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1  Economy / Speculation / Just about 20 million. Wait and watch it REALLY explode... on: August 14, 2017, 04:17:13 AM
Tens, hundreds of thousands of new bitcoin purchasers, traders, holders... It's a fever, across the world, making the mainstream news -and new highs- every day....

But this is NOTHING. All those 10s, hundreds of thousands of new bitcoin converts, hardly realize yet that there is going to be only 21 million bitcoins. Ever. And about 1 million have already been lost forever, so, basically, about 20 million...

What is going to happen when not hundreds of thousands, but actually hundreds of millions of people want to have bitcoin?

We ain't seen nothing yet.

Here's my prediction, for the books: $50,000+ within 5 years, probably within 3 years.

Or earlier.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / BRX/BRK SCAM ALERT on: August 18, 2016, 06:26:52 AM
You were scammed in round 1. You are being scammed, as we speak, in round 2. Up to you but it cannot possibly be more evident. You were warned right at the beginning of round 1. You are warned now again. That's all.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / AXIOM: 100 days to an 8x (in coins) on: August 04, 2015, 07:37:34 AM
I have posted this on their thread but I believe that many people still haven't heard of this project. It is a project that I do NOT endorse yet: As many who know me know perfectly well, my requirements for endorsement are quite normal in my view for unreachable for most of cryptos. I require first and foremost, that the identity of the devs is known. Also that there's no censorship on their BTCT thread. Finally, that I believe in the project (and that means no instamines and a bunch of other murky things). In this case, the devs are anonymous, so that's a no-no. The thread is not censored, so that's 1-1. Which leaves the "murky things" in the unproven territory or, as many put it, the proverbial "fence". I do not know if the project is legit or the devs mined a lot of coins and are going to dump them at a given moment and leave. I guess it is possible, no one would be very surprised  if it comes to happen. But I also know that, even though they ninja-launched it way before it was ready for primetime and, as a consequence, many things that shouldn't have happen, did (most notably that GPUs actually mined it when it was supposed to be CPU-only), AXIOM is not the usual copy-paste hackjob, but one coded from scratch... and that's more than 99% of all other alts already. I also know that even though many people still doesn't know anything about this project, the price in the only market, Bittrex, has continued going up and people seem to be accumulating it, which is a clear proof of support.

Sorry for the preamble. What the title of this thread means is that perhaps that support is caused by the following scenario: In the nest 100 days, assuming the project remains on course, holders of AXIOM, staking, can multiply their holdings by a factor of 8. Here's the rough math: Someone with 20-25k AXIOM staking is going to (considerably) more than double that figure by the time the high staking season starts, in 3 months or less. With bonanza staking time (average of 80 coins per block for 17 days) more than probably tripling or better.

Edit to add: All of that is with regular staking, not considering that now it is possible, for most people to stake DOUBLE what I used for the previous calculation (read about this increase in staking with CPUs, up to 120% above current level), so somebody with 20-25k AXIOM will mine in the next 90 days around 50-60,000 coins (probably many more), for a total, rounding up numbers, of 85,000. Those 85,000 staking the second "high stakes phase" will stake quite a nice number of coins, probably doubling again, so the 20-25,000 staking today, in just over 3 months will become, easily, 160-200,000 coins, up to a x8. In 3 months! Price would have to go to practically to single digits to incur in losses. These calculation have been made on the fly and don't contemplate any compounding stake of the coins mined, so the figures are extraordinarily conservative on purpose.

The character of this thread is just informative, in no way I recommend or endorse investment in this project. I simply point out what, if the project continues its course, will result of an initial investment around 25,000 AXIOM coins.

Finally, it is worth considering that the total number of Axiom coins to be in circulation, ever, will be around 10 million, as per the devs. Even if all the current coins in circulation were to stake the next 100 days, still the number of total coins would not -or barely- reach that figure. Needless to say, many, perhaps the vast majority, wont produce the exemplified results for lack of coinage or simply because they will be traded many times over as the prices fluctuate.

Do your research, by all means, but I believe this project could present a singular opportunity, seldom available in crypto any more.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / SPONSOR (of VIRAL)? my ass!!! on: June 05, 2015, 03:32:43 AM
This guy from that picture-perfect example of shit coin that is BURST, is now actively promoting that con job, VIRAL, a concoction of the nazi Guerbuez and the ineffable Bobsurplus, under the pretense he is the "first sponsor" of VIRAL, meaning he has paid to be viraly promoted, so to speak. And the results, wouldn't you know it, are sterling. So sterling in fact, he has to tell everyone in the forums... two things: Given the past of the nazi, I expected the first "sponsor" would be some dick cream of his own manufacture, instead it is this virtual asscream to provide a deep assfucking to those stupid enough to keep on buying the obvious nonsense.

Naturally, this new "sponsor", since he's loaded with a lot of his worthless BURST coins, has gone as far as to post a thread here... but one that he still can "moderate", so I have to open this new one in which not even that scum of the earth will be.

But some people simply need to know. And it is a matter of credibility. You mofos, will be haunted, you can count on it.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ALL "STAKERS" ARE SCHEMES AND SCAMS. ALL. NO EXCEPTIONS on: May 31, 2015, 10:37:20 AM
Yes, the wild swings in prices make for good potential trades but make no mistake about it: They are all schemes and scams. No exceptions. There's only ONE "reason" to pretend to "justify" inflation of more than 2-3%: Scam you out of your money. The bigger the inflation ("stake") offered, no matter the caveats, the bigger the scam. You have been warned. It's up to you to depart with your money as quick as possible or not, but don't claim ignorance: None will be around by the time the first years's stake can be quantified. Not a single one. Make a good note of it.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / BOBSURPLUS IS IN CHARGE, YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS... on: May 28, 2015, 02:24:22 AM
Well, the piece of sh*t individual who is Adam Guarbuez or whatever the name of the fatso nazi is, has given the "reins", so to speak, of the forum ANN account to Bobsurplus. He is the censor in the thread. Mind you, as already warned weeks ago, Bob and the fatso-nazo have already cashed in most of their free coins. Now it is time for the crumbs that the seconds will produce... because, unfortunately, there are still a few idiots left willing to donate to these two despicable individuals.

My guess is that the crumbs will amount to very little and that this is going the way of "huge" faster than a speeding bullet.

Once again Bob, you lose. Got you on time earlier this month; I was here on time also, so the profits ore quickly disappearing.

I'll be hawking over you next endeavors too. Count on it!
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / VIRAL:PLAY THE OBVIOUS AT YOUR OWN RISK on: May 04, 2015, 03:22:15 PM
Not much to say about this one: Adam G, the LOSER who got sued by Facebook and LOST, is the "celebrity" -he peddled dick cream, check Gooogle for details-, is behind it and has the support of the natural fit, Bobsurplus. In case that is not enough to run, not walk from it, you have the required censored thread in full bloom... here are two recent samples of posts eliminated by the perpetrators:

A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

Quote from: Paycoinzzz on May 03, 2015, 11:56:49 PM
Quote from: barabbas on May 03, 2015, 11:29:20 PM
The BULLSHIT is strong on this one.

You have all been warned... until they censor thr post, of course.

Speaking of bullshit everyone should check out your post history. How is it possible to make so many posts on hundreds of altcoin threads without a single one being positive.

Thank you for suggesting it. Everyone  should check the hid tory of those whose posts they are interested in. They should, in my case, also check both THE WALL OF HONOR and THE WALL OF SHAME. And, more recently, my call another "high flier" which, hopefully, contributed to save a lot of people a lot of money...

As for the abundance of bs and scams galore... well, the sad state of crypto as a whole tells the story better than I could, so ill let it do so precisely.

In this outright scam in particular i should only say that this guy hs s no clue as to how advertising works and especially advertising online. Not only the dick cream he peddled but nothing at all. And let me remind everyone that he was on the LOSING end of the fb lawsuit, total loser that he is. But he will manage, with bob's help, to scam you out of a few btc for sure.
Hopefully  not from too many of you...

For close references on "new ally" bob, check BAY history and that recent high flier now debunked i told you about above. And if all of this doesnt show you a clear picture of whats going on here, by all means spread your money any way you see fit. It wont be yours for long thats for sure.

If after all of this you still want to "test those waters", so to speak, well I believe you would need to have your head examined but, in any case, you are welcome to play the obvious at your own risk...

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / BRIT. Confirmed dead on: February 27, 2015, 08:05:18 AM
No thread. Minimal volume, about to disappear from Bittrex. Gone.


Racist turd Will7am (now on PANDA team), fully responsible. Panda people should know better. But do they?

Actually there's this thread: but no one really posts anything of any interest there, of course. Just a couple wishful thinkers jerking off each other with absurd speculation and looking to unload their bags. Sad state of things...
9  Economy / Speculation / The future of BTC... is there one? on: January 29, 2015, 07:23:36 PM
Considering that, according to CEX-IO CEO Jeff Smith, "...$320 (per BTC) would be the price point at which most miners will get out of the red..."), and since we are presently at 26% BELOW that mark, one has to reasonable ask: What is the future of BTC AND, Is there one at all?

Due to the recent dip in price (to mid $160's), mainly, many companies have gone belly up... including CEX.IO. Batterfly Labs, HashFast, Cointerra... More will no doubt follow if there's not a sustained rebound. The rebound supposedly motivated by the $75 million dollars cash infusion by venture capitalists to Coinbase, along with their proclaimed regulation in 24 US states, was very sharp (to $310) but extremely brief, so price is back down perhaps on way to test those recent lows or even go lower. So, considering this sustained reality, what is the future of BTC and Is there any at all? Everyone concurs that the blockchain tech will be here to stay... but who would sustain it if miners have to look for a different, less costly hobby? No miners, no blockchain, right?

Meanwhile the other alt coins suffer a debacle in price often of higher proportions than BTC, so, obviously, markets are telling us that the whole shebang is held strictly by BTC.

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Name search and new logo contest at Mangcoinz on: January 11, 2015, 11:36:42 PM
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ian deMartino on Paycoin and other important matters on: January 07, 2015, 08:35:43 AM

I agree with 95% of the content of that Op-Ed.

The other 5% is where he contends -and furthermore in the comments- that the effects of the Paycoin scandal may have gone too far. I fully disagree and counter that, in my opinion, not nearly far enough.

First of all, in this surreal altcoin world, the lines between "legitimate" journalism and plain PR are as blurred as they can be... in favor of PR disguised as journalism. Everyone who has been in crypto for a few months know by know what I am referring to: All those websites that beg for the coins they "cover" in the kiss-ass blog entries at the end. That's kissing ass for crumbs, not even remotely journalism. Lets make that distinction clear before anything else. Then there's Twitter. Twitter is a network where anyone can post anything -much like BTCT, but in snippets 140 words or less at a time-. It's "free-for-all". And, guaranteed, the opposite of journalism. And then there's Reddit, which is the domain of the particular bunch of greedy "groupies" who will stop at absolutely nothing if they feel they can help the coins they support and are invested in. And please pay some mind to the term absolutely in my previous phrase: No ethical considerations of ANY kind.

And then we have CoinTelegraph, for which deMartino writes, some times very nice, detailed, researched pieces, like the one linked, and... some other times, pretty bland, quite outdated ones, such as the one covering the BitBay scam which was published WEEKS after it had been admitted to, here, by their main protagonists. Talk about exercise in futility!

Ian, your blog is in the interesting position of being a big influence in the development of cryptocurrencies, especially, as it should, in the protection of your readers. But you cannot achieve that without taking the bull by the horns and make public, at the very least, the very clear red lights when there's still time to provide some caution, if not full protection, of your readers. The ethics of journalism, I'm afraid, don't quite serve the purpose of journalism when it comes to this wild west of cryptoland: They play -the scammers, the crooks- with too many advantages, anonymity being one of them. And then the burden of proof... I am NOT advocating for irresponsible journalism, but for risky, cutting edge one. One where you have to go on hints and gut feeling some times in order to be of any use to your readers. And let the chips fall where they may. You WILL make mistakes, but no one will question your motives. Or the mission of your blog.

What use is to report the BitBay scam -and then not particularly accurately- weeks after it unfolded here with the main protagonists admitting to their role in it? What purpose will it serve to even timely report on the Paycoin scandal, many days after the investors have been duped? Wasn't the pretension of Amazon, Target and Walmart involvement, along with the $20 "warranty", plus the supposed $300 million "fund" red flags enough to warrant an investigation? Just three calls in maybe 3 minutes would have given you the gist that the whole thing was just vapor. Yet you did not make even one of those calls, let alone on time. How about a call to Garza himself to provide proof of the $300 million "fund"? Poor, very poor and lazy "journalism" there, Ian.

And now your claims that the "standard may be impossibly high". Sorry but no. There are already several projects out there (which ones you ask? I'm not a paid reporter here but I will give you two off the top of my mind... all are here one way or another: SIFTRCOIN, BLOCKNET... many more of lesser means). What are you doing about those which is not going deep into their claims, the evidence against some of their "developers" (Dan Metcalf sounds familiar?). How about an op-ed on the inevitable damages to the digital currencies community when the big money comes in and performs its deadly manipulations in absence of Johnny Law? People whose acts would have them thrown in jail in Johnny Lawland, need to be EXPOSED by legitimate outlets, such as yours, preferably when it matters, BEFORE the damage happens. Talking about crooks, when would you think an expose is due on the likes of Surplus, Pr0metheus, Fontas, and so many others. When another on the irresponsible -and crooked- "devs" from Metcalf to Carlos Ferguson to about 100 others? How about that "Proof od Dev" thingy issued at the whim of a guy with no relevance prior whatsoever? I'm not your desk editor, nor you should need one ... if you are to be of any use to your readers. Otherwise, just stick to sit on your butt and peruse these forums looking for a "safe" time to print useless rants. And then when the controversy gets you and your publication in hot waters only.

May the New Year provide you a sense of real purpose: That of being a real journalist. Direly needed in the space.     
12  Economy / Speculation / TIME TO BUY on: December 17, 2014, 12:56:07 AM
At least that's what I just did, so I believe we are at or very close to the bottom. And I plan on buying more, significantly more, at these levels as Coinbase allows me -I like to instant buy-, so I am prepared to keep on buying for a little while if prices remain around 325 or go any lower.

Why? Well, I believe BTC will be, far and away THE investment of 2015. As a trader, mind you, I will not stay on it if there are significant profits to be taken, so nothing to do with "long" term investment here ("long", in this case, being one year), but I hope to be lucky enough to time a few trades along the way even if I am "forced" to buy up eventually.

I don't believe the current divergence between price and popularity of BTC will continue for much longer and, as more and more vendors, from Time Inc to Microsoft, start accepting payments in BTC, I cannot imagine any way but up for the currency... especially if the regulation incoming finally arrives... as it should in 2015.

Also, if price remains stagnant -let alone if it continues going down- I believe as many as half the people currently mining will stop that particular madness and their money will come into BTC straight, rather than towards ever more expensive miners, so that could be another propeller.

Anyway, those are my motivations. That's why I bought back. That's why I'm buying more.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / GET THAT SCAMMER DAVID ZIMBECK OUT OF CRYPTO FOR GOOD on: December 12, 2014, 03:46:35 AM
[2014-11-10 4:46:38 PM] International Rob: [2014-11-09 7:18:01 PM] David Zimbeck: no didnt hear back
[2014-11-09 7:18:07 PM] David Zimbeck: tonight is fine for AMA
[2014-11-09 7:18:15 PM] David Zimbeck: i can do an hour
[2014-11-09 7:22:51 PM] International Rob: yeah but tonight is one day sooner then ecpected
[2014-11-09 7:23:06 PM] International Rob: I want some of my people around to get the buzz going
[2014-11-09 7:23:13 PM] International Rob: can we ren it tomorrow at the same time?
[2014-11-09 7:24:09 PM] David Zimbeck: ok tomorrow is no prob
[2014-11-09 7:24:23 PM] International Rob: ok cool
[2014-11-09 7:24:29 PM] International Rob: I will get that out thjere now then
[2014-11-09 7:27:30 PM] International Rob: can I call you the project manager?
[2014-11-09 7:27:33 PM] International Rob: is that ok with you?
[2014-11-09 7:28:00 PM] International Rob:
[2014-11-09 8:02:45 PM] David Zimbeck: yeah
[2014-11-10 4:47:17 PM] David Zimbeck: why New York time?
[2014-11-10 4:47:25 PM] David Zimbeck: all the Chinese are asleep
[2014-11-10 4:47:51 PM] International Rob: well its gomna be 7 30 am in china when it is 730 here in 2:40 min
[2014-11-10 4:47:58 PM] David Zimbeck: but you just posted that calender because you said it was for the launch of the ICP
[2014-11-10 4:48:01 PM] David Zimbeck: ICO
[2014-11-10 4:48:06 PM] International Rob: noooo
[2014-11-10 4:48:10 PM] International Rob: there isws another one for that
[2014-11-10 4:48:15 PM] International Rob: that one is for the ama
[2014-11-10 4:48:20 PM] David Zimbeck: ok whatever
[2014-11-10 4:48:21 PM] International Rob: look at the title
[2014-11-10 4:48:23 PM] David Zimbeck: 2 hours then
[2014-11-10 4:48:23 PM] International Rob: lol
[2014-11-10 4:48:26 PM] International Rob: ok cool
[2014-11-10 4:48:36 PM] International Rob: I'll make sure if flys by
[2014-11-10 4:48:37 PM] David Zimbeck: im not superman you know
[2014-11-10 4:48:43 PM] David Zimbeck: i do sleep sometime
[2014-11-10 4:48:48 PM] International Rob: thedn you can have ur other meeting and then sleep like a baby for a bit
[2014-11-10 4:49:36 PM] David Zimbeck: watch the investor ship me a million bucks
[2014-11-10 4:49:39 PM] David Zimbeck: lol
[2014-11-10 4:49:48 PM] International Rob: lol
[2014-11-10 4:49:52 PM] International Rob: your not
[2014-11-10 4:49:56 PM] David Zimbeck: that would be nice timing
[2014-11-10 4:49:57 PM] International Rob: someone told me you never sleep
[2014-11-10 4:50:02 PM] International Rob: lollol
[2014-11-10 4:50:04 PM] David Zimbeck: i dont
[2014-11-10 4:50:11 PM] International Rob: I feel ya
[2014-11-10 4:50:14 PM] International Rob: me too sometimes
[2014-11-10 4:50:26 PM] David Zimbeck: my major weakness is my temper
[2014-11-10 4:50:46 PM] International Rob: weed can fix that
[2014-11-10 4:50:47 PM] International Rob: lolol
[2014-11-10 4:50:52 PM] David Zimbeck: lol
[2014-11-10 4:50:53 PM] International Rob: ok ima go eat and walk the dogs
[2014-11-10 4:51:00 PM] International Rob: ima be back in 2 hours and we get this rolling
[2014-11-10 4:51:11 PM] International Rob: is there weed in Cambodia?
[2014-11-10 4:51:18 PM] David Zimbeck: lol its cambodia
[2014-11-10 4:51:25 PM] David Zimbeck: there are not cops here
[2014-11-10 4:51:37 PM] David Zimbeck: how the world should be
[2014-11-10 4:51:45 PM] David Zimbeck: except everyone should speak english
[2014-11-10 4:51:54 PM] David Zimbeck: or spanish
[2014-11-10 4:52:10 PM] International Rob: lololol
[2014-11-10 4:52:11 PM] International Rob: I feel ya
[2014-11-10 4:52:13 PM] International Rob: ok cool
[2014-11-10 4:52:15 PM] International Rob: ima brb
[2014-11-10 4:52:19 PM] International Rob: and we goomnna do this
[2014-11-10 4:52:24 PM] International Rob: then we have the launch tmr
[2014-11-10 4:52:31 PM] International Rob: I am super stoked
[2014-11-10 4:52:35 PM] International Rob: be back in an hourr
[2014-11-10 5:05:09 PM] International Rob: just so you know we have some names that we will be coming out with as other peopk on the team with you
[2014-11-10 5:05:14 PM] International Rob: just waiting for the ico to start
[2014-11-10 5:05:20 PM] International Rob: but elmers names will be ther
[2014-11-10 5:05:25 PM] International Rob: and an alias of gecko as well
[2014-11-10 5:05:30 PM] International Rob: maybe even stecen too
[2014-11-10 5:05:33 PM] International Rob: steven too
[2014-11-10 6:00:44 PM] David Zimbeck: ok thats good to know
[2014-11-10 6:01:06 PM] David Zimbeck: there is a lot of people in the forum who think my reputation is on the line
[2014-11-10 6:01:27 PM] David Zimbeck: I'm basically saying im a software dev
[2014-11-10 6:02:08 PM] David Zimbeck: so its not really my place to say anything other than neutral about Baycoin
[2014-11-10 6:02:26 PM] International Rob: don't worry bro.... we got this..... this coin will be huge bro
[2014-11-10 6:02:30 PM] International Rob: like for real
[2014-11-10 6:02:55 PM] David Zimbeck: so why doesnt Steven wanna say who he is anyways
[2014-11-10 6:03:09 PM] David Zimbeck: just curious, he seems like a really nice guy
[2014-11-10 6:05:29 PM] International Rob: I think he may.. but he had one coin that failed because his dev fucked him,... so he may bot want to
[2014-11-10 6:05:32 PM] International Rob: but don't worry
[2014-11-10 6:05:33 PM] David Zimbeck: i suppose if you have been trading for so long and you wanna break into a coin, it would be wise to keep your identity to yourself
[2014-11-10 6:05:35 PM] International Rob: we will get names
[2014-11-10 6:05:48 PM] International Rob: and for real.. names don't matter when people are buying
[2014-11-10 6:05:53 PM] International Rob: t\all they want is a return
[2014-11-10 6:06:04 PM] David Zimbeck: Well if anyone walks, what happens to me
[2014-11-10 6:06:08 PM] International Rob: the names are to please the trolls who only buy in for like 0.03838
[2014-11-10 6:06:09 PM] International Rob: lol
[2014-11-10 6:06:23 PM] David Zimbeck: ^
[2014-11-10 6:06:27 PM] International Rob: nothing happens to you
[2014-11-10 6:06:36 PM] David Zimbeck: I mean i can survive FUD im a tought mother fucker
[2014-11-10 6:06:37 PM] International Rob: why would something happen to you
[2014-11-10 6:06:52 PM] International Rob: lol you are indeed
[2014-11-10 6:06:56 PM] International Rob: (flex)
[2014-11-10 6:06:59 PM] David Zimbeck: lol
[2014-11-10 6:07:30 PM] David Zimbeck: oh nevermind
[2014-11-10 6:07:39 PM] David Zimbeck: fuck it
[2014-11-10 6:09:09 PM] International Rob: Hey bud.. can you get the reddit thread ion the cryptocurrency section ready for the bitbay/halo AMA
[2014-11-10 6:09:13 PM] International Rob: and give me the link
[2014-11-10 6:09:26 PM] International Rob: tell them start time is 1.5 hours from now
[2014-11-10 6:09:32 PM] International Rob: I wil get some people ready and waiting
[2014-11-10 6:13:15 PM] International Rob: letr me answer that last post please
[2014-11-10 6:14:08 PM] David Zimbeck: i prefer IRC
[2014-11-10 6:22:18 PM] International Rob: actually... I think reddit would be better as it can be posted easy styles and is easier to keep track of
[2014-11-10 6:22:21 PM] International Rob: don't you think?
[2014-11-10 6:42:05 PM] David Zimbeck: ugh... ok
[2014-11-10 6:44:14 PM] International Rob: thanks
[2014-11-10 6:44:24 PM] International Rob: now I gotta deal with some dude on the thread causing trouble
[2014-11-10 6:58:31 PM] International Rob: hey bud you got a link for me
[2014-11-10 6:58:37 PM] International Rob: ama is in 30 minutes
[2014-11-10 7:01:55 PM] International Rob: ??
[2014-11-10 7:14:47 PM] International Rob: 15 minutes bro
[2014-11-10 7:14:50 PM] International Rob: you got that link yet?
[2014-11-10 7:15:02 PM] International Rob: I wanna have the official account tweet it
[2014-11-10 7:15:07 PM] International Rob: and the forum ccount post it
[2014-11-10 7:24:04 PM] David Zimbeck:
[2014-11-10 7:24:17 PM] David Zimbeck: you really dont know how to use computers do you?
[2014-11-10 7:24:18 PM] David Zimbeck: lol
[2014-11-10 7:25:30 PM] International Rob: lol why?
[2014-11-10 7:25:52 PM] International Rob: ok posting the links now
[2014-11-10 7:27:23 PM] International Rob:
[2014-11-10 7:27:29 PM] International Rob: can you put it there so people see it
[2014-11-10 7:27:38 PM] International Rob: there are no people in the bitbay reddit yet
[2014-11-10 7:27:58 PM] International Rob: helllllo
[2014-11-10 7:27:59 PM] International Rob: ?
[2014-11-10 7:29:26 PM] International Rob: ??
[2014-11-10 7:32:32 PM] International Rob: fuck it ima tweet that link
[2014-11-10 7:33:49 PM] International Rob: also can you add a message to the ama
[2014-11-10 7:33:52 PM] International Rob: in the top
[2014-11-10 7:34:00 PM] International Rob: maybe who you are and why your heare
[2014-11-10 7:34:01 PM] International Rob: thsanks
[2014-11-10 7:41:08 PM] International Rob: ok ama is live
[2014-11-10 7:41:13 PM] International Rob: if you have any questions just ask
[2014-11-10 7:44:23 PM] David Zimbeck:
[2014-11-10 7:44:31 PM] David Zimbeck: there is a BitBay reddit isnt there?
[2014-11-10 7:44:44 PM] International Rob: that's cool
[2014-11-10 7:44:47 PM] International Rob: we can do it there
[2014-11-10 7:44:52 PM] International Rob: its already going
[2014-11-10 7:44:52 PM] International Rob: lol
[2014-11-10 9:38:58 PM] International Rob: []tilecoin 1 point 7 minutes ago*
Hi all, This is the lead dev from TileCoin/TilePay. I wish the best for all of us. Have you considered a Light Wallet architecture for the IoT aspect of the implementation? How will this be possible with a POS architecture? Will you use a framework such as If you are licensing the tech, then it is not a decentralized open source implementation?
Regards, ASIC-8Tile
[2014-11-10 9:43:55 PM] David Zimbeck: lol mockery is the sincerest form of flattery
[2014-11-10 9:46:43 PM] International Rob: lololol
[2014-11-10 9:46:50 PM] International Rob: I don't like those guys
[2014-11-10 9:54:24 PM] David Zimbeck: what is Tilecoin?
[2014-11-10 9:54:25 PM] David Zimbeck: lol
[2014-11-10 10:08:20 PM] International Rob: I dunno some shitty coin
[2014-11-10 10:08:28 PM] International Rob: i don't know much about because its that shity i assume
[2014-11-11 3:16:23 AM] International Rob: Morning david
[2014-11-11 3:16:25 AM] International Rob: you around?
[2014-11-11 8:00:01 AM] David Zimbeck: yes
[2014-11-11 8:01:42 PM] International Rob: hey bud
[2014-11-11 8:01:54 PM] International Rob: there are some tech questions on the thread last page
[2014-11-11 8:01:59 PM] International Rob: can you answer them please
[2014-11-11 8:02:01 PM] International Rob: thanks
[2014-11-11 8:18:08 PM] David Zimbeck: already did
[2014-11-11 8:18:58 PM] David Zimbeck: also refrain from saying its confidential how much coins we keep... have them ammend that statement to say that unused coins get burned but we will buy some baycoins for ourselves to keep it fair
[2014-11-11 8:19:15 PM] David Zimbeck: i already responded but this needs to get confirmed
[2014-11-13 1:38:15 AM] International Rob: Hey dave
[2014-11-13 1:38:29 AM] International Rob: Just wondering if you could reach out to this guy via pm
[2014-11-13 1:38:30 AM] International Rob:
[2014-11-13 1:39:35 AM] International Rob: and let him know that we feel his car trouble pain and we would like him to not miss out on the ico... so were gonna make him a small donation of free bitbay coin as soon as the market open... it wont be much but it will be something and we appreciate him stopping by our thread and showing his support
[2014-11-13 1:40:15 AM] International Rob: please send the message private though.. we don't want the whole community knowing that we are giving away free coins
[2014-11-13 1:40:18 AM] International Rob: thanks bud
[2014-11-13 1:41:04 AM] David Zimbeck: can you do it?
[2014-11-13 1:41:18 AM] David Zimbeck: I'm getting too busy man
[2014-11-13 1:41:32 AM] International Rob: its just that he seems to be a fan of your work and ideas
[2014-11-13 1:41:47 AM] International Rob: I figured if you reached out it would mean more then the bitbay team account
[2014-11-13 1:41:54 AM] International Rob: if you don't wanna though I can on that account
[2014-11-13 1:41:59 AM] International Rob: just thought maybe it would make sense
[2014-11-13 1:42:10 AM] David Zimbeck: no let them team reach out
[2014-11-13 1:42:20 AM] David Zimbeck: people need to hear more from that account anyways
[2014-11-13 1:42:49 AM] International Rob: no its via pm anyway
[2014-11-13 1:42:52 AM] International Rob: but I understand
[2014-11-13 1:42:58 AM] International Rob: no worries I will get it taken care of
[2014-11-23 12:37:21 PM] David Zimbeck: dude im going to ask kindly that you do not dangle what i got paid over my head again
[2014-11-23 12:37:24 PM] David Zimbeck: thanks
[2014-11-23 12:37:41 PM] David Zimbeck: its embarassing to me
[2014-11-23 12:38:01 PM] David Zimbeck: most nobody trusts the people im working with
[2014-11-23 12:38:23 PM] *** Call to David Zimbeck, duration 21:30. ***
[2014-11-23 6:34:44 PM] International Rob: hey you around?
[2014-11-23 9:45:27 PM] David Zimbeck: yessir
[2014-11-23 9:45:39 PM] David Zimbeck: just started to work
[2014-11-23 9:45:44 PM] David Zimbeck: a bit late waking up today
[2014-11-24 12:47:31 PM] International Rob: lol no worries still around?
[2014-11-24 12:47:41 PM] David Zimbeck: yea
[2014-11-24 12:47:48 PM] International Rob: ok cool
[2014-11-24 12:47:50 PM] International Rob: I just woke up
[2014-11-24 12:48:02 PM] International Rob: let me roll up some breakfast 420 and lets chat
[2014-11-24 12:48:08 PM] International Rob: give me 15 minutes
[2014-11-24 12:48:11 PM] David Zimbeck: did you see the group chat?
[2014-11-24 12:59:06 PM] International Rob: there is a lot thwere
[2014-11-24 12:59:20 PM] International Rob: do you have the crib notes
[2014-11-24 1:45:16 PM] David Zimbeck: im bout to sleep
[2014-11-24 1:45:38 PM] David Zimbeck: was there anything you wanted to talk about before i sleep?
[2014-11-24 1:47:20 PM] International Rob:
[2014-11-24 1:47:30 PM] International Rob: yeah bro
[2014-11-24 1:47:40 PM] International Rob: gimmiw the cliff notes on what I missed
[2014-11-24 1:47:42 PM] International Rob: please
[2014-11-24 1:47:50 PM | Edited 1:47:51 PM] International Rob: where do we stand with the dev fund?
[2014-11-24 1:47:54 PM] David Zimbeck: Gekko wanted money from everyone
[2014-11-24 1:48:02 PM] David Zimbeck: because he said he pulled out of pocket
[2014-11-24 1:48:12 PM] David Zimbeck: so I looked at his notes
[2014-11-24 1:48:17 PM] David Zimbeck: he wanted 50 BTC
[2014-11-24 1:48:28 PM] David Zimbeck: so i said no
[2014-11-24 1:48:36 PM] David Zimbeck: because nobody agreed to this in advance
[2014-11-24 1:48:40 PM] David Zimbeck: and its half the dev fund
[2014-11-24 1:48:51 PM] David Zimbeck: and he telling me to pay 10 BTC of it
[2014-11-24 1:48:56 PM] International Rob: well we agreed that the funds would be3 uses as we needed them
[2014-11-24 1:49:37 PM] David Zimbeck: im not going to discuss money anymore
[2014-11-24 1:50:08 PM] David Zimbeck: i think its best to talk to steven gekko linn when everyones together
[2014-11-24 1:50:30 PM] David Zimbeck: i dont see how he is owed 50 btc... some of the expenses seemed steep
[2014-11-24 1:50:33 PM] David Zimbeck: regardless
[2014-11-24 1:50:37 PM] David Zimbeck: lets say it is true
[2014-11-24 1:50:47 PM] David Zimbeck: and he pulled a bunch out of pocket
[2014-11-24 1:50:49 PM] David Zimbeck: ok cool
[2014-11-24 1:51:14 PM] David Zimbeck: so i said no since im the main dev and thats what i was told i was being paid for
[2014-11-24 1:51:24 PM] David Zimbeck: we had a dev fund 100 BTC for this stuff
[2014-11-24 1:51:29 PM] David Zimbeck: we all put 20 into it
[2014-11-24 1:51:40 PM] David Zimbeck: nowhere did it say im pulling from my 170 btc
[2014-11-24 1:51:46 PM] International Rob: lol so your 170 btc covers just you.. and the rest of the team pays outa pocket for everything else
[2014-11-24 1:51:49 PM] International Rob: except you
[2014-11-24 1:52:00 PM] International Rob: bro its not gonna work likt that im just telling you that now
[2014-11-24 1:52:12 PM] David Zimbeck: the original offer was for 100 BTC license
[2014-11-24 1:52:19 PM] David Zimbeck: and a % of the coin
[2014-11-24 1:52:32 PM] International Rob: you know that this whole project hindges upon marketing.... if it was just based off your name and skill then blackcoin would be a top ten coin and not in the shitter
[2014-11-24 1:52:35 PM] David Zimbeck: that was always my minimum
[2014-11-24 1:52:35 PM] International Rob: anfd you know this
[2014-11-24 1:52:46 PM] David Zimbeck: no it doesnt
[2014-11-24 1:52:47 PM] International Rob: I'll take your advise and talk to steven and lin regarding this
[2014-11-24 1:52:50 PM] David Zimbeck: im pegging the coin
[2014-11-24 1:52:54 PM] International Rob: sleep tight and we''ll catch up tmr
[2014-11-24 1:52:56 PM] David Zimbeck: steven agrees with me actually
[2014-11-24 1:52:59 PM] International Rob: sorry for being a bit late today
[2014-11-24 1:53:08 PM] International Rob: still getting used to being back from vacation
[2014-11-24 1:53:13 PM] David Zimbeck: steven agrees with me talked to him many times on it
[2014-11-24 1:53:18 PM] David Zimbeck: he is the one who hired me
[2014-11-24 1:53:24 PM] David Zimbeck: he said i dont have to pay
[2014-11-24 1:53:38 PM] David Zimbeck: regardless
[2014-11-24 1:53:42 PM] David Zimbeck: i can pay Gekko
[2014-11-24 1:54:04 PM] David Zimbeck: but the part that bothered me the most was the simple fact that Gekko threatens to pull support
[2014-11-24 1:54:22 PM] David Zimbeck: and threatens to put negative news on Bitcointalk
[2014-11-24 1:54:27 PM] David Zimbeck: and is passive aggressive
[2014-11-24 1:54:30 PM] International Rob: well were not gonnay be paing out of pocket for this all kinds
[2014-11-24 1:54:33 PM] David Zimbeck: saying "think wisely"
[2014-11-24 1:54:38 PM] David Zimbeck: "brace yourself"
[2014-11-24 1:54:41 PM] David Zimbeck: bla bla bla
[2014-11-24 1:54:43 PM] David Zimbeck: threats
[2014-11-24 1:54:45 PM] International Rob: we started with 170 btc each and gecko and are and not even close to that anymnore
[2014-11-24 1:54:50 PM] David Zimbeck: this early in totally unprofessional
[2014-11-24 1:55:00 PM] International Rob: mean time you and steven and lin are sttting on all of it
[2014-11-24 1:55:08 PM] David Zimbeck: not true
[2014-11-24 1:55:14 PM] International Rob: not incurring any costs and trying to hold the dev fund as your own little bank account
[2014-11-24 1:55:23 PM] David Zimbeck: and my role is very very different
[2014-11-24 1:55:37 PM] David Zimbeck: my license was 100 btc minimum
[2014-11-24 1:55:54 PM] David Zimbeck: im not going to rediscuss the issue
[2014-11-24 1:56:00 PM] David Zimbeck: talked to Steven already
[2014-11-24 1:56:10 PM] David Zimbeck: im willing to chip in for Gekko
[2014-11-24 1:56:18 PM] David Zimbeck: already told him
[2014-11-24 1:56:32 PM] David Zimbeck: Steven wants to handle the talking in the morning
[2014-11-24 1:56:58 PM] David Zimbeck: but as a partner it doesnt make sense to have me pay for dev work
[2014-11-24 1:57:19 PM] David Zimbeck: im not even charging for my time from the dev funds
[2014-11-24 1:57:31 PM] David Zimbeck: Steven wants this to be a year long project
[2014-11-24 1:57:46 PM] David Zimbeck: if you think tech doesnt matter then you are not thinking of the long term
[2014-11-24 1:57:54 PM] David Zimbeck: and you are not understanding how pegging works
[2014-11-24 1:58:08 PM] David Zimbeck: i can show you a video where i explain it in depth
[2014-11-24 1:59:02 PM] International Rob: anyway... like I said
[2014-11-24 1:59:08 PM] International Rob: lets have steven take care of this
[2014-11-24 1:59:14 PM] *** Call from David Zimbeck, duration 23:53. ***
[2014-11-24 2:26:40 PM] David Zimbeck: hey i gotta sleep soon wanted to finish the convo
[2014-11-24 2:27:24 PM] *** Call from David Zimbeck, duration 00:16. ***
Call to David Zimbeck, no answer.
[2014-11-24 2:39:45 PM] International Rob: yoooo
[2014-11-24 2:39:46 PM] International Rob: oyoyoyoyo
[2014-11-24 2:39:47 PM] International Rob: oyoy
[2014-11-24 2:39:47 PM] International Rob: yo
[2014-11-24 2:39:47 PM] International Rob: oy
[2014-11-24 2:39:47 PM] International Rob: oyoy
[2014-11-24 2:39:55 PM] International Rob: im calling you but ur on do not disturb
[2014-11-24 2:39:58 PM] International Rob: so ur not hearing it
[2014-11-24 2:40:02 PM] International Rob: lololol
[2014-11-24 2:41:21 PM] *** Call from David Zimbeck, duration 39:55. ***
[2014-11-25 10:50:29 PM] David Zimbeck: im sorry when we spoke my mind was not on bitbay when you kept asking about it i didnt understand because i thought we all had equal shares
[2014-11-25 10:51:24 PM] David Zimbeck: aparrently you received 500 btc from the ico i thought steven did those calculations
[2014-11-25 10:53:31 PM] David Zimbeck: so stevens OP weeks ago he clearly stated .11 billion
[2014-11-25 10:53:38 PM] David Zimbeck: and i thought you knew that
[2014-11-25 10:55:23 PM] David Zimbeck: so when you kept asking me i wasnt thinking about your stake i didnt think you were being honest with me. So I just said "same as you"
[2014-11-25 10:56:15 PM] David Zimbeck: i really thought you and gekko were trying to shake me down for money because you kept asking me and when i asked to wait for steven you said you wanted to sort it out with me and not him
[2014-11-25 10:56:46 PM] International Rob: lmao
[2014-11-25 10:56:51 PM] International Rob: were the ones being shaken down
[2014-11-25 10:57:02 PM] David Zimbeck: ok so didnt you get 500 btc?
[2014-11-25 10:57:15 PM] International Rob: those were our 500 btc we put in.... hell yeah we get them back... if you would have put 333 btc in you could have got thoses back too
[2014-11-25 10:57:45 PM] David Zimbeck: yeah but steven got his back in Bay correct?
[2014-11-25 10:57:45 PM] International Rob: but you don't get that free stake and laugh in our faces.. I said many timnes 19M coins..... 50 btc worth.... you know full well you had way more then that
[2014-11-25 10:57:47 PM] International Rob: pure lies
[2014-11-25 10:57:56 PM] David Zimbeck: yes i did
[2014-11-25 10:58:23 PM] David Zimbeck: i didnt think you were being honest and i didnt want to discuss it at the moment
[2014-11-25 10:58:36 PM] David Zimbeck: i never told you how much i had i avoided the subject entirely
[2014-11-25 10:59:16 PM] David Zimbeck: the subject was the dev fund that you guys wanted 50% of
[2014-11-25 10:59:55 PM] David Zimbeck: Steven stated before the ICO and during that i would receive that amount
[2014-11-25 11:00:12 PM] David Zimbeck: you can read back in the thread of the OP if you want
[2014-11-25 11:06:42 PM] David Zimbeck: look we should sort out our differences, you and Steven sort out whatever issues you have
[2014-11-25 11:07:03 PM] International Rob: sure
[2014-11-25 11:07:07 PM] International Rob: he pays up and all is good
[2014-11-25 11:07:11 PM] International Rob: ist that simple
[2014-11-25 11:07:12 PM] David Zimbeck: i have had some trust issues and if you want to lay them to rest we should talk
[2014-11-25 11:07:22 PM] International Rob: you had trust issues
[2014-11-25 11:07:23 PM] International Rob: lmao
[2014-11-25 11:07:28 PM] International Rob: that's a funny one bro
[2014-11-25 11:08:07 PM] David Zimbeck: steven said i got .11 billion 3 weeks ago
[2014-11-25 11:08:12 PM] David Zimbeck: multiple times
[2014-11-25 11:08:21 PM] David Zimbeck: you never read it
[2014-11-25 11:09:23 PM] David Zimbeck: i dont want to argue or fight with you i would rather discuss the issue at hand when you get a moment
[2014-11-25 11:10:38 PM] David Zimbeck: quite frankly, i care more about having a solid friendship with you than any of this nonsense
[2014-11-25 11:11:23 PM] David Zimbeck: but in order to do so, we need to resolve our differences
[2014-11-25 11:12:26 PM] David Zimbeck: im sorry i didnt want to discuss bay when we spoke
[2014-11-25 11:12:40 PM] International Rob: because you knew you had more then I had
[2014-11-25 11:12:47 PM] International Rob: ur pure lies when it came to that
[2014-11-25 11:12:54 PM] David Zimbeck: yes
[2014-11-25 11:12:58 PM] David Zimbeck: im sorry
[2014-11-25 11:13:13 PM] David Zimbeck: but i thought you had recieved 500 btc
[2014-11-25 11:13:20 PM] David Zimbeck: and i didnt believe you had 18 million
[2014-11-25 11:13:42 PM] David Zimbeck: because Steven said we all got .11 billion
[2014-11-25 11:13:47 PM] David Zimbeck: and he said it like 5 times
[2014-11-25 11:14:30 PM] David Zimbeck: so i really was concerned that i was being shaken down so i didnt want to discuss it
[2014-11-25 11:15:05 PM] David Zimbeck: i thought you were only concerned about money and that tech and developement didnt seem to be a concern of yours
[2014-11-25 11:15:28 PM] David Zimbeck: im not the one who handled finances, Steven was
[2014-11-25 11:15:37 PM] David Zimbeck: and he said many times about how much Bay I had
[2014-11-25 11:15:38 PM] International Rob: yeah well he fucked us
[2014-11-25 11:15:43 PM] International Rob: and you helped him kinda hide it
[2014-11-25 11:15:47 PM] International Rob: hide it out in the open
[2014-11-25 11:15:48 PM] International Rob: anyway
[2014-11-25 11:15:56 PM] International Rob: I caught it as soon AS I GOT BACK AND SETTELED IN
[2014-11-25 11:16:03 PM] David Zimbeck: he said i got .11 billion
[2014-11-25 11:16:05 PM] International Rob: now i want my btc or we be out
[2014-11-25 11:16:08 PM] International Rob: its that simple
[2014-11-25 11:16:08 PM] David Zimbeck: you never read it
[2014-11-25 11:16:19 PM] David Zimbeck: ok thats something that will get resolved
[2014-11-25 11:16:30 PM] David Zimbeck: but go back in the bitbay dream thread
[2014-11-25 11:16:38 PM] David Zimbeck: you will see he CLEARLY stated my cut
[2014-11-25 11:18:35 PM] David Zimbeck: im not sure how you can not read what he said about the stakes he said it many many times i was getting 10% of bay
[2014-11-25 11:18:55 PM] International Rob: bro i just got back from vacation.. i had no clue
[2014-11-25 11:19:02 PM] David Zimbeck: you didnt read the posts
[2014-11-25 11:19:02 PM] International Rob: i onluy realy saw that today for the first time
[2014-11-25 11:19:08 PM] International Rob: and still its not fair
[2014-11-25 11:19:12 PM] David Zimbeck: so i thought you were lying to me
[2014-11-25 11:19:14 PM] David Zimbeck: im sorry
[2014-11-25 11:19:16 PM] David Zimbeck: very sorry
[2014-11-25 11:19:20 PM] International Rob: i dotn lie bro
[2014-11-25 11:19:26 PM] International Rob: when the fuck ypou gonna realize this
[2014-11-25 11:19:29 PM] International Rob: im all about business
[2014-11-25 11:19:29 PM] David Zimbeck: please forgive me for not discussing bay
[2014-11-25 11:19:32 PM] International Rob: business and nu,ber
[2014-11-25 11:19:34 PM] International Rob: and numbers don't lie
[2014-11-25 11:19:59 PM] David Zimbeck: Steven said it a bunch of times in the thread man
[2014-11-25 11:20:10 PM] David Zimbeck: he said him and lin get .11
[2014-11-25 11:20:12 PM] David Zimbeck: and i get .11
[2014-11-25 11:20:18 PM] David Zimbeck: and you and gekko get .22
[2014-11-25 11:20:51 PM] David Zimbeck: this was posted on the 15th or 14th when the ICO ended and funds got divided
[2014-11-25 11:20:57 PM] David Zimbeck: and i believe posted a few times before
[2014-11-25 11:21:15 PM] David Zimbeck: i dont handle finanaces, thats your guys territory
[2014-11-25 11:21:34 PM] David Zimbeck: i will even send you the original logs in Skype to prove to you it was all stated in advance
[2014-11-25 11:21:49 PM] David Zimbeck: so when you asked me about it my trust level for you was very low.
[2014-11-25 11:21:57 PM] David Zimbeck: Mostly, because all you talk about it money
[2014-11-25 11:22:46 PM] David Zimbeck: you never took any interest in developement or tech... you didnt make me feel like you were interested in the long term prospects of it
[2014-11-25 11:23:14 PM] David Zimbeck: and the whole thing when you told me to "agree" to give 50% of the dev fund wihtout Steven present to decide on it
[2014-11-25 11:23:30 PM] David Zimbeck: it made me feel like you were singling me out to shake me down for money
[2014-11-25 11:23:54 PM] David Zimbeck: i said "Lets wait for Steven" and you told me no and said "I want to hear it from you"
[2014-11-25 11:24:18 PM] David Zimbeck: it made me think that you didnt care about a dev fund and you only wanted the extra btc.
[2014-11-25 11:25:40 PM] David Zimbeck: But seriously, you should have read what Steven posted 5 times. I know you were on a flight, but this is no reason to not read his posts. He never lied to you. Everybody knew i had 10% of bay and if they didnt, they didnt read anything steven was saying
[2014-11-25 11:27:29 PM] David Zimbeck: so im sorry i dont trust you. It was my first impression that you were all about money and not about tech or making the world better.
[2014-11-25 11:29:41 PM] David Zimbeck: it was stately clearly what i received, i thought you knew and really was concerned about the convos we had. However, when you get a moment lets talk over the phone.
[2014-11-25 11:34:54 PM] David Zimbeck: tell me when you get a chance to talk
[2014-11-26 2:56:22 AM] David Zimbeck: OK on the 17th right in your face this was posted
[2014-11-26 2:56:29 AM] David Zimbeck: and you read it
[2014-11-26 2:56:34 AM] David Zimbeck: and you knew what everyone had
[2014-11-26 2:56:40 AM] David Zimbeck: and here is a screenshot
[2014-11-26 2:57:35 AM] David Zimbeck:
[2014-11-26 2:58:11 AM] David Zimbeck: Gekko immediately responded ok and you responded in the morning. So my amount was disclosed publically.
[2014-11-27 10:43:08 PM] David Zimbeck: Bob will you please explain what is going on?
[2014-11-27 10:48:27 PM] International Rob: dunno
[2014-11-27 10:48:29 PM] International Rob: ask steven'
[2014-11-27 10:48:51 PM] David Zimbeck: no i really want to talk to you
[2014-11-27 10:49:16 PM] David Zimbeck: im trying to understand
[2014-11-27 10:50:12 PM] David Zimbeck: yo im talking to you
[2014-11-27 10:51:55 PM] David Zimbeck: the story i get from steven is not consistent with yours
[2014-11-27 10:52:04 PM] David Zimbeck: so stop ignoring me and talk like a man
[2014-11-27 10:52:35 PM] International Rob: im busy bri
[2014-11-27 10:52:38 PM] International Rob: bro
[2014-11-27 10:52:41 PM] International Rob: im moving in 2 days
[2014-11-27 10:52:50 PM] David Zimbeck: ok
[2014-11-27 10:52:54 PM] International Rob: ima be mia for a bit
[2014-11-27 10:52:57 PM] International Rob: talk to steven
[2014-11-27 10:52:58 PM] David Zimbeck: thats no reason to ignore me at this moment
[2014-11-27 10:53:04 PM] International Rob: yes
[2014-11-27 10:53:07 PM] International Rob: im busy packing
[2014-11-27 10:53:09 PM] International Rob: thats reason
[2014-11-27 10:53:17 PM] David Zimbeck: ok fine but we will talk later?
[2014-11-27 10:53:27 PM] International Rob: tomorrow
[2014-11-27 10:53:28 PM] David Zimbeck: ok
[2014-11-27 10:53:30 PM] International Rob: not toinght
[2014-11-27 10:53:32 PM] International Rob: later
[2014-11-27 10:53:33 PM] David Zimbeck: no problem
[2014-11-27 10:53:36 PM] David Zimbeck: thats fine
[2014-11-27 10:53:42 PM] International Rob: ok coolk
[2014-11-27 10:53:45 PM] David Zimbeck: thanks
[2014-11-27 10:53:46 PM] International Rob: laterz
[2014-12-04 8:52:56 PM] International Rob: yoyoyoyoo
[2014-12-04 8:52:58 PM] International Rob: david
[2014-12-04 8:53:02 PM] International Rob: how was ur bday man?
[2014-12-04 8:58:20 PM] International Rob: hey bro
[2014-12-04 8:58:31 PM] International Rob: please hit me up before you release the new wallet
[2014-12-04 8:58:35 PM] International Rob: were gonna set up a pump
[2014-12-04 8:58:42 PM] International Rob: so we all need to be working on the same timetable
[2014-12-04 11:45:13 PM] International Rob: heyaaaa
[2014-12-04 11:45:16 PM] International Rob: you around yet?
[12:38:47 AM] David Zimbeck: hey Rob saw your message. I'm doing a build which should be avail today or tomorrow
[12:39:42 AM] David Zimbeck: I'm here meeting Steven in Thailand so its possible we may not find a convenient time
[12:44:02 AM] International Rob: I though he was back in china?
[12:44:17 AM] International Rob: hes in in Cambodia now?
[12:44:26 AM] David Zimbeck: no Thailand
[12:44:33 AM] International Rob: dammm
[12:44:34 AM] David Zimbeck: he wanted to meet me
[12:44:37 AM] International Rob: you guys getting around
[12:44:42 AM] David Zimbeck: not really
[12:44:59 AM] International Rob: ok well we should all have a meeting to go over the plans for the next few days
[12:45:24 AM] David Zimbeck: i thought Gekko wanted to do a release today or tomorrown
[12:45:49 AM] International Rob: also we need to discuss ur attitude on the fourms and ur attitude with us.... on one hand you got "paid" (the forums and to the public) for ur tech.... and with us ur a partner... you cant have it bith ways
[12:46:05 AM] International Rob: and the funds raised via the cie are not to help blackcoin
[12:46:11 AM] International Rob: they are for bitbay
[12:46:23 AM] International Rob: well yes we want a release soon
[12:46:37 AM] International Rob: but it has to be timed right and we need something good to tease as well for whats to come
[12:46:44 AM] International Rob: we really need to sit down and talk though
[12:46:59 AM] International Rob: you cant be backpeddleing me and making money hand over fist while playing both sides
[12:47:03 AM] International Rob: I don't get down like that
[12:47:07 AM] International Rob: if you know whjat I mean
[12:47:49 AM] David Zimbeck: we will not discuss my attitude
[12:47:56 AM] David Zimbeck: you are anon im not
[12:48:14 AM] David Zimbeck: you are lucky i work so hard to protect all of you
[12:48:45 AM] International Rob: bro ur lucky I don't smach ur rep to pieces this instant... are you joking me... bro.. who do you think I am??? You think I get pushed around by guys like you??
[12:48:48 AM] International Rob: for real???
[12:49:02 AM] International Rob: like are tyou that ignornant/
[12:49:09 AM] David Zimbeck: why are you so rude?
[12:49:25 AM] *** Call from David Zimbeck ***
[12:49:28 AM] International Rob: bro
[12:49:29 AM] International Rob: im pissed
[12:49:37 AM] International Rob: I ncant voice chat my girl is sleeping
[12:49:42 AM] International Rob: but we can chat here all you wish
[12:49:42 AM] David Zimbeck: you shouldnt be in business if you get angry so easy
[12:50:45 AM] International Rob: all im saying is that ur playing both sides and its time to pick one.. you wanna "licence" ur tech to bitbay, find.. send us back 350M bay and 70btc... keep the 100 like we discussed.... and you go on ur way.. or ur a partner.. you keep the coins and you start acting and talking like a partner
[12:51:43 AM] International Rob: enough is enough bro,... we been talking about this for weeks.. now I come back and see more of ypu talking about the money helping blackcoin, and you just licencing to bitbay
[12:51:50 AM] International Rob: cant have it both ways
[12:52:20 AM] David Zimbeck: lol
[12:52:31 AM] David Zimbeck: you are still trying to get more btc?
[12:52:51 AM] David Zimbeck: dont give me ultimatums
[12:53:27 AM] David Zimbeck: im never speaking about money with you
[12:53:28 AM] David Zimbeck: ever
[12:53:49 AM] David Zimbeck: we can talk business, pushing the coin
[12:53:53 AM] David Zimbeck: we can talk progress
[12:53:54 AM] David Zimbeck: whatever
[12:54:11 AM] International Rob: nahh bro
[12:54:13 AM] David Zimbeck: you wanna be a partner? make your name public
[12:54:15 AM] International Rob: ur a joke....
[12:54:16 AM] International Rob: big time
[12:54:18 AM] David Zimbeck: or i will do it for you
[12:54:19 AM] International Rob: you cant code for shit
[12:54:23 AM] International Rob: even steven knows it
[12:54:30 AM] David Zimbeck: i cant? lol
[12:54:33 AM] International Rob: nahh bro
[12:54:34 AM] International Rob: you cant
[12:54:35 AM] David Zimbeck: i coded Halo alone
[12:54:56 AM] International Rob: good for you.. you may be a one hit wonder but ur not gonna play me on this coin bro
[12:55:02 AM] International Rob: you understand that right
[12:55:02 AM] International Rob: ?
[12:55:07 AM] David Zimbeck: im not playing you
[12:55:08 AM] David Zimbeck: im just coding
[12:55:16 AM] David Zimbeck: i dont care about you
[12:55:32 AM] International Rob: ok bro
[12:55:38 AM] International Rob: enjoy ur coin dude
[12:55:40 AM] International Rob: laterz
[12:55:59 AM] David Zimbeck: its unfortunate you arent mature enough to be civil
[12:56:50 AM] International Rob: lol I been civil with you 1000 times
[12:56:55 AM] International Rob: civil does not work
[12:56:59 AM] International Rob: its ok though
[12:57:05 AM] International Rob: you think ur a big man bro
[12:57:12 AM] International Rob: i'll show you how big of a man you really are
[12:57:15 AM] David Zimbeck: the reason i said we would help BC is so they wouldnt tear you a new asshole
[12:57:24 AM] International Rob: fuck blackcoin
[12:57:24 AM] David Zimbeck: stop the threats
[12:57:29 AM] David Zimbeck: its unbecoming
[12:57:36 AM] International Rob: bitbay is the number one  here
[12:57:40 AM] David Zimbeck: ok
[12:57:40 AM] International Rob: brooooo
[12:57:41 AM] David Zimbeck: fine
[12:57:45 AM] David Zimbeck: so it is
[12:57:48 AM] International Rob: its not a threat
[12:57:55 AM] International Rob: ur a scummy little man
[12:57:56 AM] David Zimbeck: but im the only one dealing with fud
[12:58:00 AM] International Rob: and you'll be getting yours
[12:58:01 AM] David Zimbeck: ecuse me?
[12:58:06 AM] David Zimbeck: i dont need to hear this
[12:58:07 AM] International Rob: yeah bro\
[12:58:12 AM] David Zimbeck: i did nothing to you
[12:58:12 AM] International Rob: a pure str8 up liar
[12:58:17 AM] International Rob: who lies for his own good
[12:58:18 AM] David Zimbeck: how?
[12:58:22 AM] International Rob: not even the good of the coin
[12:58:27 AM] David Zimbeck: lol
[12:58:42 AM] David Zimbeck: you are a greedy manipulative pog
[12:58:43 AM] David Zimbeck: pig
[12:58:47 AM] David Zimbeck: but who is judging
[12:58:49 AM] International Rob: bro u lied about the coins, one minute ur a partner, next minute ur back peddling
[12:59:02 AM] David Zimbeck: i showed you a screenshot
[12:59:06 AM] David Zimbeck: of what you agreed to
[12:59:11 AM] David Zimbeck: and Gekko said "OK"
[12:59:23 AM] International Rob: bro... judge me all you want... you been working on halo for a year... made 0 money and then I come along and you make 100+K in a week
[12:59:24 AM] International Rob: lmao
[12:59:24 AM] David Zimbeck: you knew what everyone got
[12:59:33 AM] David Zimbeck: I could have made more
[12:59:39 AM] David Zimbeck: im in negotiations with Ken Miyoshi
[12:59:48 AM] International Rob: david, its ok bro... im done with you.. have a nice life and good luck bro......
[1:00:05 AM] David Zimbeck: you shot this converstation in the foot from hello
[1:01:15 AM] David Zimbeck: If you want me to have my name plastered all over this
[1:01:19 AM] David Zimbeck: while you remain anon
[1:01:33 AM] David Zimbeck: then dont tell me how to handle those threads
David Zimbeck

[2014-11-03 3:07:56 AM] Lin
[2014-11-03 1:38:58 PM] *** International Rob has shared contact details with ***
[2014-11-05 11:06:03 AM] *** Call to, duration 13:43. ***
[2014-11-11 9:36:33 AM] Hi bob, would you please let me know your deposit account?
[2014-11-11 9:37:14 AM] International Rob: 13h3WoCnqYAP8cSF4J8bRke59EKNXKCGoK
[2014-11-11 9:37:48 AM] International Rob: Is that what you mean?
[2014-11-11 9:38:01 AM] International Rob: my btc address
[2014-11-11 9:39:31 AM] got it thanks
[2014-11-11 9:41:10 AM] one thing concerns me. We promise people to release funds after ICO. If you expose this address with transactions later to people, they will know we release the funds early
[2014-11-11 9:41:29 AM] International Rob: no the address is new and no one will know it
[2014-11-11 9:41:35 AM] great
[2014-11-11 9:41:48 AM] International Rob: the btc are being used to help pumop the price.. buy more coins and set support as well
[2014-11-11 9:41:58 AM] so don't expose it
[2014-11-11 9:41:59 AM] International Rob: Its not my first ICO or coin eh
[2014-11-11 9:42:02 AM] International Rob: you do know this
[2014-11-11 9:42:03 AM] International Rob: ?
[2014-11-11 9:42:10 AM] International Rob: I have a few coins under my belt
[2014-11-11 9:42:12 AM] cool
[2014-11-11 9:42:20 AM] International Rob: ok cool
[2014-11-11 9:42:28 AM] International Rob: Gekko really got a good vibe from you
[2014-11-11 9:42:31 AM] International Rob: by the way
[2014-11-11 9:42:35 AM] International Rob: he is my right hand brother
[2014-11-11 9:42:43 AM] International Rob: what he said is gold
[2014-11-11 9:42:46 AM] International Rob: you are a good man
[2014-11-11 9:43:01 AM] thanks Smiley
[2014-11-11 9:43:31 AM] Let me know have much your team has  invested.
[2014-11-11 9:43:40 AM] I will send you some BTC before I sleep
[2014-11-11 9:44:20 AM] International Rob: ok cool
[2014-11-11 9:44:25 AM] International Rob: it will be over 500 for sure
[2014-11-11 9:44:42 AM] International Rob: we alredy are in for well over 400.... just one guy bought 100
[2014-11-11 9:44:43 AM] International Rob: lol
[2014-11-11 9:45:02 AM] right. it's really fast
[2014-11-11 9:45:08 AM] 1 hour 400 btc
[2014-11-11 9:45:11 AM] International Rob: but we have a excel spread sheat and as they buy they add the info to the sheat
[2014-11-11 9:45:20 AM] International Rob: I know
[2014-11-11 9:45:42 AM] International Rob: well you know we have had people waiting with new accounts on bter waiting for this morning
[2014-11-11 9:45:48 AM] International Rob: and this is just the start
[2014-11-11 9:45:57 AM] International Rob: we have not even gone crazy on twitter yet
[2014-11-11 9:46:08 AM] International Rob: we are record breakers
[2014-11-11 9:46:10 AM] right. it's really impressive
[2014-11-11 9:46:14 AM] International Rob: and this wil be one more record
[2014-11-11 9:47:08 AM] yes, and we even haven't started to invest ours lol
[2014-11-11 9:48:59 AM] International Rob: lol I know
[2014-11-11 9:49:11 AM] International Rob: that why I told you for sure this would be amazing
[2014-11-11 9:49:33 AM] International Rob: its easy when you do the math right and work with pros
[2014-11-11 9:49:38 AM] International Rob: you my friend are a pro
[2014-11-11 9:49:40 AM] it's amazing. professional team and good job
[2014-11-11 9:49:43 AM] International Rob: (handshake)
[2014-11-11 9:50:12 AM] (handshake)
[2014-11-11 9:50:23 AM] International Rob: Thank man
[2014-11-11 9:50:29 AM] International Rob: I enjoy working with you
[2014-11-11 9:50:39 AM] International Rob: I know this project is just the begining
[2014-11-11 9:51:00 AM] that's right. we can do a lot in the future together
[2014-11-11 9:53:25 AM] International Rob: Im serious though lin... we can take this coi n to the moon all 2015
[2014-11-11 9:53:32 AM] International Rob: I plan on making 1M on it
[2014-11-11 9:54:39 AM] Right. This is the best coin in the cryto-world near the end of 2014
[2014-11-11 9:57:09 AM] International Rob: yeas and it will be the clear leader for 2015
[2014-11-11 10:12:06 AM] 0.01btc has been sent to your address, txid= ac0b1a00de78a488e2fa202959dc6d6dda070d6cdc44a2a63a4183ea77446906
[2014-11-11 10:12:19 AM] when you received it, please let me know
[2014-11-11 10:17:53 AM] International Rob: got it
[2014-11-11 10:19:00 AM | Edited 10:19:04 AM] great
[2014-11-11 10:19:14 AM] sending  500
[2014-11-11 10:19:32 AM] International Rob: ok will comnfirm
[2014-11-11 10:20:47 AM] 500 in 3 transactions:
[2014-11-11 10:20:47 AM] 0ecfe52a2c9a6913a81ef82c09c47a27d5867b95b9abc73bbbd51d2a65ba4819
[2014-11-11 10:20:56 AM] e786e93003c29f261189b813cafe2fd4bcac1c937128781988378622a83929d8
[2014-11-11 10:21:01 AM] International Rob: wow
[2014-11-11 10:21:03 AM] 80053c4138dd8a5d4cda1cc5cefa86bf3e1fd5b9bd6a181e74ac5af4740542cf
[2014-11-11 10:21:03 AM] International Rob: that was fast
[2014-11-11 10:21:05 AM] International Rob: got them
[2014-11-11 10:21:07 AM] International Rob: thank you
[2014-11-11 10:21:15 AM] International Rob: I will get some support put up shortly
[2014-11-11 10:22:00 AM] great. it's from BTER's wallet. so please transafer it to some addresses else in case you need to expose the funds
[2014-11-11 10:22:23 AM] otherwise, people can trace it
[2014-11-11 10:25:17 AM] International Rob: ok no worries
[2014-11-11 10:25:20 AM] International Rob: I am good with that
[2014-11-11 10:25:30 AM] cool
[2014-11-14 10:53:51 PM] International Rob: Good morning Lin, are you around?
[2014-11-14 10:54:00 PM] yes
[2014-11-14 10:54:07 PM] International Rob: ohh sweet
[2014-11-14 10:54:14 PM] i am working on the new codes of bitbay
[2014-11-14 10:54:15 PM] International Rob: been a hectic week eh
[2014-11-14 10:55:00 PM] International Rob: I was wondering if you can send me my portion of the coins now.. I am leaving for a flight in 10 hours and would like to have that taken care of before I need to go to sleep
[2014-11-14 10:55:11 PM] International Rob: By my math there should be around 180 btc per person right now
[2014-11-14 10:55:42 PM] International Rob: if you can send me the 180 now then as soon as I lan in the domician I can get started with my group to get the pump going
[2014-11-14 10:56:08 PM] Sorry man, I cannot do that until Steven figures out how to release the funds
[2014-11-14 10:56:21 PM | Edited 10:56:27 PM] He is discussing this with the other partners
[2014-11-14 10:56:25 PM] International Rob: i was just talking with them about that
[2014-11-14 10:56:33 PM] International Rob: we are just gonna send each partner their stack
[2014-11-14 10:56:36 PM] yes, don't worry the funds are safe
[2014-11-14 10:56:53 PM] International Rob: and once everyone gets paid and the new wallet is out we will set up an account with multisig for the dev funds
[2014-11-14 10:56:59 PM] International Rob: im not worried
[2014-11-14 10:57:12 PM] International Rob: I just like to know that when I land i wil have the btc available to work with
[2014-11-14 10:58:18 PM | Edited 10:58:32 PM] please leave me an address and I can take care of it when Steven finishes the funds distribution plan
[2014-11-14 10:58:18 PM] International Rob: i have asked steven to advise you that its ol
[2014-11-14 11:00:25 PM] OK. I am talking with him
[2014-11-14 11:01:54 PM] International Rob: ok cool
[2014-11-14 11:02:33 PM] International Rob: i hope you don't think i don't trust you or anything.. its not that.. its just with the time barrier between us i want to make sure everything is correct and in place prior to leaving to catch the flight
[2014-11-14 11:42:16 PM] please confirm your receiving address to me
[2014-11-14 11:42:40 PM] i don't want to make any mistake on big funds
[2014-11-14 11:43:12 PM] International Rob: 1AHWM2m8Hhq2pGcbKoWLkQD3fa7xu3su9s
[2014-11-14 11:43:27 PM] confirmed. thanks
[2014-11-14 11:43:32 PM] International Rob: Thank you
[2014-11-14 11:43:58 PM] International Rob: we will launch the market at nov 15th at 5 PM EST.. Ney York time?
[2014-11-14 11:45:16 PM] Steven said we will wait until you're ready before we open the market
[2014-11-14 11:45:25 PM] International Rob: if that is possible
[2014-11-14 11:45:36 PM] International Rob: I wil be ready at 5pm EST on the 15th....
[2014-11-14 11:45:44 PM] International Rob: Provided my flight lands on time
[2014-11-14 11:45:49 PM] International Rob: I land at 2PM est
[2014-11-14 11:46:05 PM] International Rob: so that gives me 3 hours to prepare and get from airport to hotel ect
[2014-11-14 11:46:50 PM] International Rob: Please confirm when sent..
[2014-11-14 11:46:51 PM] International Rob: TY
[2014-11-14 11:47:51 PM] 170 btc sent
[2014-11-14 11:48:46 PM] International Rob: Recived.. please let the transaction brodcastr
[2014-11-14 11:48:59 PM] sure
[2014-11-14 11:49:04 PM] International Rob: lol
[2014-11-14 11:49:17 PM] International Rob: so we will launch at nov 15th at 5pm EST
[2014-11-14 11:49:18 PM] International Rob: ?
[2014-11-14 11:49:54 PM] let me check the time in my time zoon
[2014-11-14 11:50:17 PM] International Rob: ok
[2014-11-14 11:50:23 PM] International Rob: it is NewYork time 5PM
[2014-11-14 11:50:29 PM] International Rob: Same as London Ontario
[2014-11-14 11:50:31 PM] International Rob: Tongue
[2014-11-14 11:51:44 PM] so it's 22:00pm GMT on 15th
[2014-11-14 11:51:57 PM] International Rob: when was the ico supposed to end
[2014-11-14 11:52:02 PM] International Rob: at 1300 correct
[2014-11-14 11:52:11 PM] 13:00 GMT on 15th
[2014-11-14 11:52:15 PM] International Rob: ok perfect
[2014-11-14 11:52:15 PM] correct
[2014-11-14 11:52:57 PM] Yes, I can set up the market opening time to 22:00pm GMT on 15th
[2014-11-14 11:53:26 PM] but we'd better give you more time
[2014-11-14 11:53:37 PM] International Rob: you think 3 hours should be enough
[2014-11-14 11:53:38 PM] to make sure you're ready before the market open
[2014-11-14 11:54:23 PM] As we discussed when Gekko was here in Shanhai, we want the price to be pumped to a certain level above ICO price when the market is open
[2014-11-14 11:54:45 PM] International Rob: I was thinking that we pump and hold above 500 sat for the first week
[2014-11-14 11:54:52 PM] International Rob: try to keep it steady there
[2014-11-14 11:55:07 PM] International Rob: then when we release the new wallet with the smart contracts then we do a big push
[2014-11-14 11:55:17 PM] yes, let the wallet release at the same time so that you can pump it easily
[2014-11-14 11:55:25 PM] ok
[2014-11-14 11:55:31 PM] that's also a good plan
[2014-11-14 11:55:42 PM] International Rob: Well we need tech to pump hard
[2014-11-14 11:55:43 PM] you can also let me hold the market until the wallet is released
[2014-11-14 11:55:44 PM] all on you
[2014-11-14 11:56:05 PM] International Rob: we can pump a bit on the ico ending, but the real money will cme in with the multicoin wallet with smart contracts
[2014-11-14 11:56:16 PM] International Rob: then the next major pump will be on the marketplace in december
[2014-11-14 11:56:31 PM] International Rob: no we cant hold the market too long
[2014-11-14 11:57:02 PM] ok, no problem
[2014-11-14 11:57:11 PM] International Rob: i think that our plan to open at 5 tomorrow is fine and will be great
[2014-11-14 11:57:29 PM] if 22pm gmt 15th is good for you, you can release the news
[2014-11-14 11:57:56 PM] International Rob: yes gecko is making the post now
[2014-11-14 11:57:59 PM] International Rob: then we wil tweet it
[2014-11-14 11:58:05 PM] International Rob: and everyone wil be ready for the market to open
[2014-11-14 11:59:52 PM] ok, i have to go for food.  have a good trip
[2014-11-15 12:00:21 AM] International Rob: ok thank you
[2014-11-15 12:00:26 AM] International Rob: i will tal to you tomorrow afternoon
[2014-11-15 12:00:35 AM] International Rob: you will be around for the pump?
[2014-11-15 12:00:51 AM] yes i will
[2014-11-15 12:01:09 AM] no maybe not i will check my schedule
[2014-11-15 12:01:21 AM] i have a meeting on the same day
[2014-11-15 12:01:25 AM] International Rob: ok well i have set aside 12 hours to pump
[2014-11-15 12:01:30 AM] International Rob: and gecko will also be here
[2014-11-15 12:01:35 AM] International Rob: and so will my team
[2014-11-15 12:01:42 AM] International Rob: they will know the plan
[2014-11-15 12:01:46 AM] International Rob: i am letting them all know now
[2014-11-17 1:50:08 AM] International Rob: lin
[2014-11-17 1:50:11 AM] International Rob: can we talk?
[2014-11-17 1:50:15 AM] International Rob: can I call you on skype
[2014-11-17 1:50:16 AM] International Rob: ?
[2014-12-06 10:49:03 AM] International Rob: why did you leave the chat?
[2014-12-06 10:52:28 AM] it's useless to work in that style. i don't blame steven but it's a horrible management of the project
[2014-12-06 10:52:43 AM] International Rob: I agree
[2014-12-06 10:52:46 AM] International Rob: the management sucks
[2014-12-06 10:52:58 AM] International Rob: but gecko has been trying for weeks to get steven doing what he needs to
[2014-12-06 10:53:02 AM] International Rob: I like steven
[2014-12-06 10:53:09 AM] International Rob: but david is a pure liar
[2014-12-06 10:53:29 AM] steven asked me to get gekko back to work together today on the release
[2014-12-06 10:53:58 AM] i almost begged gekko to work on the marketing since we are releasing the new wallet
[2014-12-06 10:54:04 AM] but he refused to do so
[2014-12-06 10:54:15 AM] i respect his decision
[2014-12-06 10:54:33 AM] International Rob: well hes pissed
[2014-12-06 10:54:53 AM] International Rob: he hates thjat david is a partner and on the forums all hes talking about is using the ico money to help blackcoin
[2014-12-06 10:54:59 AM] International Rob: and that we just bought the tech from him
[2014-12-06 10:55:06 AM] International Rob: that's not the deal we had agreed too
[2014-12-06 10:55:07 AM] International Rob: also
[2014-12-06 10:55:22 AM] International Rob: you guys gave david a fair cut as if he also put in 500 btc in the begining
[2014-12-06 10:55:24 AM] International Rob: that was us
[2014-12-06 10:55:30 AM] International Rob: you and I and steven and gekko
[2014-12-06 10:55:34 AM] International Rob: so only we get that money back
[2014-12-06 10:55:46 AM] International Rob: but somehow he got cut in on money we put out
[2014-12-06 10:55:50 AM] i talked with gekko on the same issue
[2014-12-06 10:55:51 AM] International Rob: its a little ass backwards
[2014-12-06 10:56:09 AM] the thing is that the money is out and we cannot get it back
[2014-12-06 10:56:21 AM] we cannot go back to the beginning and reorgnize the whole thing
[2014-12-06 10:56:45 AM] however, we are still very positive about this project
[2014-12-06 10:57:07 AM] International Rob: I agree
[2014-12-06 10:57:07 AM] I promised steven to put more human resources on this project
[2014-12-06 10:57:16 AM] International Rob: im still on this bro
[2014-12-06 10:57:23 AM] International Rob: I have 40 people holdmg bay
[2014-12-06 10:57:25 AM] International Rob: waiting to pump
[2014-12-06 10:57:29 AM] International Rob: waiting to make moves
[2014-12-06 10:57:35 AM] International Rob: steven said he would get a pump going with me
[2014-12-06 10:57:42 AM] International Rob: I will handle bittrex and him for bter
[2014-12-06 10:57:48 AM] thanks it's really nice to hear that from you
[2014-12-06 10:58:32 AM] it's really good to both of us if we work together
[2014-12-06 10:58:39 AM] we can make much much more on it
[2014-12-06 10:58:47 AM] International Rob: bro I like you gus
[2014-12-06 10:58:47 AM] this is a very good project by itself
[2014-12-06 10:59:07 AM] International Rob: as much as we have had our problems... I am still a team member with a vested interest in seeing bay go to the moon
[2014-12-06 10:59:17 AM] International Rob: i just cant work with david anymore
[2014-12-06 10:59:26 AM] International Rob: stseven and you are gonna have to be his handler
[2014-12-06 10:59:27 AM] International Rob: lol
[2014-12-06 10:59:27 AM] it will definitely go to the moon
[2014-12-06 10:59:48 AM] yes, i know
[2014-12-06 11:00:05 AM] i suggested steven to work it out in another way
[2014-12-06 11:00:17 AM] as you know david got paid a lot
[2014-12-06 11:00:22 AM] don't lose the money
[2014-12-06 11:00:34 AM] let him do what he can do
[2014-12-06 11:00:40 AM] and we do our best on this project too
[2014-12-06 11:00:46 AM] but don't work in the old ways
[2014-12-06 11:01:28 AM] International Rob: i agree
[2014-12-06 11:01:37 AM] International Rob: i think what we need is a project mamnager
[2014-12-06 11:01:40 AM] International Rob: maybe not steven
[2014-12-06 11:01:46 AM] International Rob: who can contact all the players
[2014-12-06 11:01:49 AM] International Rob: and be the go to guy
[2014-12-06 11:01:54 AM] International Rob: the one that everyone likes
[2014-12-06 11:03:50 AM] i know you and gekko are very angry with david. but objectively, he got paid we cannot get the money back. if he contributes on the dev work, why not let him do so.
[2014-12-06 11:03:51 AM] right
[2014-12-06 11:04:22 AM] but right now, steven is the only right person can do so. I am too busy to manage this project to I am going to help steven
[2014-12-06 11:04:36 AM] also on the dev work
[2014-12-06 11:04:55 AM] I will assign two coders to work on it
[2014-12-06 11:05:05 AM] International Rob: i know
[2014-12-06 11:05:06 AM] International Rob: anyway
[2014-12-06 11:05:09 AM] International Rob: that is in the past
[2014-12-06 11:05:14 AM] International Rob: lets mnove forward and make money
[2014-12-06 11:05:18 AM] that's right
[2014-12-06 11:05:20 AM] International Rob: now i am talking to steven
[2014-12-06 11:05:23 AM] International Rob: i wil be right bakc
[2014-12-06 11:05:28 AM] great
[2014-12-06 11:05:36 AM] i am really glad to see this
[2014-12-06 11:06:31 AM] I will let my guys report to steven on the UI design and dev work. steven will communicate with you on pump and marketing etc.
[2014-12-06 11:06:49 AM] so we move forward together and we can make much more
[2014-12-06 11:20:40 AM] International Rob: we are moving forward together
[2014-12-06 11:21:04 AM] International Rob: starting tomoroow steven and i wil start placing support and slowly bring the price back up over 300 sat
[2014-12-06 11:21:34 AM] great. it's a good chance.
[2014-12-06 11:21:58 AM] i am so glad to hear this. you are professional
[2014-12-06 11:23:54 AM] International Rob: i know sometime i act crazy... and its cause of the weed i smoke\
[2014-12-06 11:24:03 AM] International Rob: but when itr comes to business its serious
[2014-12-08 1:25:15 PM] International Rob: hi lin
[2014-12-08 1:25:18 PM] International Rob: are you awake?
[9:19:09 PM] International Rob: Lin bro
[9:19:12 PM] International Rob: we have some problems
[9:19:22 PM] International Rob: we need to dump the price and pick up all the coins for cheap
[9:19:26 PM] International Rob: are you here
[9:19:26 PM] International Rob: ?
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / THOSE BAY FAQs... on: December 01, 2014, 10:26:40 PM
The lot of them is simply riotous. Beyond hilarious. Just check them for yourself, worth it for the laughs.

But at the key point in them, here's one of the best "pearls":

Q: Are there any mechanisms to rid the BitBay marketplace of things like guns, abusive pornagraphy, hitmen, etc?

A: Those things will not be possible in the main markets even though they are in fact decentralized. This is for two reasons. First in order to get into a white listed market, you need to prove your worth by doing deals in the Halo market. Next, once in the decentralized market, special moderator versions of Halo will be given out to help oversee what is seen in a decentralized market. Users can also flag posts and when a certain number of flags is reached, the orders become invisible. Whitelists allow for trust systems. So anyone running a decentralized market has total control over who is able to post to it.

Just read that answer slowly and carefully, ok? This is a decentralized series of markets but you, somehow, have to prove "your worth" to access the big leagues, but playing first in the small ones. Fair enough, so you sell your collection of stamps and your used DVDs first and once qualified, you go into the big leagues where you sell dolls (full of cocaine) that ship from Colombia. Or Thailand... ah, but no, there's that omnipresent "Halo special moderator" that "oversees" somehow what is seen in "a decentralized market". So the market is not that decentralized after all. Oh but that "Halo special moderator" is just a bunch of keywords, so no real moderator at all: You can write anything you want -or post any pictures you want- except that you have to watch you avoid the keywords that would alert the "special moderator", and you are in business... And since Law enforcement is completely stupid, even retarded, they won't be able to tell what you are selling either. And even is they find out, they wont be able to come after you because, after all, you are selling in a decentralized market, right? So when they purchase your dolls and trace their origin, you would send them to a jungle in the Amazon instead the shipment addresses in Colombia or Thailand. Or the UPC or mail office closest where they will be waiting for you when they order the next shipment... yeah, quite clever indeed Zimbeck... oh boy... It can and will apply to things much more "innocent" too, such as the pirated versions of "Fury" or "The Godfather" too, not to mention the discography of Taylor Swift of the latest version of Halo (pun fully intended) for Playstation 5.

But besides the obvious, this whole idea of a "decentralized marketplace" is so beyond absurd that it really is amazing it will still have some sale (pun again!) value: Much like on eBay, buyers and sellers will be "rated", therefore left at the whim of competitors -legit and non- or simply "demanding" customers/sellers for their listings will disappear if a "certain number of flags is reached". Manipulating those numbers of flags cannot be easier and poof, competitoir out of the way. Or otherwise valid consumer, out of the way because... well, he used the handle "barabbas" to purchase a couple of things and he maybe you know, that guy on BTCT...

Finally, So anyone running a decentralized market has total control over who is able to post to it. Now I am REALLY confused... I thought this was totally DECENTRALIZED so the whole point was that NOBODY was "running a decentralized market"... what's that you said, ITS TOTAL BULLSHIT created only to get [people to at least hold their coins without provoking a major stampede before they collect the payments held by BTER that they posted to themselves in exchange for the coins they are orderly unloading since the coin came online at the exchanges? That makes sense. ONLY that makes sense.

David, do I take that your debts will be fully cancelled and you'll be on the clear as of December 5th or shortly thereafter, or are you "tied up" until the full delivery, somewhere in March or so... I hope, for once, you were clever enough to get ouit of them on the 5th, otherwise it is going to be a long winter of your discontent.

Which is what usually happens when, instead of working, you choose to try to scam people, you know?

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / THE ALT CURRENCIES BUBBLE IS BURSTING... on: November 23, 2014, 06:55:31 AM
... Yep. The process is already in motion. And everyone that has been "here" for a while -a few months at least- can easily see it as it develops: The Alt currencies bubble is exploding. I know, I know, there are still eternal believers who are holding considerable bags already on every one of the 500+ alts still somewhat alive. They believe so called "established coins" the likes of Black Coin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Nextcoin, Vericoin, etc, currnetly trading at multimonths lows (DOGE is one exception, but not for long), are about to rebound. They don't believe they will go "any lower" or, when they have posted such things, change to "not much lower" as the coins continue hitting new lows of many, many months almost daily.

What is going on? Well, it is really very, very simple. Much like the internet bubble in the stock market during the last couple of years of the past century, where companies such as Yahoo and Amazon were given multi-billion dollars valuations from the get go, on pure speculation, ALL alts are just that, remain just that: Pure, raw speculation. No one believes, at this stage, that any of them will ever have a practical use and even if some believe some of them will eventually have one, no one, absolutely no one, is willing to wait what is obvious by now it will be, best case scenario, several years of waiting. And then not only no guaranties of any reward but, logically, something much better would have come up in the meantime.

The alt world is very, very small, money-wise. And very, very big in amount of projects ("coins"). And the money supply is dwindling lower every day while the offer of new projects increases practically every day. These new projects coming up are a mixed bag of the usual run-of-the-mill-copy-paste-hack-job and some really interesting and promising ones. It doesn't matter: There's no money left for any of them. I'll give your 4 recent examples: SEED (was able to collect 7 BTC, most of it from their sponsors, the entire dev team of PINK), BYC (60 BTC, in spite of the significant amount of followers of its controversial developer, IconicExpert) and BRO (276 BTC -the suspiciously collected an extra 100BTC on a surprising "bonus" extension to their very long ICO, offering a 70% discount in the price, so I won't couint those that are more than probably of a known origin to the developers-, in spite of being a project supported for very well know celebrities in the field of poker and being the first project that, upon completion, will allow its holders to actually use the coins immediately for gaming). The developers of BRO were initially expecting to collect up to 15,000 or more BTC. IconicExpert surely was expecting much more than he got and the PINK devs -and everyone else- were expecting also much more than the paltry 7 BTC their sponsored copy/paste/hack/job was able to collect. Why such terrible results when at least 2 of those projects are innovative and full of promise? The answer is as simple as this: There's no BTC available. No liquid money in Alts. Everyone is fully invested in bags that hold losses from 70-90% and higher and expect rebounds to cut those losses somehow.

Well, it will NOT happen. The opposite will indeed occur... it is, as a matter of fact, already in full progress. And will result in further losses, in ALL alts, from 75-95% from current valuations. Why such dire prediction? Think a little bit, ok? The only money available is the one held by the P&D groups of the Prometheus, Black Hand, BobSurplus, etc. They have "cleaned up" the kid's pockets already. They themselves have no more projects where to rein in... One example: They -some of them- have camped on the latest P&D crap: BAY. They bought their big bags and are unloading already, slowly, part of the dump. Not because there isn't people that would otherwise "bitten", but because those people have no money left. So using all those newbie handles, all those hours of pumping, is proving an exercise in futility. The gig is up. Bubsurplus will probably have to go back to peddle in printing toners. Prometheus has no more use for Dan Metcalf and Dan himself will have the IRS on his behind for anything he might have gotten out of his very unethical dealings. Even those that have lined up their pockets with their scams and schemes are left with a bunch of BTC... a very devalued BTC, by the way (but that is another subject altogether). But the main reason, as pointed above, is that there's no practical use for ANY alt currency and none is used for anything. Their only "value" is the one given mostly by robots trading them all day on pure and simple speculation. Try to sell any decent amount of ANY coin, and you will have a quick and expedite glimpse on what the real value of the coin is. I can give you that value right away: Between 75-95% below what the last trade on it was. You can pick ANY "established" coin, they are all in the same situation.

So -and that is the point of this long post-, if you want to salvage something of what you put into this bubble, do it now and do it very slowly or you will lose it all in a hurry. Within a few weeks, maybe before the year ends, maybe shortly thereafter, all those "established" coins are going to be at their real valuation, which will be between a 5% and 25% of the fictional ones they have currently assigned in Coinmarketcap. Just distance yourself from your current involvement and ask your common sense: Is DOGE worth $21 million? why? what can you do with DOGE? And then change the word DOGE for BLACK, VERI, PEER, DARK or ANY of your choice.

Oh I can feel the denial creeping in on this thread as soon as I post. Crazy, will be the adjective of choice, inevitably. OK. Let's see what happens. The timeline may not fit -it probably will take a bit longer to full effect- but surely you wont have to wait too much longer to corroborate just how off mark I was.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / What is going on with the mining (and the blockchain explorer) on BYC? on: November 18, 2014, 03:48:28 AM
While some report that their old computer is getting them a lot of free mined BYC, most complain because, for the last 12 hours (November 17th), theior most advance3s computers with the latest version available of the wallet have mined... nothing. What is going on?

I don't have the answers but I know at the time of this writing the las block mined was #6990 and, according to this: 225,790 coins were outstanding... what does "outstanding" really means? Is that figure correct at all? What is going on that blockchain explorer?

I want to believe there's a very easy explanation for what follows, but at this point it al seems very, very suspicious. Hopefully it's just my nature to be suspicious and there's a perfectly simple and innocent explanation. Here's the deal: When stabilized -whatever that comes to mean- BYC will mine no more than 1440 coins a day. Right now it is mining many, many more than that. In roughly one week, it has, in fact, mined roughly 75,000 coins... according to that block explorer. According to that explorer, the vast majority of the blocks mined produce 1 BYC. The ample majority... but not all. Again, according to that block explorer, quite a few blocks produce many more than 1 BYC. Some more than 100. Some more than ... 90,000!!! one even more than 190,000 !!!!. Like I stated, I am sure there's a perfectly simple and innocent explanation for this, but I just don't know of any. It would seem that all those tens of thosusands of coins are NOT registered or visible to the "outstanding" figure in the blockchain explorer... unless "outstanding" means something quite different from "total current float", for example, which is what it usually is supposed to mean. Are there, in fact, hundreds of thousand of BYC coins more available and mined -and mining- than those "outstanding"? Just take a look at blocks # 68885, 68900 and 69828, just to pick a few -there are many, many more with much smaller figures-, and draw your own conclusions... or ask the proper answers.

Something does smell rotten in Denmar... unless there's a perfectly simple and innocent explanation for this. It has to be, hasn't it?

Now, as stated above, there are -at least- 75,000 coins mined. Meaning, roughly 145,000 coins were bought at about 50k satoshis each and now there are 75,000 more that have cost... NOTHING. And counting. That thing is mining A LOT of coins -for some-, certainly many, many, many more than the 1440 a day max that were promised.  What does it mean? Well, obviously there's going to be a dump of gigantic proportions sooner rather than later. And that is if the numbers on those blocks mentioned -and many others- are some short of mistake ... If there's no mistake and the blockchain explorer simply don't recognize those coins as "outstanding", then the problem is exponentially bigger.

I'll be anxiously waiting for the explanation. After all, I was mining the coin... although in the last 12 hours, nothing...

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / THE BYTECENT DISASTER on: November 12, 2014, 03:17:32 AM
IconicExpert just got me banned from CoinBlab. After supporting -and investing- in his Bytecent project and trying to, privately and publicly, help in many ways,
I became naturally critic of the disaster that the launching of Byutecent has become:

After trying to turn the low participation in its ICO, in which he offered for sale 3 million coins at 50k sat each and sold just under 160k, into a positive given the small amount of coins that would be available -therefore potentially increasing the price of the coin in the market-, the supposedly innovative and certainly restricted mining period started. 1440 coins is almost 1% of 160,000 coins, which is high for a daily rate, but nothing particularly notorious as far as inflation go... problem is that the mining started and only a few hours into it, there's almost 16,000 coins already mined instead. Instamined, as it were. This happening, simultaneously, with massive complains from downloaders of the Windows wallets unable to get their wallets to mine at all... even after a supposed "fix" (Mind you, this is the project in which, in IE's own words, you wouldn't "need a degree in computer sciences to install the wallet"... Wow.

Iconic had stated, many, MANY times, that 1440 coins would be the maximum mined coins daily. Not approximately. Not after some period of "normalization". Not in ANY case. Obviously, IconicExplorer lied. So, by the first 24 hours of Bytecent on its mining period, the coin will have around 200,000 coins available, having diluted the price by at least 20%.

I -and others- suggested to IE to relaunch more appropriately -and fairly- or issue refunds. He refused. I and representing those others frustrated and unhappy with this absurd outcome, expect Bittrex to take matters in their own hands, as they are the escrow of the project, and make refunds available before this disaster hits the market since, obviously, IconicExpert is beyond convincing, be it because of his peculiar personality that lands him in trouble more often than not, be it because he is directly benefiting from the "instamine". I don't know which and, at this point, I don't care. I don't believe Bytecent is a scam -and that why I invested in it and supported it- but it is not, in my view, a viable project in its current state.

With IconicExpert being able to ban their critics -much like if it was a censored thread here in BTCT- much less.

Pity, because it could have been a very interesting project -it could still be- but IE insist in tainting it. Sad indeed.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / THE CASE OF PINK COIN on: October 28, 2014, 12:48:49 AM
The "revamped" Pink Coin was launched in the later part of May 2014, salvaged from the initial one that was abandoned by its dev, "Bigman". "Crypto Cayce", the largest holder, was the key player in the "revamping" of a coin that, in spite of the anonymity of all members of its dev team, made a point of divulging transparency, as well as honesty and charitable generosity, as it's main mantra.

Just another copy/paste hackjob on the tech side, Pink Coin got my attention and soon after I listed it as the (first and so far only) coin in my WALL OF HONOR, right here on these boards. I "bit" and believed that it could be the coin with a future, the clean coin in a sea of scams. Not only did I listed first in THE WALL OF HONOR, I invested in it (modestly) and was willing to work very, very hard for it, for years for I envisioned a potential great future for the project... if the community was willing to do what was necessary to achieve it. I devised and presented (to Crypto Cayce) a plan of action that required some investment, a very small investment considering the scope and sheer duration of the plan (all the details of the proposal have been posted a couple of times in the thread of The revamped Pinkcoin, here at BTCT). Within less than 2 hours, I realize the "pinkcoiners" weren't even remotely ready to support with their donations the proposal and I retired it from even consideration while urging volunteers to pick up whatever part they could of the initial plan to move the project forward. No one did.

I was quite impressed (and it was going to be a big part of my plan) by the charity aspect, with hefty goals ($20,000 for Cancer prevention goal, to be delivered by October 30th). Many more causes to be followed...

As impressed as I was when, following the lead and standard set up by the dev team at Vericoin, soon afterwards (early July), I was even more impressed when all but one (Sumgye) of the six devs came fully public (until then only the guy in Pakistan, Sony Sasankan, was no anonymous). The last one was Crypto Cayce who happened to be a semi-pro poker player (currently like #750 or so in the world ranking) by the name of Danny Johnson. Impressed and a bit worried shortly thereafter for it was already well documented that Crypto Cayce was the largest holder or one of the largest holders of the coin with over 45 million of the total of over 360 million the coin had. My reasons to worry materialized when forced by the community, they devs improvised and "anon" feature that clearly diverged from the original path toward transparency and full compliance with regulations when and where they would appear. The "anon" feature, when finally worked, was not only a departure from the original path but even as an option, evidently a positioning against the initial core values of the project.

It was no surprise to anyone that shortly after being known that Danny Johnson was the largest holder and a pro player, that Pink would continue its development further and further from the original plan, now developing a poker playing platform. Poker, I remind you, is illegal in the United States where the coin is based.

I posted my opposition to these developments several times and, more loudly when it became not just known but promoted on the Opening Post of the BTCT thread, that the "anon" feature, as well as the lottery bot and the poker platform were FOR SALE to any other coins with the procees of such sales going to the pockets of the developers who had used donations to develop and/or pay for that software. This was very "unpinky". So, after sounding the alarm, I decided to start looking under the rugs to see what else wasn't pink at all... I found that not only the goal of $20k for Cancer prevention charity had been cut in half but that, actually, no one had donated anything for over 2 months and that the total had reached only 9 donations adding up to $600. No one was doing anything about donations, not even mentioning them anymore in social media. The only other source of donation to the cause was the Twitter lottery bot that in spite of being hailed as extremely successful, has brought a total of just about $300 altogether.

I kept looking... just in the very public thread, and soon I discovered that while all of this was going on, something else had too: The developers, all of them, had been dumping millions and millions of coins. Here's a detail of what I found as I posted it on the thread:

"Especifically you (Sony) DUMPED almost the total of 3 million coins plus you got. 733k left out of 3.4 mill. One has to eat and pay rent, right?

Edit to add:

Fayoling, all of his 567,633 coins, DUMPED (that's, obviously, the signature address only. There are other addresses, of course.

Sumgye, all his 100+k, dumped... that would be from the address on his signature. His OTHER address is a bit more telling though:PTz9c7gsDu14FnD6tPFFUPy9rihVXH7GTx. You can see how he has DUMPED 23.4 million OF HIS TOTAL OF JUST OVER 25 MILLION. Do you think Sonnyboy that capitals are warranted?

Owl - out of 10 million, 7 million DUMPED.

All of this is very easy to corroborate just checking your known wallets, SPECIFIC FACTS, as usual.

To the nutcase: On May 30th, Danny has already admitted he had "around 45 million coins" (and here is the proof:; besides him, "Dr. G" also had in excess of that amount... Also this guys had in excess of that amount "for the long term": which proves, in case there was any doubt, that you are not only a sick, lying nutcase, but that you have no idea, ever what the fuck you are talking about.

To the forgetful Danny, here's for your remembrance: And so you don't have to read the entire post, the lines that count are here: "I personally bought 1,000,000 Pinkcoins at market rate directly from @CryptoCayce since I liked the group's outreach plans and projects mentioned in their announcement." (quotes and bolding are added by me).

Now, to all pinkcoin holders interested: The above is just a glimpse of who you have developing this project, only 5 months into it. The real behind the scenes action, including selling of software (that they don't bother to even hide anymore, because the cat's out of the hat), hush-hush transactions off-market, etc. I can assure you are much, MUCH more numerous that what has been showed here. It's a whole world out there. With the facts presented, which is just the tip of the iceberg, it's up for you to decide if continuing supporting what was once a great idea and has become a total embarrassment for all who, like me, once believed in it.

Danny, I know you have me on ignore, but I'm sure you are going to get a bit of a smell of this post. Your credibility is gone man, sorry. And I am going to go a bit further and openly accuse you of lying about having given away 14 million pinkcoins. You haven't. Not even close to that figure. That would be almost 3 million coins a month... in what? to who? Sorry but no way. I am calling your bluff."

The "sick nutcase" mentioned is Spock Skywalker, one of the "pinkarmy" elements bent on negating all forms of evidence, no matter how irrefutable.

After calling on the lies by Crypto Cayce, one has to smile when reading the "explanation" by "Sumgye":

"I've never had anywhere near 25m pink. That is indeed my address, but you do realize that part of the way staking works is that the wallet resets coin ages by sending coins to itself, right? And the explorer doesn't differentiate between self-sent coins and coins sent to others. So, in simplest terms, every time I stake 1m coins, the explorer says I both Sent 1m more coins and Received 1m more coins. That's just how it works.

As for why it's not staking right now, well I haven't actually had access to that wallet in over a month now, since it's stuck on a hard drive in a broken PC.

As for the 100k in my Sig address, those all went into testing the Anon feature back at the end of May for crying out loud, and I honestly don't remember what address they went to after that. But you're really reaching on that one. As if anyone would have minded me 'dumping' 100k at ~40 sats in the first place."

Followed by:

"Hmm. I just went to try and find another wallet with huge sends and receives and realized the explorer seems to account for that now. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with all that 'send' and 'receive'. I know I've got more than 1.7m on that computer right now (I should actually have about 3m in that wallet). It must be in some change address. I'm not really sure. What I can tell you is that I never had anywhere near 25m coins. Not even close. I did do a LOT of testing on the anon system months ago, and my coins have shifted quite a bit in my wallet, and truth be told I did sell about 3 million coins over the course of the last 6 months, most directly to other members of the PinkCoin team, though I haven't sold any in over two months now. I have also given away & contributed about 2m coins to support various projects and people, if anyone's curious."

No further comment need to be added... except that, as evidenced many times, these guys are not only not bothered by the fact that they sell off market millions of coins, but consider it perfectly acceptable regardless of the obvious impact that such transactions would have in the regular market. They just don't care. All they care about is to line his pockets. Not the coin. Not the direction of the project. Not the charity results.

Naturally, when corralled with all the evidence, there's only one place to go: Hide. So they have. As of today they have closed the public thread: and started instead a censored one:  in which they can continue their lies and their behind the scenes deals while the audience (and market cap of the coin), is more and more reduced by the minute.

Now those who may still be interested in what has become a joke of a project and a minimal side show coin in alt, they'll still have this new thread where the truth and the facts will remain for everyone to see, far from any censorship.

As a side note, I'll mention that the entire dev team sponsored, supported and heavily promoted the launching of SEED coin recently, by an anonymous dev without any other credit that being a "personal friend of "sumgye". You can head over there to see what happened with that launching that took away the last straw of credibility the devs of Pink may have had left as the co-responsible parties of that debacle in which the dev team of PINK and the friendly dev now control more than half the total of (absolutely worthless) coins. The thread, for now, remains public but I'd bet it will be shut down any moment now to opt, again, for the same solution implemented by the Pinks: Censorship.

piece of advise on both: Run, not walk from both these debacles and as far as you can from the individuals behind them.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / THE WALL OF HONOR on: June 14, 2014, 07:22:24 AM
I created the WALL OF SHAME as a reference and with the purpose to eliminate the bad players, the bad guys of Crypto. As a counter to that, I embarked on a much more pleasurable enterprise by creating the WALL OF HONOR. Here we will list Alternative currencies and platforms that are the opposite of those on the WALL OF SHAME. To be included, these will be the barriers of entry:

-- Outstandingly fair distribution. This is a huge obstacle for many coins out there have magnificent models and platforms but are owned by very few individuals. Bitcoin itself would not be ever included precisely for that reason. There are many other great currencies and platforms whose distribution is, in our view, unfair. That will preclude them for entering the WALL OF HONOR which is reserved for the most outstanding atl currencies and platforms only.

-- No premine/instamine or other forms of mining exceeding 10% of the total coins.

-- Total transparency, preferably with legal names. But we will be flexible at this point as long as at least one of the dev team members produces their real legal name and location.

-- Non moderated or otherwise censored official threads, IRCs, Reddits, Twitters, Facebooks, etc.

Other considerations will also apply but those are basically the basic requirements.

IMPORTANT: The entire list of the WALL OF HONOR will be in this opening post. No other coins spammed or otherwise nominated, have made it to the list. If if it not in the list at the bottom of THIS opening post, it is NOT in THE WALL OF HONOR.

1.- PINKCOIN (PC). The current iteration of this coin, a true community launch after the disastrous initial, scammy, launch of the coin, not only meets our basic requirements but we have found it exceeds in almost every other aspect, from dedication on the part of the most visible PR members to a generosity that I have never witnessed in any other coin. The fact that it is a coin with a charitable purpose, which could be perceived as gimmicky (bat in a very positive way), only adds to that perception. All the "filters" have been passed with outstanding results also regarding transparency, freedoms (their IRC channel seems to require invitation/password but I had no problem logging in without either... and I was informed that they simply are not aware of it, so no such requirements are necessary).

Disclosure: I intend to invest in Pinkcoin at some point in the future. At the time of this writing and posting though, I have no investment of any kind in it.


Many things have changed in these almost 4 months since PINK was the first (and only) digital currency included in this Wall. Among others, the "charitable purpose" is reasonably in question given the fact that no efforts of any kind are actually made to promote that aspect of the project with that last donation being over 40 days old and the total of donors in over 4 months having only reached 9 -with 3 of them- supplying almost half of the total of just over $600 donated so far.

Meanwhile, through Danny Johnson, the main dev's connection to the poker world, PINK has become, in effect, "the gambling coin" with all its "promotion" centered in either the "poker feature" of the coin, the "challenges for money" (nothing to charity) or the "lottery twitter bot"  -also gambling-, as main exponents of the shit in promotion and direction (the twitter lottery bot gives a very small portion of its revenue to charity, having the total amount given reached just over $200 since inception).

Additionally, the developers of PINK have been auctioning and selling the software they have created for the project using the PINK platform to advertise it (the following figures prominently in the OP of their official thread here in BTCT: CONTACT US FOR INTEGRATING THE ANON FEATURE FOR YOUR COIN.. This has been public knowledge only after a not so gracious exit of "boxxa" from the development team caused a charge of "attempted extortion for money", by "boxxa", was made by the dev "fayoling". It turns out that the devs of PINK are selling the software they have created initially for pink to anyone willing to pay for it, with the proceeds lining the dev's pockets. Meanwhile the "official" response if that they would help "friends" on a "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" euphemism as a mantra.

Branching out on that mantra, the same dev, on behalf of a fellow dev (sumgye), used the official thread of PINK to promote the ICO of the new SEEDCOIN, introducing the quite anonymous developer of that coin, Cryptzo, as a dear and trusted friend of Sumgye, clearly endorsing the competition.

In view of all the aforementioned developments, the listing of PINK in this Wall of Honor is hereby withdrawn for not only not corresponding but actually diverging from the initial path and objectives that prompted it's inclusion in it. I should clarify that this withdrawal is by no means a negative judgement on the current path of PINK. It is simply a different path, quite away from the original, in which the same values that granted the inclusion simply don't apply anymore.


As of today, October 27th, 2014, the public thread of The Revamped Pinkcoin ( has been closed and a new, self-moderated (censored) one has been started: to try and silence the inconvenient posts about the shady dealings of the dev team members of Pink Coin. All of it is amply documented in the original thread linked here and also in a new thread, THE CASE OF PINK COIN here:
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / THE WALL OF SHAME on: June 08, 2014, 06:53:02 AM
The level of fraud, scamming and deceit in cryptos, and very specially in the more and more crowded field of alternative currencies, has reached levels that simple common sense would indicate that something's got to give. It is the responsibility of all those who believe cryptocurrencies are a real alternative to fiat, to protect the single most vulnerable aspect, the most damaging of all, the one that makes every "normal person" literally "run for the exits" when cryptocurrencies are mentioned. Everyone knows fraud and deception is rampant. There's no accountability of course -not yet anyway-, and therefore it is kind of inevitable. But it is our obligation, in my opinion, to police the field to the extent that we can, to protect the integrity of the world of alternative currencies. There will always be scamers and schemes to take other people's money, but at least those coming in with greed in their eyes and hope in their hearts, would have a thread that can show some obvious red flags before jumping into those scams that leave always victims and increase the bad reputation of cryptos. Even when caught pants down, all the scamers have to do, is change their handles and they remain anonymous. This has to stop. They also clear their announcement threads of "FUD", a clumsy pretext to delete "inconvenient" posts that otherwise would linger forever and would be available for research. So, not only are they always -or almost always- anonymous, but they always -or almost always- censor and delete posts on their threads that bring about inconvenient subjects, including potential details of their scams. The scams are protected; the devs, hidden under their anonymous and usually multiple handles, remain anonymous and ready for the usual rinse and repeat... well it's time for a little reckoning. Leveling the playing field somewhat, so to speak: Here's the WALL OF SHAME. Every con, every fraud, every red flag will be posted here. And no, the burden of proof will not be on the posters, but on the devs. Enough of this shitty situation in which they can and do hide under several veils with total impunity. A red flag will be enough. If someone deletes [posts and censors users on their threads, that would be their ticket to enter the WALL OF SHAME; If they delete posts that contains relevant questions that they prefer not to answer, they have gained their post on the WALL OF SHAME; if they say "no pre-mine" and there is in fact indications of other ways of accumulating the coins by taking advantage of their situation: WALL OF SHAME...

Everyone is free to act any which way they choose, but the WALL OF SHAME will be here to collect all the bad guys of crypto, their handles, their schemes,                their coins and every other detail that other users would volunteer.

Lets level the playing field.

No more impunity.

Lets eliminate the bad players.

1.- Templar77, real name Carlos R. Torres Ferguson, out of Mexico DF and the shame behind, among others, Universitycoin, Grumpycoin, Libertycoin and, if it comes to fruition, the upcoming X coin. Read about him in the several different threads of those coins. In many of them you won't find hundreds of posts that have been censored, but you will find entire threads with his exploits and those of his associate, Loljosh. Be aware of these guys.

2.- The Doge of Wall Street, aka Eugene (Yevgeniy) Rokhlin and his associate St.GNU. The former is quite public -he participates usually in the "Blackcasts" on YouTube, the later prefers to remain anonymous. He is the "Don" at Blackcoin and there are substantive charges about him/them pre-mining (to the tune of almost half the entire float of BC) the "no pre-mine" Blackcoin. Besides that, they own the multipool that services Blackcoin, as a separate business and used to "strategically buy BC in the open exchanges... when convenient". Convenient, one assumes, for the Don and his "group of investors" (that would be The Black Hand, a group of investors who operates in cahoots with Rokhlin and St.GNU and that in fact determines all the strategies from the inside. This is an organized group, represented by morituri13/dognip in the community (the guy in the infamous flower pants picture of Soepkip), who "donates" to the pool the Titan miner, for instance, and, obviously, determines when and ad what price the pool buys in to proceed with the usual pumps and dumps that are the base of the income of The Black Hand. Meanwhile, The Don and St.GNU continue dumping their estimated 35-40 million blackcoins premined acquired in the early hours/days of the PoW period. There's plenty of info about the schemes all over Bitcointalk, but don't expect anything remotely in that direction in any of the current managed threads other than the ones dedicates to exposing it specifically: The censor, with extraordinary dilligence, every post that even remotely points in that direction.

3.- This is a new one, the most recent: CLOAK. His dev is "Alty", who also uses the handle "TheDagger". He may or may not have pre-mined (still some PoW as of this writing pending), but he certainly doesn't answer pertinent uncomfortable questions like the one about a charge that while the two initial dedicated pools had a hashing rate of less than 20MH, the entire network boasted in excess of 20GH... Mind you, that is a situation that could happen without any devious scheme going on. Nor very usual but certainly possible. But if that were teh case, would you, as a clean dev, take advantage of the opportunity to explain that you in fact are only responsible for "x" amount of the 20GH+...AND show clear proof of it to dispel any doubts? Now if, on the contrary, you not only avoid to provide an explanation but quickly proceed to delete the posts and ban any questioner from the IRC channel, wouldn't that raise a significant red flag? It is certainly not the best way to provide confidence, trust and transparency, is it? So, since it is very cowardly to not just avoid the questions but delete the posts so others don't pose the same lingering questions, the playing field is leveled: If "Alty" or "The Dagger" provide proof positive they did not pre-mine CLOAK, they (he) will be taken down from the WALL OF SHAME. If not, here it is for everyone to be aware (and cautious) about it.
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