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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / BlockchainPen - an UI for writing messages to the blockchain on: November 11, 2015, 02:21:45 AM
Blockchain Pen is a UI (and clientside wallet) for writing messages to the blockchain

You can write to the blockchain using OP_RETURN to save important messages (from text messages to small json data, from love messages to link to tweets/posts/torrents/ipfs hashes ...)

Just add some millibits to the clientside wallet

Don't put much money in it - 2, 3 millibits at a time are more than ok

The private key is saved into localStorage, you can export the key via the link at the bottom


The code is open source, if you want to send a lot of messages or do heavy testing, please use testnet!


dev infos:

just add this to the code:
bitcore.Networks.defaultNetwork = bitcore.Networks.testnet

This project is open source:

run it locally:
- download the zip from github
- run: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3000
- open http://localhost:3000

link to r/bitcoin post:

2  Local / Progetti / PaperBank - Generatore di wallet bitcoin cartacei on: August 09, 2014, 11:47:29 PM
Vi linko il thread originale in inglese:

Vorrei sapere cosa ne pensate di questo progetto e se avete idee per implementazioni future.

Se avete domande scrivete un reply qua sotto o contattatemi tramite email a: makevoid (at) g
Saro' felice di rispondervi.


Link diretto al video:


Il vantaggio di questo approccio e' che la generazione di paper wallet e' veramente semplice, avviene offline e il costo deli componenti e' veramente basso. E' anche abbastanza semplice installare e configurare il tutto. La stampante non necessita di driver. Controllate sul Readme di github per tutte le informazioni.

I paper wallet si possono plastificare (plastificatrice + fogli A5 vengono 28 euro su amazon) per renderli resistenti ad acqua e altro.

Il tutto (Rasp PI e Stampante termica) possono essere acquistati (nel readme su github trovate i link sempre nel readme)

3  Bitcoin / Project Development / PaperBank - Generate Cold Storage *Coin Paper Wallet, Offline, with Rasp PI on: August 09, 2014, 11:20:44 PM
I did this project for myself as I didn't find an easy, affordable and offline way to generate paper wallets, I open sourced the project so you can easily get the hardware (a Raspberry PI and a USB thermal printer, that can be found both for < 60USD *) and make your own paper wallet generator! It's easy and useful!

Project Website

default branch: bip38 (password protected wallet)

Introducing PaperBank.

Create paper wallet easily. Powered by Raspberry PI, linux and a USB thermal printer. An open software and cheap+open hardware DIY (simple, promised!) solution. It supports: bip38 (password protected wallets), vanitygen, standard bitcoin wallets. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin are already there and other currencies can be easily added, ask for one and I'll do it.

Your personal, offline Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator



If you can't donate but you want support PaperBank, please star the repo Smiley

I think paper wallets are great for both cold storage and bitcoin adoption.

With PaperBank you can generate safer paper wallet that are printed in multiple copies. You can easily store the password protected keys in a standard deposit box, you can give copies to friends and relatives in various places and you can physically mail them with much less risk of unwanted use



I was inspired by this awesome project by @spearson78 on github, that was a similar arduino based solution: - video: - I would like to see if someone can make it compile for the new arduino version so it's usable on due and later boards, to be uploadable without overriding the bootloader and all via the arduino gui

notes on security:

PaperBank uses bitcoin-ruby gem that calls directly SHA256 and OpenSSL EC native C libraries, it's source can be found here: It's well maintained - because it's a massive library I will try to take just the keypair generation part out at some point.

notes for skeptics (security-wise):

Skeptics or not-interested in veryfing the level of security of ruby-bitcoin ruby library (gem) on how securely can generate addresses (standard or bip38) should use vanitygen branch and install a vanitygen (that we all hope it's a good) clean secure install themseves


* you need other parts like an sd card, a good usb power adapter, cables, hdmi adapter and monitor - as glitch003 said, if you don't have them, the price will increase!

You can donate some mBTC to support the project development: 1PBank95kE4BZaQBfMsGZ3RCkqwwtGHjKA
4  Other / Beginners & Help / New to cryptocoins, want to start a mining pool on: January 05, 2014, 11:59:02 AM
Hey guys,

I'm relatively new to cryptocoins and as being a software developer I decided to start a new mining pool
which coin do you think should I start with?

LTC, DGC, DOGE, PTS.. others?

If you want to get notified when I start the pool, reply to this post or send me a pm!

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