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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Windows 10 on: June 03, 2015, 05:17:15 PM
Hey folks,
I know people have issues compiling or running programs on different Apple OS's
with the update period started, has anyone upgraded to windows 10, and did it affect pre-existing altcoins your run if it affects them at all.
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Sologap Adrenaline node service runoff on: May 13, 2015, 05:02:21 AM
I hate to set this up here, I wasn't a user of the service and dude was actually helpful. He showed me how to run a darkpoold server for blur burning. anyways its been 10 days or more since we saw Sologap run off to his honeymoon, he setup more than a handful of community nodes for Cravecoin. The VPS seem to have expired and anyone who didnt have a cold node with their own wallet local has no idea where their coins went.


Lets get a list of the probable losses listed here before we start yelling in the main thread that every dump is because of him.

1. Please list how many nodes his service setup for you.
2. Whether you have access to those coins now that the node is offline.

I'll paste in some random info gathered from

total of 12 node running, 7 on paid vps (35$ total) and 5 on my pc (free  )
here is some of my profit from 11 of my nodes:
112.0677523 Crave = ~0.6btc ~150$ from 7th of April to now
update three people have now joined:
Troublesome96 - 100
nickhiggins123 - 50
mrpupmeritis - 250
we are on our way to third node! just 100 crave left
sologap you rock!! completely painless node setup. fast and a pro. now have 4 nodes producing. thanks again
members so far:
Troublesome96 - 100*
nickhiggins123 - 50*
((mrpupmeritis)) - 250 (all funds go to industrialcoinmagic from node split)
((snafflecoin)) - 100  (all funds go to industrialcoinmagic from node split)
blapy - 100 *
snafflecoin - 200
CraveIt - 90
tm2013 - 50 *
((trader19)) - 60 (all funds go to industrialcoinmagic from node split)
mitchr4 - 492 *
Kimowa - 8 *
Hyperjacked - 50 *
Get those craves while they hot

hope he comes back to resolve this. but even if he returns, if the VPS got wiped. outlook may be bleak...
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / PSA IRC OTC Scammers on: February 16, 2015, 09:31:10 PM
Public Service Announcement: IRC Over the counter scammers,

I'm not sure how many people use IRC, I never did before I joined crypto so best practices were hard to grasp. Seems like a group or lone wolf is going to popular crypto channels writing down user names then Private Messaging random users asking for trades. The guy asking for trades is never authed and so far as always looked like this <Username>! 5ef2efa8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.94.242.239.*** the last 3 of the IP block have been variable. Usually his name looks like another common name form the channel, a mod or active user where an uppercase i is used for a lowercase L or a number 1 or an added character is indiscernible form the real user.

TL;DR I've seen some scamming on IRC channels lately and everyone needs to be careful.

Protect yourself:
~Verify who your dealing with, most everyone auths themselves. google how to claim your username in irc if you havent.
~If you see something, say something. Report any suspiscous talk to your channel mods.
~Do not engage in Off exchange trading. theres no reason someone would want to offer you extra money for nothing special. tell them to go make an account on any exchange and buy the coin themselves. People have gotten scammed even with attempted escrow (your scammer will be nice enough to provide escrow into his bitcoin address should you ask it seems)

I've noted him spotted in:
#sapience  25 users
#shadowcash  130 users
#URO    110 users

I've been in channels when hes struck. it sucks knowing whatever you just sent is not coming back. please be careful with your coins.
4  Other / Meta / necro threads on: January 26, 2015, 03:22:46 AM
If no one has responded to a thread in over a month, theres no need to but into it and bring it back to the first few announce pages. Its hard enough to keep track of whats happening here without the noise of checking out some low post count thread only to realize its from June.
If I notice a necro'd thread I'll be reminding people to leave it alone.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / UroCoin <Latest Info Here> UROSE Calving SPoW Polychain on: November 12, 2014, 04:59:21 AM
Hello Uro Fans & Haters who stumble here, an intro with links followed by some consolidated recent info for your viewing pleasure.  Cheesy
"Urocoin, The first pegged commodity token for urea trading & hedging"

Blockchain Foundation:           Chain.Foundation ------------------------------New Site: Contains one of the presentations from UROSE.
Urocoin Website:           -------------------------------------------Links to wallets & Uro Protocol. <update soon>
Urocoin Foundation Twitter: --------------------News Announcements generally @ 1400 GMT.
Urocoin Freenode IRC #URO: -------Join anytime to talk with the community!
Old Moderated Announce: ---Lots of Basic info about URO here.
Dated collection of Press: ------Press articles from June - Sept.
Urocoin CoinMarketcap: 
Urocoin Block Explorer:  
Urocoin Richlist:            

Begin wall of text:

I wouldnt mind if this was a default thread on BCT to find updated Urocoin info, hoping to have time to keep it current anyone knowing more feel free to replace me!. FYI from #URO IRC I am thesherpa I support Urocoin and have since a bit before its meteoric pump and dump in July. I've had my on scepticism but have always tried to maintain a positive outlook. The recent 1=1 thread has turned into a John Dox thread and Davis’s Modderated announce has been long closed, though pool info and source has been updated that first post has tons of information. I will be keeping this closed as I’d just like you folks to be able to read whats going on with Urocoin lately in an easy to read environment. For the flip side of the coin's image visit the scam accusations sub-forum and its “Known Bitcoin Scammers Bohan/Nilesh” thread should be easy to find, those guys keep it very current.

Last week Urocoin just reached its 1 millionth coin around block 83334 during an event known as the “Calving” the coin reward was reduced from 12 to .6 per block. Nethash dropped from 55G/hash to 5G/hash not quite a 95% drop like the reward, but miners who are still on Uro report the same earnings now as before. For continued network security Uro is investigating 2 new developments. Staked Proof of Work & Polychain.

At the Urose event in Hong Kong it was learned that there will be more commodity tokens released similar to the Urocoin which we know is tradable for Urea. In January Uro Foundation plans to release DAP a blockchain based commodity token tradable for Diammonium Phosphate, then in the summer I45-Sugar. The technelogical advancement is that these tokens will be factored into a new address type and written into the Urocoin code. Therefore sometime in January after a hardfork while Urocoin still gives out .6 URO per block, miners will start receiving 4 DAP coins per bock. This is the essence of the Polychain. Multiple address types representing their own commodity token all existing on the original Urocoin blockchain. This increases the net worth of the Uro chain, to bring more hash and increases security. It also reduces the need to download another blockchain, and consolidates balances into the single easy to use wallet.

At the Hong Kong event We also learned about Staked Proof of Work or SPoW. The goal of SPoW is to create a way to mine that discourages multipools and their hash hopping, and fixes the POS issue "nothing at stake” which has lead to POS coins need for centralized checkpointing. Removing centralized checkpointing adds to decentralization, and removing multipool hash adds to decentralization even further. SPoW will essentially offer a reduction in difficulty needed to submit a hash for addresses with staked coins. As with traditional POS the stake is consumed if it is attached to a solved block. In theory with some coins (URO, DAP, etc) in your wallet you could solve a few blocks with a mid tier GPU, then turn it off to save energy or mine something else while your stake recovers. More users participating in an easier mining process adds to decentralization, and increases network security!

REMOVED, kept small text for reference >>>> FYI VBBB shit the bed, all UROEX users were credited their initial deposits dure to platform creating fiat from thin air when closing "positions" >>>
So we are looking forward to those two large tech advancements by January, we are also looking forward to UROEX the exchange promised to be live late last month. It is all set up ready to go, powered by VBBB (presented at UROSE) we're just waiting on some final changes to be made by the two people in charge of the exchange. FYI the first two fiats are Pakistan’s Rupee and Brazil’s Real ready to go, and will be joined by the Cambodian Riel and USD in the next months. UROEX set to be live in the coming days.

Uro Foundation finalized a deal with Prypto cards to provide:
Gold, Silver, Bronze and Standard level cards for accommodating importers, wholesalers, retailers and farmers.

Video footage from UroSE should be here sometime next week, along with some full coverage press of highlights showing all the speakers.
Check out and scroll back to Oct 29th for plenty of images of the event!
Also @Urofoundation for news from the event.

"Polychain: Concurrently Mined Multiple Token PoW Blockchain" original whitepaper by Bohan Huang, (link to a copy without comments)

For the Lulz: "URO: Moving Urea Faster Since 2014"

TL:DR join in IRC to see whats new! UROCOIN is not dead, theres a lot going on!!!  Cool
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / BitBay? on: November 12, 2014, 12:14:48 AM
Didnt see anything here, sorry for hollow thread, I see Bitbay has 650+ BTC volume in first day of ICO on Theres not much info just an article in Chinese and David of Blackcoin is doing some Dev work on it. Anyone have anything to add?
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / URO fud proof of savings? on: August 12, 2014, 05:43:28 PM
in case no one follows it, Uro is undergoing a fudstorm like every other coin.  There was a hype bubble & burst about a month ago, and since then the price has been moderately stable with a slow deflation of value. The fud storm seems to think they are saving all the new accounts from loosing money in the "evident" scam that is Urocoin. So if you read the Urocoin thread and were turned off by the ammount of fud you saw then what was the price when you were turned off, how much would you have invested, and we all know the price now.  this is a proof of fud savings. how much money would You have lost? (assuming you would have held to now and not done swingtrading etc etc)

personally if i cashed out at the top .03 when someone first yelled scam (bryce) i would have had 126 BTC, now my uro is worth ~5btc

*edit this is wrong because i invested way before.  my proof of fud savings would be 1Btc to invest at .03 when they first yelled scam would be worth .033Btc now, so .967Btc bummer)
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / bitsharesx not sync on: August 11, 2014, 11:15:42 PM
anyone confirm bitsharesx is working properly? mine wont sync past 2 hours ago... block 198748/199376  thanks.

*edit had wallet build 0.2.3, just updated to 0.3.0 still no sync.

9 connections
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / what is made or ships within USA on: June 18, 2014, 01:59:17 AM
just looking to avoid import tax Id hate to spend BTC and have to shell out fiat to get it delivered.  who/what is made or ships from within the USA.  I was excited for habanero pepper boards but this batch is over. any ideas?  
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Panda 1/2 Price and others edited* on: January 09, 2014, 03:15:46 PM
300panda wts, Pm with offers

some NDL Noodley Appendage PM with offers.

some CNote difficulty is 3600+ PM with offers

I'm new, been mining a bit, have generated few coins, looking to consolidate.
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