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1  Other / Off-topic / Orphanages for children: the future with cryptocurrency on: October 19, 2018, 06:21:29 PM
Hi there! With the permission of the author I want to make a translation from the Russian branch into English. And also share your vision of the situation.
(I would be grateful if you could correct my grammar.)
So, here the author writes about his idea and other people also give interesting advice.
"I would like to draw your attention to the problem of orphanages and other institutions for children in Russia. The budget of such organizations is small, although we hear in the news about government programs and sponsors. Indeed, this direction is one of the most attractive for charity.
Why am I writing about this? Because among my friends there are people who grew up in orphanages or survived the divorce of their parents. I am volunteer , no indifferent to other problems of people (I'm not trying thus to make a positive impression). I have a little experience of interaction with various state institutions where children are kept and brought up. I have no purpose to criticize the state, administration, etc. My goal is to help the children themselves. Fighting the system seems meaningless to me in my case, because. I only act on my own behalf, sometimes with someone together.
Children are going through a difficult childhood. This is true. Within the system, they do not feel love and care for themselves. Educators can not replace their parents. The best solution is adoption at an early age.
And while they grow in the walls of the orphanage, they learn to survive. To be engaged in training of such children you need to be psychologically prepared. Honestly, I saw such kind people who could not stand the pain and worries for children, as well as their anger, aggression, manipulation, deception. When you come to them, they expect something tangible from you: candy, clothes: and something intangible: games, attention, love. And very jealous. They live with the paradigm that everyone around them is obliged to do something. Exceptions are very rare. But the most important problem is that after graduation from the orphanage they face a different reality of life. Because the world will not fulfill the whims of these children. And most of them are broken, they start to drink, take drugs, engage in prostitution. Although many are engaged in this and before the end of the boarding school. And this problem is not only for the children themselves, but also for society. We need socially useful people, good workers, qualified doctors, we need high-quality labor and intellectual resources. We need smart, moral, healthy young people to change the situation.
And here the paradox begins and difficulties.
To change the situation we need people and means to work with children.
Even if it will be teachers, educators are enthusiasts, they still need funds for working materia. Because most volunteers, interested people are not rich. There are those who can teach something to children, but they have not the financial ability and there are willing to help financially, without wasting their time.
After getting acquainted with the world of cryptocurrency, I had an idea, but I'm not a programmer and marketer, I have only an idea and a willingness to help in case of implementation or in similar projects.
So this is some kind of social.a network or platform where orphanages or other similar organizations are represented. Each orphanage has its own page where you can write to the institution, anonymously donate funds, write reviews and suggestions. And there is a third party as an intermediary who, at his discretion, redirects funds or withdraws them and buys material things. This person also has a page on which the reputation of this person is formed, also this person publishes photo reports. The transaction log reflects the amount and movement of funds so that everyone can check all expenses.

P.S. I have no experience in the field of design, programming, etc., but I have experience of personal interaction with orphanages, correctional kindergartens, psychiatric hospitals on a volunteer basis. Personally, I spend my master classes, playing, doing homework, talking with children, have experience in the collection of funds, not huge of course (every penny fell into the hands of children or the administration, which was confirmed by photos of checks, items, etc.)
If someone wants to engage in such activities outside the cryptocurrency, I can offer something in General and specifically in the cities of Vladimir and Kaliningrad, because I lived there and contacts remained.
There is a proposal "cryptofile a good idea, but how to implement it? After all, it is not suitable for transfer, because it costs less than the transaction fee on the exchanges. So you need to negotiate with the exchange, which will be able to issue a similar token as BNB, and then transfer it to the purse of the orphanage or cash.

Share your thoughts and ideas, thank you!"

Such a message. What do you think about it? What are the options for creating something useful for society?

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