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21  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Corsair PSU's - with boxes 3x CX500M 2x CX600 on: November 22, 2014, 09:54:38 AM
All bought new, have original boxes.

Each used to power a single S1 for ~4 months in an AC room behind conditioned power.

All run perfectly, are not dusty, ready to mine!

Taking offers / interest as some kinda want one piece and some want to buy them alll.

Fair prices, no DOA, no junk, no crap, no apologies or excuses. Escrow, please.

22  Economy / Trading Discussion / Shipping Advice Needed - AntMiner S1's - Economical/Safe/Inexpensive method<s>? on: November 19, 2014, 08:10:29 PM
Looking to ship, safely, a number of S1's. Has anyone shipped or received one lately that can share cost / tips?

Would two fit in a Large Flat Rate Priority box from USPS? My geometry stinks, sorry because that's a super easy question for some. Just want to make sure the seller receives them safely and economically.

thanks all!
23  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Antminer S1s - Eleven Units - Corsair Power Supplies, 11 units on: November 19, 2014, 06:52:49 PM
Antminer S1's - 11x units available all work perfectly with two overclocked. Can include a 10/100 hub with multiple purchases, and short cat 5 hopper cables.

Also, multiple Corsair CX500M's bought new and Corsair CX600's bought barely used.

Have other gear and larger PSU's available if someone has a burning urge. Looking to sell the above at fast and fair prices. No DOA, will configure and point to you before shipping.

24  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] BItcoin Mining Rig - 2 TH/s STEADY - Top Gear - Newer Batches SOLID on: October 26, 2014, 11:12:17 PM
Considering selling my rig. Consider selling parts, hopefully bulk/groups of parts, or the whole thing. Ive got everything you need to make this bitcoin rig do from the simple to Rasp Pi - Wifi remotely with cooling etc. I will help setup, if wanted and for a fee, giving best help saving heat in winter or removing heat in summer. And what to do in between seasons.

Please, keep taking shit about it to a minimum. Works like a champ! I did just turn it off as I lost my laptop last night and until I can get at that drive and 1) btc wallet and backups and 2) logins . It is all surprisingly doable, I'm not a computer genius and got all of this up and running efficiently and properly and reliably.

Runs 2TH/s all day long.

11x Antminer S1 Dual Blades (for sure 2 machines overclocked, possibly a 3rd overclocked)

3x Corsair CX500M power supplies - each powering 2 blades per psu

2x Corsair CX600 power supplies - each powering 2 blades per psu

3x Corsair CX750M power supplies - each powering 3 blades per psu

1x Corsair HX750W power supply - each powering 3 blades per psu

1x Corsair HX850W power supply - not in use at all, can be swapped in to run more miners and less PSUs

All cat-5 cables, power cables for PSU's and 2x 10/100 hubs for 12 usable ports or so. Fans if you want (box fan, tornado fan). Raspberry Pi b with cards to run it WIFI with a tiny monitor showing specs if you want, not necessary but cool.

I love it but need money. My seventeen year old Sony Vaio finally lost the screen last night... just died slowly with dignity. That was my ONLY computer, my only internet access, my EVERYTHING. Sad.

So.. but some gear and help me out because I'm broke! I'm also good at business so please, no crazy low balls, plz.

BID / BUY / ASK / BARTER whatever you want! Am in the NOVA / DV area, zip 20147 is close. Have almost all the boxes and shipping as sent. All gear will arrive good to go and not doa. Due to btc flexibility there is a chance I will work with you, but that is a maybe.

Hey... have fun. Mining won't make you rich rich now, but long term? Maybe? And here is your slice at it. When coin is up they will make over $20 / day total.

25  Bitcoin / Hardware / Computer Crashed Hard - Best / Easisest way to reset Antminer S1 Passwords on: October 26, 2014, 05:47:24 PM
Help a brother out!

Instead of plugging possible pass combos and hoping there has to be a neater way to do this.

thanks all
26  Economy / Computer hardware / (WTS) Full Rig - 2 TH/s Steady - Antminer S1's x11 - Corsair Power - Wires etc on: September 02, 2014, 04:11:57 AM
Thinking about selling my baby. Another member of the family needs money. Ugh.

Come on, you high rollers, get on board with this! You've got plenty of power, room to expand, cooling, loving... wires, hubs, everything. EVERYTHING to plug it in, turn it on, keep it cooled and mining at 2 THs.

Give me ~100 GH/s +/- across the board, you'll see better. These things are truly impressive.

Included are photos of a rack mount I came up with for 6x Antminer S1 Dual Blades. Have added a box fan blowing in the face of the rig and it is now even more impressive. Take a look, please excuse wire management. Going to re-wire soon with cable management in mind.

1) Photo is 3x S1 mounted vertically. This is the back of the first stack showing the heat sinks. Please note the Honeywell Tornado 3 speed adjustable fan underneath. It folds 90 degrees... it is blowing vertically up through the wire base. Air will flow vertically between two towers of miners.

2) Two 3x S1 miner towers set vertically. Considered connections facing outside for both, but then you have intake/exhaust next to each other. So they are side by side.

please excuse cable management, still testing at the time.

3) It is alive... it's alive! Running along nicely. With this format, and no additional fans, if you light a match and hold it on the outside of the miner stack it will be blown out at any of the openings, be that area between miner boards or area between heatsinks. Either side, top to bottom, from 5" away the flame is greatly disturbed, move it vertically and it will go out.

4) TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE RIGHT! Have added a small box fan that blows into and up the rack. A little ram-air for the fans, more circulation, the PSU's can handle more.

The other 5 boxes are hosted in my man's batcave datacenter. He works from home on and has been setup with the tools to be always on and able to host or route or whatever as needed. They are in good hands, and the electricity is priced just right over there! Those machines are powered with CX500s and 600s. No fancy racks, again the electricity and heat not a problem!

So! Kind of proud of my kit. It does run over 2 THs when all plugged up. Happy to show you that with a screen capture. I may have one!

SO! The rig is for sale, reluctantly. I spent time and some money putting together the best gear I could find to efficiently and practically do the job. And it does! Go look-up what a 2 THs unit costs and get back to me. While looking, remember you'll *most likely* have to host that machine and the cooling fans sound like jet engines.

Seriously, I bought an HP PSU to run some machines and it would do the trick for sure. Then the fan spooled up and I thought satan himself were arriving. So that's gone and back to normal PSUs. All are Corsair, all are properly paperclip tricked, non have been overloaded and shutting off. They can run more miners! One of the HX750's I bought used acted funny from the start, it is going back and being replaced by an HX850. The five units offsite each have a dedicated Corsair quality (new) PSU that can run an S1 normal or overclocked with no issue.

With the power I have on hand (including replacement 850) I am able to run:
3x CX750M - 9 blades   (possibly 11 blades)
1x HX750M - 4 blades
1x HX850M - 5 blades   (possibly 6 blades)

So... you are looking at the power and S1s with all equipment (fans, switches, cables, power strip) able to run 2 TH/s at home without making an insane amount of noise. With 5 machines offsite, running six machines or 12 blades here. I have the power to run 18 blades, or 9 machines. The S1s are getting super cheap... pickup another 3 machines, no new PSUs, and start pushing 2.6 THs. Yes, you have to pickup the rest of the kit, but then adding over 1/2 THs for the price of 3x S1s... that's under $400 shipped for about 600 GHs. Tempting for me!

Right now running them they do... well, they do generate some heat. The addition of the fans helps with the physical heat and the drain on the hardware. I think my setup is pretty clever and it does cool the machines exceptionally well. Meaning, it keeps my bedroom nice and toasty instead of the machines radiating off each other slowly cooking the whole lot. Kinda sucks in August, I think in another month this will all run with the outside windows open, AC off, fans on, and the temp will be nice for months!

So... if you want to get in and buy quality gear at a reasonable rate this is it. I can ship it all at once in original boxes inside a big box all nice and safely. Local pickup is of course available. Meeting somewhere in the middle is also possible. Now, if you are a thief and that last part got your attention? Move along, little doggie. I don't want drama, messes, morons, thieves, fast-asses, dumbasses, or dipshipts, none of that shit. Trust me... without payment in escrow we both approved nothing further will happen.

I'd like to sell them and put the money into something more wasteful. I'm hoping someone offers me too much money and I have to sell. Otherwise, I'll keep cranking away waiting till btc surge again and my bitcoin pile worth hundreds becomes worth thousands. Bitcoin will have another massive jump in value, followed by volatile market fluctuations. Long term, bitcoin will go up in value by percentages all the naysayers will have to make up lies or rationalizations for. People, the grounds crew and cleaning crews at MS and Google drive Ferraris to work. This is it... get in and get it on.

Perfectly happy mining coin, letting it sit, sell when it is super high and buy low to replenish my account. I want a huge pile of coin, not a bunch of cash outs. When the ship comes in I want as many tickets as possible. If my hand is forced by financial backing I will sell these for sure and move to hosted machines and shoot for 15 THs minium. Hosted. EXPENSIVE>!>!!

Do what I'm doing. This is your chance to print tickets. This is your chance to plug computers into the wall and internet, enter a few commands, and the thing starts printing money. Now... you tell me what's wrong with that? Nothing. Until the govt gets in and fucks it up.

Make an offer! Make a suggestion on how to re-rack / re-arrange for better cooling and looks. This works amazingly well though! So... let's hear from you. Even you folks who want to tell me what a waste and how stupid I am. Join in!

27  Bitcoin / Hardware / Setup Suggestions - Help! on: September 02, 2014, 12:49:02 AM
Have 6x AntMiner S1 Dual Blades.

They are connected in groups of three and sit vertically, two towers.
Beneath is a Honeywell Turbo fan blowing up.
Added a box fan blowing front to back.

Without box fan the circulation is impressive, outside the top miners the wind will blow out a lighter without the box fan.

Any suggestions on moving them for better space / cooling / awesome looking-ness? Yes, I need to do some cable management.

The rack pictured.... the two shelves can be moved up and down. Figure that into suggestions.

Thanks! Winner will be implemented!
28  Bitcoin / Hardware / S1 Installs Going Like Silk... then? on: August 29, 2014, 03:24:37 AM
Adding miners, navigating to them by their IP, login, configure, assign a new IP for that miner... NEXT!

Three miners without a hitch. I have added a 10/100 switch and while I can access the miners configured yesterday through it, I cannot reach any of the new batch of three. Basically I need, 1 by 1 through the switch, to login to each miner / configure / change IP.

With these new machines I'm completely unable to access them. Looking for some help here before I unplug everything and start from scratch. Sounds like a good project for tomorrow?

SO MUCH INFO HERE! It is daunting finding the right info. So, how can I directly login to these machines, or find their IPs on my network? I have  FiOS router so let's leave that out of it if possible.

thanks so much!
29  Bitcoin / Mining support / S1 Running Half-Speed - Powered by single CX750M on: August 26, 2014, 03:04:44 AM
Power shouldn't be the problem.

Someone please walk me through, or point me to, easy troubleshooting?

thanks! and thanks to all that have suffered through my slow-mo questions. while not an idiot i'm apprehensive when it comes to computers. always worried i'll change something i then cannot un-break.

30  Bitcoin / Mining support / Multiple S1 Setup - FiOS - Assigning IPs? on: August 26, 2014, 12:49:17 AM
Hey Gang! Have searched the setup pages... help!

Have 3x S1s looking to get online at home. Have FiOS modem with 4 ports, no problem.

Plugged first miner in, found it by navigating to set IP by browser, configured and it is mining. Boom!

Now, I have 2x more mines with the same IP stamped on them. How do I move the first miner off that stamped IP in order that I add and configure the second and third machines?

I have computer IP, Subnet, Gateway. XP machine. Step by steps would be a huge help.


also, with the machine i added i'm over 1 Th/s... want more power!!
31  Bitcoin / Mining support / Please Help Noob finalize his dreams - Need AntminerS1 x3 Remote setup help on: July 10, 2014, 12:19:11 AM
Hey gang!

Have my antimerS1 Dual Blades up and running at a friend's house. He's got the network and reliability and is always on site.

So! I'm not much of a computer genius and had hoped for some setup help. Looking for one of you guys that will log in and help get this running. It shouldn't be hard for someone who has done it before. I just don't want to further confuse things.

3x S1 Antminer Dual Blades

username: xxxxx password: xxxxxx
miner1: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
miner2: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
miner3: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

username: minepeon password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
raspberry pi: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Simply want the three boxes chewing away at GHash.IO
Anyone want to help with this setup? Anyone want to get in there and get it running with a review of what was done?

Please help before these things are completely useless!

32  Bitcoin / Mining support / help! windows XP - EasyMiner - 10 port - 5x BFL Jalapenos on: January 23, 2014, 04:34:27 AM
Have EasyMiner installed. Need real help for a dumbass!

Have btcguild account.. need to get EasyMiner Settings populated correctly.

Radios by each option, manual/pool worker/bitcoin wallet. Which do I choose, which must be populated?

For manual mining have

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