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1  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Got my money back from my overheated card, what now? on: June 28, 2011, 11:34:17 AM
So, if anyone remembers, I bought a used 5870 which overheated at 90 with open case and extra table-fans. Today I got my refund.

Sucky thing is, that I couldn't mine when dificulty was 500k until now. So a lot of money "lost" (or, not earned)

I already bought another 500W PSU (my old 430w bequiet PSU is still in the case and the 500w is still original packed/weld)  and  2 case fans to keep up with the power consume and heat, wouldn't be a bit useless if I wouldn#t use it...

I'm thinking about buying another card because I might wanna play some games on 1/2GB card instead of my 640M one in the future, and maybe for mining. (Which I'd do since if the card can handle it and it's just over the electricity bill, there's no use in not doing it)

Should I check out ebay as people are starting to sell their cards now for a cheap-deal?

Do I get a new one to not get this overheating crap again, get a proper guarantee deal etc?

Or do I invest in Bitcoins and buy myself a card when difficulty got up again and card prices at ebay are going even lower?

Thanks for help.

2  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Mining without extra fans on: June 16, 2011, 05:49:41 PM
Hey there

I just bought a Gigabyte HD5870 and got about 300mh/s while mining.
My non-mining temperature is at 60C and my mining temperature goes up to 98C (I stop it there because I don't know if it could take any harm). How much heat can a 5870 take?

CPU & MoBo run at 60C, no problems.

But I got a ATA HDD sitting there with freaking 120C all the time. Anything to do with that?

So should i get an extra fan or underclocking or what? And where can I find a comprehensive list of flags?

Thanks for help.
3  Bitcoin / Mining / Want to buy mining shares on: June 15, 2011, 12:58:34 PM
Hey there,

I've just made some calculations and ended up with me being better off, supporting an american miner than to mine myself (which I'll do additionally anyway since I already bought a 5870) due to  the big difference in electricity costs.

I may want to buy approx. 500-1000 Mh/s.

If you got anything, send me an offer.

Thanks a lot.
4  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Is a bequitet 430W enough for a HD5870? on: June 13, 2011, 07:32:34 AM
Hey there,
just ordered a returned Gigabyte HD5870 for 177.

Got a Bequiet 430W power supply and asked myself if I need a new power supply for using the card (OC or not) and or extra fans?

Actually Im running an Athlon Dual 6000+ with 2 GB DDR2-Ram , Nvidia 8800GTS and 3 IDE-HDDs.

Thanks for help
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / identifying my last transfer on: June 10, 2011, 11:21:04 AM
Hey there,

I just wanted to transfer 3 BTC to MtGox but I'm not sure if I really copied the adress.

Before that I just paid 0.1 BTC to the Bitcoin price widget of stakhanov ( )

Now, I know that I can take some time for the money to appear on MtGox but my first 1 BTC went fucking fast.

So I'm not sure to which adress I sent my money.

To MtGox, to stakhanov or to

I have the adress of MtGox when I transferred 1 BTC ( 1FsxsBiKy3oPF3be2L8kGSSfzrgYZkCWvG )
I have the adress where I paid for the Price Widget ( 1Dd3yZtsE4pF6a8pSiyxX2Rium8ZioPdA )
and I have the adress where I transfered the 3  BTC. ( 14dLWqBGhx82WWG4QqqACJKxALZXXHfn1L )
my actual adress is 1GUvAD8uTcW3WsKWC7J6iG9GRSqCSCauqg

Problem is, that wheneeer you demand an adresse of MtGox for transferring BTC, it changes everytime and I don't see any option to show the requested adresses.

Like i just demdanded two adresses of  MtGox, both with 3BTC. This came out:


, while the 3 BTC I really transferred had this code:


Now how do I know to which I paid the money?

Thanks for help
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