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1  Other / Off-topic / Trading the trend with The Forex Trendy Software on: September 05, 2020, 08:34:05 AM

The forex industry is an enormous market with an average trading volume of over $5 trillion per day. Although not well regulated, the market has a lot of opportunities for investors that also comes with certain drawbacks.

In recent times, the market has experienced an influx of scammers with various promises such as increasing one's capital quickly, secret trading formulas and forex robots that trade perfectly. As a beginner, this can pose a lot of damages as your inexperience might get the best of you to patronize these “opportunist.”

Besides this, the industry also has those who come up with the golden grail of trading involving many tools and setups. However, if you have not fallen victim but don’t understand the concept of trading, wasting time and resource on various tools that never produce results, it is time to take a step backward.                                                                                                                                                                                             Is the indicator you are using generating what it ought to generate? Can it spot a trend accurately? Have you been scammed when trading? Are you tired of pouring an outrageous money on indicators, tools, and robots?

What if you have one tool that scans ALL currency pairs? What if this tool finds the best trend in all pairs? If your guess is as good, then you must already know that is your golden opportunity to turn your frustration into success.

The key to unlocking your trading

The FOREX TREND SCANNER is the solution to increasing your odds of winning more trades and cutting short unnecessary loss. Understanding a trend in trading is important because it is what defines the market. Perhaps, you have heard the statement, “the trend is your friend.” The trend can only be your friend if you know and understand it.

The Forex Trendy software allows you to know and understand the market without strength. It enables you to avoid trading during a period of uncertainty in the market and pick the finest trending pairs possible. The software uses price action to determine the trend without any indicator. The software is compatible with various trading platforms such as MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation etc.

What Next

Can you use $37 quarterly minimize your losses? That is $3 per week or 60 cents per trading day to transform your trading career. The Forex Trendy software is available for this price, which is quite affordable for everyone. Importantly, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You won't be charged for the software but your membership to the platform. As a member of the Forex Trendy platform, you have access to the following:

•   Live charts for the best trending currency pairs
•   User-friendly interface
•   Audible and email alerts
•   A quick overview of currency pairs on all timeframe
•   Automated chart analysis that recognizes flags, triangles, wedges and trendlines

There is nothing as easy as this when it comes to trading. The Forex Trendy Software is what you need to reduce unnecessary losses and increase your odds of winning.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / TradeKax Public Sale On Vindax Starts from July 24th on: July 23, 2020, 06:29:39 PM

Registered in United Kingdom (UK), TradeKax is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform for the individual investors or traders with commitment to providing a seamless and efficient system. It is designed by the team of technocrats who comprehend the intricacies of cryptocurrencies and its underlying blockchain technology.

Major Announcement

TradeKax (TKX) Public Sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting on 24th July, 2020, 13:00 UTC till 26th July, 2020, 13:00 UTC at the price of 0.004 USDT.   

There will be two rounds with 2nd one starting from 7th August, 2020, 13:00 UTC and finishes on 14th August, 2020, 13:00 UTC at the price of 0.005 USD.

Hardcap is 1,500,000 USD
Softcap is 10,000,000 USD

The purpose of Tradekax is to provide access to digital assets to people around the world in a comfortable, secure and more efficient way when it comes to utilizing blockchain technology. There are plans to democratize access to global digital wealth. 

With the platform enabling crypto exchange, it is the ideal solution for those interested in the crypto market. It offers 300+ trading products to the users and these including BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, BNB/USDT, XRP/USDT, ADA/USDT and many others.

In a bid to allow more investors or traders to access the crypto ecosystem, TradeKax is moving to the next level with announcement of the launch of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Additional Notice

The IEO kick-started on the 16th of July and will run until 16th August, 2020. Only 15% of the total token (TKX) would be sold during the IEO, and the team intends to imbibe the first come first serve business model.

At the end of the token sale in August, TKX would be issued as ERC20 and will be listed on the TradeKax exchange for more members of the public to buy and be part of the TradeKax project.

You can also invite your friends or family members through your referral link to buy into the IEO, and you stand a chance of earning 10% of the total sum invested by the referee. The 10% bonus would be paid to you in ETH, BTC, and USDT.

Additionally, TradeKax currently runs a bounty program which started on 14th July and will run until 14th October, 2020. A total of 90,000,000 TKX tokens have been made available for sharing amongst selected participants based on their accumulated stakes. Giving credence to the Bounty Campaign, WicoBounty has been nominated to guarantee the reward distribution.

If you are having any challenge, you can reach their customer service team via any of the channels provided below:

Official Site:
IEO Site:

Information Info:


3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / TradeKax Global Exchange IEO Started from July 16th 2020 on: July 20, 2020, 07:08:57 AM

Cryptocurrency derivatives trading didn't start today; it started since the advent of Bitcoin. Since then, it has gained popularity among different categories of investors. At the very best, crypto derivatives are financial products that are relied on to avoid hedging. A typical example of a crypto derivative is Bitcoin futures.

While there are several crypto derivatives trading platforms that have been launched on the blockchain, one platform that is like a game-changer is the TradeKax Exchange. TradeKax is a reputable cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform based in the United Kingdom.

About TradeKax

TradeKax is a force to reckon with when it comes to crypto derivatives trading. TradeKax is a trading platform for both individual investors/traders. It was developed by a team of technocrats who are experienced and knowledgeable in the blockchain industry.

TradeKax is offering 300+ trading products to the users, including BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, BNB/USDT, XRP/USDT, ADA/USDT, etc...

How TradeKax Exchange Works

Step #1: Signup and verification

To start trading on the TradeKax exchange, you need to sign up for a free account. During the signup process, you will be duly verified to avoid data breach and the problem of scams.

Step#2: Choose your Wallet

Once you have successfully created an account, the next step is to choose your preferred wallet that you'd be using to trade crypto derivatives.

Step #3: Deposit & Withdrawal

Once all is set, make a deposit to start trading. From your wallet, you can see the record of your transactions.

Step #4: Buy & Sell Orders

Start trading different currency pairs in a secure environment.

TradeKax IEO Phase

TradeKax has rolled out an IEO to scale the operations of the trading platform. The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) kick-started on the 16th July 2020 and will run until 16th August, 2020.

The team behind TradeKax said only 15% of the total token (TKX) would be sold during the IEO. There is also a 10% bonus for referring someone to participate in the ongoing IEO.

Major Announcement:

TradeKax (TKX) Public Sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting on 24th July, 2020, 13:00 UTC till 26th July, 2020, 13:00 UTC at the price of 0.004 USDT.

There will be two rounds with 2nd one starting from 7th August, 2020, 13:00 UTC and finishes on 14th August, 2020, 13:00 UTC at the price of 0.005 USD.

Hardcap is 1,500,000 USD
Softcap is 10,000,000 USD

Furthermore, there is a running Bounty Campaign that started on 14th July, 2020 and will run until 14th October, 2020. Participants in the bounty program will share a total of 90,000,000 TKX tokens based on their accumulated stakes. 

If you are having any challenge, you can reach their customer service team via any of the channels provided below:

Official Site:
IEO Site:

Information Info:
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Bityard Exchange Review on: June 21, 2020, 01:42:29 PM

Many investors are anxious to do leverage trading due to the hard-to-grasp technicalities involved. But leverage trading need not be complex. Bityard brings simplicity and ease of use to contract trading, allowing novice customers to confidently trade with margin.

Most contract platforms offer advanced tools that aren’t necessary for beginners to use, and thereby, add more confusion instead of real value to newbie traders.

But what exactly are contracts?

Contracts are trading instruments that enable investors to trade on the price movement of an asset at a fixed future date and price. Contract trading allows users to access enormous amounts of capital through leveraging. It is generally used as a means of hedging other investments or locking in profits when trading in volatile markets.

What is Bityard

Bityard was founded in 2019 at Asia’s technology capital, Singapore. As a world-leading crypto contracts exchange, Bityard’s business philosophy follows the “complex contracts simple trade” approach that aims to simplify the trading experience for customers while using adequate trading tools.

The exchange offers a low barrier to entry, as well as competitive fees. Users are able to execute trades as low as 5 USDT or as high as 20,000 USDT, with a mere 0.05% interest rate.

As higher risk begets higher reward, Bityard allows anywhere from 10x to 100x leverage.

Advantages of Bityard

There are several crypto derivatives trading platforms in the market such as Bitmex. While they do offer advanced tools for veteran traders, their interface and operation panel are far too complex for newbie traders.

Side-by-side comparison between Bitmex and Bityard trading interface

As you can see from above, Bityard’s interface (right) looks simple and sleek. Moreover, it’s not crammed with too many functions that might overwhelm beginners.

Through its simplified process, Bityard offers the most beginner-friendly tools and interface for trading contracts. This allows anyone the ability to trade with leverage despite having no previous experience. Furthermore, it allows users to generate income through the daily mining program.

Bityard was launched with four licenses certified by four regulatory entities: ACRA of Singapore, MSB of the United States, MTR of Estonia, and AUSTRAC of Australia.

The exchange also supports deposits with fiat and seven mainstream digital currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX, USDT, HT, EOS. With that in mind, Bityard has more deposit options than any mainstream contract exchange. Furthermore, it also offers OTC services for buying USDT with low trading fees, applicable to first-time traders and institutions alike.

Bityard has two remarkable promotion and customer acquisition strategies. One strategy is to onboard new users through its brand ambassador Buakaw Banchamek, a Thai boxing champion.

The other strategy is to utilize KOLs to siphon more users within the crypto space.

Bityard Signup Process

The signup process takes only 30 seconds.

Simply go to the Bityard registration page and enter the necessary information. You can register using your email address or phone number.

Once done, you’ll be assigned a secure wallet and can begin trading.

Bityard Contract Trading

To begin trading, go to “Trade”.

You will then be directed to the trading page, which has a clean and simple interface, with professional-grade charts and tools.

Bityard derives its pricing data from three top-of-the-line spot trading exchanges Binance, OKEx, and Huobi in order to maximize market price accuracy. Unlike other platforms, it does not impose its own spread to its users.

Comparison with other Contract Platforms

BYD and Daily Mining

Bityard gives users the chance to get BYD, the platform token, among other mainstream cryptocurrencies, in its Daily Mining page.

As the native asset, BYD’s role will encompass the growing ecosystem of Bityard. This means that it has the same potential as Binance’s BNB. For now, it can be used to pay for trading fees, which gives users a discount when using the exchange.

BYD will soon be listed in several mainstream exchanges in the future.

The total supply of the token is 210 million, with 10.24 million BYD allocated to the mining program. Moreover, you get 6 BYD upon activation.

KOL Incentives and Brand Ambassador

KOL Incentives

Bityard offers a minimum of 40% commission for its KOL partners. Each of them will receive a salary daily proportional to how many users they bring to the site. However, only valid users will be rewarded.

Valid users:

Monthly total deposit ≥100USDT
Monthly valid trading volume≥50,000USDT
Only 1 user counts for same IP address

Any illegal registration detected will be disqualified.

Active User Bonus

Bityard KOLs get to enjoy 3 months of invitation bonus; 7 BYD = 1 USDT

KOL Daily Pay

Bityard KOLs will also receive a daily bonus as long as their commission rate is above 5%.

Bonus for upgrading to a qualified KOL

KOL’s who reach the trading volume standard within 3 months become a qualified KOL and enjoy the regularization bonus:

Referral Bonus

KOL’s will also receive a bonus for recommending Bityard to others through the referral bonus scheme:

Bityard Ambassador

Buakaw Banchamek

Most crypto exchanges don’t bother investing on brand ambassadors to promote their platform. Bityard intends to do things differently.

The contract exchange has secured a partnership with Buakaw Banchamek, a Thai boxing champion who happens to be one of the greatest athletes in Thailand.


Bityard’s target market is very specific. Their customers are newbie traders who want to trade contracts.

They have recognized that the crypto contracts trading market is underserved, therefore, they intend to fill that gap with their Complex Contracts Simple Trade concept, which is evident in the Bityard platform.

Any newbie trader who will stumble upon the exchange will find that it is the most intuitive contracts trading platform in the market as it makes it so much easier to trade with leverage.

Further info at:
5  Economy / Service Announcements / MyCryptoNewsToday - Ideal Destination For All Crypto News on: June 15, 2020, 06:45:36 PM

As a crypto trader or investor, one of the best ways to stay on top of your game is to follow up on crypto news and market analysis. Reading crypto-related news from reliable news mediums cannot be overemphasized because it gives you the leverage to take advantage of the crypto market and make money in the process.

From knowing when to invest, how to choose the right investment portfolio, to understanding the dynamics of the market, and everything in between, crypto news can help enhance your trading skills. In fact, the big difference between a successful trader and a not so successful trader is that the former followed up on the latest happenings on the market.

Having the knowledge of the coin you are interested in beforehand helps to mitigate the risk of losing your hard-earned money or it helps prevent the market forces from devaluing your money. Aside from the crypto market, reading crypto news would also empower you to know the happenings in business, commerce, trade, and the economy at large.

If you are looking for the best crypto-related news medium, one blog you need to give serious consideration is MyCryptoNewsToday. MyCryptoNewsToday is your one-stop destination for crypto-related news. Whether you are a Bitcoin or Ethereum investor, this news site has got you covered with all the latest news on the market. Whether you live in India or you are resident in the United States, you have direct access to MyCryptoNewsToday via your Smartphone or PC.

Why You Should Be On MyCryptoNewsToday

Some of the reasons you should read crypto-related news on MyCryptoNewsToday are as follows:

●   MyCryptoNewsToday provides in-depth news and analysis of all major coins on the market.
●   The platform carries crypto news of the world.
●   Regardless of where you live, you have access to daily MyCryptoNewsToday news.
●   You would be well-informed on any coin of your interest.

Visit and select your news of interest to read. One guarantee you would get on MyCryptoNewsToday is that there is more than enough news to read on a daily basis.

Stay updated with MyCryptoNewsToday!
6  Economy / Service Announcements / AtomFX – The Platform for Steady Profits - 1 Month FREE on: June 11, 2020, 07:23:01 PM

If you plan or wish is to invest and earn handsomely, then AtomFX is the one for you. With AtomFX, you stand to enjoy impressive returns on investment, and the best part of it all is that you do not need to do anything. Just invest and watch your earnings grow.

On AtomFX, you can steadily earn anything between 7% to 25% every month and all this profit is on autopilot. By connecting your forex broker account alongside our trusted and high-yielding trading robot, you are sure to be earning regular profits every month.

Safety and Profitability

It is one thing to invest but it is another thing entirely to invest profitably. By investing AtomFX, you are sure of not just having your funds in safe hands but you are also guaranteed to have steady earnings. This is one of the many reasons why smart and savvy entrepreneurs decide to do their investments with AtomFX. If you want to have peace of mind while you watch a steady growth in your assets, this is the platform for you.

Smartest Way to Invest

AtomFX is a fully-automated trading system. Our EA trading robot is known for its world-class security, outstanding reliability, and dependable server infrastructure. All these allow it to carry out trading activities round the clock. It also does all these at incredible speeds. Let technology do all the work for you, quit sweating, and let us get it done for you.

With an array of tested and trusted strategies in place, AtomFX is your unbeatable investment and trading platform. We have several reliable hedging strategies that we deploy. Once we deploy these strategies, you will always record gains and impressive profits. This is irrespective of how the market performs, so you can be sure of good deals always. One of the ways AtomFX has been able to ensure this is by using safety techniques that greatly slash the risk while also maximizing and optimizing the earnings. It cannot get better than this.

Investor-Focused Vehicle

Even before you do any investment, you can easily calculate how much you are going to earn for a specific amount you invest. AtomFX has truly made investment easy and straightforward, with guaranteed and steady returns on investment.

The platform is really easy to use, simply connect your account by securely logging in by using your forex broker account. Once that is done, our EA robot takes over and does the trading for you. After that you make your profits daily and track your earnings using the AtomFX mobile application earnings – it is as easy as that! 

Get 1 Month FREE TRIAL!!!

Get further info from:
7  Economy / Service Announcements / Fast-Track Forex: #1 Forex Trading Course in the world voted by Yahoo Finance on: June 10, 2020, 06:50:49 AM

The forex market is considered to be one of the most exciting and fast-paced markets in the world. Historically, the FX market is predominantly the domain of central banks, large financial institutions, and wealthy individuals. However, with the internet penetration, an average individual can now participate in the market and make consistent profits with the right knowledge and trading tools.

If you desire robust trading knowledge to accelerate your trading skills to the next level, a powerful online trading course is a no-brainer. While there are hundreds of online training courses on the internet, one online course that's like a game-changer in the industry is Fast-Track Forex. This course is specifically designed for those that want to start from the scratch.

In this post, we will walk you through what Fast-Track Forex is, the benefits of going through the online course, as well as what's included in the course.

About Fast-Track Forex

Fast-Track Forex is a leading forex trading course on the internet. According to the creators of the course, the course is designed for those who desire a change in their trading skills and want to make consistent profits within 24 hours.

If you have tried every known strategy, yet, you still fail in your profit making drive, Fast-Track Forex is for you. If you stare at your screen all day without knowing where or how to get started on the FX market, this online course was designed with you in mind.

What You Will Learn From The Course

The following are some of the things you will learn if you go through Fast-Track Forex:

●   How to analyze the FX market and choose the right currency pair to make consistent profits
●   How to monitor the market to determine the right time to enter or exit a trade position
●   Understand the basic difference between equities and forex
●   How to use technical indicators to trade on auto-pilot
●   Knowing what to look out for when choosing a forex broker

Features Of Fast-Track Forex

●   100% money back guarantee: If you don't make any profit within the next 30 days after going through the course, you can seek for a 100% refund of your money.
●   Safe and secure payment gateway: Your credit/debit card details are safe after making payment. You can equally use PayPal or Stripe to process your payment.
●   You will have access to a private mastermind Facebook group for further mentoring
●   Lifetime access to all 5 modules (26+ video lessons)

What's Included In The Course?

●   5 core modules
●   26+ in-depth video lessons
●   PDF attachments for higher level training

Wondering how to join Fast-Track Forex?

Simply visit, click on "get course details," enter your full name and email address, click on "get access now!"

Thereafter, click on enroll and proceed to complete the purchase form.

NOTE: It is the #1 forex trading course in the world voted by Yahoo Finance
8  Economy / Service Announcements / How to Increase Crypto Trading Profits With Revolution Trade on: June 09, 2020, 02:04:45 PM
Making profit with crypto trading requires both the use of skills and technology. Gone are the days when people want to do everything by sheer energy or trial and error. These days, with the advent of modern technology, we act smarter by using software and other related devices to hasten the course of nature and save a lot of energy and resources.

It does not make sense to start a trade and then stay glued to your laptop to monitor the market's progress or trend. Should there be any issue with your internet network or nature deciding to play a smart one on you, your hard-earned money could disappear into thin air in seconds.

With Revolution Trade, you no longer need to stay all night to monitor your trade because the system is automated to do the dirty jobs for you while you come to take the spoils at the right time.

What is Revolution Trade?

Revolution Trade is an automated trading software that helps you in increasing your profits in the crypto trade. The software also gives you access to manage your investment 24/7. You do not need to take unnecessary risk while trading; the Revolution Trade's experienced team does that on your behalf. With their assistance, you can boost your profits by up to 2.5% per week.

How Revolution Trade Works

Revolution Trade is easy to use. It only involves passing through three processes, and you are done.

1.   Start Revolution Trading Bot

Download Telegram to your Smartphone or Desktop and join the bot via this link.

2.   Deposit BTC

Make a deposit of BTC valued between $50 and $50000. Each deposit remains active for 300 days. The Revolution Trade team handles your deposit according to the highest standard of modern portfolio management and ensures your funds are completely safe, using the safest security protocol.

3.   Take your profits

The average profit is up to 0.5% daily (Monday to Friday change to 2.5% per week). Once the deposit is confirmed, it becomes active the following Monday, prepared to start earning profits. Profits are distributed every day (Monday to Friday). Payouts are made once every week.

The following are the possible profits from trading with the bot:

•   Up to 2-2.5% ever week
•   Up to 10% of profits in 4 weeks
•   Up to 130% in the first year

Advantages of Revolution Trading Bot

Some of the advantages of trading with the bot include:

1. Your funds are safe.
2. Your profits are calculated daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
3. You can withdraw your earnings every week.
4. Withdraw your capital at the end of 300 days or reinvest it.
5. You can trade on both BTC and other Altcoins.

Affiliate program

Revolution Trade has a referral program that enables you to earn passive income based on the turnover of your network and the Revolution Trade community.

Once you place a minimum investment amount of $50, the first referral level becomes active. It is advisable to place a minimum investment amount of $250 to gain from all referral levels.

1.   Level: 15% daily
2.   Level: 10% daily
3.   Level: 5% daily

Profits and Affiliate commissions are released every Friday, using BTC. You can also write a review about Revolution Trading bot on Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, or Medium and get $3 worth of BTC for free to your bot balance.

The team promises investors guaranteed profits. However, we advise that you start with the least possible investment and study the system before committing more funds.

Further info at:
9  Economy / Service Announcements / Cryptuoso Trading Bot (Seamless & Effortless Trading) on: June 03, 2020, 02:53:30 PM
Over the last few years, cryptocurrency trading has become a reasonable means of acquiring another source of income. The cryptocurrency industry is growing exponentially to the extent that even professional traders can keep up with the tide. However, with the help of a trading robot, both new and experienced traders can take a pound of flesh from the market.

While there have been different robots of late, the results aren’t encouraging for investors. Due to this, investors are on the constant drive to increase their investment. If you are one of such investors, Cryptuoso is the perfect platform to make your trading worthwhile.

What is Cryptuoso?

Cryptuoso is a trading robot distinctively designed to make your crypto trading seamless. Not only does it simplify the trading process but also help both new and professional traders to take opportunities in the market, maximize their profits while reducing any losses.

Notably, the design of the robot makes it easy to provide automated trading while also using manually selected trading algorithms. Although, we have trading bots in the crypto market, what makes the Cryptuoso trading bot unique is that it seeks to empower traders with a full feature service and easy usability feature that allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies. The trading both doesn’t require any human frailties to perform its trading process.

How does Cryptuoso Platform Works

Trading is a daunting task, especially if it is cryptocurrency trading. At times, most people don’t have time to analyze the market or watch the news to catch the current trend. For others, they are still using a manual system of trading that requires them to stay awake all day and night.

However, the Cryptuoso platform is designed based on specific algorithms with proven backtesting to generate high output. Irrespective of the price movement of the market, the trading robot makes money. Using a trading robot sounds amazing because even if price is rising or falling, the algorithms of the robot enable it to make money. Interestingly, the opportunities become high if the volatility of the market is high.

Whenever there is a sudden market fluctuation, the robot responds instantly by generating signals, which is transmitted safely to whatever cryptocurrency exchange you are using. Currently, the Cryptuoso platform supports three exchanges such as Binance Futures, Kraken Margin, and Bitfinex Margin. With time, there will be more exchanges included in its platform.

Benefits of using Cryptuoso Trading Bots

Trading isn’t or shouldn’t be complicated. A robot can help to make the job easy for you by analyzing the current market situation and come up with the best trading decisions without your involvement or participation. The following are some points why it is highly beneficial in trading with Cryptuoso robots.

•   It reacts faster to various events in the market
•   It follows the algorithm and gives no room for emotions
•   It is operational every hour of the clock
•   It is suitable for both new and experienced traders
•   The robots only take a trade on the right moment

Cryptuoso is a platform with an automated trading robot that generate trades for anyone. The algorithm can help to create only valid trades. By connecting the Cryptuoso bot to the approved exchanges (Binance Futures, Kraken Margin, and Bitfinex Margin), then selecting the particular strategies you want to implement, you can start making profit effortlessly.

Further Information At:
10  Economy / Service Discussion / iPayTotal - A Solution To Enhance Your Forex Business on: May 27, 2020, 07:50:21 PM

Are you a forex broker looking for a forex merchant account to send or receive payments from your clients? Then count yourself lucky for stumbling on this post. As you may already know, operating and maintaining a forex merchant account has several risks like lack of regulation, exchange rate risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, as well as leverage risk. These risks have made it different for business owners to create a merchant account.

While there are several forex merchant account providers on the internet claiming to offer premium-quality services, one company that is like a game-charger in the industry is iPayTotal. iPayTotal knows the ins and outs of the forex market to meet the needs of every forex broker that comes their way.

Let's see what iPayTotal has in stock for its numerous customers.

iPayTotal is one of the leading forex merchant account providers that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide forex brokers with the best payment solutions available. The company's goal is to help merchants set up affordable payment solutions that accept major credit/debit cards and alternative payment methods. 

iPayTotal guarantees a full-fledged payment gateway which you can add to your company's website or any payment software you are currently using. The payment gateway prevents financial fraud and blocks any suspicious activity. 

Why Choose iPayTotal?

Here are why you should consider registering on iPayTotal:

●   The company provides comprehensive solutions to all sizes of forex businesses. Whether you own a sole proprietorship forex business or your firm has more than 500 employees on its payroll, iPayTotal uses its cutting-edge technology to provide quality services to suit your payment processing needs.
●   The forex merchant account the company will create for you can accept up to 100 currencies in more than 196 countries.
●   You will be able to withdraw all your profits directly into your local bank account.
●   As soon as your account is approved, your starting rate is as low as 2.5% only.
●   iPayTotal complies with all known regulations for you to securely transfer your customers' data.
●   iPayTotal uses fraud scrub technology to detect and reduce fraud attempts on the platform. You can be rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.
●   The company has a robust customer support team that will guide you through every struggle you encounter.
●   You can track all your transaction in real-time

iPayTotal promises to deliver top-notch services that guarantee lowest rates, flexible terms, and fast approvals. The company can help your online trading firm with payment processing needs in view of the inherent risks in the forex market.

Are you passionate about getting started with iPayTotal? The registration process is pretty simple and straightforward. All that is required of you is to visit the iPayTotal application page and create a free account. Before your account would be approved, you would need to upload supporting documents. A list of the documents would be sent to you via email, therefore ensure you provide a valid email address.

The company would also send you newsletters and update on their company's services via email. Once you are able to verify your email address and upload the relevant documents, you would be one step away from enjoying affordable payment processing solutions you would ever find on the internet.

Get all further details from:
11  Economy / Games and rounds / Earn by Storing Your Cryptos in IBANwallets - FREE $10 for Signup on: May 24, 2020, 09:30:40 PM

Today, the crypto industry is gradually submerging our traditional banking system. Since its inception, we have seen a steady global acceptance because of the numerous potentials in it. We have seen policies and governments giving their unwavering support to digital currency.

The potentials in the cryptocurrency industry are ones that supersede the drawbacks. However, businesses are keeping tabs on the use of cryptocurrency as a viable tool to improve their business services.  Yes, we have seen businesses make international trade deals through cryptocurrency by removing any restrictions and barriers.

Not many have seen it as a means of investment or saving, even though many consider cryptocurrency as a means of paying for goods and services. Have you thought about saving your cryptocurrency? Imagine investing and allowing your cryptocurrency to work for you?

Yes, it is possible if you know how that works. What will you do if a robber robbed the bank with ALL your savings? What if you never had the opportunity of getting back your funds? Then why not save your money in cryptocurrency while you earn interest daily. You need to save for your future security.

Earning from your Crypto Saving

IBANwallets is a financial service provider that offers the best savings accounts for cryptocurrency investors. The platform solves the inefficiencies facing our current traditional financial system. This is possible through its convenient and innovative solution that is geared to revolutionize the financial industry.

To be part of this innovative, you have to create an account which requires a username and valid email address. After confirmation of the email, you are given a $10 free bonus. With this $10 free bonus, you can start earning 1% interest every 24 hours. However, why remain on the floor when you have the ladder to climb higher.

Select the wallet of your choice. This could be bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, or other supported crypto coin. Once the deposit is complete, you can start earning daily interest on your savings. Interestingly, you receive interest earned daily in your wallet. There is no limitation as to when to withdraw your profits. Within 12 hours of requesting a withdrawal, you will receive your funds.

Why save your cryptocurrency with IBANwallets

Today, the benefits of earning interest on your savings daily cannot be taken for granted. The IBANwallets allows you to get a steady daily return on any digital currency of your choice. Furthermore, it’s a secure platform that provides investors seamless user experience, strong encryption, and protection of funds. There are no withdrawal or deposits fees with accounts offered at no cost.

Finally, you can also earn while saving with IBANwallets. Yes, the affiliate program allows everyone to make money while inviting their friends. There are five levels with various % of the amount deposited by those who invested through your link.

Get your $10 FREE by registering today:

12  Economy / Service Announcements / Invest Smartly – Choose CryptosBots on: May 17, 2020, 06:06:37 PM

The entire global economy is evolving before our very eyes. However, no matter the condition of things, smart investors will always make gains. This is possible because there are platforms that help when it comes to growing your investments and CryptosBots is one of such.

It is a comprehensive and all-in-one bots platform that allows one to earn Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. With Faucets collector, auto trading bots, and cloud mining, you have precisely all that you need with this platform. When it comes to earning cryptocurrencies without any stress, CryptosBots is the place to be.

Multiple Options for You

With CryptosBots, everything is in place to ensure that you reap immensely from your investments. For those interested in growing their wealth, this is the most ideal platform for you. It comes with numerous opportunities for you as an investor to make as much profits as possible.

It has free, basic, and advanced plans for those interested in its Faucets Collector, Cloud Mining Bot, and Crypto Trading Bot packages. Depending on the one you settle for, you can expect lifetime contracts, automatic daily payments, several currency options, automatic hourly payments, compounding packages, and several other amazing offers.


CryptosBots is not just your regular cryptocurrency bots platform, it is also one that has been designed to be customer-friendly and that explains why it is so easy to use. It even comes with an intuitive interface that turns you into an experienced investor in no time, even if you are just starting as an amateur. With the dashboard, you can easily do the configuration of several currencies, multiple bots, and get the best out of numerous earning tactics.

The platform has all that you need to optimize your portfolio. You do not even need anything special to commence, all you need to do is just sign up and start reaping your profits. It is also a responsible platform that ensures that there is maximum security for your information and they take your crypto assets very seriously. In other words, you can be sure that your investments are in the right hands.

Numerous Freebies for You

Signing up on CryptosBots means you are going to benefit from many freebies. You will get free Faucets collect bot issued out to new subscribers and with this, you can earn Bitcoins at no charge at all. Maximize earning of free Bitcoins without even making a deposit, signing up alone means you can get a free bot with which you can earn Bitcoins for free.

Real Strategy for Wealth Creation

Unlike some other platforms that only promise and never deliver, this is a very different one. More 10 cryptocurrencies are available on the platform and these include Bitcoin and Ether. You can even earn round the clock, this is because there are automated bots in place to assist you to make profits every single hour of the day, every day of the year. Join CryptosBots today and you will be more than glad that you did!

Get More Info About CryptosBots at:
13  Other / Off-topic / Waw Forex Signals – 5 Years In The Market! on: May 02, 2020, 06:27:48 PM

Investment in the forex niche means different things to different people. Some have been able to make massive profits and gains while others lose big time and get added to the list of losers which nearly goes upto 90% in comparison to people in profits. One of the things that guarantee success when doing forex trading is the use of the right strategy or method. But let’s face it that very few people in this era got so much patience or capability to do that consistently. This is where trading signals or copier can be highly beneficial and that is precisely what I am going to talk about today.

A signal copier service in the shape of Waw Forex Signals. It offers the very best when it comes to forex trading that will help in minimizing loss and maximization of profits. With Waw Forex Signals, the trader has to do nothing, we give the full solutions, all you need to do is join and the rest is done for you – with no stress at all!

This is made possible by Waw Forex Signal through the reliable forex copier provider known for churning out the most informative notifications and suggestions to trade. The fact that Waw Forex Signals come with a trader copier means greater ease of trading as the signals are executed automatically and generates consistent profits.

WAW Forex Trade Copier

With the Waw Forex Trade Copier system, it will automatically copy signals from the Master Account into yours. In simplest terms, the users account is hosted on the Main Server & WAW Forex trades are copied directly to your trading account with complete transparency to keep track on it.

Tested, Trusted & Customer-Oriented

Over the past 5 years in the business, Waw Forex Signals has carved a solid and very reliable niche for itself as a forex signals trader copier and that explains why its stakeholders are often impressed with the results and reason for me to talk about them in this review. At Waw Forex Signals, there are seasoned, trained, and highly-experienced hands who generated these very result-oriented forex signals and allows you to use it via the Waw Forex Trade Copier for trading.

Waw Forex Signals truly stands out and of all the forex trading platforms out there, it is one with a world-class pursuit of a customer-oriented goal and objective. With this venture, the primary goal and objective are to ensure that confidence and trust are restored to all traders across the globe. In the forex business, few things are greater or more important than confidence and trust. At Waw Forex Signals, there is the understanding that there can be a lot of complications with markets and it is for this reason that the platform is always ready to assist traders with all the tools and services that they need to move to the next level.

Reasons to go for it

Waw Forex Signals strongly believes that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. As a respected forex signal copier provider, the management of their signals is done manually. This is possible because the signals were generated in the first instance by highly-trained analysts with years of experience, and they utilize various manual trading strategies when doing the business.

Using any Forex Signal service should be done after strong research and here are some major points why Waw Forex Signals should be first on the list to use.

•   Fully Automated Copier System
•   Over 5 years of service in the industry
•   Over 3k client based with nearly 90% satisfied.
•   76% Winning percentage in the past 5 years.
•   Fully Hosted Account Service (No need VPS)
•   Custom Risk Management, Ability to Customize Lot Size.
•   Support All Brokers & Accounts Types (MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM & LMAX)
•   Trial is available from $19 with a 1-week duration.
•   Refund policy without question asked available with the duration of the first 3 days.
•   Easy to contact customer service via Email and Telegram


If you are an amateur or even a pro when it comes to forex trading, one certain thing is no one wishes to sit in front of the computer the whole day, so that’s where you could make use of a reliable service such as Waw Forex Signals Copier.

Check it out today and start your journey towards achieving success in your career.

14  Economy / Service Announcements / Why You Should Adopt Zmartbit's Business Model on: April 08, 2020, 08:01:57 AM

Ever imagined a business model on the block chain that pays you commission straight to your account? Read on to find out how to make thousands of dollars by recommending a business model to friends and family.

As you may know Amazon is the world's leading e-commerce platform with offices scattered around the world. The benefits of buying consumer goods on Amazon cannot be overemphasized; from cheap prices, discount to convenience, the benefits are numerous.

However, when you recommend Amazon to a friend or a family member, you get nothing for your efforts. The most annoying part of the whole thing is that when your friend or family member buys a product on the Amazon platform, you get nothing either. All the profits go to Amazon!

But there is a platform that can reward you (commission) for your efforts if you recommend or refer someone. The good news is that the commission would be paid straight to your account in a currency that is not likely to lose value anytime soon. Zmartbit is the first business model in the world that pay 100% in Bitcoin where you pay a membership to get access to discounts on products, and services.

Benefits Of Adopting Zmartbit

●   For each person you recommend to sign up on the Zmartbit platform, you would get a commission paid directly to your account
●   Whenever the person you recommended buys a product, you get paid instantly in Bitcoin
●   Let's take a bit further; if the person recommends Zmartbit to his/her friend, you also get paid. Can you beat that?
●   You get a discount for every product you buy on the platform
●   They have a dependable customer support team that would guide you every step of the way.

If you are passionate about getting started with Zmartbit, visit their official website via On the right hand side of the landing page, you will see where to enter your name, email, and phone. Once you are done entering your details, click on "show me how," and that would be it. You will receive all necessary information to start earning passive income via email.

15  Economy / Exchanges / Best Crypto Broker? on: February 13, 2020, 03:01:27 PM
I have mostly used exchanges like Binance and Coinbase for Cryptos but I am interested in trading with proper broker. I like to know which the best broker for Crypto trading is.

If you guys are trading with any then please give your suggestions, I am very keen on trying it. Thanks
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][IEO on Latoken Exchange] 🌟🌟🌟 Prediqt 🌟🌟🌟 TOKENIZED CONSUMER DATA on: February 12, 2020, 08:20:27 PM


|| |||


We’ve built a platform with access to 50+ million consumers globally.  Clients can access these consumers through our APIs.  For consumers, we offer the flexibility for them to exchange their personal data and insight for the value they deserve.


PREDIQT’s portal can be accessed on desktop PC or our downloadable App.  We have designed an user friendly and engaging experience for consumers to provide quality consumer insight data.


PREDIQT accesses consumer panelists through exchanges and panel suppliers.   Panelists opt in to receive rewards in the form of digital tokens.  We provide a downloadable app so mobile users can complete surveys.

The app feeds data and task completion indicators to our blockchain platform servers where we process, secure and validate data for sample buyers. We assign unique identifiers to respondents so that we can pay out incentives each time data is used.


Today’s businesses are spending an estimated $46 billion on research and data to guide their $170 billion of ad spend. However, the traditional datasets they are using are riddled with problems. Analysis of current data collection reveals the following issues:

There is a lot of inaccurate data.
Data is limited to a small number of unmotivated respondents.
The information is hard to work with and offers few insights.
Data is often untimely and unreliable.
Businesses are paying too much for too little.

Consumers are also harmed by this status quo. Their privacy is rarely respected and they are given no incentives to participate in data-collection other than the risks of inaccurate consumer profiles


The solution is tokenized consumer data. Prediqt’s model uses the token economy to reward consumers for providing high-quality data to our data exchange. The more useful the data, the larger the reward.

We reach our consumers with an engaging App that provides fun data collection activities like surveys and other behavior tools.

For brands, this means more accurate information provided by more motivated consumers. They can make decisions based on accurate data rather than old-fashioned, unreliable data sources.

The Prediqt model is unique in the data world because everyone wins. This disruptive approach offers immense value to all participants in the data economy.


Consumers conduct the majority of their digital activities and ecommerce activity on mobile devices.  PREDIQT recognizes this and continues to develop an engaging experience for consumers on our mobile App.

As described in the PREDIQT Portal, we make the same experience available on Desktop PCs:

*Easy to navigate menus

*Readily available view of reward point balances

*Inventory of activities that are easy clicks away

*Effortless redemption process to convert points to cash, merchant credits or crypto


17  Economy / Service Announcements / Coina1bot – The simplest formula to make it big! on: February 03, 2020, 07:29:22 PM

All over the globe, the cryptocurrency market is really booming and this is because of the tremendous opportunities for financial independence in the niche. When it comes to any digital currency that has changed lives for real, Bitcoin is right at the top of the list and this is exactly where Coina1bot comes into the picture. When it comes to making steady profits with Bitcoin, this is the platform to use. With a minimum deposit of 0.0005 BTC and minimum withdrawal pegged at 0.001 BTC, it is really easy for all investors.

With Coina1bot, there is no delay when it comes to reaping profits of the investment and this is because there is an instant payout. There are several testimonials and payment proofs on its Telegram platform - and these are quite convincing. For those who want to make the best of Bitcoin investments, Coina1bot is a highly-recommended place to do so.

COIN A is a Mining & Trading organization. The company’s business operations are divided into two sections; Mining and Trading businesses and all investment are put into these. COIN A Working system is based on the super fast ROBOT system, which analyzes quickly application parameters of the requesting client systematically.

COIN A investment is a micro finance company operates without human participation, and it is ready to start cooperation with each client in just a few seconds. That's the reason why COIN A is considered as one of the highly trusted and reliable companies for major ROI. Everything is in place with the Coina1Bot for the money doubling technique. With diversity of options for investment, there are different levels of investments and you are free to select the one you consider to be the best for you. Investments with this bot money doubler can yield as much as 200% in just after 100 hours.

Another way by which investors can make even more profits with Coina1Bot is via its referral system. With the referral system, there are different levels of commissions that goes upto 6% and helps the investors to earn without any stress. All they need to do is to share the referral links with their friends and loved ones.

The main advantages of this money doubling bot are that it provides results and profits really fast with complete transparency and allows for ease of entry when it comes to investment. The minimum amount needed as the deposit is not huge so as many people as are interested can join the system. For anyone who is interested in enjoying massive profits in the cryptocurrency sector without fail or disappointment, Coina1Bot is the real deal. Join it through

Get all further info from:
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / FX Mindshift – The direction to the successful journey for traders on: January 21, 2020, 08:06:31 PM

With well over $6 trillion traded every single day, the foreign exchange (forex) market is clearly the biggest business that the world has ever seen. As a result of the vast size and the countless opportunities that the market offers to billions of people all over the globe, it is no surprise at all that so many people are involved in it.

However, for a number of reasons, different people have recorded different outcomes with their forays into forex trading. While there are some others who smile to the bank regularly, there are those whose journeys on the floors of forex trading has been nothing but long trails of losses, sadness, and tragedy. But all hope is not lost as there is FX Mindshift and it is the real game-changer for everyone interested in making the best of all the opportunities from forex trading.

Features of FX Mindshift

There are several platforms that claim to be the best for forex traders but FX Mindshift is very different and it is in a different class of its own. When it comes to producing results, FX Mindshift remains unmatched with its unparalleled records of success. However, FX Mindshift is able to have these incredible rates of success because it possesses a number of features. These features are going to be outlined in the sections below:

-   Mentorship System

Unlike so many other platforms in the forex niche that are only interested in scamming people of their hard-earned money, FX Mindshift is a solid platform that has its sole orientation towards the success of all participants. With this mentorship system, each member on the platform is able to learn from the very best.

There are experts who will do everything possible to ensure that a trader is able to benefit from the most result-oriented techniques in the industry. This mentorship system is one of the biggest strengths of FX Mindshift. You have those who will guide, teach and instruct you and make sure that you never make any mistake that others have made. Virtually all those who have recorded nothing but losses in the sector are those who never had any mentor to guide their steps. With FX Mindshift, this is not the case. 

-   Free Resources
Another exciting thing with FX Mindshift is that you really do not need to empty all your pockets before you are able to enjoy the best of FX Mindshift. There is an entire section that has very valuable resources that traders can make use of and they are all totally free of charge. These are high-quality trading resources and materials that other platforms will charge you a massive fortune for but FX Mindshift is giving everything out for free.

-   Ease of Learning

With the MindShift Masters Academy, everything about education and training relating to the forex market has been broken down into very simple terms in a way that practically anyone can grasp and fully comprehend. This is very different from other platforms that make things so complicated that many never get to understand anything.

You can also join FREE Live Webinar Classes, so don’t miss it!

All further information at:
19  Other / Off-topic / San Antonio is a worthy location for Real Estate investment? on: January 15, 2020, 09:17:15 PM
When talking about the Real Estate industry, there is just so much scope here but even then it is must for us to be picky with things. I analysis these things a lot and after that only I take my shots. This is where I have greatest level of preference for San Antonio real estate market forecast, which highlights the importance of selecting a good location with huge growth rate. So what do you guys think about this?
20  Other / Off-topic / Real Estate Market Forecast on: December 22, 2019, 07:22:58 PM
Real Estate is a monstrous world and there are so many opportunities in here but in order to really benefit through this is that we spot out the right opportunities. And this is where following real estate forecast can be so helpful. I also follow housing market predictions, which further helps a lot in setting the right direction and it can be something that is great in the investment field for many.
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