can I sign my bitcOin adress?
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