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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Micro Earnings / Crypto Idle Miner - Earn while playing our mobile mining game on: May 22, 2018, 05:05:46 PM

Notice: This post contains a slight dose of sarcasm, to make your reading more enjoyable. Pretend you didn't read this and have fun reading!

Hello everyone!

Crypto Idle Miner finally launched, on March, 18th of 2019.
User feedback has been great so far. More than 5000 users downloaded the game in the first week, and we were truly surprised by this!
One week after the release, we are confident to bump our thread on bitcointalk. Hoping you will enjoy the game responsibly, since it is highly addicting!

A big THANKS to everyone who supported us through our journey, and will support us in the future.

If you enjoy watching videos, please take a look at our release/introduction video of the game:

So, let's begin with our game's introduction.
Crypto Idle Miner, was created by Hora Games studio, and it was in works for a little bit over than 10 months.
As probably many of you are familiar with idle games, the title of our first major release probably self describes it.
A virtual mining educational simulation game, where you can mine more than 50+ crypto currencies we included in our launch. Depending on user demand, we will be adding more coins, and/or tokens, in the future.
Please keep in mind. All mining in game is virtual. We don't mine, nor you mine any real cryptocurrencies. Your CPU is not used to mine anything. You are just playing a highly addictive idle game.

Meet Joe in the image above. We hired him just for one purpose.
To deliver your mining equipment and make sure you can start mining right away, after this can head robot in the image below introduces himself.

CryptoBot is the annoying guy who knows it all. Literally. We would suggest you pay close attention to his messages, so you can understand truly the game and pull out the maximum out of it!

Did we mention we have pets? Yeah. Cats.. We have plants too, but they're not that important, they just give us Oxygen. Just kidding. We don't want to reveal everything and spoil the fun. Download the game and see for yourself what Crypto Idle Miner is about.

Now we are getting to the point of this thread.
We have leagues. Leagues as, "HA, HA, I'm higher rank than you!", leagues.
Compete with your friends, siblings and not only, and show them who's the boss.
Climb the ranks and EARN TOKENS. We will have our own token, which will reward you, based on your performance.
The higher the rank of your account, the bigger the chunk we reward you.
If you need more information about the leaderboard and the token, please visit our medium's page and have a look:

Meet our avatars. I am really hoping you don't expect me name them all. We have more avatars, but they were a bit shy so we didn't bother changing their mind to add them in the image above.

Ahhh, the prestige mode. The GOD mode. Reset your building, keep all the cash and bonuses you got, but lose all your mining rigs.
You must be seriously crazy to do this, just to benefit x10-20 faster progress in game per building prestige. Like, what are those people having in their mind when clicking the prestige button?!
This feature is dope. Seriously. One prestige per day, keeps the doctor away.

Meet the suits. They are the white collars, controlling your operation. They are your managers. They listen to you and act accordingly.
Remember that old boss of yours that you didn't like? It's payback time.

This guy. Oh. My. God. THIS. GUY. All he does is research, drink coffee and sleeps.
He's your 2nd best friend in game, after can head. He will help you evolve and speed up your progress through researching new things.

Ladies, you are an important part of our lives. We don't show it enough through our everyday life, but here's one for you.
There are more avatars, of both genders ( Biological genders.. Calm down, SJW's!), and also, we have given a bigger emphasis on ethnicity and skin color.

This is your trading manager. He helps you after you unlock our coin "pump" (bonus) game.

This guy, works for the guy above. He's a trader.

Thank you for taking the time reading this message and we hope you enjoyed reading this post.


If you aren't interested about our company's contact information, and other business related things, you don't have to read below this message.

Website: (Please keep in mind. The website you currently see is under construction. A new version will be released and this message will be removed.)
Discord: (This is where we are the most active currently)
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