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81  Economy / Digital goods / (WTS) Domain on: April 11, 2016, 09:31:46 AM
just picked up this great domain. please PM me to submit your offers.
82  Economy / Gambling / Crypto52 Bitcoin BlackJack (Offline) on: April 08, 2016, 03:41:02 AM
I have just launched my BTC BlackJack site please try it and tell me what you think.


You can get free coins by clicking on the gift box to the left of the screen

Min Deposit     0.001btc
Min Withdraw  0.001btc
Deposits take 1 confirms

Game settings
Pays 3 to 2
Dealer Hits on Soft 17
Decks 8
Insurance is enabled
83  Economy / Games and rounds / Crypto52 Bitcoin BlackJack (Offline) on: April 08, 2016, 01:45:05 AM
I have just launched my BTC BlackJack site please try it and tell me what you think.


You can get free coins by clicking on the gift box to the left of the screen

Min Deposit     0.001btc
Min Withdraw  0.001btc
Deposits take 5 confirms

Game settings
Pays 3 to 2
Dealer Hits on Soft 17
Decks 8
Insurance is enabled
84  Economy / Micro Earnings / What are the best addvertising networks? on: April 03, 2016, 11:06:22 PM
Hi everyone.

So apart from AdSense and U-Ads what are the best advertising networks that pay for impressions as well as clicks?
85  Economy / Micro Earnings / Moved Faucet To New vps Now Its Broken on: April 02, 2016, 08:33:14 AM
hi all just finished changing over my faucet to a new vps and now it seems to be broken everything work except when you go to claim your reward  you get sent to the HTTP 500 error page ive checked error logs ive check script, api keys, can seem to find the problem. anyone else had this trouble? please help

only other thing I can think of is perhaps the ns domains haven't fully changed over yet?
86  Economy / Micro Earnings / Faucet Owners & Hosting on: April 02, 2016, 12:27:08 AM
Hi all I am having trouble with my web hosting at hostgator they tell my my site is putting to much strain on there server and are giving me a warning to sort it out.

My question
1. is it normal to have over 20,000 visits to my faucet in only 2 days or is something funny going on?
2. should I move my faucet to a vps?
3. what hosting to you use with high traffic without issues?
87  Economy / Micro Earnings / BTCHYDRANT Down due to massive bot attack. back soon hopfully on: March 30, 2016, 02:53:31 AM
BTC Hydrant Faucet

200 (70%), 250 (20%), 300 (7%), 400 (1%), 500 (1%), 1000 (1%)  satoshi every 120 minutes
Claiming is simple easy no popups no problems. Claim every 120 mins

20% referral commission
88  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Play Multi Coin BlackJack With on: March 22, 2016, 09:22:57 PM
Hi everyone.

We are proud to announce our new multi coin blackjack.


The site is very new and is still in beta stage so if you see any issues please let us know. We are planning to add more coins to the site and we would like the community to suggest new coins. The more requests we get for a coin the more likely it will be added

Important info
Please do not send coins to the same address twice you must use the new address supplied each time you click the deposit button.

For 1 month you can get free coins credited to your account every 24 hours with our built in faucet on your blackjack account. All you need to to is select the coin you want then once on the blackjack page click the giveaway link to the left hand side of your screen. Enjoy

Every 24 hours
Dogecoin 46.8941618979
Peercoin 0.0210877172
Unobtanium 0.0037271511
Syscoin 1.0880623819

89  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Domains For Sale & on: March 15, 2016, 06:59:37 AM
Selling these 2 domains looking for offer ether for both or will sell separately.

pm me with offers
90  Economy / Digital goods / (WTB) Profit Switch Mining Pool on: May 08, 2015, 09:47:24 AM
Hi guys.

Im looking to buy a profit switch mining pool if there are any out there for sale please contact me or reply here.
91  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / Profit Switch Pool Wanted on: March 04, 2015, 02:17:40 AM
Hi everyone im looking to buy an already up and running multicoin profit switch pool. or script with or without auto exchange.

PM me with sale price's and details and demo's
92  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Install BTC Wallet For Faucet? on: November 27, 2014, 12:01:08 AM
Hi everyone.

Description: Im building a btc faucet on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine and ive never installed anything to do with btc on Ubuntu before.

Question: What do i install for the wallet system bitcoin core?

93  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / [POOL] on: November 25, 2014, 10:09:26 PM
Hi all. just wanted to let you no about my new pool.

So here it is

Thats right 0.5% of all pool income will be donated to the Megacoin marketing fund

The server is band new so if there are any problems please let me know. I will be keeping a close eye on it to make sure everything is doing what it should.

94  Economy / Services / Help Us Bring Hashlets To New Zealand on: September 22, 2014, 06:21:42 AM
help us become a hashlet reseller
95  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / New Zealand Multi Coin Pools on: July 10, 2014, 11:44:20 PM
See Here

All Pools are run on New Zealand servers located in an Auckland data center. 1.5% fees on all pools
96  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [POOL] Megacoin Pool New Zealand Servers on: June 28, 2014, 12:03:55 AM
New Megacoin Pool
97  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [POOL] Dogecoin Pool New Zealand Servers on: June 28, 2014, 12:02:19 AM
New Dogecoin pool
98  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [POOL] Neocoin Pool New Zealand Servers on: June 28, 2014, 12:01:06 AM
check here for Neocoin pool
99  Bitcoin / Project Development / Harvest Farm Is Crowd Funding on: June 18, 2014, 09:46:10 PM
Hi all.
 harvest crypto are building a scrypt farm project and to get our project listed on cryptostocks is going to cost  a nonrefundable 1BTC plus share transfer cost so we decided to tryout crowd funding. please see here to help us out

the bonus of this is if you donate you actually will get shares in the project so really you are just buying shares but way befor anyone else and at the cheaper rate just to help us get started.

thanks in advance and we look forward to building a good successful scrypt farm with great dividends every week.
100  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / New MegaCoin Server (NOW OPEN In NZ) on: April 15, 2014, 02:33:06 AM
Harvest Crypto
New Zealand

Why Choose Us?
Here at Harvest Crypto we believe in MEC and just like the rest of the MEC community around the world we will do our best to help support the virtual currency and its community to the best of our ability's.

Stratum 1.5% pool fee's
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