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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / Journalling on: March 21, 2019, 10:19:08 AM
Hi all,

The most boring thing to do in trading is keeping a journal. But it will give you lots of insights about your strikerate, expectancy and how to improve your trading.

Do you journal? And if not why not? If you do, what did you learn from it and did it help yiu in your trading?

I just started, never did actually. I try to keep track of different setups, entry, stoploss and exit, RR, max drawdown and what happened after the trade (or why my setup did not work out).
2  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / F1 seizoen 2019 on: March 10, 2019, 03:44:29 PM
De F1 rijdt niet op blockchain, echter wel een interessant onderwerp voor ons Nederlanders. Het seizoen 2019 gaat volgende week van start. Kijken jullie? Wat zijn de verwachtingen?

Gaat Max Verstappen dit seizoen meedoen om de prijzen?
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Kucoin website down during update 18th february 8 am utc+8 on: February 17, 2019, 11:42:30 AM
Received this email, good to share that you will not be able to access you kucoin account for (at least) 14 hours because they are updating to kucoin 2.0. So if you have any positions you dont want to have whileyou can not access your account then be sure to take action.
Edit: If im correct 8 am utc +8 is 12 am GMT.

24hr Notice: KuCoin Platform 2.0 Upgrade Scheduled at 08:00 AM (UTC+8) 18 Feb 2019
Dear KuCoin Users,

Since day one, KuCoin has continuously looked to innovate the exchange in order to provide you with a much more secure and efficient trading platform, along with a smoother and better trading experience.

The new Platform 2.0 will support more order types, while providing more efficient, stable, brand new APIs trading, along with other new services.

On February 18, 2019, at approximately 08:00 AM (UTC+8), KuCoin will be performing a system upgrade for Platform 2.0. The upgrade process is expected to last around 14 hours.

During the upgrade, KuCoin account holders will be unable to trade, access their wallets, or gain access to any features on the platform.

All funds will remain safe and unaffected throughout the entirety of the upgrade and will not be at risk at any point throughout the update. No orders will be executed during the upgrade process. All pending orders will be kept (regardless of price movements) and resume once the Platform 2.0 is online.

Since the 2.0 upgrade process is expected to last around 14 hours, to avoid the impact of market fluctuations, KuCoin will reserve a 30-minute period for canceling pending orders after the upgrade is completed. The order acceptance will be suspended during this period.

We kindly ask all users to review market performance trends and make a decision on whether to cancel your pending orders right before the upgrade.

This Platform 2.0 upgrade will result in the following updates:

Advanced Brand New API

KuCoin's APIs are designed to offer an easy and efficient way to develop a secure and programmatic trading strategy. LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 data will also be added.

Various Order Types

KuCoin offers users a suite of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario. This includes Limit, Stop, Market, Post Only and Iceberg etc.

Reliable Security Solutions

Multiple security mechanisms to protect users’ information and funds are our first priority. With the update, KuCoin will support SMS authentication, a device trust system and protective walls to reinforce user information and assets.

More Attractive Fee Program

KuCoin will be launching a new Tiered Trading Fee Discount Program, developing separate trading fees for Takers and Makers, creating high liquidity, and effectively reducing trading fees, all while improving transaction efficiency.

More Convenient Self-service Management Features

Platform 2.0 adds internal transfers, self-service unbinding, self-service freezing/unfreezing of accounts, and other user self-service functionality to greatly improve service efficiency.

Efficient Notification Module

The KuCoin Websocket feed, together with newly added App and SMS push notifications, will let you easily gain access to real-time market data.

Improved User Experience and Feature Optimizations:

The simplification of the KYC verification process helps you to quickly submit a KYC verification application.
Price warnings and internal notices to keep you updated on market trends.
The construction of savings accounts and trading accounts will better ensure the security of users’ assets.
The KuCoin referral rewards program will also be upgraded to distribute KCS after the upgrade is completed.
A more intuitive user interface to help you better plan your trading behavior.
A more powerful trading matchmaking engine to help you easily apply your trading strategies.
If you have any questions or concerns related to the upgrade, please feel free to contact us:

API Support:


Global Communities:

We thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to sharing our upgraded platform with you as soon as possible.

The KuCoin Team
4  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Interessante onderwerpen. on: November 13, 2018, 12:33:32 PM
Beste mede nederlanders en belgen,
Het valt mij op dat er weinig interessante topics worden geopend op dit deel van het forum. Komt natuurlijk mede omdat wij prima mee kunnen komen op het Engelstalige gedeelte van het bitcointalk forum. Toch is het leuk en makkelijk om ook dit deel levend te houden. Misschien zijn er topics die ok meer op Nederlandstaligen zijn gericht waar behoefte aan is?

Welke onderwerpen missen jullie en zouden we in dit deel van het forum verder kunnen bespreken?
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Combine stoploss and take profit on binance. on: November 02, 2018, 06:52:19 AM
Does anyone know how i can manage to have a stoploss and take profit on 1 position at the same time on binance.

If i am in a position i would like to set a stoploss to get out of the position if the reason of my trade is not valid any more and at the same time i want to make sure to get out of the osition if my target price is reached.

I can only manage to do 1 of these options, so i am at risk to become a bag holder if i only have a sell order for taking profit or i have the risk of the price touching my target price without having a sell order open for taking profit because i only have an open stoploss order to cover losses.

Please help me out here, is what i want even possible on binance? Can i do this using a 3rd party trading app (if so, which one). Or do i just need to wait on CZ for fixing this?
6  Other / Beginners & Help / For demoted complainers (Copper Membership) on: September 21, 2018, 07:39:11 AM
Hi there,
There are a lot of complains about the new merit and rank rules. I fully support these changes and i am sure this will have a postive effect on the quality of the forum.

For the ones complaining there i a simple solution (next to deliver quality posts to get your so desired merit); just buy a copper membership.

It's very easy to do:
Go to;promote
You will see a short page with instructions.
You need to send 0.0020833btc to a bitcoin address.
After you have done this and the transaction has 1 confirmation you can refresh the page.
Select Copper Membership from the dropdown menu on the new page and you are done!

This will cost you a small amount of BTC and a couple of minutes. In return you will get:
Some of the same permissions as Member-rank members, such as reduced signature styling restrictions. (But none of the PM-related restrictions are currently lifted, such as the style limit or per-hour PM limit.)
Your "you must wait ____ seconds between ___" counter is reduced by 75%. So if you're naturally of Newbie rank, you only have to wait 360-75% = 90 seconds.
Under your name in the forum it will say  you have a copper membership.
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Token value not showing in MyEtherWallet / Ethplorer on: August 06, 2018, 11:55:48 AM
I have some tokens which i gained from joining airdrops and bounties. Some of them have their value showing in and some dont.

Is there anything i can do to see a token's value (like for instance Brickblock (BBK), which is on coinmarketcap)? Or is there anything the token issuer could do to arrange this? Or is there nothing we can do and we just have to wait?
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