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1  Economy / Gambling / Freebitco gamblin' stream currently live :) on: May 16, 2018, 06:14:42 PM
So I've been running a bot on my channel to fund my trading habits and it's been quite amusing to read the comments I get from people saying I dont.  So to prove them wrong,  I started showing it in the channel and it's now one of the attractions I guess.  Lots of people come to see if I have "lost yet",  which hasnt happened but a couple times.  Anyway,  I figured those who use freebitco might be interested in watching how I fund my trading account because when I lose,  I lose big..... in trading,  not freebitco lmao.  Feel free to drop in and see how it's going:  Maybe you'll even see the thing lose,  but dont "bet" on it hahaha.  You can see a legend of what all the abbreviations in the bot window mean here at the bottom of the page,  it explains all the stats,  what they mean, etc:

This is a screenie of what it looks like when I'm running the bot.  I dont always have it shown, but its always running.  Sometimes my charts are full screen,  etc.

2  Bitcoin / Project Development / My freebitco bot (has test and live modes) on: May 16, 2018, 05:49:58 PM
Shameless plug for a gambling bot I've been running on my own youtube live channel for a while to fund my trading addiction on evolve heh. Viewers kept asking me to release it but I always refused for reasons which will be obvious once you see it running on my channel. Then someone suggested tying it to my own referral account, it sounded like a good idea, so here it is. It's currently running and you can watch it increase my balance in real time. I usually have it up unless BTC is going crazy in which case I'll probably have my charts full screen. You can get a legend of what all the abbreviations mean in the status window in the Readme or at the link below. You dont even need to DL it to see it work, I run it anyway on my channel.  If you want to use the bot yourself,  you can find info about it at the link below.  Using it is optional,  you can watch me use it or try it yourself.  I literally run this bot 24/7 because its just that safe,  so I'm not always in the channel to talk but if you can catch me when I'm around,  I dont mind answering q's on how its used if the Readme is to complicated.  I'm not the greatest with the documentation part of things.

My live BTC trading channel on youtube where you can see it working in real time right along side my trading account here:

You can find more info and download the bot here:

If you blow up your bank account,  dont blame me,  as you can see,  I use it very safely just fine.  It's VERY configurable and you can test any config changes you make,  but I take no responsibility for your crazy riskyness if you go mucking with the settings I have put in by default lol.
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