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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / UNREALIZED PROFIT IS TECHNICALLY NOT YOUR MONEY on: December 25, 2021, 05:43:41 AM
Merry Chrismax guys, as we match towards a new year, it's important to set targets and have priorities. 2021 has been a blessed year for crypto traders who knew what they were really doing. It has been a great year of $Meme coin profit and loss and equally a year of Defi consolidation, NFT, games and the newest Metaverse.

While it's good to open one's self up for a new technological disruption, and take some stalk in the new wine because technological advancement is dynamic itself. It's sacrosanct we tame our greed level to avoid loosing every single profit back to the market. You need to have a dedicated stable coin wallet preferably a hardware wallet with an intention of savings for the raining day, only the moon boys think the market must go up forever without a sanity of retracement and correction. In a group I belong to, we saw some members loss all their funds to the dumping market because of greed, some of us who had saved for a day of such, decided to alleviate their pains by making some contributions to them, apparently they lack money management skill. Some persons have taken into full time futures trading loosing all they gained from spot trading and longterm holdings. All these were born out of greed without any plan for the evil day. Like I love doing, I recently mentored some people from different crypto community on how bounty works because they were misled by their supposed mentored, to just see how they may start from scratch again. I had to personally gather some friends who ran from the brutal bear of 2018/2019 and mentor them again in 2020, today they are better off.

Taking profit in parts without selling all positions is okay, and diversifying one's portfolio is technical management, not chasing every pump is a smart money strategy, having an exit plan is a self discipline and conclusively, patient is a vital part of crypto investment.

If you failed because of your 2021 strategy, don't lose hope, the best is yet to come, a single dollar investment in the right project could change your life forever. Shiba Inu and Safemoon tokens did it for early bird. Don't take to suicide, crypto is still advancing and if you are reading this, you are still early.

Season Greetings.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / SMARTCONTRACT TREND on: August 25, 2021, 07:34:53 PM
Owing to the tremendous success of the ethereum network serving as a launching platform to many altcoins. Many projects who saw the problem currently bedeviling the eth network have taken to launching their platform so as to off-scale BTC, EtH and many top coins and equally have new and existing projects build on their platform.

I personally have greatly limited my trade on ERC20 and using BEP20, Polygon, SOL, AVAX, LUNA so as not to miss out of the Defi boom. My concern is how long shall new projects keeps launching smart-contract and what happen to them when ETH2.0 finally go live?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / WHEN WILL THIS ROBBERY END? on: February 04, 2021, 01:54:11 AM
Alright guys, trading Defi on the ethereum ecosystem has been very profitable to me because I get to sometimes get 10 reward on some of my investment, but this has taken another dimension since more users started flocking the network leading to a very ridiculous high gas fee. To avoid this, I now selectively choose the Defi I trade on ethereum Dex, and in some cases, I just go to CEX if the tokens are already listed there because of the killing ethereum bgas fee which can be as high as $100+, enough for me to place a trade elsewhere. I have equally migrated  to BinanceSmartChain (BSC) for lower fees on Dex which is ~$0.21 on trading and ~$0.04 for transaction fees using BNB as the gas fee. But BSC are still new in the industry but doing relatively well. Thanks to the grant by Binance.

It's really difficult to totally avoid uniswap when one has tokens trading only on uniswap.

My question is this: Do we know of any app or wallet which supports offchain scaling of ethereum main network ERC20, in which one can interact directly on ER20 Dex and wallet for a lower gas fee just like we have Segwit enabled Wallet for BTC and the talk of lightening network.

I understand ETH2.0 is been worked upon to resolving this ethereum dark forest mystery.

Thank you.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / WHO CAN SHUTDOWN BITCOIN? on: December 10, 2020, 01:53:52 PM
Okay guys, this question may have been asked before, was trying to locate a past thread but couldn't seems to get my search on this forum.

My question is: can bitcoin be shutdown by world government? And does bitcoin need domain when calling its protocol or trying to get access to its network? Or what is the relationship between and the survival of I bitcoin? Thanks

Hello , don't start abuses, I am currently defending that bitcoin can't be shutdown, while a discussant said it can be shutdown. I know  it' can't be. Just dropped this post here to backup my claim and argument. I know it requires shutting down all power and internet to be able to cause a damage. Which in any which is not possible.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / NEW STYLE OF CAMPAIGN on: July 08, 2020, 03:37:22 AM
I was going through the bounty session and saw this campaign, on the signature campaign, it says you should give 4hrs gap between post, I feel this is not too good for signture campaigners who have always been use to freedom to posting and spreading across 3-5 days. However, with the WhaleHavens rule of 4hrs gap to post, one can still make 6 post per day. Reducing it to 3 post per day spread over 12hrs is still very possible and viable but limits one freedom to make meaningful contribution on the forum. I feel the clause of only 4hrs post gap will be eligible for stakes count should have been specified. A look at the signature spreadsheet shows that about 90 percent of applicants were rejected.

What do you think of the rules of the BM? I understand he is trying to curtain burst posting and spam.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / KINGCASINO SALES HITS A MILESTONE RAISES $21.5M IN ROUND 1 SALES! on: May 05, 2020, 11:19:09 AM
 Hello guys I was going through twitter and saw this Kingcasino project that is conducting IEO on two shitty exchanges Latoken and P2PB2B that (the exchanges) are known to have had several failed IEO in the past ripping off investors. I am yet to come across any sound project midwived through P2pb2b and still doing well.

Kingcasino has claimed to have raised $21.5M  in their round 1 token sales and they say this was sold out ahead of schedule. Link to tweet:

This they claim was made possible through P2PB2B, Latoken exchanges, website sales and private sales.

This is their bounty thread been managed by bounty dedectives:

I have been wondering if these guys are very solid and have a great team or a subtle way to entice investors? I am just curious and have discussed this with some friends we tend to be skeptical because of the exchanges the IEO are been conducted.

This report is not base on  biase but for the community members to collectively make researches and see how truthful this is and how it could benefit us all in the long run so the team shouldn't feel sad about my curiosity.

Your contribution will be highly appreciated.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / THE BEAR GUYS ARE OFF THE STREET on: April 30, 2020, 06:23:02 AM
We have been seeing some conflicting analysis that bitcoin was in a downward trend, some TA guys in aWhats-app group I co-admin have been very optimistic that bitcoin was going to correct to about $4k zone, one of the analyst sent me a private message that I should start accumulating bitcoin at $5,500 zone, he is a Physics and further mathematics teacher whom my wife I have been helping resolve some mathematical equations when he gets conflicting solution via online post because I have never meant him person.  Just as bitcoin hits $8,800 yesterday he was confident of his reversal then I reply his post with "is that you my friend the further mathematics  teacher? he refused to post further TA uptil now. I called him in a comic way to let him know this was bitcoin and not a set of defined equation that is parameters ca be determined through known values with the principles of acceptable rules, the group members in a joyous mode posted some meme that they didn't fall for their bearish TA.

3 weeks ago, when bitcoin was at the $6k+ zone, I mentored my former course mate who works in a brewery company from how to set up a bitcoin account and a multi-chain accounts to how to set up his cex account and fund his account and buy and sell whatever he wishes. He asked if this was the right time to buy bitcoin, I told him how long I have been here and how volatile bitcoin can be and the upcoming bitcoin halving and the possible implication, he said bitcoin was too expensive, I left him to study for himself. He is been following discussion and he choose not to take a chance, this morning he wants to buy bitcoin because he read post we are heading to $10k soon. I didn't reply him and have o intention of engaging him because I mentored him and brought him to the group but chooses to listen to bear analyst than longing for the future of bitcoin. Sadly enough those bearish guys don't trade with their TA, they are anarchist.  I sincerely condole with all who thought bitcoin was headed to $3k zone, they now have to buy at a higher rate.

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / CRYPTOCURRENCY IN NORTH KOREA on: April 25, 2020, 03:20:57 AM
Hello guys, so I am just sitting here and wondering how the people of the North Korea are fairing as regards the huge benefit cryptocurrency has brought to every people. I don't  get to hear of any development from that isolated nation bordering South-Korea. I understand the will of the people is heavily subverted by their maximum leader otherwise nicknamed The little rocket man. I read of how poverty is ravaging that nation, freedom for her people to trade cryptocurrency can turn the tides around as it's doing in some poverty stricken nations that the people have embraced bitcoin and its benefit. Do these people even have access to any exchange in the world? and can they safely convert their crypto asset to their native currency and withdraw same without offending The little rocket man? I once read exchange hacking have been traced to NK, meaning some crypto activities are going on there.

I am just concerned on the freedom cryptocurrency brings could be extended to this nation.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / DON'T APPEAL TO ANY ONE'S EMOTION on: April 20, 2020, 11:37:46 AM
During the bull run of 2017, I started to mention bitcoin and its potential to the educationist and some financial analyst in my church, they all told me as long the USA government was against it, it was going to crash to zero, in January 1st 2018, I posted on Facebook "another year of crypto", the next 2 Sundays, some persons asked me if bitcoin was still alive, I answered in the affirmative yes. Monthly I engage them intellectually and did some practical demonstration, the youth invited me to speak on bitcoin and the future of money, I did to the best of my knowledge most think it was now too expensive, well I just didn't give any signal to buy to avoid giving a brother the left foot of fellowship.

Last year, I had to teach some group of teenagers and youth and asked them to participate in an airdrop, very few participated and were paid $50 each after 5-7days, which I immediately converted to fiat for those who doubted the genuineness of free money. After this the whole group was filled up and on fire, this time I was able to teach them how to get set up binance account and a non-custodian wallet, and safely buy cryptocurrency and save in their private wallet. Was surprised to see prvate message from one of the student that he was putting hundreds of dollars in the market and keeping for the future, I just told him never to forget the market is very volatile and unregulated, he said he understands. I said i my heart " this one has gotten the vibes" this way, no one can blame me of misleading them. I daily receive private messages of wanting to know how bitcoin works from people I don't know. When I should have said, I am not chance, they will say they were refereed to from church groups, I deal a justice. In he issues of Cryptocurrency investment, never tell anyone how high and soon BTC investment can be, let them know first the technology behind bitcoin and altcoin and the general scope of blockchain, people will be most likely to take responsibility for their investment than blaming the teacher. I still have a lot to do after the lockdown.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / BOUNTY TASKS ARE VERY DEMANDING on: April 10, 2020, 06:48:44 PM
Masulum is one bounty manager that handles good projects without doubt and make due diligence in stakes calculations and he is always detailed to the later. Here is his profile link;u=1283017, he handled ShengWorld, SPYCE  and others nice project. I have been trading SPYCE on BW before they had their bounty project. Nevertheless he seems to be too tough on his community who participates on his bounty program which is something not too good. For example, in his rules, he demands signature campaigners to make a minimum of 15post per week and a maximum of 3 post count per week, a good bitcointalker should be through with his post in 5 days at 3 per day, although if mode deletes one post at a dead hour without one been aware, one will loss reward for that week. And his social media campaigns like the Linkedin is 6 post per week and a maximum of 1 share per day, one really need to on a high alert in other not to work for free.  Some of my friends had to back out because of the strict and tasky rules, while some will have to lost their reward due tasky work.

I want you to share your experience working with this BM as regards the rules and task, do you equally think he should review his rules? I hope he sees this and read it. He is a good manager though who never fails to resolve issues and very detailed.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / MESSAGE TO BOUNTY MANAGERS on: March 12, 2020, 04:07:00 PM
Hello guys,

In a bid to fight bounty scammers and spammers on the telegram campaign, there is a great wisdom in the format adopted by julerz12 in his GEOMA bounty campaign (, you are first told to answer questions on a google format just to test your simple knowledge on Cryptocurrency and then still require you to apply on google form together with Proof-Of-Authentication on the bounty thread.

Some hunters just quickly come to the google application form, deplore several telegrams or even steal some bitcointalk users telegram username  who are not participating in telegram campaign, and use it to cheat. This is why we do see over 2k-8k telegram applicants on a single campaign on the spreadsheet which sometimes will give the BM and his team a hard time verifying and sorting out real workers from cheaters and spammers, they may not be able to fully do a perfect job.

This style employed by Julerz in GEOMA bounty campaign is a step in the right direction which I believe has helped to chase off some telegram scammers and spammers off this campaign and thereby reducing applicants to only serious campaigners and at the end will lessen the overall job of the BM. There were days I got discouraged seeing over 8K in some telegram campaigns.

Let me hear your suggestions too. Thanks.

Let me add a link to the questions (, on the application form, there is equally a code you must enter to proof you are not a bot.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / YOU JUST CAN'T SKIP KNOWLEDGE IN THIS INDUSTRY on: March 06, 2020, 02:02:12 PM
  While humans keep looking for easy way out of their financial woes, there is a high tendency they will keep failing prey for lack of financial intelligence and their unwillingness to learn. The blockchain industry is a bit technical and the basic of bitcoin transactions can be taught in a simple way and be digested by any willing mind.

It happened last year that my former course mate saw things about bitcoin on my status, he decided to pay me visit for some tutorials, I gave him an introductory class with some notes, since I was not going to help him invest his money on some money spinning machine with a daily or weekly payout, he never show up again.

In the early hours of today he dropped two messages on my whats-app as follows:

1. How long does it take bitcoin wallet to transfer bitcoin before it gets to the receiver?
2. And what is the highest a beginner can transfer out of his wallet?

At the introductory class, he was thought the 2 above and what a custodian and non-custodian wallet is all about.
Long story short, himself and his friend bought bitcoin using bitstocksFx, never heard of this broker before, besides, I don't need any third party to buy me bitcoin. They claimed to be a bitcoin broker, they had initially purchased $500 worth, the suppose brother told them it was too small to be transferred out because they were new, they deposited additional $500, the next day they saw an imaginary $15k which they couldn't transfer out, they were told the money was invested for them and they need to deposit more in other to withdraw both the capital and the interest. When he suspected some foul play, he remembered me. I told he had rejected a free training class and that his friend and him have been scammed. I just recommended where he can legitimately buy bitcoin.

People hate to hear the truth, and the price they have to pay for short cut is been victim of scammers. I am waiting for him if he still wants to learn the basics of bitcoin, this I will still do for free.

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / KEY YOUR PRIVATE KEYS OUT OF DEX on: March 03, 2020, 07:13:12 PM
In some groups I belong to, I do see people giving advise to persons who ask questions on how they could trade on Dex. They would tell them to import their private keys on the decentralized exchange, I will quickly object them never to import their PK on any dex. Some don't take me serious I leave them to their fate until they cry of hack, sometimes people prefer to learn by experience, leveraging on others knowledge should be a  better way of learning.

Now, with your private key you can unlock your wallet by importing it on any compatible app or site, the danger with this is that you may not know who is watching you, or if when moving it, you had saved it in an unencrypted place. Another dangerous thing is that you may have been lured into a phishing Dex which automatically steals your private keys.

What I usually do is to use Metamask to interact with Dex, this does not require my private keys to interact with the dex, hence my private keys are still kept secured, and every transaction sign out, will require my authorization.  Metamask has some features which automatically determines some phishing sites, which helps to keep one safe like in the case of the scam project called ethereum classic vision, a scam fork of ETH by some faceless team, Metamask barred their users from accessing the site, while those who imported their private keys on the site had all their ethereum and valuable coins stolen.

If one does not have Metamask installed which is very easy. One can choose to import using Keystore , this is encrypted and requires your password to unlock the wallet, I will recommend you use this on a very trusted Dex like Idex, and not new dex.

In this era of having many dex springing up, it's important we play safe with our private keys as they are as important as our ATM card PIN. Never save your private keys online, keep them offline.

I will love to hear your view too.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT BITCOIN on: February 25, 2020, 12:20:36 PM
It happened that yesterday a secondary school teacher who teaches in a private school visited my office after sighting my banner about learning how to buy/sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He told me he heard bitcoin could make him to become very rich at the shortest possible time. He was willing to offer me money since I have a physical office where I sell bible/Christian literature. I objected him, but took out time to educate him about bitcoin and the blockchain technology how it's possible for it to change his financial fortune with proper coaching and a determined heart of discipline. He was very concern about who will buy the bitcoin from him and if his fund will be trapped, I showed him the bitcoin market capitalization and he jerked in surprise, and talked little about custodian and non-custodian wallet. He was fascinated and at this point he is more willing to underdsatnd the market than just investing without knowledge.

Just before he left, I gave him a serious caution never to give anyone his money with the hope of getting a weekly or monthly dividend, and never to buy and coin that promises to display bitcoin in 3 years as such promising a big price growth. He promised to visit again with his I-pad and diary to start practical class.

Our little exposition of bitcoin and its working principles can help save innocent investors from Ponzi and scam promoters. I never had such opportunity 3years ago, had to read online.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / PEOPLE WILL NEVER STOP FALLING FOR SCAM on: February 15, 2020, 06:26:25 AM
Hello guys, back in 2017, during the heavy bull run, I visited my former office and meant some friends and told them the need to key into bitcoin. One who is now occupying my former position at the bank interjected and said "someone just left here to to lay complain how he paid a huge some of money to a bitcoin seller who then scammed him", bitcoin was never paid by the scammer. I asked them to send the person to me for a free tutorial on bitcoin and how to safely buy and store it, I never hear from them again till date. The victim had try to bitcoin because he heard he will double his investment in a week, I told them that is not how it work.

After getting and reading repeated complain of how persons are been scammed in my country while trying to buy bitcoin, I decided to make 4 banners on how to learn how to safely buy/sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, and to address the wrong notion about cryptocurrency. I got some calls and follow ups. But most are not interested in buying and holding but want to give me money and be giving them a weekly or monthly returns on investment, when I tell them that is not how it actually works, they will reply they have found a program online that pays some weekly % ROI, I try to stop them from putting their money there, they either stop picking my calls or tell them they are okay with their findings.

I am just weak and heart broken how people are lazy to attend class that will open their mind and eyes to existing realities and set them free from lifetime mistakes. I am dazed by their foolishness in the issue of finance. My banners and office is still open but won't force anyone to learn.  I hope they don't learn the hard way.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / THE FUTURE OF CNB COIN! on: February 07, 2020, 01:47:51 PM
Hello guys, someone in my group made some analysis that CNB the native token of coinsbit could hit between $1-$0.5 2020 year end. Well she likened this exchange coin to BNB, I don't quiet agree with her submission, because I once heard someone say they lack team after the former co-founder left the company to start a new product. I want to hear your analysis if this will be a good long term investment. I don't want to invest in another exchange that will either be hacked or regret to be shutting down.
Thanks, awaiting your contribution.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BITCOIN THE ONLY KING, NO DISPUTE on: May 11, 2019, 06:32:25 AM
As the cryptocurrency general market cap attains $200B+, bitcoin maintains a lead of market dominance with 59.4% percentage, making the rest altcoins to either be stagnant or bleeding profusely. This has further show the confidence investors have on the bitcoin as a coin despite all the falsehood coming from the Bitcoincash(BCH) and bitcoinSatoshiVision (BSV) community, both of which have failed to prove their claim in the market. I really feel sorry for BCH and BSV investors, kindly accept my unreserved sympathy for been misled to buying what is not the original bitcoin. BTC to $7k in a moment and what next? Lambo is all I see, Viva bitcoin, let's party on.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / AT THE END, ONLY YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF on: April 11, 2019, 07:14:58 AM
We have seen how some world class investors and economic pundits and some big banks have criticized the BITCOIN calling it a bubble without any underlying value but a merely speculation and a Pyramid Scheme. We all know they had to adopt this FUD strategy in order to protect their malicious empire and ensure their continues control over the people's sovereign wealth through policy manipulation, they see this new technology as a big threat to their bad practice. Instead of telling the people the truth, they praise the blockchain and publicly denounce the bitcoin.

                                                            WHAT IF?
What if men like Warren Buffet makes a U-turn and praises the bitcoin that he had not fully study it and understood it during the times he did criticized it? that during those years of his criticism, he had bought some bitcoin through a third party and kept same, just to be sure of the direction. What will his disciples that all believed him do when the bitcoin might have already hit $250,000 by year 2020. Oh boy, they just can't help but have themselves to blame, since he didn't tell them under duress never to buy the bitcoin. At the end when we listen to expert on every issue and they later turn out not to be 100% right, our simply take responsibility for allowing someone else think for us. Wisely choose your destiny.

Photo credit: Cointelegraph
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 12.5BTC GUARANTEE APRROXIMATLY EVERY 10MINS on: March 05, 2019, 09:17:44 AM
Bitcoin is such a fascinating technology, it seeks to solve the long aged problem associated with the traditional banking system, through a decentralized peer-peer trusted network called the blockchain. Bitcoin is just similar to gold that people are willing to pay anything for in the hope of future appreciation in overall value. while the dollar is backed by government legislation, and has no commodity backing it up. But the bitcoin is been backed by proof-of-work. For example, when the government needs money, they simply print, and when there is no production or export of goods to meet up with the excess cash, it gives rise to high-inflation, or even hyperinflation like in the case of Zimbabwe wherein money failed and their currency became useless. The case will not be so with bitcoin as we already know that it's programmed in such a way to have a fixed supply of 21million bitcoin in it entire life. It will be wise for anyone to buy as much as they can and keep them for the future.

Some pundit, IT gurus and economics think and believe some billions of the world population will use bitcoin in the future, let's think about what this will be like when this prediction comes to pass. The value  will never remain the same. The issue of bitcoin is very complex and wide, One of the things that actually fascinate me is the economic reward.


The process of printing cash/fiat(walking corpse) is called minting while the process of getting a new bitcoin is called miners, and mining are done by specialized computers, this consumes a lot of power, through the solving a difficult mathematical set. As a reward to the miners a certain amount of bitcoin is released as a reward.  This reward is currently 12.5BTC per block and new blocks are created approximately every 10mins, the block reward is halved every 4years, until the total number of bitcoins are mined to zero. We expect a halving of the reward by year 2020. Simple Mathematics: If 12.5BTC are released every 10mins, therefore 75BTC are released every hour and when we multiply this by 24, then 1,800BTC are released every 24hrs been reward for discovering a new block by miners, the good part of this is that: any miner who is able to successfully guess a new consensus block will be rewarded with 12.5BTC, this is not mere feet to come through. The difficulty level of the bitcoin mining does increase at approximately 2016 block which is about 2weeks, which makes it very competitive and complex. Proof-Of-work(POW).

The above write up is just a tip of an iceberg about the bitcoin, this knowledge was partly  gotten from Nicosia University, Cyprus. Free Online Cryptocurrency course
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BITCOIN GLORIOUS DAYS MIGHT JUST BE HERE on: January 29, 2019, 08:33:29 AM
I have watch analysis on YouTube by different economy think tank how the US dollars is getting weak by the day because of the ever rising USA national debt profile, they huge own the Chinese government trillions of dollars, the government of China has been asking USA government to pay them their debt, but they are not willing to pay. An analyst predicted that the US government is not going to pay China the debt, saying "should the US government offer to pay the trillions of dollars debt, it will spell doom to the US economy and further weaken the dollar or even bring it to its kneel". Because of the aforementioned economic saga, the Chinese government together with some other power blocks are willing to bye pass the US dollars during trade by dealing directly with their local currencies rather than the US dollars. In the recent times, the President of Russia has expressed the willingness to ditch the US dollars.

Should the US dollars greatly loss value and become less use by world economic powers, something else has to move in to replace the green paper(US dollars). Of course, the United States won't like to loss to any country, am thinking maybe the world could just adopt the bitcoin as the world reserve currency, since it's owned by no one and controlled by none.

Guys, what do you think, will the world likely be willing to adopt the bitcoin as the world currency in the event of the US dollars collapse?

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