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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BitCoin fundraiser for March of Dimes Walk - April 27, 2014 on: April 10, 2014, 04:31:25 PM

This is just to see whether something like this could actually work.

I have a team walking in the March to Save Babies on Sunday, April 27th, 2014 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Disclaimer: This effort is not officially approved by or authorized by the March of Dimes. This is one team's effort to raise Bitcoin resources to convert to USD to give to March of Dimes as part of a fundraiser.

My team "Nerd Squad" webpage is:

If you're near, feel free to join. If you have USD laying around, feel free to donate directly through the page to the March of Dimes.

If you have BitCoin you'd like to donate, I've posted an address on that page:


Please donate by April 23rd so I can convert to USD in time!

I sent what I had left in my Qt wallet to the address as a test (not much).

Here is what I posted on the team page:

Want to donate through BitCoin? Send your BitCoin by April 22nd, 2014 (23:59 EDT) to:


This is our fundraising address.

Any BitCoin sent to this address will be converted to USD via CoinBase on April 23 for the purposes of having available by April 27th to turn in for the walk. Only the normal BitCoin transaction fees (up to B0.0001) and CoinBase withdrawl to USD fees (1%) impact the donation.

After we withdraw on April 23rd - the receiving organization may change to another one (i.e. PTO, German Club, Donors Choose, etc.). In any case, NO BitCoins will be used for personal use.   

I've tried to think of everything to be as transparent as possible.

The RNP in my username stands for Rabid Nerd Productions. I do have a day job, serve as a Webby Judge (IADAS), and I'm an elected official where I live.

Possibly Asked Questions:
  • Why BitCoin? Why not RandomCharityFundraisingCoin?
    • Because BTC is the easiest to convert to FIAT, which is what they accept. If you want to contribute an AltCoin, please convert to BTC and send by April 23rd, or convert to USD and contribute through the team page above
  • Why the March of Dimes? Why not RandomCharity?
    • All three of my children were born more than a month premature. Twins who are now 15, and a one year old son.
  • Why should I help you?
    • For one, the most I'll get is maybe a T-Shirt or entry into a contest of some sort out of it. For the most part, you'll be helping further research into helping preemie babies survive. If you don't want to contribute through me, find another team near you - or start your own!
    • That said, if for some reason contributions are significant, I would be willing to say hey - yeah I raised $X, but it was from the BitCoin community. I know people who work in local and national media that might be interested in such stuff.
  • Can I deduct a BitCoin contribution?
    • I have no idea. I am willing to provide receipts from the March of Dimes "offline contributions" tool for any documented contributions in USD through the simple formula of (BTC your donation / BTC all donations * USD exchange rate at withdrawl). I will not consider the transaction fees or even the 1% coinbase fees in that equation. I will cover them. That said, I've already added > BTC0.0001 to the address for the transaction fee. If you don't document the transaction or are anonymous, I can't provide a receipt.

Thank you for your time.
2  Economy / Auctions / One Month XBox Gold Live - B0.00099 Start - B0.01 BIN on: February 21, 2014, 01:18:39 AM
Xbox Live Gold Membership (One Month)
Starting bid: uBTC0.99 (BTC0.00099)
Min. Increments: uBTC0.25 (BTC0.00025)
Buy it now: uBTC10 (BTC0.01)
Ends: Monday, February 24, 2014 at Noon (12:00PM) EST (GMT -5)

Payment methods accepted

Additional information
Given the low value, "you send first" and post to forum the transaction

Do Not Send BTC without being declared the winner here. I will post a fresh address to send to when auction closes (if anyone bids)
3  Other / Meta / Can we see when a thread was FIRST made? (in the board listing) on: January 26, 2014, 04:10:00 PM
In the forums you can see when the most recent posts were made within the thread, but I think it would be useful to see when the thread itself was made (or even sort by it).

This way you can see threads that are new but have few replies, new but "on fire".

The current way newer threads get buried by very active, but older threads that get bumped constantly.


Perhaps it would help to sell sticky threads, especially in the AltCoin announcements. But charge enough to make it worth your time - AND have some standards.

Perhaps that would discourage copy-pasta coins.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ABE] Request to all ALTCOINS - Please enable CORS on your blockchain API on: January 26, 2014, 03:51:11 AM
Request to all ALTCOINS - Please enable CORS on your blockchain API / ABE

If you don't know what it is:
Links to the Wiki page

I have tried similar requests with LiteCoin, DogeCoin, and for giggles, PotCoin, but the "cors=true" doesn't work.

Why is this useful?

Enabling CORS allows webpages to query information about an address client-side and not require a middle man to proxy.

For example, if had a page that is willing to display transaction info, balance, stats, etc.

With CORS, this can be accomplished via Javascript in the webbrowser without problems.

Without CORS, this requires using something like , which the website then either uses their local blockchain or calls the API / ABE from the server-side.


If you can view the headers, it includes:

I think it would be useful to have access to the API that wouldn't require a middleman script, and could be built from self-contained HTML/JS.


On Edit: Didn't expect somestupidwebsite to exist.. Changed to
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Coin Ideas? on: January 20, 2014, 08:12:27 PM
No, I'm NOT taking the five minutes it takes to copy and paste a new coin together and say it will rule the world.

I'm just wondering if there's uses not yet addressed?


(Not the game purchasing stored value card)

The board (and Reddit) has "Karma", and I saw where people trade their Karma for coin via a conversion. I got to thinking about whether a plugin for board software could be created to award "coins" like "Karma" is now, but somehow the distributed portion of this breaks down.

For example, you have boards like (discussion about domain name speculation). The current value of an "NP$" (earned through posting, clicking links, etc.) is $0.014

Would a plugin for SMF or vBulletin (etc.) to either allow local "Karma" to be converted to BTC, or have the karma be a coin in and of itself that can be on exchanges?


I used to have SETI@Home on my PC for years. I never looked at what it actually is processing, but I know it did work and reported that work. Is there any way to piggyback a coin on a USEFUL distributed computing project, whether SETI or cancer research or some other "donate your time" project, where the POW for the project can somehow also be a POW for the blockchain?

I think the Karma-Bitcoin board plugin is a possibility (where bulletin board karma is already traded for fiat), a board-specific coin may be a bit complicated.

The SETICoin (or any project on this list ) is an honest question about using mining as a means to serve a humanistic "real" use.

6  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] 7 mBTC OBO - One Month of XBox Live, three games from McDonald's Promo on: January 17, 2014, 08:41:00 PM

Edit: Cancelled due to expiration

I don't have an XBox and I won the following in the McDonald's One Hot Holiday promotion:
  • One Month XBox Live Gold Membership (ARV $10)
  • Aqua Game (ARV $5)
  • Ms. Splosion Man Game (ARV $10)
  • The Maw Game (ARV $10)

Must be redeemed by THIS Friday - 1/24/2014, May be limited to US for redemption?

Total ARV: $35 USD
Looking for: BTC0.007 (7 mBTC)

Instant email delivery.

P.S. I also have a decade long relationship with eNom at their second-highest "Technology Partner" pricing. If anyone is looking to register domains/get hosting/dedicated servers for BTC, I'm working on updating my site (slowly).

Edit: price updated. OBO.
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