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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How did I get to the crypto world. on: July 23, 2018, 04:34:53 PM
My day started as always: waking up, breakfast and work. No signs of trouble, sitting working on the computer, cruising in the world’s net. A cup of freshly brewed coffee was expecting me, as you know nothing will invigorate you as much as this magical drink.
    My co-worker stoped by and accidentally I found myself talking to him about crypto currency. I didn’t know anything about it back then, he said that he made 0.8 bitcoins in a year by investing 3055 USD and by buying asics. I took it very skeptically, but looked at the currency and realized that it’s about 6111 USD. Bitcoin didn’t make much sense to me back then, so I thought like “yeah good luck fella!”.  Although something clicked in the back of my mind - I really wanted to become rich!!! But everything didn’t start right away. I came down a little, I thought that it might be sort of a trick. After a while my bro came to visit me. He bought a new phone and expensive watch, you could’ve seen he made the $ himself, he had that “fire” in his eyes. And it all started from there, I found out about “bounty”, “ bitcoin talk” etc. I started to do everything to become a Jr. Member. All that time I wanted to participate in Bitcointalk Signatures. I was counting down days, hours, minutes, even seconds.. I found out about airdrop tokens at the forum, so I was participating there. I saw myself a millionaire next week, filled out bunch of forms, registered on Twitter and FB, started to be active on the social networks. After couple of months my expectations wasn’t met but I didn’t give up. And finally I became a Jr. Member, my first subscription Bitcointalk Signatures., waiting for the “bounty”, payments to finish, I guess everyone went through that. But after all that struggle I didn’t get rich. I figured that in a month I made approximately 0.1 Ethereum, which is like 39,72 USD. Although it’s not bad but it’s far from becoming a millionaire. The question was how to get Merit, since I’m a new member, I couldn’t write something smart and useful right away, was trying to respond with jokes, was writing something that I found in google but still I didn’t get any Merit. I started checking out the forum, found the topic - « Easy and legal way to get Merit », was learning the rules of the forum, was looking for the subjects that are breaking down the rules of the forum or published in a wrong section and reporting them. But my expectations wasn’t met and I still didn’t get any Merit. I started to freak out, I’m not asking for much, just a little. Of course I understand that you can’t get all at once, you need time, effort, perseverance, work, but you want it all at once, right?!
 This is my story, I hope that it will be useful for someone and wish I could read your stories how did you become a part of the crypto world. Thank you all, good luck to everyone and I wish all your dreams to come true.
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