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1  Bitcoin / Hardware / Gauging interest in a S5+ / 3xS7 specific power supply breakout board on: September 12, 2015, 05:03:15 PM
I've been working on something since april or may, it evolved with the S5+, and another time with the announcement of the S7.

Since pictures may speak better than words, here are some first shots of the prototype:

Tech specifications:

4 layers of copper, 2oz on each layer
4000w output with 2x DPS-2000 BB.
30x PCI-E connectors
On/off switch
Optional adjustable output voltage from 12v to 13.7v on the older DPS-2000 BB PSUs
Optional voltmeter if you want to adjust the output.

Sideplates with M3 threads (nutserts or similar) to attach both PSUs together and make the 120mm fans installation easier: 2 screws to remove from the PSUs, attach the plate, screw the fans, "et voila".

Expected price: $55.
Maximum size of first batch will be 150 boards.

Here are the pricelist and options:

Standard board without voltage adjustment:
1-25 boards total ordered -> 57$
26-50 boards total ordered -> 54$
51-100 boards total ordered -> 50$
over 100 boards total ordered -> 47$

Sideplate: $6
Adjustable voltage option: $5.5
Voltmeter with pin header matching the boards: $5.5

No volume discount available on options for now, my buy price is quite high.

Interest so far:

UsernameQty neededQty sideplatesQty volt. adj.Qty voltmeterPaid in fullShipped

First 50 sold. Shipping in progress.
Next batch in 10 days, 150 boards.

2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 1 ant S4 (not "plus") from Europe. Ideally with dead PSU on: August 05, 2015, 08:42:10 AM
Since I've been working on a replacement PSU for this unit for some time, I'd like to get my hands on one S4, not at Ebay prices, to finish the job.

3  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 1 gridseed G-Black, ideally from Europe, 5-6$/MH on: April 08, 2015, 07:12:16 PM
As per title, I'm looking for a G-Black to play with.
I may consider a few G-Blades depending on price.
For the G-Blades, bare PCBs are fine to save on international shipping.

For those who will think the price is too low, please note that A2 scrypt asics are selling "new" for 10-13$/MH
If I wanted to somehow expect ROI, I'd buy A2 instead of Gridseed

Edit, Alcheminers are close to 5$/MH, so I should even offer less for the Gridseeds  Roll Eyes
4  Economy / Computer hardware / Bladecenter H 2880W Breakout Boards. Selling from stock, limited time discount on: December 14, 2014, 10:44:27 AM
Limited time discount until the end of 2016 to celebrate the birth of my third daughter.

Any order will get an extra 10% discount no matter what the quantity is.
Orders over US$ 600 will also get a 60$ discount on shipping cost. That will make free shipping on most large orders unless you order cables or live in some exotic country where shipping cost is really high..

Orders will probably need an extra 3-4 days processing time since I'll be quite busy with my family.

Edit, the board design changed from 16 to 22 PCI-E connectors to allow it to maxmize the use with ant S5 units. 5.5 ant S5 will draw 5.5*500w=2750w from the PSU

The idea behind this breakout board is to cut down the Power Distribution Units cost for larger farms with a high efficiency PSU that's 1.5 to 2 times more powerful than the often used Common Slot and DPS 2000 BB PSUs.
Another advantage of the Bladecenter H PSU is that it does already have the fans, unlike the DPS 2000 that could be time consuming to setup for large deployment.

Not to forget, the Bladecenter H PSUs are 80+ Platinum certified, 94% efficiency.

After making a small batch as a proof of concept, I'm wondering if there would be enough interest in these to make a bigger batch.
The main connector does have a 140pcs MOQ with 6 weeks delay.

Technical data:
IEC C20 input Plug
22x 6 pins PCI-E connectors rated 9A per pin (27A max per 6 pins cable) to allow up to 5.5 ant S5 on each PSU
PCB with 4 layers of 2 Oz copper.

Pricing excluding shipping for each board will be as follow:
1-25 boards total ordered -> 70$
26-50 boards total ordered -> 65$
51-100 boards total ordered -> 60$
over 100 boards total ordered -> 55$

Since there was a little more interest that I expected, this first batch with flat price will close at 200 Pcs or on the 11th january 2015 whatever comes first.
Orders made past this limit will only be processed the first week of february, and the flat rate pricing of 55$ a board won't apply anymore. You will pay a price based on the quantity you will individually order as I'm already offering on the other boards.

Pricing for 16 AWG cables with plug at both ends will be as follow:
My home made cables are using 1.5mm² copper wires.
according to tables, 16AWG is 1.31mm², 15AWG is 1.65mm²

Price for those will be
2.5$ for 24"/60cm
4.0$ for 36"/90cm

I can also source cables with 16AWG aluminium wires, the price should be 0.6-0.8$ cheaper than the copper ones.

For those of you who'd want to make the cables or add a connector to existing cables, I'm also able to provide the crimp pins and 6 pins connectors at a fair price:
0.20$ the 6 pins connector, and 0.04$ the crimp pin

Boards for small orders will be delivered as one batch in the US and stocked by a reseller to be dispatched to end users at lower shipping cost.

If a few boards are needed before I get the connectors from the manufacturer, I can have a few as I did for the first prototypes, but individual price for the boards will be close to 80$.

Here are some pics of the actual board and of the first order before it's shipped.

Setup instructions can be found here:

If you are interested in this product, you can either PM me or post here with Qty you'd need and country to ship.
I'll update a list here, and if i can have enough interest in them, I'll ask for a deposit of 10$ per board in the first weeks of january for a delivery expected by the end of january.

UsernameQty neededDepositPaid in fullShipped
r00t$ 1 or 2...
soab15..end of february

TOTAL=216-220 boards

Orders made after this first batch will ship from stock.

price update on 36" cables, message me for discount on large orders.
5  Local / Petites annonces / Adaptateurs pour alimentations DPS 2000 BB et HP 1200w common slot et HP 1300w on: August 17, 2014, 08:36:13 AM
J'utilise depuis un moment des alimentations de serveur pour mes gridseed/Zeus miners, Avalon... utilisant du 12V
Ce sont principalement des modèles pour HP DL580 G3/G4 qu'on trouve pour environ 40€ en europe sans cables.

Les cartes permettent par exemple d'alimenter 3 antminer S3 à partir d'une alimentation 1300w pour moins de 100€.
Numero de série de l'alimentation HP DL 580 G3:

Nouveaux produits ajoutés

DPS-2000 BB, XL board

DPS-1200 FB A, XL board pour le moment

HP DL 580 G3 STD boards

HP DL 580 G3/G4 XL jusqu'a 14 cables PCI-E 6 pins.

Si vous êtes intéressés, indiquez moi la quantité désirée, s'il vous faut des cables, s'il vous faut une alimentation (j'en ai quelques unes de secours)
Mes tarifs unitaires hors frais de port:

Carte STD (petit modèle 6 connecteurs à vis)
1-9 cartes = 21,5€
10+ cartes = 19€

XL board, tous modèles avec connecteurs à vis

1-9 cartes = 28€
10+ cartes = 25$


Cables PCI-Express 6 pins = 2€ pièce (16 AWG, 50cm)
Cables PCI-Express 8 pins femelle (pour Zeus miners) = 2,3€ pièce (16AWG, 50cm)

Alimentation DL580 G3/G4 1300W = 45€ (fournie avec le cable d'alimentation spécifique IEC C19)
Cable d'alimentation IEC 320 C19 pour DPS 2000 BB, DL580 G3 et d'autres = 12€
6  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] for my collection, 1 or 2 used ZTEX 1.15y FPGA on: August 16, 2014, 01:25:23 PM
Hi, mining with them won't probably ever be profitable again, but I'd like to have one of each generation of miners.
So I'm open to offers, ideally shipped from Europe to keep costs low.
7  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Custom server PSU breakout boards, 1200w, 1300w, 2000w, 2880w, 4kw on: August 14, 2014, 08:48:15 AM
To make purchase easier for US buyers, I now have an official North American Distributor / Authorized Seller for J4bberwock Breakout Boards:

Scott will resell most of my standard boards, and custom boards have been developped for him that are sold either alone or as a bundle.

Serial n° for the DL 580 G3 PSU are any of the following ones:

New product added:
PCI-E to USB and Molex HDD to power your controllers and charge your phones/tablets:

2x USB ports able to charge Iphone/pad/pod, Samsung,... at full speed
Or simply power raspberries/beaglebone...

1x Molex HDD connector with a cable to power a KNC controller.

The board is a pass through, so you can still use your PCI-E cable to power anything else.

Rated at 3A, over 92% efficiency for the voltage converter, you'll only draw 16w from your PSU if you manage to max out the USB ports and the Moles HDD plug.

Price will be 19$ for the first batch, including one short PCI-E to PCI-E cable and one Molex HDD to Molex HDD cable.

Breakout boards for the Bladecenter H 2880w PSU are now in permanent stock

New models available:
DPS-2000 BB, XL board only

DPS-1200 FB A, XL board only for now

PCB received, assembly has started.
Here are some pics of the HP DL 580 G3 STD boards

Here is the XL version for the HP DL 580 G3/G4 that will allow up to 14 PCI-E 6 pins cables.

Anybody interested, please tell me the quantity needed and country to ship.

Pricing will be as follow for all models, excluding shipping

Standard board

1-9 boards = 28$
10+ boards = 25$
60+ boards (group buy) =21$

XL board

1-9 boards = 35$
10+ boards = 32$
60+ boards (group buy) =28$

Shipping estimate (will need your postal/zip code)

-up to 6 boards or 2 boards with 8 cables, by Fedex, DHL or UPS 15€

-up to 1Kg (15 boards), French post office "small international package" 11€
-up to 2 Kg (8 boards with 32 cables), French post office "small international package" 15€

Outside Europe
-1 board by Fedex 26.5$
-up to 1Kg (15 boards), French post office "small international package" 17$
-up to 2 Kg (8 boards with 32 cables), French post office "small international package" 23$

-6-8 boards or 2 boards with 8 cables by DHL 37$
-8 boards with 32 cables by DHL 44$

Edit: small package pricing not offered anymore by french post office
8  Local / Petites annonces / Je rachète (ou répare) vos mineurs Asics Gridseed/Zeus ou SHA246 HS on: August 12, 2014, 09:18:00 AM
Je recherche, pour différents projets, des mineurs Zeus ou Gridseed HS.
Je ne m'intéresse qu'aux PCB, mais si vous n'avez pas le courage de démonter, je prendrai l'ensemble.

Mes prix d'achat:
Scrypt: 1,6€/MH

SHA256: 0.08€/GH

Les prix par grosse quantité sont plus élevés car j'économise sur les frais de port..

Chaque PCB de Gridseed Pod = 0,8€
Chaque PCB de Gridseed Blade = 8€
Chaque PCB de Zeus Blizzard = 2,5€
Chaque PCB de Zeus Hurricane/Thunder 32 puces = 13€

Paiment en BTC ou paypal.

Si vous avez d'autres modèles, SHA256 ou scrypt, contactez moi.

Pour les réparations, comptezpar exemple entre 30 et 40€ + frais de port sur la majorité des pannes liées aux circuits d'alimentation.

Possibilité d'overclocking ou underclocking sur mesure selon que vous payez l'électricité ou pas.
9  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] your defective Gridseed/Zeus, or SHA256 miners (and other brands) on: August 12, 2014, 08:36:19 AM
I'm looking for failed miners, mostly Gridseed and Zeus.
Only the PCB have some interest to me, plus it will save some money on shipping.
I'd prefer to buy in bulk, but even if you have 1 or 2 PCB I'd like to get them.

Pricing as follow:

Scrypt: 1.5$/MH

SHA256: 0.1$/GH

Prices can go higher if you have some quantity because I'll save on shipping.

Each Gridseed Pod PCB will be 1$
Each Gridseed Blade PCB will be 7.5$
Each Zeus Blizzard PCB will be 2$
Each Zeus Hurricane/Thunder PCB with 32 chips will be 13$

Payment in BTC or paypal available.
Prices will slowly decrease when new generations will come out.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / GRIDSEED G-BLADE Overclocking 7Mh/s, improvements and repair on: April 19, 2014, 01:19:08 PM
As said earlier, I bought 1 blade to try to voltmod it.
Mine works stock around 6Mh/s @ 875Mhz with less than 0.1% HW errors.

Disassembly is really easy, 10 screws to remove: 6 for joining the 2 PCB, and 4 for the fan.

First thing that you will notice when seeing the PCB is that it will need better cooling if overclocked.

The chips are simply cooled by the fan blowing air on them.
No heatshink or so.

The voltmod will be the same principle as the one on the 5 chips pod:

Replacing the good resistor (that is still a 33k) with a bigger one, up to 50k maybe.

To be safe, I'll go step by step, increasing the value slowly.

Pictures and updates soon.


Here is what I used to make all my mods

And here is a step by step testing for a failed G-Blade that will help me/you fix it.

The only part not covered is when the STM32 chip controlling USB is fried.
I'll update it later when we'll be sure that the firmware I've extracted works correctly.

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