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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / BCPX reset block chain, all coins lost! Find developers together to get back on: December 22, 2018, 01:47:15 AM
BCPX was a fraud, and coins from early mining were reset by developers. All the coins were lost.

Reset block screenshots

 I was communicating with the BCPX development team. I promised to return my coins, but suddenly deleted the information. Fortunately, I kept the screenshot.


A very dishonest development team, I think it is a cheater team. Be careful when buying BCPX.
I lost 6 million BCPX. Attach a screenshot of my wallet! Let's see what the cheater did.

A screenshot of my wallet. The reset coin has been warned that it has not been confirmed.

BCP Evidence and Mining Time I Mining

If you also lost BCPX, I hope we can find developers to return coins together! Look forward to your reply!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / 【BCPX】is liar ,returned my coin. I lost 6 reset the block on: October 29, 2018, 12:19:31 AM
BCPX Developers is liar. They reset the block chain and let me lose all my coins. They promised to return my coins on Facebook, but they never received them. Finally, even Facebook posts were deleted. This is a very dishonest developer. I mined BCP for several months, but they finally reset the block chain (not upgrade). All the miners' coins were lost. This is totally a hoax. I have contacted crex24.

The developer has been contacted, and the developer told me that I would return my coin soon. We look forward to it together. Will it be a developer of integrity?

The developer replied to my screenshots.

If developers do not return coins, I am sure BCPX is a hoax.

You have to return my coins. I can prove that I have so many coins. Don't you admit that you reset the block chain? I have these coins in my BCP wallet. Everyone can see clearly that you have taken our coins, you return the coins, I delete the post. I think this is the most pleasant result. It's not worth much, is it?

Screenshots of my wallet:

MY BCP address :1P9jnH7timSZyiqjvaq51ziGRLM6Fudd5Y

These are your block chain data. The first time is 10th Oct 2018 07:49:00.

View block chain images

There is no doubt that you have reset the block chain before the old wallet money was not returned to me. I believe you will see clearly and you will see clearly. I want to return my coins, delete my posts, and then give some BCPs to my friends on the forum. So there are more fans, believe me! Return my coins, I will not rush to sell BCPX, I am a loyal fan, the earliest user of BCP mining.

Developer, please return my coin.

Do not mined this coin, this coin has reset the block chain. I'm the victim. I've been mining for months.. I lost 6478216 BCP.

Please lose your BCP coin and reply to your address. Ask developers to return coins! We are the earliest fans. After months of waiting, the developers took away our coins. We must let them return the coins.



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