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1  Economy / Services / Looking for a Chinese Communtiy Manager on: September 21, 2014, 06:58:26 PM
We're looking for someone to handle outreach to the Chinese community preferred candidates would need to be fluent in Chinese and English. If you're interested, send me a PM with your prior work and when you will be available for the position. We can compensate you for time and energy.

If you're looking to join one of the fastest growing communities in the alt space, then don't hesitate to get in touch!
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Votecoin [VOTE] decentralized voting concept on: September 06, 2014, 04:03:03 AM
Hey guys,

I just came up with this rough idea [VOTE] Votecoin to replace the aging electronic voting industry dominated by Diebold and co. Please note I came up with this half asleep so it'll need some fine tuning.

We would use the blockchain to verify the votes per national/state ID #. Each vote would only be able to be cast once per campaign, however it could possible to color a coin for different voting campaigns i.e. State, Local, Federal etc. There would be privacy issues involved though with disclosing private info on the blockchain so privacy technology would be something to consider in the scheme. I think if the concept were applied correctly it could reduce voter fraud to 0, while saving taxpayers billions of dollars in government contracts to private voting machine corporations. I think Bitcoin is doing an excellent job of decentralizing finance, but if we really want change and accountability we need to take back our votes from the private corporations. The concept of the block explorer when applied to voting could be an amazing weapon against political election/campaign. For example, being able to visibly see the voting results by searching your own transaction number to see if your own vote was calculated correctly.

I would be happy to fund the project if we can get some of the top minds in Crypto involved. I'm really not sure how we would monetize the operation because selling votes is illegal. However, I believe coming up with an incentive to have miners secure the network other than patriotism could bring in an entirely new generation into the crypto scene. Maybe putting the actual idea up as an asset/stock on an exchange and splitting the dividends to coin holders. Maybe the government contract funds could be used to purchase stock in the asset exchange then redistributed back to the voters?  "Revenue: US$ 2.99 billion (FY 2012)[1]" according to wikipedia 2.4% of that is from Diebold Election Systems and this is just one of the major companies involved in the USA.

Look forward to hearing some feedback and moving this project forward.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Nightmare (ShadowCoinClone) | NM | FRESH algo | ShadowSend | ShadowChat on: August 16, 2014, 03:30:40 AM

UPDATE: "Looks like its a Carsen Klock Coin." Thanks Trademark for the detective work!

Looks like we have our first Shadowcoin clone:  It would be nice if people contributed to the source, instead of cloning it. Anyways, the project lead lied to me and said he didn't ripoff Shadowcoin. I did a little digging into their Github Repo and found the complete opposite. They forgot to remove Shadowcoin and SDC from the repo. Now he's changing his story to "we meant to give them credit" just like he's changing the code I found "Locale Updates"

This thread will serve as the unmoderated ShadowCoinClone "Nightmare" thread.

Just wanted to give potential miners and investors a heads up that this is a scamcoin. All they did was switch out the algo.
NightSend is really ShadowSend. Their EM system is really ShadowChat. No credit given. Pure Plagiarism.

Shadowcoin Website:

Proof of Developer for Shadowcoin lead developer Rynomstr:

Shadowcoin Forum:

Shadow BTCtalk thread:


Ryno gave credit to the Darkwallet devs for the diagram in the SDC thread.

"We'd like to give a special thanks to Peter Todd, for his white paper on stealth addresses:"

"As well as DarkWallet for all the information on stealth addresses at:"

Here's my post in their thread before it was deleted twice:

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.


A complete ripoff of Shadowcoin. People should really start contributing to the source projects instead of cloning them.. You even ripped off their diagram. We won't be open sourcing the mobile wallets so good luck with your roadmap.

Anyone looking to invest in the source check out

Strait up,cop/paste of shadowcoin...they only have stealth addresses because they forked shadowcoin....every fork of shadowcoin would have stealth addresses....haha....suckers!
Even stole the shadowcoin diagram on how stealth addresses work.

The diagram of Stealth Addresses Shadowcoin stole from the real developers of Stealth from DarkWallet.

Stealth Addresses is a modified version of what is available from DarkWallet and the diagram is from DarkWallet's wiki.

We have given credit to them in our promo graphic. Credit is due where it is actually due.

We are a team of developers and we believe the foundations that are currently available with Nightmare provide all the top-notch features that people look for in coins.

Our main focus of development will be our Decentralized Open Source Market. More details on this will be coming.

ZZZzzzZZzzzz. You're definitely not giving credit where it is due. Don't try to mislead investors. You ripped off the EM system and Stealth Addresses from Shadowcoin. It's called plagiarism - look it up.




 <source>123.456 SDC</source>
Line: 1729

Replace "SDC" next time you searchnreplace.

Sloppy job. You forgot to remove Shadowcoin from:

4  Other / Meta / Extorting Users Privacy for Profit on: July 02, 2014, 10:48:30 PM
Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone here know that this forum is extorting users who prefer to browse in privacy. I fired up my TOR browser instead of using my I2P connection and immediately got a message saying that I had 50 units of evil that I must atone for.. which amounted to roughly $2.00USD. It isn't so much the amount more than the principal behind it. A really interesting business model - branding privacy evil and measuring it in units for profit. Last time I checked the forum has plenty of ADs, resorting to privacy extortion is the lowest of lows.

This forum is only here because we keep coming here. If they don't give 2 cents about our privacy why should we keep coming here? The hypocritical thing is that the forum is sponsored by an advocate for private browsing.. Lulz.

Anyone else interested in moving away from this forum, let this be the exodus thread. I'll invest the time and energy to create a privacy friendly forum for cryptocurrencies if there isn't one already. AFAIK doesn't charge users for using TOR or a VPN.

UPDATE: does not charge users for using TOR/I2P/VPN. Anyone looking for an alternative privacy-oriented cryptocurrency forum? I'd suggest signing up there for an account.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Neutrinocoin - Scam? on: June 13, 2014, 05:15:40 PM
Hey guys I just wanted to give everyone the heads up on this coin. There was no [ANN] regarding the coin on any crypto related forums; Moreover, most of the Neutrino guerrilla posts on this forum are from new users.. On their website it says the only way to obtain Neutrinocoin is to mine it - yet they don't list any software, pools or mining settings for solo mining. The coin is a "sponsored" coin on Bittrex which probably means they've bought their way onto the exchange and loaded up their pre-mine. I would get out while you can and hopefully nobody here lost any money. Fake linked-in profiles with paid for followers isn't hard to do these days.. I'm sure a few of you have came across an advert once or twice while surfing the web.

Anyways the whole thing smells of a scam. Let anyone you know that has gotten into this know and get out while you can. This is an unregulated free market and it's up to us to root these bastards out and let the market correct itself. Otherwise it opens the door for regulators to step in which is the last thing this community needs.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Cognicoin [LULZ] 1st Proof-of-Thought | Launched! | No Premine / IPO on: June 11, 2014, 06:07:39 PM

Cognicoin [LULZ]

Introducing the first ever Proof-of-Thought (P.O.T.) Coin.


Cognicoin is an innovative new coin that is mined by concentrated thought processes. The more you think about it the more it manifests.
Due to it's high memory intensive algo it is unlikely that there will be a FGA/CPU/ASIC/GPU developed in the near future. Cognicoin will
revolutionize commerce as we know it - replacing credit cards, cash and other cryptocurrencies as the new monetary standard.

Technical specifications:
Algorithm: Life (
Total coins:  ∞
Block Times: tP (1 Planck time -
POT interest: 6.66% per year
Min Thought time: 1 hours
Max Thought time: 30 Days
Anonymous Transactions: Done
Payment Cards: N/A
Android Wallet: N/A
BlockChain Explorer: 1000 LULZ Bounty

IMPORTANT: Getting Started:


Depicted below is a properly configured mining rig

Increasing your mining results
This process is relatively new but there are a few known ways to maximize your results.

1 - Coffee

2 - DMT

3 - Ayahuasca


CogniCoin's unique system is decentralized and only requires two users to project the amount of coins they wish to send to the other person;
Furthermore, eliminating the need for traditional centralized exchanges. Below you will find two of Cognicoin users syncing their blockchains.

Start a local pool in your area on

Start thinking about mining today!

There is a slight premine with this coin as I've been thinking about mining this coin while creating this post.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / RICO and BTC on: January 27, 2014, 09:22:00 PM
Not sure if anyone is familiar with the RICO act but if I'm correct it potentially puts the entire Bitcoin community under investigation.

One way the government would bust Mafia members is by using "marked" bills. Agents would engage in illegal business transactions with criminal organizations and since the top members weren't at the buy they would bust those higher members when they were in possession of the marked bills which linked them to the crime. In the case of BTC - transactions and dealing on the silkroad extend into every possible aspect of bitcoin as all the Bitcoins from that ever went in and out of the Silkroad are essentially marked. What does this mean? It means that anyone operating a bitcoin related business is subject to investigation and arrest under the RICO act. Essentially the entire bitcoin network is operating as an illegal criminal organization from the miners who supported the the transactions to the pools that support the miners.

The arrest of Charlie Shrem is the beginning of the end for Bitcoin. What's even more odd is Lead Bitcoin developer Gavin meets with the CIA/NSA/CFR and then all of a sudden these arrests happen. Seems a bit odd. If you don't think this forum is also crawling with feds than you are gravely mistaken.

Anoncoin, Stablecoin and Zerocoin represent the future of cryptocurrency because those developers are working to protect the users/operators/miners from being implicated in a RICO investigation by making the transactions completely anonymous. Something bitcoin developers like Gavin could care less about. You can't have marked bills if the currency is anonymous. One needs to protect free currency through anonymity just like free speech protects both hate and praise speech.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ALTCOIN FAIL on: January 17, 2014, 09:07:25 PM
Since when did technology progression become such a joke Huh It seems like there's been a new coin released every 5 mins.. each bringing absolutely nothing new to the table other than being "rare" or "abundant". Hey my old cigarettes are rare and btw my 5 gallon water bottle full of pennies is abundant - doesn't mean they are worth anything.

Honestly this entire scene is being polluted with garbage coins. Dogecoin? Really? What new tech did this coin bring to the table other than a ridiculous block reward and large supply pool? It's just another clone with a dog picture slapped on it. Coinye West? Really? You actually thought that you had a chance at becoming a top rate currency? Piratecoin? What possible advantage does an internet pirate have by using your coin? 42? Trading at $800,000 a coin... Someone tomorrow clones it and releases "41" trading at $xxx,xxxx a coin. Next week someone creates 1/4 coin "only 1/4 of a coin will ever be released" trading at $xxx,xxx,xxxx,xxxx.

Honestly it's gotten so bad that a dogecoin minion tweets to Matt Green(zerocoin) defending his crapcoin from Matt's righteous Dogecoin mention in a recent Forbes article. Matt is working on some next-level tech in the crypto scene he shouldn't have to respond to some crapcoin holder or developer for that matter.  

The only real altcoin list I see so far is Anoncoin, Litecoin, Stablecoin, Peercoin, Zerocoin, Primecoin, Skiencoin, Securecoin and Datacoin.

Each of the above coins has/is working on new technology to progress cryptocurrency into the coming years. Honestly we should start a movement to remove other altcoins from the exchanges if they don't provide at least one new advancement. BTW cloning a repo and replacing key values doesn't count.

If you aren't contributing anything on the protocol level GTFO you're taking up valuable ports. This entire forum looks like a craigslist bot started pushing altcoins.
9  Other / Beginners & Help / Site timer broken? on: January 07, 2014, 05:46:19 PM
Not sure whats going on with it but I've been logged in for days and have been browsing on here quite a bit and it only shows 4 hours?
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