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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Posted 10000000000 times but no one helped me on: March 30, 2019, 06:30:56 PM >>>>  This is called cold or offline transaction where you have to generate the RAW code and later you can publish the code online to make the transaction)

I need the Eth Raw transaction code in java . Have surfed online but dint get the accurate solution.

I have these field ( the same , this site works to generate transaction )

1.To Address
2. Amount (ERC token selection or ETH)
3. Token symbol
4. Token quantity
5. Nounce ( This is known as transaction count , but i will collect this online through api and later i will put in this field )
6. Gas amount
7. Gas price
8. Private key

Now i need the RAW transaction code. Thats all.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ETH BTACH TRANSACTION on: March 14, 2019, 07:20:21 PM
My general query: i have 25 wallets , and got some individual ERC 20 tokens, now i want to centralize them to one eth wallet. For safety reason i never shared it on online and never made online transaction using metamask or by these types of stuffs. For this i used offline cold transfer through MyEtherWallet. By this i genrally created a RAW transaction (Signed Transactions ) in offline pc ( not connected to internet) and then publish it to online pc through ettherscan or mew.

Now i am facing problem because it consumes lot of time.

Solution 1
I need to generate the RAW transactions of same token from different wallet all at once. Then i will publish later from online pc

Solution 2
I have to create the smart contract to make multiple transaction from different wallets through batch transaction .

Hope you get my query. Please help me to make a solution.
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5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What is Bitcoin ETF? How it will affect Bitcoin price? on: November 11, 2018, 01:28:49 PM
I have simple question, What is Bitcoin ETF?  How it will affect Bitcoin price? 

When Bitcoin ETF news will be published.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / NELUNS IS SCAM OR REAL on: October 27, 2018, 10:11:37 PM
Guys i am tracking obe specified ICO  for a month but got no specific result. The name of ico is Neluns.

Please comment guys. 
7  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / PoW vs PoS- Proof-of-Stake Might be the Winner here (Save the Environment) on: October 24, 2018, 07:56:15 PM

    I am researching how the Bitcoin is affecting our environment adversely . Yes we can’t leave Bitcoin but also we have to adopt a new way for the survival.
    In my Previous article I have discussed about the consequences of Bitcoin Mining >>

    Bitcoin relies on Proof-of-Work and really its troublesome, How ? Lets check >>

    Proof of Work:

    The concept of PoW is created even before the birth of Bitcoin. The Original Idea was published by Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor in the year of 1993. But thats the idea stage only. In 1999 The term “Proof of Work” is coined by  Markus Jakobson. It is the Form of answer of a mathematical problem or puzzle. It is required a tons of works to reach the final result. Now if we tire up the Bitcoin and the Pow we will get the idea. The one and only way to solve this equation is solve the nodes on the certain network. The result we get through a long process and successive steps. For detail we need to acquire the primitive knowledge of Consensus.

    So what is Consensus
    Consensus is just a “general agreement”  which is an important component of blockchain technology. Rather than power for keeping accounts being centralized in a solitary substance, similar to a bank or centralized online installment framework, cryptocurrency utilizes conveyed ledgers or blockchains to record data. Along these lines, a general agreement is expected to record data, for example, the parity of each address, exchanges, and so on the blockchain. All accord instruments plan to anchor the network by making it costly to assault the network and more beneficial to help ensure it.
    Here are the consensus mechanisms for blockchain are
    • Proof of Work (PoW)
    • Proof of Stake (PoS)  
    • Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)  

    Both Bitcoin and Ethereum use PoW mechanism. Be that as it may, engineers of Ethereum are attempting to move to PoS accord component on account of several downsides of the PoW system.

    Cons of PoW
    • 1.     Real Bad- Tremendous Energy Consumption:
    The rate of energy consumption is huge , we could talk about the genuine information and reality sheet.  I heard in a month of last year, the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks alone used 0.14% of the total energy consumption in the world, which is considerably more than numerous entire nations. The usage is higher , we can conclude.
    • 2.   Electricity to Heat(Just producing Heat who failed to solve the puzzle)
    Could you guys estimate the number of machine , which are failed to solve the math or heavy puzzles through the PoW., I know its the theme of the task to maintain the security but thousands of computers/asics are running the doing the math s on the network that don’t “win” a given block puzzle , so they are just converting electricity to heat.

    • 3.   The rate of Electricity is not same:

    There are two sectors for dumping electricity , one is the mining rig and other is the environment. For hot countries , we have to maintain the environment of the rig also. For that in some cases we need 2X electricity for mining.Not everywhere in the world has cheap electricity.

    Mining has Demographic advantage:
    So, Mining pools are established in a relatively small number of geographic areas, like having the cool environment for free of cost. Like the countries having their temperature down less than 10 degree are more likely to  adopt the advantages.

    Again The Ironic Truth
    The ironic Truth is that blockchains and cryptocurrencies are created to establish a new economic system. But it requires fiat transactions to acquire electricity to operate.

    Now looking for a Solution , is it viable to rethink the idea of Bitcoin, is there any way capable enough to pursue the existing conventional technology.

    Is Proof-of-Stake(PoS) the Winner Huh
     Proof of stake is originally designed to solve the current problem for PoW’s energy intensive process. In PoW , it just blended with tons of useless puzzles and mathematical problem. The main theme in PoS lies on the staking of the coins which is eventually derived as “Proof of Stakes”.  This  systems have the same purpose of validating transactions and achieving consensus.

    No more mathematical puzzle

    In this system Way to Create a Block
    the creator of a new block is chosen in a deterministic way based on their stake which might put positive effect on the long term basis . The higher quantity of reserved coins , the higher chance to create a Block.

    Will it take positive effect on the Market (Right or Wrong)
    You guys might think Miners might be responsible for the market volatility. They just pay the electricity cost for running the rigs.  As a whole mining is expensive ,so  you can’t blame miners for selling a bit in hurry. Even in bearish market there might be a consequences, if there’s not much demand for a coin, this certain activity pushes the price down.  In this proof of Stakes system , it ensures you price stability is because it gives the person more incentive to keep the coin than to sell. Holding will be the main key for the miners in a sense. I know its not 100% correct. But it has some positive perspective.

    One thing we all agree with - The Core Formula of  Decentralization (Blockchain)
    Countries having contributed to the hashing power will get higher chance to solve the complex puzzle faster. Inside that situation, stakers would understand that the more you hold, the more costly your coins would get.

    BUT still PoS system also consists some critical problems.
    Monopoly is the Main Curse Again —Holding a ton of coins, Will dominate the rewards.

    I am not new in this forum , but still suffers to get merits. If you think i am capable enough , please tip me a merit. It will boost my speed.
    8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin & Electricity: Threat or Blessings on: October 23, 2018, 08:47:49 PM
    I have researching Blockchain technology since 2 years. So i have decided to conclude about some topics which are controversial. Please correct me if you got me wrong.

    Bitcoin has become the most talked thing recently for its upsurge and downfall, the very feature that makes it unique to all others. Bitcoin can be collected through a process of solving mathematical equation, better known as mining. Mining needs a great set of computer components to do it pretty well but if takes a huge amount of energy to produce a tiny amount of bitcoin. Since mining become very popular among enthusiast and the price hike is going up; more and more people are involving themselves into this.

    The Irony Fact

    The irony of the fact is that, it also takes away a lot of energy that can be used in our daily lives for days and months. Most of the countries produce their electricity through fossil fuel or by burning coal or gas, which is emptying day by day.  It puts a great deal of pressure in our future endeavors as nothing is made to replace it.

    The Usage of Electricity increases by 300 times

    Bitcoin surely is new revolution for the blockchain technology but it has a big price to pay even to make 1 bitcoin. The less economically powerful countries mostly produce their electricity through their natural resources and does not have power plants that produces from molecular level. Recent reviews shows that, since the arrival of mining, the use of electricity increases by 300 times comparing to the previous years.

    Typically the Bitcoin network currently consumes about 2. 55 gigawatts (GW) of electricity for each year; to put that into perspective, the complete country of Ireland has an average electricity utilization of 3.2 GW, and Austria has an average electricity usage of 8. 2 GW per year. Over the past year, the estimated amount of TwH that the Bitcoin network utilizes per year increased 413. 37 percent. In comparison with countries like the Czech Republic, the Bitcoin network makes use of 102. 3 % of the complete electricity consumed by the country per year.

    At first, the condition was easy enough to become solved by the standard CPU, but since more miners joined typically the network and the condition started to be more difficult, miners identified that GPU were far better suited to solve the particular problem. Just a couple years afterwards, FPGAs and after that ASICs – application specific integrated brake lines – were better suited than GPUs to solve a block. Folks, like magnate and former Google information security Professional, Marc Bevand, feels that the quantity of energy that mining uses will cause further development by way of renewable energies. Bevand believes that the energy consumption will eventually guide to decreased costs of renewable energy for modern society at large.

    Electric bills have already put miners looking for a less costly source of energy. Companies have been looking to be able to places like Canada plus the Sichuan province wherever electricity is typically less costly. Because miners have incentives to use cheap electrical energy, this results in more R&D in the energy space. In the long run, this will make forms of electricity less costly to all of modern society as innovations are manufactured in energy.
    Also even though amount of energy mining procedures consume does not really go unnoticed, some individuals think that the benefits associated with exploration - network security ~ outweigh the negative externalities like electricity consumption.

    The particular Bitcoin network is secured by a consensus protocol called proof-of-work (PoW). Miners are paid minted Bitcoin and transaction costs for solving an obstruction newly, securing the network at the same period. If a miner is definitely not really capable to resolve the cryptographic evidence, obstructs of transaction history shall not be added to the blockchain and blockchain technology generally would be nullified; simply no record of offer background would become produced if obstructions had been not really resolved and added to the string by miners. The price that should end up being paid for this community protection is normally the large quantities of energy that a POW.  

    Cypherpunk Jameson Lopp accepted tweets to express how he feels about Bitcoin’s energy expenses issue. Lopp is convinced that the energy expenditure that Bitcoin query accrues is usually merely taxes that must become paid for network protection.

    Economic researcher Vasily Sumanov also believes that energy inefficiency and waste materials is normally currently the price we pay to conduct blockchain experiments:
    “Higher energy consumption is associated not only with environmental pollution but also with the higher security of a distributed ledger dedicated to storage and transfer of value. I have a strong feeling that this is a temporary situation, and in the future, Bitcoin energy efficiency as a function of transaction volume and energy consumption will increase as a result of Lightning Network adoption.”

    Unsurprisingly, the computer hardware industry has responded to the demand for ever faster processing. Gone are the days when anyone could mine Bitcoin on an ordinary laptop. These days, you need a specialist mining rig with a dedicated processor known as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). These things don’t come cheap.

    Big Pools Big Power
    As with all hardware-intensive enterprises, those with the most bucks inevitably have the advantage. So miners have grouped together into “pools”, sharing resources and benefiting from economies of scale, which helps them to gain market share. Bitcoin mining is now dominated by three big pools, which together account for 55% of total hashpower. About 80% Bitcoin mining is presently done in China(I think it is reducing day by day specially in china as there government imposed the rules). But it is definitely developing in additional locations as well: Iceland, Asia, Georgia, the Czech Republic, India, parts of the United Expresses, Venezuela. With inexpensive and abundant energy anywhere, in reality. This is usually because, despite the equipment “hands competition,” by the biggest price for Bitcoin miners is normally power considerably.

    Power era on the range needed for Bitcoin exploration requires property. A lot of it. Fossil fuel mines, hydro plant life, solar energy and blowing wind farms - all of them want property. And there is usually no place on this globe where usage of property is normally not really managed by federal government, one method or another. Will government authorities end up being prepared to dedicate bigger tracts of property to power era for cryptocurrency miners ever? It appears less likely. Nevertheless you appear at it, as Bitcoin’s energy demand boosts, inexpensive abundant electricity items for Bitcoin miners shall decrease.

    Predictably, Bitcoin miners downplay both their energy use and the threat it poses to ordinary people, ordinary businesses and the planet that they occupy. They state that sites like the Bitcoin Energy Intake Index overstate power use, that Bitcoin exploration is certainly no even more costly than typical fund, that exploration is certainly just using excess electric power that is normally not really required by various other users, and that anyway exploration is a beneficial activity that provides wealth to the accepted areas that sponsor it. Unfortunately there is usually little proof to support their promises, and in parts of the U.S. it is normally very clear that the third state - that exploration just uses excess energy - is normally in fact untrue. But also if Bitcoin miners’ promises were true, Bitcoin would end up being completely reliant about federal government for its power source still, one method or another. It is usually anything but immune from federal government power, as its supporter’s state.  

    Bitcoin’s want for power is normally its Achilles heel

    Great things come with great prices, so does Bitcoin. It actually has a bigger threat for the future as our stats are showing. Rather than relying on the public power source, miners can made their own power source and start mining the reaming bitcoins, till then use the existing one as the exchange device and earn from it. People do not need to get disheartened as green energy and other potable energy sources are on the verge of creating market hype soon. Patience is the key here.

    Still We need to think Green , Yes Green with Bitcoin. Its Possible.

    Don't take it negatively , i am writing article in this forum for long time still no intention to participate in any bounty campaign. Last month i felt i need for livelihood , But for the last update i just need 1 merit. Yes i am begging. Because i know i am capable enough for it. Just need the help of the community.
    9  Other / Beginners & Help / when the total supply of btc mine able then what happen on: October 20, 2018, 03:20:30 PM
    Current supply 17,332,225 BTC   but total supply 21 million what happens when rest of all % amount mining done then how to transaction btc . becuase we all know miner play big role for each and every transcation .how to process it becuase that time all the minner stop. i am looking for a this answer deeply .
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