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41  Other / Beginners & Help / Creating an offline paper wallet for cold storage on: December 31, 2013, 07:23:09 PM
I wanted to start this topic as a tip for fellow newbies who are trying to secure their btc from an online wallet to an offline source. I had some trouble with this when first starting out and it was a bit frustrating so I wanted to give everyone a look-see at the method I used. It was very easy to do.

This can be confusing and nerve-wracking to do, if you have never done it before. This is what I have done:

The one-time operation of setting up an offline-only brainwallet/paperwallet:

1. put a new USB stick into computer A (online machine)
2. Go to
3. right click on the page and Save as.. -> Webpage, complete
4. Download this onto the USB stick as well:
5. remove the USB stick from the online computer, and put it into computer B (offline computer. For this, I just use a Raspberry Pi)
6. Open The page on the offline machine, and go to the brain wallet tab.
7. Create an alphanumeric passphrase, which generates your public/private keypair.
8. Save the public key (your wallet's address) into a file on the USB stick, and call it publicKey.txt (or whatever you want)
9. Write down the passphrase that you used to generate the public/private keypair and put the paper in a safe, safe deposit box, treasure chest that you bury in your backyard, or wherever else you like (or, if you're sufficiently paranoid, just remember it)

Done and done, Smiley
42  Other / Beginners & Help / Are we still in the early adopter stage of Bitcoin? on: December 30, 2013, 03:11:40 PM
I'm aware that the people who bought in when Bitcoin was only $1 or so were definitely early adopters. But statistically, do the majority of bitcoins belong to only a few small hands. Because if it did, that would suggest there are already a few very very rich individuals and less room for adopters to hitch a ride on the train.

I've been doing some reading and apparently the top 200,000 keys, that is keys containing at least 1 BTC are spread out across 99% of all bitcoins in existence. What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that the majority of users DO NOT have at least 1 BTC? What do you guys think?
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