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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.17.0 [Torrent].
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1  Local / Treffen / Bitcoin Themenabend Leipzig (erster Mittwoch im Monat) dezentrale Hackspace on: November 30, 2017, 12:50:29 PM
Hallo Zusammen,

wir treffen uns monatlich, am jeweils ersten Mittwoch, zum Bitcoin Themenabend.
Als Ergänzung zum Bitcoin Stammtisch ist der Themenabend mehr aufs Inhaltliche, frontaler organisiert: Wir sprechen über Themen, laden uns Gastredner ein, Vorträge, Workshops und Fragerunden.
Wir treffen uns im dezentrale Hackerspace,  los geht es um 19:00.
Kostenlos und offen für alle, ohne Voranmeldung, bei Bedarf mit Aufteilung in Grüppchen für "Einsteiger" und "Alte Hasen"
Wer sich inhaltlich einbringen möchte, einfach Info an mich, oder beim Themenabend (oder Stammtisch) vorschlagen.
In der Regel wird schon in der Ankündigung ein Thema vorgeschlagen.

Wir sehen uns!


[1] dezentrale e.V.
Dreilindenstraße 19, 04177 Leipzig
2  Local / Treffen / Leipzig: Bitcoin Themenabend im Hackerspace dezentrale, erster Mittwoch im Monat on: October 30, 2017, 12:43:09 PM

im November geht der neugegründete dezentrale Hackerspace mit Volldampf an den Start!

Am Mittwoch, 01.11. geht es mit der ersten Ausgabe des "Bitcoin Themenabend" los, ab sofort jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat um 19:00.

Und am Samstag, 04. November, öffnet die dezentrale feierlich ihre Tore zur Eröffnungsparty!
Ab 14:00 gibt es Kaffee und Kuchen, Herzhaftes vom Grill, eine
Technik-Tombola (jedes Los gewinnt!) und abends Musik von DJ Tommy MPEG und Tschunk.
Alle, die sehen möchten was wir so machen oder auch nur Lust auf eine
kleine Party haben, sind herzlich eingeladen mit uns zu feiern!

Dreilindenstraße 19, 04177 Leipzig

Monag      19:00   FreeCodeCamp
Dienstag      19:00   Hardwarebastelrunde
Mittwoch      19:00   wechselnde Veranstaltungen
Donnerstag   19:00   Techniksprechstunde
Freitag      19:00   Minecraft Spielegruppe

Alle Veranstaltungen sind offen und kostenlos für alle.

See you there,

3  Bitcoin / Armory / Bech32 new address format and Armory on: September 30, 2017, 10:32:56 AM
Hey everyone,

a new Bitcoin address format, bech32, was just merged into bitcoin-core:

In short, an address now looks like
with no case sensitivity any more, different first letters (bc1) and stronger checksumming/error detection (it now detects more spelling errors, and tells you where they are).

Exciting, I'd love to switch to that address format.

I suppose it's just a different representation of the same keys? Like, old wallets would just show the old addresses as a different string?
Is this on the radar of Armory? Are there plans to support this?


4  Bitcoin / Legal / "Onecoin" attacking Bitcoin newssite, we are rallying to battle them in court on: April 29, 2017, 01:43:50 PM
You surely have heard of "onecoin", self-described cryptocurrency, in which "investors" invested three-digit millions of cash already.
The coinspondent, one of the major Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newssites in Germany, wrote about "onecoin". Now they started legally threatening Friedemann, the face behind the Coinspondent, and try to literally take offline the entire newssite.
Right now, Friedemann and supporters try to rally up funds and publicity. If it works, he will battle "onecoin" in court. If it fails, he will surrender to them. Here­ is a sumup and scans of what happened so far.
If you are interested in a fight against "onecoin", please pass on this info. We need a public storm on our side.
Unfortunately, the deadline is Tuesday already.

Thank you for your help!

5  Local / Presse / Friedemann/Coinspondent/Honigdachs wird von "onecoin" in die Mangel genommen.. on: April 29, 2017, 01:41:09 PM
Hallo zusammen,

(scroll down for english)

Friedemann aus Leipzig betreibt den Coinspondent, eine der größten deutschen Webseiten zu Bitcoin und Crypto.
Er berichtete mehrmals zu "onecoin", dass sich Cryptowährung nennt und in das "Anleger" schon dreistellige Millionenbeträge "investiert" haben.
"Onecoin" hat jetzt mehrere strafbewehrte Abmahnungen und Unterlassungserklärungen auf Friedemann abgeschossen, und bearbeitet seinen Hoster, seine komplette Webseite offline zu nehmen.
Wir versuchen jetzt eine Öffentlichkeit und Kriegskasse aufzubauen, siehe
(auch mit englischer Version). Wenn das klappt, zieht Friedemann vor Gericht. Wenn nicht, streicht er die Segel.
Kennt ihr Leute, die Interesse an Cryptowährungen haben? Oder thematisch passende Mailinglisten und Gruppen? Oder sogar Medien, Redakteure, Presse? Bitte leitet die Info weiter und helft mit, einen ordentlichen Sturm aufzubauen!
Die Deadline ist, leider, schon Dienstag.

Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!


##### english version

You surely have heard of "onecoin", self-described cryptocurrency, in which "investors" invested three-digit millions of cash already.
The coinspondent, one of the major Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newssites in Germany, wrote about "onecoin". Now they started legally threatening Friedemann, the face behind the Coinspondent, and try to literally take offline the entire newssite.
Right now, Friedemann and supporters try to rally up funds and publicity. If it works, he will battle "onecoin" in court. If it fails, he will surrender to them. Here­ is a sumup and scans of what happened so far.
If you are interested in a fight against "onecoin", please pass on this info. We need a public storm on our side.
Unfortunately, the deadline is Tuesday already.

Thank you for your help!

6  Bitcoin / Armory / bare ArmoryDB? on: December 01, 2016, 04:12:26 PM
I try to install ArmoryDB on a headless machine, to connect with a 'lite' Armory from another machine to it.
Is there a recommended way to install only ArmoryDB, without ArmoryQT?

I ask because I don't use a GUI nor ArmoryQT on that machine, and would like to skip the *qt dependencies.

Afaik all dependencies are
git-core build-essential swig python-dev python-twisted python-psutil pyqt4-dev-tools libqtcore4 libqt4-dev python-qt4
where I guess the bold ones aren't necessary for ArmoryDB?


7  Bitcoin / Armory / Features for 'Armory Pro' on: November 04, 2015, 03:27:50 PM
Hello Armory fans,

there is a lack on info on Armory, pay-version and/or free-version, features and costs.
Let's change that with collecting individual user opinions! :-)

Would you pay for a future Armory version? How much?
- Yes, up to the price of hardware-wallets for example.

What features would be must-have, or no deal?
- Offline signing
- Fragmented backup
- No central [Armory] server has my IP or personal info
- Open source

What other, new feature would you love?
- I would pay good money for a full-Armory-compatible hardware wallet ("Trezor + multiple Armory wallets")
- Connect my local Armory to my server where the 2 blockchains are stored and updated

8  Bitcoin / Armory / Armory plugins on: July 15, 2015, 04:51:51 PM
Hello everyone,

some time ago we had the plugin topic in the mainthread:

So, how does this work? Who can program plugins? Only Armory-devs, or anyone?

Anyone can make plugins, but they will only run on stock mainnet Armory if we have signed them. You can modify the source to add your own public key to the list of trustees if you want to run plugins someone else signed. I don't think we added an option in the UI for that yet, I'm not sure if we are going down that path. I think the internal talk was to sign trusted 3rd parties' key with ours so they can do their own plugin dev, and revoke privileges through the announcement system in case someone goes rogue. You should really ask etotheipi or Circus_Peanut for details, I wasn't part of this development effort.

All plugins run unsigned on testnet.

So I'd like to start with my Armory-Offlinesigning-Device, which would profit a lot from an Armory plugin.

What is the status of plugins? How would I proceed to have the plugins I envision signed so they run on stock Armory? Or is the mentioned "Armory signs an externals' key" approach the way to go? How to ensure those plugins are safe? I didn't find anything plugin-related in the GUI (except "verify signed package"?).

As an example, here's what I have in mind.
A tandem of a regular Armory-desktop-client and a small "offline" Armory box which signs the tx. That is nothing new in itself. I wish to build an inexpensive and neat tiny box with instructions on how to build it, and provide plugins to have both Armorys talk to each other transparently, the only additional steps being a physical button-press on the signing device and maybe a decryption password for securing the keys on that box. Focus on it all being open and transparent, and maybe a showcase project for others to find interest in creating hardware and plugins around Armory.

My ideas so far:

- Raspberry Pi 1 with small 3.5" TFT, resistive touchscreen and buttons
- Offline Armory with 1) small-touchscreen-gui-input-addon and 2) airgap-jumping addon

- Regular online Armory client with watch-only wallet
- airgap-jumping addon

Airgap-jumping options:
I'd like to have a modular approach here, where different hardware-setups are possible to let the two Armory communicate over the "airgap". There are several concepts floating around here already, from USB-dongle to audio to QR. I'd like a "visibly flashing optocoupler", for example. Each hardware-option would have its own plugin, or the main plugin would be easy to expand with new setups.

Now the interesting part, of course, is how to trust a plugin which didn't come from Armory inc. I have the same problem, as I won't program anything such sensitive by myself, but will have someone else do that.

Alan, Circus_Peanut, what's the status on plugins? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
Is anyone interested to collaborate here? The point in this whole project is to make it easy to build for anyone, so collaborating for the prototype must be easy as well :-)


9  Local / Deutsch (German) / SEPA-Bitcoin-Dienstleister? (for-profit und non-profit) on: July 30, 2014, 10:35:51 AM
Hallo zusammen,

ich habe mehrere Kontakte die womöglich Bitcoin akzeptieren würden. Alle brauchen einen Dienstleister, der die Bitcoins zu Euro macht und aufs Konto schaufelt.

- Welche Dienstleister kommen überhaupt in Frage? Von den bekannteren habe ich nur Bitpay gefunden, mit SEPA Überweisung.

- Bitpay berechnet 1% Gebühren (oder 30$ pro Monat). Früher gabs mal "0%" für US-eingetragene Non-Profits. Gibts da was für deutsche gemeinnützige e.V.s?

- Und, OT: Muss der Käufer (mit billigen Coins) nun Steuern zahlen oder nicht? (Coins von 2013, bezahle damit direkt mein Auto)

Sonstige Hinweise? Ich bin aus dem Thema schon eine Weile nicht mehr up-to-date..


10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / bitcoind on Linux firewall 'ipfire'? on: July 19, 2014, 02:08:02 PM
I am setting up a Linux firewall on a small box, which will be running 24/7.
So I'd like to run bitcoind on it. Ipfire has its own packetmanager and repository though, with almost no packets available.

Did anyone, by chance, manage to install somewhat larger third party software on an ipfire box?

11  Bitcoin / Project Development / Lets collect images, graphs, logos, slides for presentations! on: May 08, 2014, 11:01:04 AM
I will hold a presentation end of May, so it's time to work on some slides.
I bet dozens and dozens of presentations about cryptocurrency were held already, most slides created from scratch.

Let's collect media useful for slides!
They should be in the public domain, which won't be a big problem with the community's spirit.

I found some places with general Bitcoin logos:

Is there more out there?
Stuff like:
- an image of a centralized network and a mesh/p2p network
- a nice visualization of a chain consisting of individual blocks
- the bitcoin-release graph up to the year 2140

Also, there were several huge and nice infographics already. Maybe some of them are public domain, so we can borrow parts from there?

Of course, some catchy quotes like on are always good!
I will use the "Bitcoin is ratpoison" quote, from "Buffets right hand" in my presentation :-)

Either way, I'll add to this when I find more.

12  Economy / Scam Accusations / <resolved> on: May 08, 2014, 07:30:43 AM
What happened:
I held an auction for a "2011 Casascius 1st edition coin".
Justbtcme bid 5.0 BTC via PM, which was the winning bid.
He asked me to send the coin first. Refused any escrow, "I don't trust them". Didn't accept any of my various compromise offers, didn't make any reasonable offers himself. Then stopped giving any meaningful replies at all.
The original auction OP clearly said that an escrow is to be used in regular cases.

No funds were stolen, so I can't prove 100% that justbtcme is a scammer. On my opinion this does, however, warrant a public warning.
See edit.

Profile Link:;u=148389

Reference Link:
Original auction:
All correspondence via PM.

Amount in question:
Attempted sum: 5.0 BTC / "1 Casascius 2011 1st edition coin".

Payment Method:
BTC, after receiving the goods.

Proof of Payment:

PM/Chat Logs:
To be disclosed on request.

Additional Notes:
This is now resolved.

Edit on 2014-08-07:

After talking with justbtcme via PM and this thread, as well as reading what other business he is up to, I no longer believe he is -or tried to be- a scammer. He only backed out of some trades. Which is annoying, but not scamming. I am confident that he takes his business more serious now, and that this unnecessary drama will not repeat. Him doing quite a lot of successful trades is a good indicator for this as well.
I am leaving this thread alive for transparency reasons that this is resolved, not as an ongoing warning.
I am in friendly contact with justbtcme. I would sell to him again, would I have more coins to sell at this time.

13  Economy / Goods / -closed- on: April 22, 2014, 09:25:43 AM
Edit 2:
Current bid: 3.5 BTC.
Deadline: 23:59 2014-05-20 CET

I have a special 1 BTC 2011 S1 Casascius coin for sale.
Of all my coins, it is the one in the best condition.

I bought it in 2011, only ten days after it was minted:

It was a birthday present for my brother-in-law, a mathematician and numismatic.
Now he wants to exchange it for 'real bitcoins' (which bears some irony..).

The coin was in its protective case all the time, today was the only time since 2011 the case was opened for the photos.

The coin is in mint state. You can see mirror-like reflections here.

A good view of the surface. It was never cleaned, wiped, dusted or anything.

It is completely scratch free.

Hologram and printing in perfect condition. I must admit there's a spelling error, though.

I planned to have it ANACS graded, as it would score one of the top grades.
They never replied to my inquiry, and I won't risk several coins without confirmation of full-value insured shipping internationally.

I sell it for my brother-in-law, all is handled and decided by me bare the decision if the offered price is acceptable.
Depending on who the buyer is, I will ship first or insist on payment first or an escrow.
I can provide the exact date and name of who received the shipping from Mike, I got this coin the same day it arrived here.

This might turn out as an incredible investment. The until-now highest graded coin, a first-day with MS-67 grade, sold for 50 bitcoins.
Buy this one here, send it to ANACS, and it's market value might go up anywhere from two to ten times.

Starting bid is 4.6  lowered to 3.9 bitcoins.

edit 1:
The winning bid turned out to probably be a scamming attempt:
This coin is again up for sale.

14  Bitcoin / Armory / New wallet format on: April 15, 2014, 06:59:47 PM
Dear Armory devs,

(I take great pleasure in seeing you devs are too many to address individually now!)

any news on the new wallet format?

I have two requests in mind:

1) It would be great to have support for both "uncompressed" and "compressed" addresses and private keys. As it is now, I can't export my compressed privkeys from my android Schildbach wallet to Armory (as a backup, for watching transactions and having quick access).

2) The new deterministic wallet "standard" defines a tree, where each branch can be an address or another fork (which then has more branches, addresses, or a whole new "tree").
Right now I have several wallets in Armory, for security, privacy and accounting reasons.
I would absolutely *love* it to have one meta-wallet-tree (with one file, one seed and one backup), and have the GUI seperate this into several "wallets" the way I have it now.
Important would be that no inputs/outputs are mixed in between the "wallets". Also, we would need some clever way to have different passwords for the "wallets" and support for mixed online and offline "wallets" in one meta-wallet-tree.

This would be a killer feature for me, I'll gladly do a bounty for this if it helps.
I suggested this like half a year ago, back then it was "interesting, maybe later".

What do you think?
What can I do to make this happen?

15  Economy / Digital goods / WTB [digital version of] "The Times" 03/Jan/2009 "chancellor on brink" on: March 16, 2014, 06:59:50 PM
I'd like to have that front cover in a frame on my wall:

Actually I'd prefer a high quality digital version, as original newspapers fade and decompose in light over the years.

Does anyone have that original cover?
Would someone make a high-quality scan of it?
Or, preferred, can someone with a "times" account look if there is a pdf/ebook/mobile version of it around?

If someone sends/lends me that cover, I will make a professional scan of it, return the original cover, and publish the scan for artistic, private use for free.
(Times, don't shoot me please!)

16  Bitcoin / Armory / BIP32 wallets and Armorys implementation on: December 02, 2013, 08:16:16 AM
Dear Alan, Goatpig, devs and all,

I have a general wallet question which is partly about BIP32, and partly how Armory will implement it.

1) As I understand it, a seed creates a tree, where each branch itself may form a new branch or whole tree, so to speak. With that, will Armory allow to create multiple "wallets" from one single seed?
Right now I use several wallets, for bookkeeping and not mixing up inputs/outputs of different categories. So it would be important that change addresses and inputs only mix within one "wallet" or "wallettree" or whatever it would be called.

With security in mind:
2) From knowing the "public key seed" (or similar) and one single private key, all private keys may be reconstructed. I guess from the "public key seed" and one public address all public addresses may be reconstructed as well then.
Is there anything I have to take care of in reality? As long as I only use regular Armory functions (sending and receiving) and don't export stuff and don't share my wallet file, nothing evil should happen? Is there anything to extract from the wallet file without knowing the encryption password?
3) I.e., is the "public key seed" encrypted too?

And, finally:
4) In case I can haz several "wallets" in one file, from one seed: Can I have several, different passwords for each "wallet"?

To make sense of all this:
Imagine I now have three wallets. One is my unencrypted playmoney, one is my regular funds, one is my long-term savings (with watch-only wallet), one is funds I manage for mom and grandpa. I don't want to lose all of those in case a keylogger steals my one password. I don't want my long-term savings on my online computer altogether.
Will I be able to have all this from one seed, with the new wallet format?

This would be a huge selling point for me, and differentiate Armory even more as a pro wallet, focusing on security and advanced features.

17  Local / Other languages/locations / Attention Thailand - local help needed, user BKKCoins vanished! on: November 16, 2013, 11:14:29 PM
Dear fellow local Thailand bitcoiners,

maybe you have heard of BKKCoins, the developer of the opensource ASIC mining hardware "Klondike":

BKKCoins, Chris, vanished end of August. A lot of people are worried about that. Him dropping right off the face of earth is considered totally not him, after months of non-stop work and big investments from him into this project.

People tried to call him, mails and textmessages, and sent postcards to him. No response whatsoever.

Now it is time to have a look at his address in person. To see if he is alive and all well. For that, we need some local help.

Who in Thailand would be willing to have a look at Chris' last known address?

I will link to this thread here, and am sure others will chime in with the state of investigation, and with the area where Chris lives.

Thank you in advance!

18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / We need Alan/etotheipi (Armory) as a fulltime-developer! Now! on: September 12, 2013, 08:13:24 AM
I feel it is not acceptable that Alan shares his valuable Armory-development-time with other things, like a money-earning daytimejob.

Bitcoin came a long way in the last years. We have a billion dollar economy now. We have foundations, proper companys, lobbying, paid developers, networking, mindboggling new projects every other day, everything is pointing up.
Armory is one of the most sophisticated and secure Bitcoin clients out there. With only one core developer. In his spare time, after work.
Come on, Bitcoin is no hobbyproject any more, and neither is Armory!

I want to 1) have Alan as a fulltime, paid Armory-developer, and 2) throw as many ressources at him as necessary, more developers come to mind here.

How to raise the funds for this?

a) There is kind of a sellout on Bitcoinqt-developers: Gavin at the Bitcoinfoundation, Jeff at BitPay. Probably more I don't remember. We could sell Alan to one of the bigger Bitcoincompanys (I can't believe he didn't get offers already)! That would be the most secure and least free way.

b) The community regularly raises huge amounts of funds for good causes. Bitcoin100 comes to mind, and the recent Satoshi Forest glory. This is of course highly volatile and not very tempting to quit a regular-paying job.

c) Pay-ware, ads-n-shit, payable modules or the like. I don't see the regular users financing a salary through this, but there will be high demand for secure, integrated, accountable software for companys. This might pay for a salary in one, two years.

d) Diversification: I see huge potential in a hardwarewallet which directly integrates into Armory. Both for users and companys. Throw an Android app, and (since there is no proper alternative!) an Iphone app in the mix. The community regularly throws mindboggling amounts of funds at the newest gadgets.

So, what can we do to help Alan out?

Alan, what do you think? Would you like to tell us a bit about the situation we are to "fix"? What would you need as minimum funds? How many months, years must be secured for you to happily quit an indefinite job?

I hope you, Alan, don't feel pushed or insulted on this. I want you to be paid for the awesome work you do. I want you to have more developingtime *and* more spare time. I want you to be not restrained by 'unimportant' things like money. Just like I wouldn't want Picasso to sell vegetables at the market to finance this painting thing he does in his spare time.

I decided to post this in /discussion instead of /Armory. This is an important topic for the whole community, for various reasons.

How can we get Alan, the (only) core-dev of Bitcoinclient Armory, a full-time salary on this?

19  Bitcoin / Armory / New Bitcoin-implementation as a backend for Armory? on: September 10, 2013, 10:08:40 PM
So I just found Amir's completely independent and new Bitcoin implementation:
And then there is at least bitcoinj, where I don't know if it's a "clone to java", or a different implementation too.

I know Armory is in a "hot phase" right now, with crazy much work done and left. But, long-term, I would *love* to see more Bitcoin-implementations, and Armory to support several of them as a backend. Or even several at once, for consensus maybe. I read Armory will be updated to work with remote bitcoind instances.. ;-)

Well, don't mind me, just felt like saying "yay, stuff gettin' better, large-picture changes coming!" :-)

Alan, you are one of the prime assets to Bitcoin!

20  Local / Deutsch (German) / 1 Jahr Haltefrist für Steuerfreiheit: Praktische Umsetzung on: September 10, 2013, 12:08:09 PM
Hallo zusammen,

nachdem ich auf dem Bitcoin-Stammtisch im Room77 letzte Woche das Thema kurz hatte, habe ich mehr darüber nachgedacht:

Wie beweise ich, dass ich meine Bitcoins schon ein Jahr habe, um keine 25% Steuer auf den Gewinn zahlen zu müssen?

Die Idee am Donnerstag war, dass man sich den Besitz von Bitcoinadressen notariell bestätigen lässt, Bitcoins hinsendet, und nach einem Jahr dann steuerfrei darüber verfügen kann.

Einfach nur ein Jahr "alte" Bitcoins werden wohl nicht reichen. Irgendwann würde sich ein Markt für "gealterte" Bitcoins+Adressen etablieren..

Meine Idee:
1) Zehn Bitcoinadressen generieren
2) Zum Notar gehen
3) Vor laufender Kamera zwanzigmal Würfeln, als Zufallszahl
4) Diese 20stellige Zahl mit den zehn Adressen signieren
5) Datum, Zufallszahl, Pubkey, Signatur vom Notar beglaubigen lassen
6) Bitcoins hinsenden
7) Nach einem Jahr auscashen, Ostseeinsel kaufen, Robinson Crusoe usw

- so kann ich kryptografisch beweisen, dass ich die 10 Adressen und die Bitcoins schon mind ein Jahr lang habe
- so gebe ich die Privkeys nicht aus der Hand
- so muss der Notar nur minimal viel von der ganzen Geschichte tatsächlich verstehen

Ideen? Verbesserungen? Vereinfachungen?

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