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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][v1.0.4.2 Update] Kryptonite updated to new version + New pools required! on: July 04, 2014, 10:24:26 PM
Kryptonite has been updated to version

Please update your clients asap!

Block reward is now 10 KRYP.

NEW POOLS REQUIRED - Bounty available - see main thread:
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][KRYP] Kryptonite-X11 PoW DGW Landed 24th May 2014 @ 3.30pm BST on: May 12, 2014, 08:27:03 PM
Using the already popular system in use by PinkCoin, you can now send tips, and play Rock Paper Scissors - all while raising money for Breast Cancer research.

Go to for details on how to tip or play now!

Version Source code released!

Please update your clients now!  Just click on the links below

Kryptonite is a de-centralized virtual currency.  Kryptonite aims to benefit more than just the huge hashers out there - and we aim to be as fair as we can.  We're developing KRYP to be usable in as many places as possible, and make it easier for the masses to understand how to use it.  Unlike many before us, we do not go to any effort to hide our identities - we don't need to!

We do not claim to have a coin with all the latest tech and gimmicks - in fact we take no shame in having a coin which yes, in many ways is like many others (for now, anyway).  The main difference between Kryptonite and other coins is it's fairly long maturity time of 3 days, and our (slightly) more unusual block reward system which aims to deter miners with huge hashing power.  We hope that this, along with us, the devs, being open and upfront about what we're doing, will help to make KRYP in to a strong contender in the virtual currency arena.  There is no rush to do this!

We've now teamed up with who are holding our pre-mined coins for us, so that you the users, know that the coins are safe from dumping or theft.  More news coming REALLY soon, but we hope that our next release will be something that everyone, not just the tech/krypto savvy, will be able to make use of in a completely familiar way, and without having to learn anything - well, nearly! Grin

50,000,000 total coin supply
1 - 15 coins per block over about 7 years
31 second block time, 6 confirmation transactions
Minted blocks mature in 3 days - 8283 blocks
Diff updated every block using ONLY DGW3
X11 Algo for more security & more hashing for less power and heat
Block Rewards:
1 KRYP 1st week Completed
5 KRYP over 1 month Completed
10 KRYP over 4 months Completed
15 KRYP over 9 months Currently Minting
10 KRYP over 1 year
5 KRYP until end of supply
- about 4 years 10 months
There was a pre-mine of K500,000.
It is already funding development and marketing, giveaways,
bounties, draws, and random acts of kindness!
The rest of the pre-mine has now been transferred to
who are now holding ALL remaining pre-mined coins in
Escrow - we've done this to show we're serious about not dumping
the pre-mine - that we're going to use it as we've always planned.

Our pre-mine is held in Escrow with, who hold ALL remaining pre-mined coins - we've done this to show we're serious about not dumping the pre-mine, and that we're going to use it as we've always planned. Our users now have peace of mind that the Kryptonite devs cannot directly access any pre-mined funds.

Address holding pre-mine:

EU server:
Canada Server:
Want to run your own Kryptonite P2Pool node? - here's the source -


iSpace Mining Pools


If you run a decent reliable pool - please PM me or email for more information


Windows Wallet V1.0.4.5    OS X Wallet V1.0.4.3

GitLab Source v1.0.4.5


Vote for us at:

Other Links

Kryptonite Faucet

Kryptonite  - Play Rock Paper Scissors

Kryptonite Block Explorers

Kryptonite Chart

Sample kryptonite.conf - you don't need to enter port numbers unless you're having problems. rpcport is 55250 which you'll need to use with your miner.


Something's going on.........
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